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11-04-10, 08:42 PM
Hey all its been for freaking ever, but I am writing you this from SoCal as today I went to MCRD SD for family day for PFC. Gold, August (MrGoldCal) on this thing you prolly all know him, anyways needless to say I loved it brought back tons of memories some terrifying most good though. So a lot has changed that I didn't know about Ill say this one which threw me for a loop apparently in 2007 they switched the EGA ceremony from family day to just after the crucible which is the way i wish i had it, So Pfc. Gold is a Marine. I'm sure he will be around after he graduates tomorrow sometime. He shot expert and got a 270pft among other things. He looks sharp. Though I spent the day with him today i'll be the first here to welcome him to the brotherhood via online. Semper Fidelis brother. Forgot my camera so can't post any pictures.