View Full Version : Wash Racks 2nd Bn P.I.S.C.

10-29-10, 10:19 AM
Who remembers where the wash racks were at p.i. ? Weren't they in the back of the barracks (wood ) ? Some say they were in between the barracks ? I'm pretty sure they were in back, But who knows anymore ? Gettin old. Moz

10-29-10, 03:43 PM
2nd bn washracks were between the bldgsdbl row the one row was yours the other row was the barracks next door

10-29-10, 04:33 PM
1st Bn wash racks were behind the barracks also (wood). There was also a set of bleachers behind each building.

Plt. 117 1959

10-29-10, 04:38 PM
Washing machines, anodized brass and medals, corfam shoes and garrison covers, creighton shirts...who needs wisk and scrub brushes, jewelers rouge, duraglit, irons, etc., anymore? Even the Mamasans have been outsourced...

10-29-10, 04:45 PM
Almost ashamed to post this but I was in the 1st brick barracks in 3rd btn. June '69. Pretty modern, hugh?

10-29-10, 07:46 PM
We were right across from recieving. Racks were behind the barracks. Between the buildings! PLT.288 72

10-30-10, 08:11 AM
I remember them being between the barracks in 2ed bn.

10-30-10, 12:18 PM
Must have been moved sometime after the fifties ? It seems the older Marines remember them betwen the bldgs, and the younger (lol)remember them in the back of the bldgs. S/F Moz 68-70

10-30-10, 06:12 PM
Between the wings of the buildings in '97

Checking it out on Google Earth. Wash racks are still there as of March '08. A lot has changed since just '97. Some new bldg between the 2nd BN barracks. The white 2-3 story bldgs across from the chow hall are gone.