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  1. Two lives blurred together by a photo
  2. Slandering the American Soldier
  3. The Problem with Modern Memorials
  4. Victory in Iraq
  5. Cops Who Think
  6. America Is Sleeping
  7. Highway marker commemorates West Point's local hero, Puller
  8. Veteran's Day Legacy
  9. You might be a Vet if you've ever heard ....
  10. Letters of censure say officers betrayed trust of Marine Corps
  11. Lee Harvey Oswald's Malign Legacy
  12. Text a Message of Support to the Troops
  13. A Time for Giving Thanks
  14. Turkey time, Amen
  15. Need Electrical Help....
  16. Wounded U.S. Navy Seal Uses Appropriate Commo...
  17. Submarine Frequently Asked Questions
  18. IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER-by Erma Bombeck
  19. The Uniform
  20. Fog of War
  21. The 'Sacred Relics' of Pearl Harbor
  22. (A letter home from a Marine currently serving in Iraq)
  23. Less Whining, More Solutions
  24. Why the Worst Is Probably Over in Iraq
  25. ~Favorite Holiday Song~
  26. A wonderful christmas story.
  27. The wreaths and gratitude keep on coming
  28. Hard Corps: From Gangster to Marine Hero
  29. 'In less than a minute, they changed the world'
  30. Football IQ and the Packers' Perfect Season
  31. An eye-witness report from a Marine LtCol in Iraq: America needs to know this kind of
  32. The Homeless 'vets' Who Aren't
  33. Legends
  34. It flys, will it Take Off?
  35. M4 Comes In Last
  36. Chronic Marine Syndrome (CMS)
  37. You know the drill
  38. Unsung Heroes: Interpreters in Combat
  39. Nobles and Knaves, the contest
  40. After the F15's failures, does the U.S. need the best plane in the skies?
  41. Job position for 3043 (Supply and Logistics)
  42. A Marine’s Order: Feed the Hand That Bit You
  43. A Letter to the Troops
  44. M4 Comes In Last
  45. Is it do or die for Osprey?
  46. A Friend with a charges pending
  47. Who 'Lost' Fallujah? Marines Or Media?
  48. Reevaluating America's Arsenal
  49. Letters from the Front
  50. No Marines to face murder charges in Haditha deaths
  51. CAV Officer Responds to Criticism About Threat to NCO Corps
  52. Into the Valley of Death
  53. 'You can't armor your way out of this problem'
  54. The Lessons of Iraq
  55. How do I become a fighter pilot?
  56. (My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys)
  57. Crossing Equator 1944
  58. Kellogs all bran
  59. Widow Of Bronze Star Iraq War Hero Scammed Out Of $57,000
  60. The Lessons of Iraq
  61. The French military may soon make history
  62. Through a lens darkly
  63. It's a dud
  64. To be a soldier
  65. Comrades Speak of Fallen Marine and Ties That Bind
  66. Perception and the Marines
  67. Unpublished death photo of Ernie Pyle found
  68. From the Jaws of Victory
  69. A tale of Two Captains Part I and II
  70. Challenge Coin
  71. A suicidal epidemic
  72. Second thoughts
  73. The Other Bad Guys
  74. The Mystery of The eBay Sale of Level IV Armor
  75. I think this is something we should be inolved with
  76. A Friend's View from the Front
  77. Observations of the Uncommon Heroes in Iraq
  78. Satan and Sand Storms
  79. Twweeeetttt!!!! Flag on the Play!!
  80. No Risk, No Rush, No Respect
  81. Drunken Brawls Reveal Their Secrets
  82. Iwo Jima 1995
  83. What is worth Fighting for? Joe Foss knew
  84. "Makes me go, HUH??"
  85. Fools Rush In
  86. Military Mismanagement — Get with it
  87. Post from BlackFive
  88. The Origin of the Phrase; Military Industrial Complex - and What it Means to America'
  89. Military Extreme Makeover
  90. Their War Comes Home
  91. Red-tape Diss For Dead Vets
  92. Left vs. military recruiters.
  93. Lt. Col. Christopher Woodbridge's letter to the Camera
  94. Update #6 from Major Tucker
  95. Gift from the Corps
  96. A False Claim of Valor and a Cry of Free Speech
  97. Fighting on...
  98. Misdirected anger about war placed on recruiters, troops
  99. Web site offers free magazines to troops
  100. Douche of the Week: The Berkeley City Council
  101. Semantics, The Rebuilding in Iraq...
  102. Gene Blanton ?
  103. Do I Deserve it?
  104. Will Marine Show Trials End?
  105. In the Company of Heroes
  106. paging all MPs
  107. Rock chalk Jayhawks
  108. US Navy Seal Mike Monsoor - Awarded the Medal of Honor
  109. In Iraq, coping after a hero dies saving you
  110. Navy SEALs: Mental Strength and Courage
  111. Petraeus' 'ribbon creep'
  112. The "Feel Good" Movie of the year...
  113. Daddy's Poem
  114. Military Crimes: Nothing Learned and Nothing Gained
  115. And To The Republic.................
  116. A Suspension of Contempt
  117. U.S.M.C. MOS's and Job Descriptions.
  118. My Defintion of a Marine.Whats your's???.
  119. We are Marines
  120. Our Military Must End One-upmanship!
  121. Chemical Weapons Teasting/Human Subjects
  122. Food Fight: history of war since WWII told through foods of the fighting countries.
  123. Putting The Ship On The Rocks
  124. Military Chemical Warfare Experiment 1955-1975
  125. The Marine Who lived 100 years
  126. Hutchins has suffered enough
  127. 43,000 Unfit Troops Sent to War
  128. Semper Fi ALL
  129. To Those That Served
  130. U.S.Marine Base Under Fire
  131. To All That May See These Presents, Greetings
  132. Who's Who: Alvin C. York
  133. Images
  134. Posting pictures
  135. 2008 'Flags-In' ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery Video
  136. A Weekend to Remember Them
  137. Collateral Damage
  138. NSN-No **** News
  139. Last Chance For The EFV
  140. Fearless - RCT 1 Marines Videos
  141. A Tribute To John Wayne, The "Duke"!!!
  142. ~ Flag Day, June 14 ~
  143. Audie Murphy
  144. Marine Reconnaissance
  145. George Jones and the Wall
  146. Japan in the 50s and 60s
  147. Apache Takes Out 8 Armed Insurgents With Hellfire And 30mm In Iraq
  148. It Came Down To One Marine
  149. Gas prices by zip code
  150. So randomly googled my name and it lead me...
  151. The Real Command Influence
  152. Retirement Bonus
  153. Marines Take On Bureaucracy in Generation Kill
  154. What is a Veteran
  155. The Internet age comes to the battlefield
  156. "ooorah"
  157. An Open Letter To Jack “Cold-Blooded” Murtha
  158. Letters Home: Little things can make big difference to troops
  159. Cracking the 'Kill' Code
  160. An Irish legend and a selfless patriot
  161. Remember When
  162. Bad Water
  163. The Epitome of Marine Corps Drill
  164. " To those who have gone before "
  165. disqualified for my mos
  166. what insurance do we have?
  167. Marines In Fallujah 2004 and Hue 1968
  168. For most of our veterans it’s what ‘we’ did not what ‘I’ did
  169. the heart of a Marine.
  170. The Veteran
  171. My Dad
  172. A Warrior Departs: "Tell Them My Story"
  173. Lat move to Crew Chief
  174. Can robots make ethical decisions in battle?
  175. Godspeed Captain Warren Frank
  176. c130 aircrew
  177. Gary Sinise: A Man for All Services
  178. The 26th MEU Performs "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
  179. Star of Bethlehem: Fact or Fiction?
  180. David E. Petzal's Gun Nut Quiz
  181. THE Marine Corps Version of Genesis
  182. New SemperToon website and Blog
  183. War Stories: Sgt. Richard Meyer on “No Enemy, But Peace”
  184. Rifles vs. diamonds
  185. A Veteran
  186. Lessons in Leadership from a Janitor
  187. To Kill or Not to Kill
  188. Military Motivator Photo
  189. An Eloquent Marine
  190. Gunner..any fun facts?
  191. Mysterious places thread!
  192. The Carlos Hathcock Story
  193. Attitude is everything!
  194. ~ Hall of Heroes ~ Gen. George S. Patton
  195. Road Trip: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Hawaii
  196. Military Clipart
  197. National Medal of Honor Day
  198. We Dont Promise You A Rose Garden
  199. American Ex-POW Day
  200. Road Trip: Area 51, Nevada
  201. "The Caste of Killers"
  202. One of History's Toughest Marines, Smedley Butler, was Anti-War (VIDEO)
  203. Civilians could take hint from Marines
  204. The Marines' Hymn
  205. Morse Code
  206. Why Jane Fonda Is Banned in Beirut
  207. You don’t need Obama here,” “I bought the cow.”
  208. Heroes: Honoring Valor In The War On Terrorism
  209. USMC to USAFR...then to USMCR...???
  210. The Snake in the Flag
  211. Born in the USA
  212. The Real American Idol winner...
  213. Memorial Day - They Sacrificed their tomorrows for us
  214. ~ National Maritime Day and Memorial Day Weekend ~
  215. EGA Tattoo - Anchors Inboard or So I thought?
  216. Casual Defamation?
  217. U.S. Marine's Hymn
  218. You can’t fly the American flag
  219. The meaning of the thirteen folds
  220. ~ Flag Day, June 14 ~
  221. ~~John Wayne~~ May 26, 1907 – June 11, 1979
  222. Marines at work - just doing our job Ma'am
  223. ~ Hall of Heroes ~ HMS Glowworm
  224. Members of the 'Original leatherneck Forum'
  225. You say luh-ZHUNE ... but the Lejeunes don't
  226. Frequently Asked Questions
  227. Kick Ass Rules for the Non-Military
  228. Never doubt that one kid that you dont think can be changed.......
  229. If you were inspected by yesterday's Marine, would they approve of what you wear?
  230. You Could Have Heard a Pin Drop
  231. Old Farts
  232. It's A Simple Answer After All
  233. Till Death Do Us Part
  234. M-16 Still Hot Enough for Marines
  235. Marine uniforms keep up with changing needs
  236. "Today is a day to be proud to be American"
  237. Shooting the Marine Corps way
  238. red shirt
  239. It's a bit more than a volunteer force.
  240. Prayers for Cathy
  241. The 3rd annual Troop Calls: Pre-paid Calling Cards For Deployed Troops!
  242. How to find old Marine Corps Friends
  243. Two Star Faker
  244. Help find out which issue of Leatherneck
  245. tuff call
  246. Another A## HOLE
  247. South Dakota officials to pay veterans bonus
  248. Getting back in the Corps
  249. Fast?
  250. Meet General Douchy McChinpube of his Gheyness's "light" Infantry