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  1. Marines break sweat to upgrade Bridgeport airfield
  2. Volunteers band together to help Saline Marine injured in Afghanistan
  3. Guarding Against Terrorism
  4. Local Marine wears his feelings
  5. Marine faces court-martial in Fallujah killing
  6. ASPCA to test dogs banned at SC Marine base
  7. Vietnam vets hail signing of Welcome Home Day
  8. Inside the Navy's Command Center of the Future
  9. Former Marine responds to destruction of billboard
  10. Marine officer who set up Guantanamo prison dismayed by what it has become
  11. Government drops charge in Fallujah deaths
  12. Midshipman pleads guilty to drug charges
  13. Marine dog sniffs out 10 IEDs
  14. 'Mission first, safety always':Marine Corps Base Hawaii’s Base Safety office receives
  15. A New Trailer of Epic Miniseries 'The Pacific'
  16. Family eagerly awaits Marine’s return
  17. Marines in 2nd Battalion 8th Regiment eager to engage Taliban
  18. More than just jets
  19. Administration mulls next step in Afghanistan
  20. At sentencing, Nelson apologies for shooting
  21. New Defense Logistics Agency Albany command activated
  22. Cherry Point welcomes home Marines
  23. Marines get helping hand from car club
  24. Marines repair homes damaged in training exercise
  25. US marines miss out on home comforts in Helmand
  26. Greeley soldier survives shot by Iraq sniper
  27. Deadly Afghan battle probed
  28. Keeping the shine on: old world Sunnyvale company thrives in recession
  29. US troops in Afghan 'armed social work'
  30. USMC Commandant Reiterates Support For EFV
  31. Sailors and Marines remember USS Nashville that is removed from fleet
  32. DoD: Swine flu death may be 1st for troops
  33. Equipment developers put own gear to test
  34. Students collect supplies for Marines in Afghanistan
  35. A welcome return
  36. Crash survivor returns home to family, friends
  37. Family fears Circle Pines Marine won't get treatment after being whisked to N.C.
  38. Airborne laser
  39. Gerhard Weinberg to Receive the 2009 Pritzker Military Library Literature Award for L
  40. MWSS-274 trains to deploy
  41. Dawn to dusk and then some; 1/6 takes part in day and night squad attacks
  42. Riding in style; 1/6 trains for heliborne operations
  43. Knocking softly: Assaultmen utilize breaching charges
  44. Hammer of the battalion: Weapons Company rolls through humvee attack course
  45. Battling the Taliban at close quarters
  46. Phony Marine due for arrest
  47. Man turns in 105mm shell at police station
  48. Activists stand up empty combat boots in D.C.
  49. Marines multi-task at Patrol Base Fielder
  50. 1/4 braves elements to receive resupply
  51. Hammer of the battalion: Weapons Company rolls through humvee attack course
  52. Marines increase readiness with Afghanistan in mind
  53. Marines, Afghan soldiers conduct Operation Gator Crawl
  54. Mom recruits help to knit for Marines
  55. Restaurateur honored for efforts to feed troops
  56. Marines tighten leash on pit bull policy
  57. Training, drug use major issues for Afghan police
  58. Conditions downrange leave troops susceptible to kidney stones
  59. Boulder Marine at heart of faked disappearance reaches deal
  60. Vietnam sea-voyage journeys documented in exhibit
  61. Rockin' out for troops in war zones
  62. Distinguished guests impressed
  63. Petraeus treated for prostate cancer
  64. Afghan Troops: Day in the Life
  65. Hering Won't Face Jail Time As Part Of Plea Deal
  66. Marine Gunners Get Their Mojo Back
  67. Fido or go: Dogs to be evaluated at SC Marine base
  68. Hutchison: Call in the Marines to help prepare for Green River flood
  69. Lookout Tun Tavern, here comes Pub 1795
  70. Clear, Hold, Build Exercise gives Lava Dogs urban terrain training, valuable feedback
  71. Estonian soldiers integrate with 2/8 Marines
  72. Marines construct new position near Taliban marketplace
  73. Hundreds Gather To Hear Gay Marine In Memphis
  74. Hazing Tarnishes Marine Corps Mission
  75. 'Gooooood mornin' Afghanistan!' US fights Taliban on airwaves
  76. 40 men from Lejeune now report breast cancer
  77. Davidson Center to host heroes
  78. National Public Lands Day needs attention
  79. Marine found guilty of hammer attack on wife
  80. Corruption, indiscipline slow Afghan training
  81. ight years in Afghanistan: What’s our mission?
  82. Cherry Point Marines return
  83. My term at Afghanistan’s graduate school of war.
  84. U.S. Marine battling cancer receives overdue promotion
  85. A casualty of callousness
  86. WWII veterans visit Washington memorial
  87. Marines jazz things up
  88. Devil dogs acknowledged during Bark Park opening
  89. Patriot Academy: New School for a New Start
  90. MUTC Training Relies on Working Together
  91. Marine on mission to find special coin’s owner
  92. Consolidated Training Keeps Marines in 'CHEC,' Ready for Afghanistan
  93. H&HS service members train to defend station
  94. Military police support company to celebrate its first birthday in Iraq
  95. Wounded U.S. Soldiers Refused to Leave Taliban Fight
  96. Only 2 of 85 dogs ousted from SC Marine bases
  97. West Michigan marine returns home
  98. Man accused of faking record as Marine combat veteran arrested in San Diego
  99. Marine Dreams
  100. Civilians Safer, Are Marines Worse Off?
  101. Marines tour Tahoe Friday before heading to Afghanistan
  102. Gay ban separates more women
  103. US Marines sweep 'Taliban' villages for bombs
  104. Boulder marine who went AWOL recounts journey
  105. 8th Marine Regiment returns from Iraq
  106. Marine Corps League gets unique gift
  107. Valley residents serve breakfast to show appreciation to Marines
  108. Transferring troops from Iraq for buildup in Afghanistan a costly shortcut
  109. Non-Commissioned Officers Club Offers Networking, Relaxation for Marines
  110. Marine Corps Communications-Electronics School Classrooms Swell As Lat Movers, Studen
  111. Stories at the moving wall: Memories still carry as much weight as ever
  112. More Vietnam vets seeking PTSD help
  113. Former Marine blames ills on Vieques toxins
  114. Thousands visit flight line for 54th Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Air Show
  115. Advancing Marines test new Afghan war doctrine
  116. Saline native realizes dreams of military service more than two decades after leaving
  117. Marines deliver supplies to landslide victims
  118. MCIWEST welcomes new commanding general
  119. Marines see sharp increase in suicides
  120. US, Japan to speed up Marine base relocation talks
  121. Weapons failed US troops during Afghan firefight
  122. Family 'couldn't be more proud' of Marine
  123. USAtogether.org matches veterans with needs
  124. Twentynine Palms infantry, New River Ospreys team up in Yuma for helo raid
  125. Marines vaccinated for vicious virus
  126. Production of 15-ton bunker buster sped up
  127. Fake veteran faces 'stolen valor' charge
  128. "Frontline" dissects Afghan quagmire
  129. New Machine Gun for Joes in Afghanistan
  130. Military kids cope with service member suicide
  131. MEF Marines make most of mess night aboard Al Asad
  132. Fallen Marine’s dad wants Afghan changes
  133. Marine widow continues fight to stay in U.S.
  134. Truck Company Marines work hard to play hard
  135. Deployed service members cope with the stress of separation from pregnant spouses
  136. Reporting bad drivers is just a click away
  137. CWOs aboard Al Asad hold inter-service BBQ
  138. Inmate charged in 1987 death of corpsman
  139. Navajo Code Talker dies
  140. A military that recruits can believe in
  141. Breast cancer: A Marine’s biggest battle
  142. 8-year-old's lemonade stand helps out Marines
  143. SAIC to assist Marines with counter-IED training
  144. Men, Women To Enlist In Marines At Bengals Game
  145. Life in Marines a dream come true for Berlin native
  146. Marines execute helicopter support exercises
  147. A day in the life on FOB Geronimo
  148. LHS dean set to run in Marine Corps Marathon to fight Parkinson's Disease
  149. U.S. Marine honored with 2009 Survivor Circle Award
  150. Navy corpsmen teach Afghan soldiers lifesaving techniques
  151. Flag taken by Marine at Saipan draws attention
  152. Marine general caps a 41-year career at Camp Lejeune
  153. Headquarters Battalion Marines take on infantry challenge
  154. Old Timers Reception, where the old meet young
  155. Lejeune-based infanty Marines practice helo tactics in Arizona
  156. Navy commander takes home 34th Marine Corps Marathon
  157. A Marine's Family Says
  158. Marine Corps Marathon: Ooh-rah!
  159. Helicopter crash Afghanistan kills 14 marines
  160. Sending Halloween Candy to Afghanistan
  161. Marines win International Sniper Competition
  162. Marine reservist sentenced for mishandling secret documents, possessing machine gun
  163. Fans of Military History Books Welcome First Biography of Marine Corps Legend Colonel
  164. Marine sentenced for sex assault
  165. Gates: Wounded troops face too much bureaucracy
  166. 'New Media' Effort Fuels Laptops and More for Wounded Troops
  167. Weakened auto industry provides opportunity for Virginia Beach Marine
  168. World War II pilot's tale is 'living history'
  169. Navy doc implements new sleep course in Iraq
  170. N.C. Marines will take part in the commissioning of USS New York
  171. U.S. official resigns over Afghan war
  172. Report: Military aware of C-5 wheel problems
  173. Palm Springs man charged for falsely wearing military medals
  174. Marines in Afghanistan Not Waiting for Obama's Strategy
  175. Marine families get 1,100 frozen turkeys
  176. MILITARY: Marine Corps expands ranks of mental health monitors
  177. Fired therapist: Stressed Marines get shoddy care
  178. Tattoo Removal on the Fastest U.S. Marine
  179. Hollywood Actor's New Role: Serving With Troops in Afghanistan
  180. Riding club offers home for horse enthusiasts
  181. New Policy Bans Tobacco Use at Navy Health Clinics
  182. National Geographic Channel Takes An Unflinching Look At Six Years Of War In Iraq
  183. Allen West to appear on Hannity
  184. Staff NCO Academy adopts new course techniques
  185. Marines improve ability to quickly acquire targets
  186. Service members bring electronic warfare to the ground in Iraq
  187. Marine Unit Prepares for Haiti Response
  188. U.S. Marines land on Iwo Jima to mark anniversary of battle
  189. Marine Earns Top-Shooter Status
  190. Marines reduce footprint in Marjah
  191. Wounded Warriors ride the wave to rehabilitation
  192. Junior Marines ready for more responsibilities in rifle platoon
  193. Recruiting Remains Strong Through March, Officials Say
  194. U.S. military snipers are changing warfare
  195. Pendleton Marine climbs to new heights
  196. 3D MAW (FWD) explores the use of unmanned helicopters
  197. Maritime Raid Force hones precision shooting skills
  198. Realistic Urban Training heats up in El Centro
  199. Military Spouse Appreciation Day recognizes sacrifices
  200. ‘Sweathogs’ construct new helo pad for isolated outpost
  201. Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel Platoon trains to rescue downed pilots
  202. Georgia Marine awarded Bronze Star for heroic actions
  203. Marines arrive for shooting match
  204. Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician teaches life lessons during OSCAR training
  205. Japanese Self Defense Forces visit 31st MEU to learn amphibious integration
  206. EOD Marines return home
  207. Most ‘Green on Blue’ Attacks Individually Motivated
  208. All-terrain training now required
  209. Combat Logistics Battalion 4 assists realigning Marine Corps forces in Afghanistan
  210. Marines prepare for fuel run, inspect Afghan drivers, trucks
  211. ANOTHER reason to NOT shop at Walmart: Fight or Die
  212. Countries improve marksmanship, strengthen relations during shooting match
  213. ‘Vengeance’ takes flight, lifts off for first deployment
  214. Blue Knights assist narcotics fight
  215. Meet the M27 IAR
  216. A Long Road Home For Liberian US Marine
  217. F-35B lifts off for first flight at Eglin
  218. Marine Werewolves transform into Crusaders, and back again
  219. Marines Remember Their Fallen at Belleau Wood for Memorial Day
  220. MEU employs Yankee-Zulu package on first deployment
  221. Dog tags make it home after 66 years.
  222. Marine’s father ends 2,120-mile hike to Camp Lejeune; raises military awareness
  223. Dedication and Sacrifice
  224. Marines, Afghan National Security put pressure on insurgency
  225. Marines overcome insurgents, clear Kajaki town during Operation Jaws
  226. Marines remember fallen from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan
  227. Marine Week in Cleveland demonstrations wows crowd.
  228. Staff billets introduce experienced Marines to long-range planning
  229. Helicopter squadrons first outing defines a new standard
  230. Houston Corpsman holds own, saves lives with 2/5 Marines
  231. Mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Suspect opens fire at new Batman movie.
  232. New program to broaden horizon for Marines leaving Corps
  233. Obama signs Camp Lejuene health care bill
  234. More Marines Will Deploy Aboard USNS, Even Foreign Ships.
  235. Marine Corps needs more counterintelligence specialists...
  236. Code Talker passes on
  237. Marines to wear Woodland Cammies all year...
  238. Marines adopt new Uniform rules for Cammies & Blues
  239. V-22 Osprey crash's in Okinawa Today...
  240. Osprey in Shallow-Water Landing...
  241. 3/5 Testing new Rifle, M27....
  242. BAE Delivers First Amphibious Combat Vehicles to Marine Corps
  243. Purple Hearts should not be for sale...
  244. Marines using Samsung Smartphones to Order Fire Missions
  245. No Aircraft Carriers anywhere.....
  246. White House petition suggests naming next Navy ship 'USS The Deplorables'
  247. Man Among Last Surviving Marine Raiders from World War II
  248. New Military Concealed Carry Policy Excludes Retirees for Now...
  249. Marines Rescued Injured Operator from Libya in Emergency Mission
  250. Smith & Wesson Unveils New M&P M2.0 Pistol for 2017