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  1. Pilot’s Remains Found in Iraq After 18 Years
  2. Giant American flag hoisted above Buffalo Chip
  3. Lawmaker questions low Medal of Honor count
  4. Wounded US Warriors Enjoy NY Getaway
  5. Mom Christens Warship in Memory of N.Y. Marine
  6. New F-35 jet fighter takes over pilot's seat for Lockheed Martin
  7. Marshalls Creek mom finds focus in deaths of Marine son, wife
  8. You're not going to cry, are you? SIR, NO SIR!
  9. Gone but never forgotten: Iwo Jima veteran passes away at 87
  10. The 'keepers of cold steel' maintain Marines' primary weapons
  11. Marines break ground at Cherry Point
  12. Marines fighting Taliban strive to win Afghan locals' trust
  13. Bristol teachers learn the gruelling lessons of life with the Marines
  14. Military officers' clubs near extinction
  15. Marine killed in Iraq honored with tattoos
  16. Military-civilian terrorist prison considered
  17. Pendleton students reach for stars
  18. Patrol Base Jaker – Under construction
  19. Every Marine with a rifle chips in to security patrols around PB Jaker
  20. US Marines Banned From Social Media Sites
  21. Relatives of ex-Marines' victim lash out at sentencing
  22. Further tests on body of Navy pilot from Gulf War
  23. Theft of flags from Marine's yard stuns neighbors
  24. Soldiering on
  25. Fellow pilot remembers fallen Navy airman
  26. Errors hamper efforts to track lives of Korean War dead
  27. Marine Fights A 'Broken' System
  28. Marine serves 2d tour to be with kin
  29. Marine general says farewell to SC training base
  30. Jones to visit Camp Lejeune
  31. Marine charged with statutory rape
  32. The healing power of death metal
  33. Stallion Inbound
  34. Rejoining family difficult after deployment
  35. Navy had surveillance on suicidal sailor
  36. Marine 1-star says farewell to Parris Island
  37. New Parris Island commander tells Marines: 'I will look out for you'
  38. OCEANSIDE: Marine pleads not guilty to assault, other charges
  39. Afghanistan-bound Marines sharpen warfighting skills
  40. Top U.S. general in Iraq calls American role crucial
  41. What's on the Pentagon's mind? Facebook
  42. 'Cigar Marine' adapts to Iraq injuries
  43. From Fallujah to BU, and Now on to Washington
  44. Six Days in Fallujah video game controversy continues
  45. Soldiers' Angels and Spirit of America Cooperate to Support the Troops
  46. Vets groups cautiously optimistic about Obama’s efforts
  47. When it comes to social media, military is anything but uniform
  48. Russian general confirms sub patrols near U.S.
  49. VA works to stop vets from repeating crimes
  50. VA begins effort to help veterans in jail
  51. H1N1 still hanging overhead
  52. Iraqi child witnessed Navy pilot's burial 2 decades ago, as adult helped lead Marines
  53. Adviser accused of fraud spoke at Marine’s funeral
  54. Marine Corps band, silent drill platoon wow 12,000 in Mentor
  55. A Monumental Trip for 'Hometown Heroes'
  56. SLIDE SHOW: USS Jason Dunham fosters special connection
  57. Marine Sergeant Arrested In Sex Case With Subordinate Marine
  58. Veteran of 3 wars to be speaker at Marine Corps group reunion
  59. Retired US Marine Corps pilot offers patriotic inspiration
  60. Jerabek Movie Celebrates a Real American Hero
  61. Veteran Helps Other Veterans
  62. Feeding a need
  63. 'Fallen Heroes' project keeps memories alive
  64. Vets shred uniforms to heal through art
  65. Family readiness officer charged with sexually abusing 9-year-old child
  66. 5 U.S. Servicemen Killed in Afghanistan
  67. Corporal on Okinawa selected as engineer equipment Marine of the year
  68. Yuma's VMA-311 named attack squadron of the year
  69. PC power down policy to save, make Corps green
  70. Field chow provides sight for sore eyes for Afghanistan-bound Marines
  71. ‘The President’s Own’: An American Musical Tradition
  72. 'Fallujah' studio cuts staff after failing to find publisher
  73. Reader asks about Marine who was MIA
  74. El Toro Marines Exposed to Radiation
  75. Catching the Surf; Recon Marines Helo-cast Into Open Water, Swim to Shore
  76. Isle-based Navy man dies in war zone
  77. US Marine Corps Employing Dogs to Detect IEDs
  78. Single Marine Program Visits 12th Annual Sand Jam
  79. Group provides NC military families with computers
  80. Playing Politics With a Ghost
  81. CH-53K to take shape
  82. Group calls for repeal of military policy at Norfolk town hall
  83. DoD: No criminal charges in electrocution death
  84. Picatinny will honor Marines on Sunday
  85. Marines Arrive to Run in Ryan Jerabek's Footsteps
  86. Field chow provides sight for sore eyes for Afghanistan-bound Marines
  87. ‘He was protecting his Marines'
  88. Purple Heart Day honors service of medal recipients
  89. Quiet Marine touched many lives
  90. Mother fights for Marine’s belongings
  91. Free Manson 'family' members haunted by horror
  92. DNA confirms pilot identity as Speicher
  93. Real G.I.s catch and review "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra"
  94. Marines Deliver Captured Weapons to Iraqi Forces
  95. Marines honor Bud Day
  96. Vietnam in Afghanistan: Now an Unpopular War
  97. Sand Sharks fuel Marines with support
  98. Local Marine leaves legacy to new recruits
  99. Communities hope arrival of new military jet will help their economies take off
  100. A Very Historic Day, for the Country and for the Marines
  101. Ex-Marine in Hamilton on a memorial 'mission' for families of fallen Marines in Iraq
  102. Echoes of war linger for former Navy nurse
  103. Eloquent Books: "Angels Under Fire" Story of a Man Who Battles and Survives Literal a
  104. 'They finally come home'
  105. Paralympics Offer Wounded Veterans a Chance to Dream
  106. Rivals fight to replace Taliban chief, may put focus on Afghanistan
  107. 'We shed blood on the battlefield together'
  108. Former Marine cheats death a seventh time
  109. JARDINE: Reason for vet's survival a town away
  110. For 5 local vets, revised GI Bill promises payoff
  111. Groups decry use of pigs
  112. Marine Corps lifts veil on 'live tissue training'
  113. Marines' training center mirrors Afghan dangers
  114. Loon: A Marine Story
  115. CAMP PENDLETON: Golf tourney nets $26,000 for injured Marines
  116. Billy Ray Cyrus Singing Some Gave All To 2 Soldiers Hit By IEDs At A Freedom Concert
  117. Every Marine an “A-Driver:” RCT-7 picks up recovery skills
  118. RCT-8’s Career planner keeps Marines well-informed
  119. New River Marines to head home
  120. Marines Training In Kuwait
  121. Marines honored at Picatinny for doing U.S., N.J. proud
  122. Wounded Marines talk, bond and heal
  123. Air Force used Twitter to track NY flyover fallout
  124. U.S. commander says Taliban have Afghan momentum
  125. U.S. to Hunt Down Afghan Drug Lords Tied to Taliban
  126. Homestead `hero' killed by mine in desert
  127. Fort Campbell plans to honor Vietnam vets
  128. Marines enlist pigs to aid in medical training for troops
  129. The salute of a survivor
  130. McChrystal: Jobs could quell Afghan violence
  131. Va. court upholds prisoner abuse conviction
  132. Online speech raises new issues of freedom
  133. The CFT will be scored, taken once a year
  134. Training to Prevent Tragedy; 24th MEU Marines prepare for worst case scenario
  135. DoD is working to develop stance on social Web sites
  136. Potent Bombs Slow Marine Offensive
  137. Beaufort Marines take ban on social Web sites in stride
  138. Marines look into Boeing remote aircraft
  139. Navy secretary says Facebook, Twitter are valuable
  140. Alaska proves once again it doesn't forgive the unprepared
  141. Billerica students come together for ROTC program
  142. U.S. Marines and an Afghanistan Ghost Town Called Now Zad
  143. Flags to fly at half-staff for New York Marine
  144. Stolen Marine Corps flag returned to veteran
  145. Military sex crimes cases on the rise
  146. Taliban-held town focus of latest assault
  147. Calif. police say Marine shot at 2 officers
  148. License plates recognize Iraq, Afghan vets
  149. 1/9 Marines ride in memory of fallen brother
  150. Preliminary hearing expected to conclude for four Marines accused of killing Marine s
  151. Wounded Warriors' Learn Digital Forensics at Military Medical Facilities Through Miss
  152. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard breaks ground on survival training center
  153. Murphy gets look at Afghanistan war
  154. Charges stand for 4 accused of Marine murder
  155. Report pins Super Cobra crash on loose part
  156. NM woman works to get military dogs adopted
  157. Schools let Quaker counter recruiting pitches
  158. 2009 tuition assistance deadline is Sept. 15
  159. Convoy ops: The faster things move, the quicker the decisions
  160. NCOs Enhance Leadership Skills At Sea
  161. Mother of fallen marine: Military's rule on disposition of personal effects a slap in
  162. Kuwait suspects involved in 2002 attack on Marines
  163. US Marine Op: 'No civilian casualties' order protects Afghans but frustrates, slows M
  164. A day of battle between US Marines and Taliban
  165. Hawaii-based Marines battle Taliban
  166. Two Marines Plead Guilty in Bizarre Firing Incident
  167. In Afghanistan, A Test of Tactics
  168. Animal rights activists protest use of pigs in combat training exercises at Camp Pend
  169. Texas town to honor fallen Marine killed in war
  170. Military Milestones from Spain's White Flag to a Pillar of Purple Fire
  171. US Marines' Afghan robocopter-supply contest down to two
  172. Servicemembers get first use of Google Voice
  173. New policy keeps heat on deserters in Japan
  174. Navy stepping up drug testing program
  175. Lawmakers guard against Kansas as Gitmo alternative
  176. Phil Does The Marine Corps Pull-Up Challenge
  177. Oliver North helps Branson celebrate U.S. Marine Corps 234th birthday
  178. Marine Corps promotion
  179. Television Review | 'Special Ops Mission'
  180. Soldiers Into Students
  181. Marines go further into town on 2nd day of offensive
  182. 3-star: Buzzing is part of Afghan air strategy
  183. Marines give tips, tricks, advice to compete on boards
  184. Marine Forces Reserve Band to perform at historic landmark
  185. Family Readiness assessment slated
  186. Swim Qual: Marines conduct annual training
  187. Cherry Point CO headed to MCI East
  188. Marines slug way into Afghan town
  189. Ex-congressional candidate Cahir dies in Marines
  190. Who is Winning?
  191. A day in the life of a Marine combat outpost
  192. Marines to put foreign language learning to use
  193. Stellar PMO Marine earns rank
  194. Marines ride on DUB Tour
  195. Jury finds Marine guilty in sex-triangle slaying
  196. Speicher's Family Reflects on His Return
  197. Vital skills learned under haze of war
  198. Have equipment, will travel
  199. Suicide is not painless
  200. New commander for Lejeune Wounded Warrior unit
  201. Jim Webb wins release of prisoner in Myanmar
  202. Female Marines key to reaching Afghan women
  203. Engagement rules frustrate Marines
  204. Journalist Joined Marines After 9/11
  205. Tough economy, incentive pay mean more Marines will 're-up'
  206. More aviation improves Enhanced Mojave Viper
  207. Operation Homelink returns to Camp Lejeune
  208. Monitors visit deployed Marines; share knowledge for career enhancement
  209. Marine vets recall fierce WWII battle of Peleliu
  210. Marine's life-saving act in Vietnam remembered
  211. Anguish continues for parents of convicted Marine
  212. Operation Resolve underway
  213. War buddies, locals give Doc grave distinction he earned
  214. Town holds on to celebration of V-J Day
  215. Marines and Airmen blast through support barriers
  216. Deployed service members run to remember
  217. Just Enough to Fight
  218. Hawaii plans quiet, sobering 50th anniversary
  219. Hero Honored
  220. US Senator Jim Webb to visit Vietnam
  221. For Midshipmen it's a Navy-style summer vacation
  222. 'Gung Ho:' Honoring Marine Raiders
  223. Will Obama Meet with Mother of Murdered Marine?
  224. Marines perform training exercise at YPG
  225. Code Talkers speaking out to teach history of messaging system
  226. Faith helps lead woman to freedom
  227. Marines exercise alternative PT on ‘any given Sunday’
  228. Former Marine's son has dream fulfilled
  229. LAV veteran still serving Corps
  230. Ill. laws to help families of fallen troops
  231. Marines at Fort Henry
  232. Marine veteran receives awards
  233. As Battle Rages, Anxiety GrowsReported by: Andrew Pereira
  234. Bomb explodes in Kabul on road used by U.S. military
  235. Kaneohe Marine killed in Afghanistan was rifleman who won several awards
  236. Military breaks ground for vehicle lab
  237. Report: More vets get improper radiation doses
  238. Mass. vets bonus program funds go unused
  239. Officer Candidates School comes under new command
  240. Marine athletes honored
  241. Save your life by avoiding wildlife
  242. Ordnance Disposal helps train MarinesK-9s
  243. G.I. Bill, ETEAM encourage college for veterans
  244. Marines Turn Mule Whisperers as They Prepare to Head to Afghanistan War Zone
  245. Two Marines and a Truck Shows Success in Counter-Attacks Against "The Great Recession
  246. Afghans register to vote in former Taliban town
  247. Toll Of War: Broken Hearts, Marriages For Marines
  248. Life in “River City”
  249. Remembering a Soldier and a Reporter
  250. 2/8 Marines See Regular Enemy Activity in Afghan South