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  1. Woman, Fort Sill Marine face sex charges
  2. Injured Marine Runs for Charity
  3. Marine Corps Logistics Base July 4th Celebration
  4. Warrior Day
  5. Outgoing Marines Awarded for Outstanding Service at the Combat Center
  6. Restaurateur wants to cook in Afghanistan for 'his' Marines
  7. Marine Corps Charity Dinner Is a Hot Mess
  8. Goodbye, "Semper Fi Land"
  9. Proud Marine reminisces on World War II battle with Japanese for strategic island
  10. COMMENTARY: First steps toward U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq
  11. Bellows Beach Park to be reopened to public today
  12. Secretary of Navy emphasizes costs, ship building
  13. Seabees Build Modern-day 'Noah's Ark' in Afghanistan
  14. Defenders' pitcher has been to hell and back
  15. Space Coast brothers will spend six weeks at sea to support veterans
  16. 1st Tanks Beats the 'Summer Heat'
  17. This guy's tough, with a sense of humor to boot
  18. Little Taliban resistance early in operation
  19. NFL coaches visit troops in Iraq on USO trip
  20. WWII fathers sought – and sometimes found
  21. Two worlds collide
  22. Marine draws on jet training to mitigate risks in Iraq
  23. MiTT Marines train to sustain warrior skills
  24. Wife of Marine charged with murder defends husband, remembers 'best friend'
  25. Marines continue march across Helmand
  26. Colleges gear up to aid influx of GI Bill vets
  27. Jury finds separated Marines guilty of murder
  28. Petraeus acknowledges persistence of Taliban
  29. Proud to be an American
  30. Marine Corps slashes 2010 re-enlistment bonuses
  31. Noon-to-noon no more: Corps cans leave leeway for some
  32. Two Marines Killed in Car Crash
  33. Earn our trust or go, Afghan villagers tell Marines
  34. Wounded ex-Marine now fighting a two-front war
  35. Afghans Fear Violence Could Subvert August Elections
  36. Mom follows in her Marine's son footsteps
  37. Marine seeking medical items to establish clinic
  38. Flag to be dedicated to fallen Marine
  39. Clyde Beal: A Marine remembers Iwo Jima
  40. Marine Spouse Battles Navy Over Contamination at Naval Base in Japan
  41. Flag is World War II vet's battlefield souvenir
  42. We Were Marines Once, and Young: Jack Lummus
  43. Marine Draws on Jet Training to Mitigate Risks in Iraq
  44. Extreme Boot Camp, Sport Chalet Team Up to Support Marine in Iraq
  45. Fireworks extra bright for Summit boy, Marine pen pal
  46. Marine flees from ship
  47. God Loves Marines
  48. Sentimental items of servicemen
  49. Go slow on gays policy, JCS chair urges
  50. Teacher guides vets back to campus
  51. Government control restored in Khan Neshin
  52. Suicide bomber kills 2 as Afghan violence flares
  53. Case of autistic Marine brings recruiting problems to the forefront
  54. 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit Celebrates Independence Day at Sea
  55. Marine happy to be home with wife, childBy Erin McKeon
  56. Marines dole out another contract for new barracks at Parris Island
  57. Suit filed over water at Camp Lejeune
  58. Phony 4-star, others infiltrate MCA
  59. Rules for reducing civilian casualties released
  60. Friendship leads pair into Marines
  61. Marines' beasts of burden are again leading the pack
  62. South Bend Marines & Their Families Prepare For Emotional Sendoff Tuesday
  63. Offers to help swamp Marine whose "dress blues" uniform was stolen
  64. Medal of Honor Marine admires WW II Bulge POW
  65. Museum to welcome Vietnam revelations author
  66. Distress signals
  67. U.S. Marines secure southernmost point of operations in Afghanistan
  68. Egress training takes Marines for a tumble
  69. Friendship leads pair into Marines
  70. Former Gitmo Inmate Leading Fight Against U.S. in Helmand
  71. Chow's Here
  72. Tracking Faraway Action From an Iraqi Base
  73. The Gloved One vs US
  74. Sgt. sees birth of baby on video from Iraq
  75. U.S. Marines Patrol Through Mine-littered Battlefield
  76. Egress training takes Marines for a tumble
  77. Equality in Preparation
  78. Marines: More Afghan soldiers, training needed
  79. Fewer Marines will be eligible for re-enlistment bonus in 2010
  80. First Americans killed in Vietnam honored 50 years later
  81. Marines reinstate wounded sergeant
  82. Untrustworthy Tribes
  83. Marines Swim the Red Sea
  84. TIME's Interview with General Stanley McChrystal: 'I Want the Afghan People to Know W
  85. Suspected U.S. Drones Kill at Least 44 in Pakistan
  86. Oregon Marine loses legs; Man jumps 35 feet from burning home; Woman injured by man d
  87. Bar tips for Marines
  88. Owner Of Urn Left At Marine Recruiting Center Found Urn Accompanied By American Flag
  89. Lk. Hopatcong fishing tourney's special lure: Help for wounded GIs
  90. Brig. Gen. Nicholson: ‘The intention was to go in big, strong, fast’
  91. Legion of Merit awarded
  92. 'The crazy ones were shooting film'
  93. Marine speaks on the price of freedom
  94. Daughter honors grandfather’s heroic service with the help of local Marine
  95. Marines presented World War II Medallion for service to country
  96. Marines eager to move into new chemical warfare training facility
  97. Seminar urges teens to join global leaders
  98. Joe's Challenge: The Few, The Proud
  99. Ex-Marine takes conflicts in stride
  100. Law Firm Pursuing El Toro Injuries and Deaths
  101. CBS 7 News Special Report: Marine Boot Camp
  102. Marine's second nature response, saves life, earns medal
  103. PTSD: a Marine vet on cure vs. management
  104. Afghan poppy eradication not top priority
  105. E-8, E-2 killed in Afghan fighting
  106. Upside down flag sparks July 4 dispute
  107. Group says service members on extremist site
  108. Pentagon criticized for nixing Idaho flyover
  109. VA overdose problems still exist, report says
  110. Teens who vandalized war memorial to pay up
  111. Mountain Marines and Bridgeport celebrate 233 years
  112. Man pleads guilty to sex offense, peeping
  113. Man charged with murder discharged from Marine Corps
  114. At last, a diploma for former Marine
  115. Do Not Smoke 'em If You Got 'em
  116. Marine Offensive Will Test New Strategy in Afghanistan
  117. Marine MRAP Drivers Get Rollover Safety Training
  118. Wife says man in Watauga standoff 'was one of the sweetest, most nonviolent persons I
  119. Locals sending worms, bears to troops
  120. SIGN OF VALOR: Vets on hand to debut sign at Fall River's Iwo Jima memorial
  121. All Active-Duty, Most Reserve Components Meet Recruiting Goals
  122. Embedded and Unvarnished
  123. Marine-themed public schools meet resistance
  124. Woman collects shoes to raise money for vets
  125. Replica tanks built by Wash. man draw crowds
  126. Not looking back: Marine Corps veteran ready to compete
  127. Marine spouse awaiting news on Atsugi contamination
  128. A Fight for Ordinary Peace
  129. Marine Lance Cpl. Ray A. Spencer II, 20, Ridgecrest; died in a 'nonhostile incident'
  130. Aberdeen tests military's Cougar
  131. Marine at center of debate
  132. Marine remembered
  133. Costly Fighting in Afghanistan Leads to Three More Combat Deaths
  134. This Marine is still fighting, this time for the kids
  135. Marines help pets into new home
  136. Makin Waves: The Makin Island heads out to sea
  137. Is war more or less deadly? Experts disagree
  138. Landscapers donate time beautifying Arlington
  139. Obama seeks review of reputed Afghan mass grave
  140. Nice catch! Pendleton provides multiple fishing hotspots
  141. 2 US Marines die in S. Afghanistan bomb blasts
  142. Fallen marine to arrive home this week
  143. A fight for everyday peace: U.S. troops battle to return life in Afghan valley to nor
  144. Girls With Guns Get It
  145. Strangers give vet who died a Bowery bum a burial fitting of a serviceman
  146. CAMP PENDLETON: Fire on base at 1,000 acres; containment delayed
  147. Not Enough For Afghan ‘Success’
  148. Kaneohe-Based Marine Dies From Combat Injuries
  149. US Marines musicians perform for Ipswich Hospital patients
  150. Hand Signal
  151. Crooked Afghan police challenge Marines
  152. 500 vets set to compete in Wheelchair Games
  153. Lejeune eyes new entrance
  154. MILITARY: Dems reject Bilbray, Hunter earmarks for Predators
  155. False Sense of Security in Afghanistan?
  156. U.S. Air Force Fifth-Generation Fighter: The F-22A Raptor Requirements Retreat
  157. Tualatin Marine, Matt Lembke, dies of war injuries
  158. Mourning A Marine Killed In Afghanistan
  159. Family welcomes marine home
  160. USMC: Kern Marine's death in Iraq was suicide
  161. Empire of Bases
  162. Cancers Reported by Men With Lejeune Ties
  163. Khan Nechion Castle in the hands of our Marines
  164. Leon Cooper - Someone You Should Know
  165. Colonel bids final farewell
  166. Expeditionary chaplain maintains battalion’s spiritual readiness
  167. NC Marines to start pre-deployment training
  168. Privacy deemed lacking at some VA hospitals
  169. Report: Military installations could be smoke-free in 20 years
  170. Camp Lejeune Marine indicted in New Jersey on sexual assault
  171. Sgt. Joshua Bouchard, formerly of Amherst, who lost leg in Afghanistan, undergoes sur
  172. Hidden bombs wreak grim toll on Afghan frontline
  173. New approach to airstrikes
  174. 'It wasn't a hate crime,' spokesman says
  175. My son, the Marine
  176. Maintenance Marines Perform High-octane Mission
  177. Murder suspect's tumultuous life with victim
  178. Driverless Humvee has potential in war
  179. Recruit Depot, Recruiting Region to get new commanding general
  180. Cherry or Ice? - Popular Mechanics in Afghanistan
  181. ‘Camouflage Angel’ Spends Last Moments With U.S. Combat Casualties
  182. "That's my platoon leader, please take care of him."
  183. Life-Saving 'Thermal Angel' Blood Warmer Is Immediately Available For Use By U.S. Tro
  184. Municipal meeting broadcasts inspired Marine's work in Iraq
  185. Marines are dying
  186. Enclosing Cpl. Dunham’s story in history
  187. Beaufort-based 'Halks' swoop in
  188. Marines Waiting on Basic Supplies
  189. Marines mourn loss of Heede
  190. US Marines face ‘hidden enemy’
  191. Marines threaten JROTC program
  192. Warning From General on End to Afghan Combat
  193. Recon Marines work with Iraqi Commandos to build stronger force
  194. Former astronaut Charles Bolden made new Nasa chief
  195. MILITARY: Pendleton Marine killed in Afghanistan
  196. In the Heat of Afghanistan, Shades of Iraq
  197. Gyrene at Ave Maria
  198. Afghan Taliban says they are holding missing U.S. soldier
  199. Parents of girl charged in sex ring case
  200. Students, universities look forward to expanded benefits under new GI Bill
  201. Airborne Icon and Hero Passes On - Godspeed, Darrell "Shifty" Powers
  202. Gates: More troops may deploy to Afghanistan
  203. Stricken Marine spurs senator’s amendment
  204. Study: Mental woes for 37% of VA-treated vets
  205. Taliban Insurgents Reemerge
  206. Corps announces NCO suicide prevention course plan
  207. Yuma civilians to rate three hours for PT
  208. Marines, Army work together on Okinawa
  209. Marines compete for front row seats on island-hopping journey
  210. Golf Tournament Fundraiser for Marines
  211. Reporter's notebook: Afghans skeptical of U.S. offensive
  212. Rebooting Boot Development
  213. R-MA cadets receive a taste of military life at summer seminars
  214. 5th Marines, Dana Point's adopted regiment, changes command
  215. Gates Takes Aim at the Military's Spending Wish Lists
  216. Marines Under Investigation After Autistic Man Allowed to Enlist
  217. The East Hampton Press & The Southampton Press
  218. 2 Blue Angels help bring wows home
  219. Camp Pendleton to get $775 million in construction funds
  220. Marine officer charged in stolen documents case
  221. Local Marine rises through the ranks
  222. Honorary Marine was always faithful
  223. Esprit de Corps
  224. A Marine’s Struggle: Family says John David Chapman is a War Casualty that Died in th
  225. Longest solar eclipse of century to darken Okinawa sky
  226. Marines, sailors, soldiers leap into training with parachute operations
  227. Marines patrol through mine-littered battlefield
  228. Centuries-old castle offers glimpse into Ryukyuan history
  229. A little fun for Marines in Iraq
  230. Comic goes from Marine Corps to mic stand
  231. Veterans park houses a variety of memorials
  232. Three Wars and 90 Years Later
  233. The Lost Years: On Haiti
  234. New general to command Parris Island
  235. 2 dead, 1 arrested following shooting behind Northwoods Shopping Center
  236. Marine Corps releases Grow the Force EIS
  237. Deadliest Month Yet in Afghanistan Claims Lives of Three Area Marines
  238. World's oldest man, WWI vet, dies aged 113
  239. Task Force East
  240. Navy Ship Shows Trade Center Mettle
  241. 40 years after moon landing, it remains a day of wonder
  242. Iraq veteran lets the games, and healing, begin
  243. Learning From the Few, the Proud
  244. 'Semper Gumby;' Always Flexible
  245. EOD Technicians Make Ranges Safer Places to Train
  246. Former Super Bowl Champion Teaches Football to Combat Center Kids
  247. Survive Summer in Sweltering Sun
  248. Changing command at MCLB
  249. 'If you do not release the U.S. soldier, then...you will be hunted'
  250. Negro Leagues umpire inducted into Alabama county’s sports hall of fame