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  1. Marines honored for sacrifice
  2. Corps: Death of Camp Foster Marine an apparent suicide
  3. The battle for Saipan
  4. New general takes over Chessani case
  5. Ex-Marine to bike across country to help Iraq war vets
  6. General reflects on time in area
  7. A military solution will not solve the pirate problem
  8. Developer, Nicklaus aid Wash. vets golf course
  9. Service academy applications see sizable jump
  10. A graduation ceremony worth waiting 43 years for
  11. SNCOs sharpen teamwork skills at Career Course on Okinawa
  12. 21st Annual Buddy Fishing Tournament lures in anglers
  13. Course teaches sailors long-term goals
  14. Marines and Beninese soldiers conduct scout observation exercise
  15. In Afghan Heat, Marines Prepare For The Storm
  16. Marines pump it up at “Slightly Above Average Joe’s Gym”
  17. Lawyers In Military May Assist In Bomb Trial
  18. Reporter must appear in military court
  19. A Marine Daughter's Graduation Without Dad
  20. OCEANSIDE: Brush fire burns on Camp Pendleton
  21. Our home fit for heroes
  22. MILITARY: Technology cited for low number of Medal of Honor winners
  23. Ex-Marine knows both sides of gift boxes
  24. Marines converge on Fort Hood
  25. Pentagon eyes more training for airstrikes
  26. Donation jar for troops stolen from Neb. store
  27. Brains meet brawn
  28. School of Infantry West holds "Jane Wayne Day"
  29. Oneida man creates museum to honor Marines
  30. 'Wild Hogs' with fewer mishaps
  31. Former Marine testifies in Marine Sergeant and bride murder case
  32. Belle Vernon resident witnessed historic flag-raising on Mount Surabaci
  33. Marine tests device that restores some vision
  34. Judge tosses Calif. cities’ recruiter ban
  35. Five brothers make Navy their family business
  36. Oceanside forum calls for allowing gays to serve openly
  37. Youths find fun, discipline in Young Marines
  38. Ju-jutsu master passes knowledge, skills, techniques to Marines on Okinawa
  39. Roxbury Naval officer is deployed
  40. Aerosmith's drummer celebrates birthday with war veterans
  41. Alcohol abuse by GIs soars since '03
  42. Marine puts her dreams on hold
  43. Bellows Beach Park to reopen to public during July 4th weekend
  44. Plan to give house to triple-amputee veteran collapses
  45. New commander takes over for fighter jet squadron
  46. USMC's 1st Div. vets to dedicate plaque to fallen comrades
  47. Sidewinder Is Grounded
  48. 2 Marines indicted in Army nurse death in NC
  49. Vet accused of faking paralysis to avoid Iraq
  50. 2/7 Scout Snipers take a ‘little’ hike
  51. Memorial for Marines killed in Iraq planned at Selfridge
  52. Fifty years after enlisting, four Marines reunite in Venice
  53. Build strength to maximize CFT score
  54. Mistakes by US force 'likely' caused Afghan deaths
  55. The hero who casts a long shadow
  56. ‘Warlords’ adapt to a changing front
  57. Bibles for the troops
  58. Local family raises three generations of Marines
  59. Marine Corps Mailman Keeps His Battalion Motivated
  60. Coastal names staff member of the year
  61. Marines from around nation expected to attend Coughlin funeral
  62. House named for late Marine
  63. Recalling the heroes of Vietnam
  64. Looking For Plan B
  65. Keizer doctor writes of his father's time in WW2
  66. Old Glory raises sense of loyalty, patriotism
  67. Come to sea
  68. Making of a Marine a true joy to observe
  69. Marine gets pinned at Columbia Park
  70. Marines roll the dice on board games
  71. Marine pleads not guilty to having ammo in baggage; TSA probes how NV airport missed
  72. Honoring a 'brother'
  73. Fathers absent too often in modern society
  74. We can honor their service
  75. U.S. military dogs aid in post-bombing search
  76. Report: Tailed N. Korean ship carrying missiles
  77. Marines adapt and overcome to stay in shape during Iraq deployment
  78. 31st MEU Marines Fast Rope and Hook N' Climb at Sea
  79. US jets batter Taliban fortress as Marines sidestep an ambush
  80. Sis follows brother into the Marines
  81. Navy veteran recalls WWII bombing
  82. Marines to get R&R at Keowee Key
  83. San Mateo filmmaker explores life of "original maverick" Pete McCloskey
  84. New U.S. rule: No fighting near Afghan homes
  85. Veteran rebuilds life after brain injury
  86. Dad enjoys first Father's Day home from Iraq
  87. Lejeune Marine dead after training accident
  88. Marines unveil new amphibious vehicle
  89. Marines to comb state sands
  90. Braintree businesses pitch in to host visiting Marines
  91. Marines, Airmen fuel up Exercise Northern Edge
  92. Program Reaches Out To Marines Under Stress
  93. Military Moves High-Tech Tools to Afghanistan
  94. Injured soldier is given adapted SUV
  95. Free Marine Ride Service in Need of Public's Help
  96. New Trailer for HBO's WWII Miniseries The Pacific
  97. Unifying the next generation of military widows
  98. Giving the gift of life: Marine donates bone marrow
  99. PSD Marines, sailor use combat experience for current duty in Iraq
  100. Lt. Col. says goodbye to Marines
  101. Kaneohe Marines up to the challenge in Afghanistan
  102. Young Marines helps 10-year-old beat the odds
  103. V-22 Osprey heads to Afghanistan, but critics, questions remain
  104. Sunset Parade At The Iwo Jima Memorial
  105. Spate of Attacks Tests Iraqi City and U.S. Pullout
  106. Struggling workers filling military ranks
  107. Seeing a familiar face in battle
  108. Gates' Epiphany
  109. Military Milestones from Crazy Horse to LeMay's Feed and Coal Company
  110. Eye Opener: Dept. of Navy Name Change Soon?
  111. VMGR-252 Continues Long Illustrious History of Flying
  112. Law may Help Troops sue on Medical Mishaps
  113. William Skretch to receive posthumous degree
  114. McChrystal: New view of Afghan war needed
  115. Another of famed Navajo Code Talkers dies
  116. Murtha: W. House wrong to end VH-71 program
  117. Travel Cards: The power is in your hands
  118. Future leaders train for just that
  119. Sestak, Boeing and Marines defend Osprey performance
  120. Backpack program started for Marines
  121. To embed or not to embed?
  122. Schumer to sponsor Sgt. Carmelo Rodriguez bill in Senate
  123. Off-duty officer shoots Marine after MLB game
  124. Murder trial begins for 2 former Marines
  125. Poll: Troops' kids feel war toll
  126. Marine who helped wounded warrior system retiring
  127. MRAP trucks: Afghan savior or boondoggle?
  128. Halo: Helljumper #1 Preview
  129. WWII pilot's paintings carry story
  130. Veterans Of Korea Remembered
  131. A final toast to WWII Marines
  132. II MEF commander visits Marines in Iraq
  133. MCBJ/III MEF hard liquor policy revised
  134. Life of ‘devil dog' awaits pup
  135. Local bases launch Semper Ride in an effort to better train motorcycling Marines
  136. Will Marine face more 'political persecution'?
  137. Viet Vet Don Wilmot recalls rescue missions
  138. Forry gives athletes chance to hone skills
  139. Barracks Buglers
  140. Position Run
  141. Obama's Marines in position for Afghan offensive
  142. Marines produce clean water with help from TWPS
  143. Marines Charge Reserve Colonel In Classified Documents Case
  144. Hering To Stand Trial For Staging Disappearance
  145. Future sailors, Marines get hands-on training aboard Norfolk ship
  146. Marine finds second career in mixed martial arts
  147. Marine honored for saving gunner from burning tank
  148. Highly decorated Marine pilot dies at 89
  149. Mass. post office to be named for fallen Marine
  150. Marine partially paralyzed after shooting
  151. Training brings Marines to Tri-state
  152. Spirit of semper fi brings Marines to hometown of a fallen friend
  153. Marines are far from forgotten
  154. Chaplains job is to get recruit through training and ready to be Marines
  155. Sloat landing was bloodless, but effective
  156. Camp Pendleton special operations battalion gains footing
  157. Walter Reed Clinic's Cheerful Chaos (and a Brownie) Soothes All but the Toughest
  158. Oshkosh Corp delivers "Swiss army knife" of vehicles to Marines
  159. Iraq lessons learned, US Marines turn to Afghanistan
  160. Technology allowed Marine to witness the birth of his son
  161. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to get wet at Adaptive Water Sports Festival
  162. OCEANSIDE: Thousands cheer at parade honoring freedom
  163. Univ. of Wisconsin reaching out to military
  164. Univ. of Wisconsin reaching out to military
  165. ND WWII vets share stories for documentary
  166. Dogs more actively integrated into rehab
  167. Recognition near for WWII-era WASP pilots
  168. Officer works with hardened Leavenworth inmates
  169. Marines rally to support another Marine charged with killing a prisoner
  170. Brothers start sea voyage to benefit fallen marines
  171. Fairfield Harbour families greet Marines with appreciation, fun
  172. Retiring Marine Pushed Establishing Support for Recuperating Troops
  173. Job Front: Veterans get helping hand
  174. Learning To Love The Droids
  175. American troops in Iraq fade from major cities
  176. From Midway to Leyte Gulf to Coral Sea, ex-Navy man survived epic WWII clashes
  177. McMahon helped launch Liberty Bowl
  178. Getting CrossFit: Okinawa Marine set for California competition
  179. Military uses virtual therapy to help troops heal wounds
  180. Bill aims to cheer military by mail
  181. The Men and Women of July 4
  182. HBO Documentary 'Shouting Fire' Comes Out at the Right Time
  183. Brain Dead: Did Marines Push Brain-Damaged Vet To Kill?
  184. Fallen Marine Honored in Mass.
  185. Fighting the WAR to a full recovery
  186. Military Transition Team Marines Build Professionalism and Friendships
  187. Camp Pendleton Marine veterans train for new careers in construction
  188. Something to celebrate
  189. Abu Ghraib scandal haunts Lynndie England
  190. Former anti-war hotbed reaches out to military
  191. Hell on Earth, fire not needed
  192. ‘Forgotten war’ veterans, family remember Korea
  193. Secretary of Navy visits Camp Lejeune
  194. Marines and sailors in Iraq stay fit to fight
  195. A Hike in the Land Down Under
  196. Osprey Rescue Mission
  197. Jeff Fisher packs bags for Persian Gulf trip
  198. John Philip Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever" lives on
  199. Military sees increase in recruits
  200. MILITARY: Trial starts for Marine who talked to media
  201. Volunteer honors Marines by coordinating funerals
  202. Former Camp Pendleton Marine ordered by judge to do weekend jail program
  203. Go slow with Osprey; keep helicopters
  204. Marine Corps dubs Okinawa's Royal Hotel ruins off-limits
  205. Board: Gay Guard Lt. should be discharged
  206. General denies clemency for Marine with PTSD
  207. Veterans groups urge release of photos
  208. Gates wants to soften gay expulsion rules
  209. Marine squadron to be honored today
  210. Fight club toughens up US Marines in Afghan desert
  211. Testimony continues in the trial of for ex-Marines charged with killing sergeant, wif
  212. Marines recruit mascot from South Texas
  213. Woman accused of facilitating sex between 12-year-old girl and Marines
  214. Oshkosh Corporation Wins $1.05 Billion Delivery Order to Supply M-ATV to Soldiers, Ma
  215. Stalemate in Afghan ghost town shows task ahead
  216. Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Deploy In Afghanistan
  217. Official: Marine victim's wedding ring found at suspect's home
  218. Veteran gets diploma after four decades
  219. 6/30 Marine Support Group Has Reservations About Troop Withdrawal
  220. Former Marine's front-porch flag display is torched
  221. The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Web Site
  222. Marines launch Afghan counter-insurgency operation
  223. Most diverse group of plebes arrives at USNA
  224. Pendleton sailor death investigated as homicide
  225. Marine in intel case cleared of disobeying order
  226. Lejeune brings in historic act for July 4
  227. Lawsuit to be filed regarding Camp Lejeune water
  228. Marines Prepare for Future Convoy Ops
  229. Sailors and Marines Join Efforts in the Mess to Support BHR Crew
  230. Local marine Edward Bonifay glad to be home for July 4
  231. Medal of Honor Marine admires WW II Bulge POW
  232. 21 Marines to become citizens July 4
  233. Celebrating Independence Day far away from comforts of home
  234. GI Bill benefits: Know what you're getting
  235. Ambush in Combat Town
  236. American History Series: A Failed Attempt to Raise a Rebel Army of Slaves
  237. ASM Exhibit Honors Navajo Code Talkers
  238. Mom’s cookies send welcome message to troops
  239. Our Hometown Stories - Hobart Ellis: Semper Fidelis
  240. Marines suffer first casualties in Afghan offensive
  241. Few details known about soldier’s capture
  242. N. Korea missile launch toward U.S. feared
  243. Pendleton Marine cleared of disobeying orders
  244. VA quiet on colonoscopies compensation
  245. Jacksonville man arrested in fatal shooting
  246. Marine drowns in Maple Hill quarry
  247. America's freedom fighters: Marines battle terrorism far from home this Fourth
  248. US Marines locked in 'hell of a fight' with Taliban
  249. Afghan sunrise for US Marines flying into battle
  250. Ex-Marines guilty on all counts in killing of Long Beach man