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  1. The Few, The Proud, The Savvy
  2. The stress of surviving, and carrying on
  3. Remembering first Tucsonan killed in Iraq War
  4. SEALs free U.S. hostage, kill 3 pirates
  5. Far more POW claimants than actual POWs
  6. Gen. Conway and Sgt. Maj. Kent visit MNF-W
  7. Campaign targets military sexual assaults
  8. Marines’ war experience inspires video game
  9. In passing: Church honors one Marine home from war, one there, one on his way
  10. $10,000 gift says 'thanks' to Reno vet
  11. Troops pleased Afghanistan war finally gets priority
  12. Family of Conn. Marine disputes suicide report
  13. Heroes to highlight Citi Field opening
  14. Servicemembers teaching others while deployed
  15. U.S. authorities begin investigation on plane crash at Marine base
  16. Over the Gulf of Aden
  17. Book brings Afghan operations to life
  18. World War II vet gets chance to see memorial
  19. Old cell phones help soldiers overseas
  20. Watertown firm official vendor for ship built from World Trade Center wreckage
  21. MCAS wins environmental award
  22. Yuma Harrier squadron in Florida for training
  23. Wounded warrior receives standing ovation at Country Music Awards
  24. Marine brings culinary skills to Pentagon personnel
  25. Congressmen push for a 'Department of the Navy and Marine Corps'
  26. Aaron’s Exploits; set out to sea
  27. Left behind but not forgotten
  28. Marines' war experience becomes fodder for video game
  29. Md. Academy Trained Maersk Alabama Marines
  30. Snipers, Bainbridge have history with pirates
  31. The Only War We've Got
  32. Marine hero given award for saving Sgt. Eddie Ryan
  33. Navy snipers' 'outstanding' shots no easy feat, local experts say
  34. Web connects couple to troops
  35. Saving the F-22
  36. Safety and surprise: SRT has a style all its own
  37. Pulitzer Prize Photographs to Open at the Overby Center for Southern Journalism and P
  38. Injured Marine, his brother open pub in Glen Ellyn
  39. From Classroom to Boot Camp
  40. Silver Star
  41. Marines train at Castle for evacuations
  42. ROK Marine Corps to Celebrate 60th Anniversary
  43. Editorial: Securing the seas
  44. Marine drill tests fitness for combat - Stretching Out
  45. Marine director: No reason to arm cargo ships
  46. No 2-month extension for overseas taxpayers who owe
  47. 3rd GI faces trial over detainee deaths
  48. Troops could stay in Mosul past June 30
  49. Appeals Court: Marine can’t sue Murtha
  50. Symposium to illuminate Vietnam rescues
  51. Lifesavers: Marines rely on quick, high-tech first aid at front lines
  52. Veterans form support group
  53. Heroic Marine saves mother, unborn child
  54. Touch-and-go: 1st Recon Marines teach LZ drills to Iraqi commandos
  55. Service members in Iraq celebrate Easter with sunrise service
  56. QRF Marines learn weapons tactics
  57. Rachel Platt honored for Montford Point Marines story
  58. Thank You For Writing To Marines
  59. Three Newton friends serve in Iraq while their mothers cope at home
  60. Love and War, Kansas-Style
  61. Navy sub commander relieved of duty after collision
  62. Brothers start foundation to honor their late brother
  63. Nothing Stimulating about Defense?
  64. Military Milestones from a Midnight Ride to a Pre-Dawn Airstrike
  65. Happy Belated Birthday MARSOC!
  66. DeKalb Residents: No Marine High School
  67. Marine Enlistees, Families Get Taste of Boot Camp
  68. Military injustice
  69. Community: Palacio excels on Naval Academy's track
  70. Texas Army Guard, reserves seeing surge in interest
  71. Singer Uses Stage to Bring Attention to Servicemembers’ Sacrifices
  72. Third Annual “GI Film Festival” to Showcase World’s Best Military Films May
  73. Navy building new Marine Reserve center on Air Force base
  74. DA: Laurean set to return to United States
  75. Camp Lejeune receives "Muzzle Award"
  76. Lejeune set for Marine South
  77. Judge temporarily stops funeral protest law
  78. Strongman Competition: Participants weigh in to test strength
  79. Motorcycle training to help lower Marine death toll
  80. Bikes, Tattoos and Barbecues: Motorcycle enthusiasts gather at annual Oshima Island b
  81. Combating growing identity threat: Safequarding personal, private information in a di
  82. Murder suspect joined Marines to leave town
  83. Brannon proud of hard-won success in Iraq
  84. Number of Naval Academy Applications Surges 50%
  85. Desperate veterans turn to suicide
  86. Air trained, ground tested
  87. Ranger Rosary Makers seek service men, women
  88. Veteran Wisdom Staff Sgt. Brandon Cox
  89. Embarrassing Consequences
  90. Eagan soldier rewarded with Navy Cross for bravery in Afghanistan
  91. Gates Clips Air Force Wings
  92. 1st Marine Logistic Group Public Affairs
  93. US Marine Corps shows appreciation to local K-9 units
  94. How’re Things in Iraq? Fine, Thanks.
  95. Wall Street’s Fall: DoD’s Gain?
  96. Father of slain Marine deploying to Iraq
  97. Lejeune bans certain dogs from base housing
  98. Critical issues and a full exchange of ideas
  99. Questions, answers on US military options
  100. Reunited with families, crew recalls fear, daring
  101. Navy receives hybrid ship
  102. Marine's skills help wash away grief
  103. Laughlin proud of wartime service
  104. EXCLUSIVE: Camp Pendleton getting new boss
  105. Celebrities many, Americans hunger for heroes
  106. 2 local WWII vets honored for service in nation's capital
  107. Young Marine remembered
  108. Pentagon to review GD's amphibious tank program
  109. Marines warn public about Brown Island
  110. Government Still Chasing Vindicated Haditha Marine Chessani
  111. WWII vet reflects on years in Corps
  112. VA says 3 positive HIV tests from follow-ups
  113. Marines contribute to unit success in Afghanistan
  114. Rochester man charged in shooting at Henrietta Denny's last year
  115. ODOT workers return U.S. flag to familiar spot along I-71
  116. Mullen 'alarmed' at rise in GI suicides
  117. Marine from Appleton suffers broken back in Iraq
  118. Arsenal's Marine museum wins national award
  119. Marine major flies home for Beale Air Show
  120. Kesterson retires after 30 years of service
  121. Marines train to become the hunters
  122. MWSG-37 Marine earns military service award for efforts in Iraq
  123. Marine Corps changing armor decision process
  124. Soldiers call for Army to drop berets
  125. New mobility
  126. Marine’s dog still on loose
  127. Marine killed in Iraq
  128. Shells hit Green Zone after 3-month lull
  129. Police find stolen pieces of war memorial
  130. Tigers legend Ernie Harwell answers questions from fans
  131. If she could, she'd enlist again
  132. Small town gives veterans big thanks
  133. Top Navy officer has his own blog
  134. A surprise welcome home for Marine
  135. Aldan goes to bat for returning Marine
  136. Using a satellite link, Malmstrom airman coaches wife through childbirth at Benefis
  137. Woman honored with Veteran of the Year award
  138. The death of a Marine: Billy's story
  139. Consistent, Sensitive and Weird
  140. The (smaller, faster, cheaper) future of sea power
  141. Smoothing transition for wars' veterans
  142. Piracy patrols: 2004 Hudson graduate a member of helicopter ...
  143. 3 soldiers receive warm homecoming
  144. Highlanders head home, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion rolls
  145. Returning Marine unit notes increased vacationers in local Iraqi tourist village
  146. Task Force Military Police finds strength through differences
  147. NCO training in Iraq instills confidence and motivation
  148. Marine to make court appearance in murder case
  149. Former Camp Lejuene residents sought
  150. The Past Complicates Iraq's Efforts To Move On
  151. Loss still felt 14 years after OK City bombing
  152. Weapons get smaller, deadlier at China Lake
  153. A family of patriots
  154. 3 Fort Collins friends deploying to Afghanistan together
  155. Groton-Dunstable history teacher is one who won't forget War of 1812
  156. William Bainbridge, The Shores of Tripoli, and More
  157. US Marine arrested at Logan
  158. The case of Brian Foster is the most egregious abortion of military justice JAG Corp
  159. Medic pens tune about returning from Iraq
  160. Lighter body armor tests delayed amid risk worries
  161. Blackwater security contractors still in Iraq
  162. Citadel veterans sharing World War II stories
  163. Marine due in Mass. court on weapons charges
  164. Group captures images of emotional moments
  165. Man with no limbs inspires service members
  166. 'I thought it would be safer for him here'
  167. Everyday Heroes -- Saginaw County Marines
  168. 12 navies launch warfare exercises off Fla.
  169. Army Troops Pack Up in Iraq, Prepare to Head to Afghanistan
  170. Up, Up and Out
  171. Our Veterans: Damaged Goods with Dangerous Minds?
  172. RIP Colonel Blanchard
  173. Marine intended no harm, kin say
  174. More Useful Idiots: Cleese Hates Bush, Slams Marines, Chan Kicks Democracy as Too 'Ch
  175. Marines Train For Rescue
  176. How Marines get their contact lenses
  177. Iraq's in sights of Yakima-based Bravo Company
  178. Native American Festival to feature Navajo code talker
  179. When rubber meets the road, Iraqi commandos are ready
  180. CBIRF’s chem lab on wheels
  181. When the fun stops: Dealing with substance abuse
  182. Cyber hackers breached jet fighter program
  183. Petraeus warns of trouble ahead in Afghanistan
  184. Weapons, equipment show headed to Lejeune
  185. Corps to graduate 1st special ops class
  186. 3 plead guilty to Walter Reed scheme
  187. Maine Marine pleads not guilty to sex charge
  188. Codefendendants in '72 shooting plead not guilty
  189. Marine pleads not guilty to charges of weapons at airport
  190. Marines return from first deployment to Iraq
  191. MV-22s Go To Sea
  192. WWII docu brings filmmaker, veteran full circle
  193. Pentagon preps for years in Afghanistan
  194. War on and off field toughens LB Davis
  195. Bill would OK use of military ID to buy alcohol
  196. Students gung ho for their adopted Marine
  197. World War II vets' stories keep history alive
  198. Snipers And Their Shooting Computers
  199. EXCLUSIVE: Pilot in FA-18 crash to fly again
  200. Military Milestones: From a 'Furnace of Musketry' to the Desert-One Disaster
  201. Family, friends remember Marine killed in Iraq
  202. 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit Places High Priority on Community Relations
  203. Marine halts flight of prisoner from court
  204. Thomas Bennet commissioned Marine Officer
  205. Face of Defense: Civilian Layoff Led to Colonel's Military Career
  206. Marine suspected of robbery attempt
  207. General Officer Announcements
  208. Filipino appeals court tosses rape conviction
  209. Gates to visit Marines at Lejeune today
  210. General’s quarters listed on Virginia Landmarks Register
  211. Marines learn multiple weapon systems during artillery machine gun course
  212. New base order sets juvenile curfew
  213. Shot out! Elements of call for fire
  214. Marines officially open new recruiting office
  215. Marines go back to their roots
  216. Lawyer Asks Marines To Drop Iraq Murder Charge
  217. US House honors Navy, crew of hijacked ship
  218. 2/9 home after 229 days
  219. New motorcycle safety course opened at Oceana
  220. Military aims to ease soldiers' load
  221. Mims man gives homeless vets a hand
  222. VA finally pays late veteran's benefits
  223. World War II veteran now battles trash on Pacific atoll Tarawa
  224. MILITARY: Lawmakers want Guantanamo funds blocked
  225. Transfer to Afghanistan 'extremely unlikely' for Wyo troops
  226. Marine pilot in San Diego crash to resume flying
  227. Iraq war vet pleads guilty to murder in Long Beach
  228. *Knock, Knock* - "Mr. Benelli here to see you!"
  229. Gunshot kills Marine in Iraq
  230. Billy Bob Thornton Blames Lack of News, Slow Marines For Viral Radio Interview
  231. Combat Logistics Battalion-3 Brings Mobile Exchange, Post Office to Marines in Remote
  232. From Ivy League to olive drab (III): what happens once they're in
  233. Toby Keith: More celebs should visit troops
  234. This is why I like to work alone...
  235. TCB....Taking Care of business
  236. Reservists eyed for Afghanistan posts
  237. How news of the Holocaust fell through the cracks during WWII
  238. Safety stand-down to address 101 critical days of summer
  239. Taking Patriot Express, pet owners must plan ahead
  240. Acquitted Marine leaves Philippines
  241. Gates: More civilians needed in Afghanistan
  242. ACLU says DoD to release prisoner abuse photos
  243. Marines train for Afghan culture
  244. Camp Lejeune Marine dies in non-hostile incident in Iraq
  245. Students run circles around Quantico Marines
  246. Marines landing at McCaskey?
  247. Marine Reserves unit to tour NYS Military Museum
  248. 0424 queensryche advance
  249. Veterans warn military solution won't end Afghan war
  250. Military redefines leadership