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  1. Cherry Point Marines give back to students
  2. 5th Marines Carwash Raises $12,000 in Six Hours
  3. Boys find role models in Marines
  4. 1st Marine Logistics Group Marine Receives 47th Annual Women of the Year Award
  5. Players love Intercollegiate Golf Tournament
  6. Report: Troops in Iraq dealt friendly-fire laser injuries
  7. Pentagon reverses Dover media ban
  8. CPL Jon Ayers Silver Star award and Memorial Celebration
  9. Weemer: ‘Tormented’ by Fallujah
  10. Miss Universe blog on Gitmo fun vanishes
  11. American Women in Combat
  12. Military police train for Afghanistan deployment
  13. Marines' New Ride Rolls Out Years Late
  14. Kovic novel questions price of war, Marines
  15. Hired Guns
  16. Honoring sacrifice
  17. 4th-grade class to be pen pals with Marine in Iraq
  18. Second 'Fallen Heroes' sign installed in Raynham
  19. Many are charging into the offices of military recruiters
  20. Expeditionary Food Service Marines Serve Up Morale in Southern Afghanistan
  21. Bonuses to Drop as Corps Races to Target
  22. Residents: Stray bullet kills Camp Hansen land lease
  23. DOD on high alert for Conficker worm
  24. Navajo Code Talkers receive star status in community
  25. Marine charged with trafficking cocaine
  26. Marine pleads guilty to online enticement
  27. Marine dies in 'non-hostile' incident in Iraq
  28. Authorities searching for Cherry Point escapee
  29. A Heavy Subject: Supplements No Substitute For Healthy Living
  30. Yes, I can hear you now; non-lethal acoustic hailing device demonstrated
  31. Scanners aid base security
  32. Women’s History Month observed aboard the Air Station
  33. April is Month of the Military Child
  34. Weather to delay renowned Lejeune egg hunt
  35. Harmless toy or recruiting sergeant?
  36. Admiral says war veterans will suffer for years
  37. 'Everybody's fighting for positions'
  38. US weapons cuts could put N.E. jobs in jeopardy
  39. Full Metal Jacket
  40. Master Sergeant Awarded Bronze Star...Thirty Eight Years Late(r)
  41. Grateful former Marine displays first hand transplanted at UPMC
  42. Three Okinawa Marines honored for valor in Afghanistan
  43. 10,000 more U.S. troops sought for Afghanistan next year
  44. Opinions on documenting servicemembers' remains differ
  45. 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit
  46. Hearing For 4 Marines Accused In Robbery-Murder Friday
  47. Marines complete training with tears of different kind
  48. Brains of operation, Marines create intel picture
  49. IEDs now cause 75% of Afghanistan casualties
  50. Children meet Marine pen pals
  51. Why, that’s Lt. Dan
  52. Aaron’s Exploits; journey begins deep underground
  53. Combat Center marksmen hit black at competition
  54. Four-legged Marines sniff to save lives
  55. Marines' Fighting Vehicle is looking good
  56. Marines leaving Cherry Point for duty in Iraq
  57. 2 N.C. Marines say Iraq stable
  58. Injured Marines set to run bridge to support others like them
  59. A devilish PT session
  60. Marines provide exciting finish at Run to Register
  61. MURRIETA: Racial epithets found in home of slain Marine, wife
  62. Henderson Hall Changes Command
  63. Marine recognized for heroic act
  64. Bullet to head killed Marine
  65. Vietnam Tribute Wall open in Buckeye at Verrado High
  66. Talking about guns and the Second Amendment
  67. MILITARY: Combat Marine fighting a different battle
  68. U.S. Marine Corps And U.S. Air Force Join Luczo Dragon Racing For 2009
  69. Navy tightens tobacco restrictions for medical personnel
  70. Airman’s remains found in Vietnam
  71. Behind the scenes: In the field, coffee a priority
  72. Rear Area Security Course Changes for Afghanistan Deployments
  73. Want to know how to keep unmarried Marines and sailors entertained and out of trouble
  74. Some Troops Embrace Afghan War
  75. Pre-Deployment Fun Day
  76. Eagles and more gather to show support for troops
  77. Cold Case: Search for those involved in death of Ernest Linn still active
  78. TORTURED SOUL: Iraq vet struggled with PTSD then killed wife, himself
  79. Utah filmmaker seeks to help veterans
  80. The times of his life
  81. Marine gets runaround, $3,800 bill upon returning from Iraq
  82. In the Service: Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Colin J. Signs
  83. The death of a Marine: Billy's
  84. Group runs to raise awareness for injured Marines
  85. Marine from Export happy, proud to serve his country
  86. Environmental survey OKs Camp Schwab airfield plans
  87. Traumatic brain injury risks not restricted to the battlefield
  88. Remains of four Korean War soldiers finally headed home
  89. Suicide survivor shares message of new hope, life
  90. Media covers return of fallen airman
  91. Remains of 3 from Vietnam sent back to U.S.
  92. Report: Vets funeral home in bad shape
  93. WWII vets play softball in Hiroshima
  94. Coming or going, she's there for the Marines
  95. Press Release Source: United States Marine Corps
  96. Gates Takes Aim at Military Pork
  97. Becoming a Special Operations Marine
  98. Planes on mission from past
  99. Madison officer's career on hold for military service
  100. 1000+ Flag/General Officers Affirm Law on Gays
  101. Marine Corps chopper makes landing in Montco
  102. 150 Kaneohe Marines leave for Iraq
  103. Konami announces Six Days in Fallujah, based on 2004 Iraq battle
  104. Some soldiers embrace new mission in Afghanistan
  105. Marines' fundraiser comes to Chaparral Elementary
  106. Red Cross: Gitmo medics violated ethics
  107. VA patient tests positive for HIV after errors
  108. Number of POW groups rapidly dropping
  109. Operation Shark Attack nets more drug-related arrests
  110. Eastern Division Match goes off with a bang
  111. Plainville Marines returning home from Iraq
  112. Gloucester JROTC students take new steps toward nationals
  113. Iraqi kids get Hart uniforms
  114. As Iraq rape trial begins, attorneys attack law
  115. Gates to cut several major weapons programs
  116. Gates: Champion Of Our Troops
  117. Always a solemn return, but this time with a photograph
  118. TroopTube Takes A Hit
  119. Marcus Lutrell's dog
  120. Bill to Rename Dept. of Navy Picks Up New Support
  121. Marine fights to graduate in dress blues
  122. VMFA-323 Marines Complete Corporals Course
  123. Let's bring back the Marines
  124. Veterans waiting over a year for surgeries
  125. Demand grows for burials at sea
  126. Time to check in - USMC on patrol in Now Zad
  127. Ex-airman says he wrongly took $1.5M from VA
  128. Pentagon: Pig used for brain-injury testing
  129. Pentagon spends $100M to fix cyber attacks
  130. Family seeks criminal probe of funeral home
  131. Hale Koa Hotel offers military personnel taste of islands
  132. Two indicted in 1972 slaying
  133. Marines practice clearing a path
  134. South Park creators given signed photo of Saddam Hussein
  135. Mojave Viper
  136. Parents take Kewpee to Marine son on way to Iraq
  137. Behind the scenes: Dreams of a power wash
  138. Troops In Iraq Cheer 'gi' O
  139. Assistant commandant of the Marine Corps visits to honor veterans, encourage students
  140. Jim Sabin served during Cuban Missile Crisis
  141. Recently Launched Online Classified Ad Website E-Vets.com Supports
  142. New service, Fed Job Site, Provides Guidance for Applying for Federal Jobs
  143. Diplomatic Detour
  144. Names released for Marines killed in Spartanburg wreck
  145. Weemer testimony ends with appearance by Marine hero
  146. 'Operation Cookie Bake' Launched for Twentynine Palms Marines
  147. Roanoke community plans dream wedding for military couple
  148. Gates: Iraq experience crucial in training future leaders
  149. New York Times Front-Page Celebrates the Absolute Moral Political Authority of Our Tr
  150. What you should know about sexual assault
  151. Feeling the heat
  152. MCRC commanding general discusses diversity, retention
  153. New procedures announced for area code overlay
  154. MARFORPAC recognizes Sailor of the Year
  155. Attempted kidnapping on station: PMO seeks leads
  156. When one fight ends, another can begin
  157. Pilot error blamed in 2008 Harrier crash
  158. Camp Lejeune Marine dies in Iraq
  159. Harrier Fill Up
  160. Prosecutor Urges Jury To Convict Marine Of Murder
  161. USAF Secret Smart Bomb Stash At Sea
  162. Returning troops getting tested for brain injuries
  163. Big Bear Valley pilots’ mission accomplished
  164. Vandals strike war memorial
  165. Man charged with breaking into Marine recruiting office
  166. Veteran finds respect in war
  167. Caregiver sentenced for abuse of veteran
  168. Marine flag stolen from Schenectady home
  169. Ivies and military could learn a lot from each other
  170. 'Sarge' shares passion
  171. To stop pirates, do ships need firepower?
  172. 'Fight' goes to DVD
  173. FBI hostage negotiators head to pirate standoff
  174. Fox News on "Brothers at War"
  175. 'Dignified transfer' for soldier follows same, simple script
  176. Return of Marine casualty to be covered
  177. Sergeant Chesty X, United States Marine Corps
  178. Memorial set April 11 for Marines killed in Marana
  179. USS Wasp on short trip to redeploy Marines in European Command
  180. Veteran Sentenced for Stealing from Vet Groups
  181. Gates Seeks Sharp Turn In Spending
  182. Camp Lejeune Marine dies in Afghanistan
  183. Marine on Okinawa inspires local youth through football
  184. Marines invade the former Castle Air Force Base in embassy evacuation drill
  185. Two fallen Marines, two similar stories
  186. Marines training at McEntire
  187. Injured Marine's family flown to bedside
  188. Mojave rattler found in Marine shower tent
  189. Guardsman brings Iraqi boy to Mich. for surgery
  190. Patriot Dreamer: Loveland veteran seeks memorial to honor fellow WWII soldiers
  191. "Old Ironsides' led the fight against 19th century pirates off Barbary Coast
  192. Open arms for Echo Company
  193. Ben Stafford: From hockey player to Marine
  194. Marine Recruits Get Taste of Boot Camp
  195. 1st Recon Marines teach CQB to Iraqi Commandos
  196. Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle gets corrosion makeover
  197. Instant Messaging, chat rooms make users, computers vulnerable to attack
  198. Midnight Madness tournament has Marines, sailors loving night life
  199. Unmanned Cargo Helo May Come To Afghanistan
  200. Maynard gallery will host veterans' images
  201. Warrior Transition Training Aids Returning Veterans
  202. Library Friends Sponsor Free Lecture Michael Starr
  203. Life in the Fast Lane - Air Station Scheduled to Begin New Sports Bike Class
  204. Govt. seeks dismissal of religion lawsuit
  205. Unbalanced warfare not new for Navy
  206. Al Asad tax center breaks new ground for deployed service members
  207. 3/3 deploys to Iraq
  208. Aaron’s Exploits; set out to sea
  209. Crowd welcomes Marines back to state Friday night
  210. Sick Iraq Vets Fear Repeat of Gulf War Illness
  211. For military families, help comes in creative ways
  212. Details emerge on murder of Marine and bride
  213. Iraq War costs: New spending likely to drive cost of Iraq War past that for Vietnam W
  214. Marine reserves make triumphant return to New Jersey
  215. : Base newspapers suspend publication
  216. Chesapeake Marine turns a page with his book on war
  217. Snipers And Their Shooting Computers
  218. My Advice to Marine PFC Who is fighting to wear his Uniform to High School Graduation
  219. Ex-Marine offers response to threat
  220. Marine depot’s mascot gets promotion
  221. U.S. Marines Strike Insurgent Positions in Now Zad, Afghanistan
  222. Marine tours may change
  223. Afghans step up effort to destroy opium fields
  224. Report: Unscreened blood posed danger
  225. Yuma Marine sets sights on shooting championship
  226. Marine Corps seeks help in buying computers
  227. CAL THOMAS: Pirate Standoff — The Tyrants Are Watching Obama
  228. Active-Duty, Reserve Components Meet Recruiting Goals
  229. El Toro’s Radium Contaminated Hangar ‘in Limbo’
  230. As Marines exit Anbar, some Iraqis fret
  231. No Duh leaves service members in Iraq in ‘no doubt’ of their patriotism
  232. New training areas constructed to reduce IED casualties
  233. The CFT; view from the ground
  234. Five Marines from Washingtonville return after year in Iraq
  235. Anniversary memorial for 19 Marines killed in Marana crash
  236. Marines Invent The Instant Gunship
  237. Marines answer Boonton officer's call for Iraq duty
  238. GAO Says Military Expansion Will Tax Guam's Infrastructure
  239. Marines keeping sex offenders off Kaneohe base
  240. LIer's photo of Marine nephew's homecoming gets award
  241. From soldier to civilian
  242. Iraq veterans, now home, still serve the dead
  243. Ohio man backs troops by firing up his grill
  244. Adventure draws many to high seas
  245. Obama Gets Gun-Shy
  246. Camp Pendleton Marines join Somali pirate standoff
  247. Family of injured Easton Marine planning benefit golf tournament
  248. Intelligent, but prone to violence
  249. The Few, The Proud, The Savvy
  250. The stress of surviving, and carrying on