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  1. Significant stopover
  2. MILITARY: Marine commander readies for troops surge
  3. Fallen Marine honored at local school
  4. Court-martial in Iraqi detainee killing to begin
  5. CEOs learn the meaning of sweat equity
  6. Study finds ‘Battlemind’ is beneficial
  7. They know the drill
  8. Newsmaker of the Day: Electronic warfare officer awarded Bronze Star for work in Iraq
  9. Holton: Troop Morale Up Despite Conditions
  10. ‘Honest Abe’ Served Nation as Captain Lincoln
  11. RAND: New strategy needed in Afghanistan
  12. Using satellites to find bin Laden
  13. Wounded special ops weatherman keeps eyes forward for new battle
  14. Ex-inmate turned al-Qaida leader surrenders
  15. Obama orders more troops to Afghanistan
  16. APS brings together Senegalese Special Forces and U.S. Marines
  17. Security Company conquers complacency in Iraq
  18. New flag to honor Richland County Marines
  19. 500 Camp Lejeune Marines Back From Iraq
  20. Marines’ kids step forward, admit to throwing rocks
  21. 'Progress' clause a tangible threat
  22. News: New military salute program at Universal Studios Themeparks
  23. From Iran's hard-liners, tough talk – but pragmatism as well
  24. Turkey could furnish a safe way home as US departs Iraq
  25. Ship built from WTC metal in service
  26. Military Milestones from America’s Lord Nelson to an Earth-Orbiting Marine
  27. MILITARY: Pretrial issues delay start of trial in Fallujah deaths
  28. A journalist's inside scoop on the Iraq war
  29. Station Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society fund drive underway
  30. Military Suicides
  31. Pau Hana Parrotheads Charity Event to Raise Money for Injured Marines and Soldiers
  32. Chopper Carnage Continues
  33. Soldier Missing in Action From the Korena War is Identified
  34. Tracy native killed in Afghanistan
  35. Iwo Jima survivors to be honored
  36. 'Everything's changed over there'
  37. Fort Lewis 5th Stryker Brigade bound for Afghanistan
  38. Hard times in war and peace
  39. Trial begins for GI accused in Iraqis’ deaths
  40. ABC15 hears from more widows denied benefits by VA
  41. CBS News fooled by Faux military equipment in Pakistan
  42. Marines Who Made Ultimate Sacrifice Honored In DC
  43. Rob Riggle Comedian and Actor
  44. Reflections of a marine veteran: from toe touches to hand grenades
  45. Marine tank mechanic prepares recruits for military life.
  46. General visits Afghan bomb site for death claim
  47. Lejeune troops among those headed to Afghanistan
  48. US general foresees years of war in Afghanistan
  49. Staff sergeant testifies he trusted fellow Marine accused in fatal shooting
  50. Wounded Warriors Get Hot New Wheels
  51. Historic page's slur prompts dispute
  52. Recruits Complete Transformation to U.S. Marines at Boot Camp
  53. DRIFIRE Flight Suit and Air Combat Uniform Breakthrough Innovations
  54. Recapture Tactics Team at drill
  55. Survival in the outskirts
  56. After the homecoming
  57. Stimulus provides for military; not as much as hoped
  58. Navy cuts re-up bonuses
  59. Researchers: Bin Laden is in Pakistan
  60. North Carolina Minute
  61. Marines fight through burning pain to qualify as OC spray instructors
  62. ‘It's remarkable what those guys did'
  63. What Guam thinks about incoming Marines
  64. Audit: Pentagon mishandled surplus equipment
  65. Assessment: Strains, threats hurt readiness
  66. Disabled vets get ski weekend at Snowshoe
  67. Blackwater to lay off employees during reorg
  68. Optometry: A Deeper Look Into Predeployment
  69. Marine wraps up 31-year career in Iraq
  70. Exercise keeps 7th Communication Battalion Marines ready to deploy
  71. Combat mind-set - Division Marines get fired up for training
  72. Hero or villain? Iraq's shoe thrower faces judgment
  73. Nation's top Marine recruiter signs 50 in '08 -- all in N.J.
  74. U.S. soldiers encounter wary Afghans
  75. Osprey heads out on Bataan for deployment
  76. Dangerous' Howitzer casings found behind dumpsters
  77. Ex-Marine fights cancer linked to water supply
  78. Financial hardships can force a family dilemma
  79. Commentary: Kinetic illusions
  80. Obama's Stealth Surge
  81. Community steps up to support Marines
  82. Marine returns from Iraq
  83. Jury starts deliberating in shooting death of former Marine
  84. Yuma Marine earns African-American History Month award
  85. Marine free-fall instructor to lead pack at Yuma air show
  86. Tribute | Kenneth Farrand was a model of strength, resiliency
  87. CREDO promotes suicide prevention
  88. Special leave makes travel easier, cheaper for all military personnel
  89. New test establishes baseline for detecting TBI
  90. Debt is a target on U.S. military radar
  91. Waltz With Bashir
  92. True life: my boyfriend is going to war
  93. In video, Leahy tells of shooting Iraqi detainees
  94. Mullen, coalition at odds over ‘Redux’ bonus
  95. It Is About Family
  96. Snow Trek
  97. Investigator: Father never more than 10 feet from tub where daughter drowned
  98. Mother at murder sentencing: Remember family's pain
  99. Registration open for 2009 Run for the Warriors
  100. Analysis: Even military split over Iraq pullout
  101. Veteran remembers war buddies in books
  102. Two World War II vets receive long-awaited medals
  103. Marines that stay: Why Yuma is now home
  104. Men get possible life sentences in fatal O.C. New Year's Eve brawl
  105. Soaring to new heights; One Marine learned to fly; you can too
  106. Marines and family gather to recall sergeant who saved comrade’s lives
  107. Mullen: Thumb drive ban won’t end soon
  108. Two wars, then rust
  109. Buellton honors one of its own
  110. Seven charged in fight outside Barney's
  111. Support for troops, women, make Aldridge "Intriguing"
  112. Obama backs Bush policy on detainee rights in overseas jails
  113. Recruit Goes Through Boot Camp With FiancÚ
  114. Honoring an Officer
  115. Gimmick for RIR promotes soldiers
  116. DOD Reports Faults In C2 Programs
  117. Military testing exit routes out of Iraq
  118. Stamford native helps Iraqi city build a new media
  119. Double the worry, double the pride
  120. U.S. Tests Military Exit Routes Out of Iraq
  121. About surviving, not flying
  122. The 'wall' builds peace by humanizing cost of war
  123. Desert military bases hold wealth of archaeological finds
  124. Letter highlights Iwo Jima reunion
  125. 'Rosie the Riveters' offer advice to survive economic climate
  126. Counseling is a help and hurdle for Marine
  127. The battles within
  128. Continue to support Marine aviation here
  129. Buellton honors one of its own
  130. Londonderry battalion trains for trip to Ukraine
  131. 'Commandant's Own' to perform in Yuma
  132. Football and low fly over by fighter jets.....sweet!
  133. Sailor gives bone marrow to save boy, 4, with leukemia
  134. Stars and Stripes' Black History Month photo gallery
  135. Cemetery Escort Duty
  136. YOU MAY BE SURPRISED: A Marine Mom and Army Officer Discuss How War Can End
  137. Reserve Marines welcomed home with hugs and tears
  138. Marines reunited with families after 7 months in Iraq
  139. Former Whitesboro firefighter headed to Marines
  140. Today in History
  141. Davis, Chung beats odds to reach NFL combine
  142. Double the worry, double the pride
  143. For small towns, war deaths draw residents closer
  144. Veterans Alerted To Tax Exemption
  145. Army Charity Hoards Millions Meant to Help Veterans
  146. Slow economy boost to military career options
  147. Decades after war, vets receive medals
  148. Springfield Marine back from tour of duty in Iraq
  149. Met with cheers, tears
  150. Man Returns from Iraq Day Before Storm
  151. If every veteran could have a singing mom
  152. Pair proud to serve, but happy to be home
  153. Farmer becomes deadly sniper during Civil War
  154. Marine regiment returns to Bay Area intact
  155. The United States Marine Corps Shares Lessons in Leadership During the 2009 CIAA Tour
  156. Marine’s widow, baby to start new life in Tennessee
  157. UAVs give bird’s-eye view of battle
  158. Veterans Support Reintroduction of 'The TCE Reduction Act'
  159. You've Got Mail 02-08-09
  160. Underreported: Another troop surge, double standard in executive appointments
  161. VH-3D Helicopters Mark 100,000 Flight Hours in Presidential Service
  162. Actors once were war heroes — real ones
  163. A lucky drive through WWII France
  164. Woodworkers Lend Skills to Injured Soldiers
  165. Valor under fire: Marine veterans remember Iwo Jima
  166. GI had offered to plead guilty in fragging case
  167. Obama: Marine One helicopters under review
  168. Poll: U.S. public backs Afghanistan troop plan
  169. Henderson saluted for service to Marines
  170. Cherry Point Marines Banned from Local Restaurant
  171. USMC Crime Scene Cleaners Draw On Iraq Experience as Biotrauma, Inc.
  172. Redmond-based work rep helps vets find jobs
  173. Student postpones senior year to serve again
  174. Ship Overboard
  175. The Swedes Conquer Afghanistan
  176. Job Seekers Turn to Military in Sour Economy
  177. Buellton honors one of its own: Tree, plaque dedicated to the late Cpl. Aaron Allen
  178. Fort Stewart soldier receives Bronze Star with Valor
  179. On the homefront: From combat to college
  180. Haverhill students 'adopt' Marine who went to their school
  181. FAQ: Marine recruiter bonus: Pull-ups
  182. Operation in Diyala tests ‘clear, hold and build’ strategy, Iraqis’ ability
  183. Pentagon admits delay in bonus pay
  184. U.S. Army Europe uses artifacts remaining from Hitler’s Germany
  185. Air Force puts a mandatory German driving test online
  186. Veterans' mental health merits attention from government
  187. From Shore to Sea: 26th MEU Wraps Up Deployment
  188. Officials: Most forces out of Iraq in 18 months
  189. Sen. introduces military substance abuse bill
  190. Obama says he will raise pay for troops
  191. Marines train to navigate IEDs
  192. Chief petty officer receives Bronze Star
  193. Journalist proves self in changing environment
  194. Iwo Jima Vet Laid To Rest
  195. Mayors want U.S. troops moved ‘without conditions’
  196. Obama vows to help troops, cut weapon programs
  197. How a New Fleet of White House Choppers Spiraled Out of Control
  198. Obama leaning toward 19 months for Iraq withdrawal
  199. Gearing up for next mission
  200. Obama’s Real ‘Vietnam’
  201. What is the I-Rod?
  202. Soldier's flags fly at half-staff
  203. Soldier has family plans after Afghan tour
  204. Seminar aims to heal wounds of war
  205. Peach student-soldier uses art skills to depict combat scenes
  206. Military Milestones from the Alamo to Mount Suribachi
  207. Ex-Anbar commander praises Iraqi, Marine cooperation
  208. Veteran groups riled by report on Army charity
  209. Army drops case case against GI in Iraqi deaths
  210. Iraqi police open fire, injure 4 GIs in Mosul
  211. Rape case against GI dismissed
  212. Sugarland to play on Europe bases
  213. Soldier found dead in Italy listed as AWOL
  214. Soldier, Marine share Iraq war experiences with AWC students
  215. Marines receive new guidelines for paternity leave
  216. Lawmaker helps slain Marine's family adopt son's K-9 partner
  217. Kunsan squadron processes Marines for Key Resolve
  218. Campaign Coincides With 'Taking Chance' Film Premiere
  219. Do your duty; serve with honor
  220. The Crew of Spirit 03: Upholding the Airman’s Creed
  221. The History of Two Disney Christmas Traditions
  222. Is Obama headed to Lejeune?
  223. Marine charged in Camp Pendleton wildfire
  224. Course offers combat security skills
  225. MWSS-371 setting sights high
  226. Obama's Iraq Pullout Plan: A Thumbs-Up From Anbar
  227. Mock-weapons bill clears panel
  228. Groups to protest change in way district releases Rochester student info to military
  229. Abe Lincoln a little too tall?
  230. U.S. Navy testing anti-terror zone defense
  231. Chattanooga: The burden of war
  232. Some US forces will face combat after Iraq pullout
  233. Ex-Marine Finds Difficulty Collecting Unemployment
  234. Yes, It's Hamas Aid, and It's $900M of Cognitive Dissonance
  235. Fitness Test Assesses Marines’ Combat Preparedness
  236. SoNapa Honors Marines with the Gift of Grape
  237. 1965 Chevy C10 Pickup Truck - A Marine, In Memoriam
  238. Torso injuries fall, brain traumas rise at Walter Reed
  239. Bill would simplify relocation for spouses
  240. Backtracking: Dylan does 'Old MacDonald' and other mysteries
  241. Where the Buffalo Roams - Bonecrusher Relentlessly Searches Out Improvised Explosive
  242. Andrea Calderwood interview: In the line of fire
  243. Exercise Coconut Grove
  244. Twin Navy Crosses for Marines Who Stood Their Ground
  245. Officials: Pentagon OKs media photos of war dead
  246. Former Marine indicted on charge of threatening president
  247. Montford Point: Back to Where It All Began for Black Marines
  248. Ospreys to Afghanistan?
  249. Drum & Bugle Corps, Silent Drill Platoon step off annual tour at air station, Yuma
  250. Fear of the unknown