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  1. Fallen Marine honored upon return home
  2. Bone-chilling Temps Can’t Stop Heartwarming Homecoming at Cherry Point
  3. Army reports alarming spike in suicides last month
  4. New café a refuge for dissent
  5. Sad Sack LPD Sent After Pirates
  6. Camp Pendleton vehicle museum largest in Marine Corps
  7. Wounded Bridgewater Marine clinging to life
  8. Pledges pour in to help Marines rename bridge
  9. Fewer Marines testing positive in urinalysis tests
  10. Save Ewa Marine Corps Air Field Bill to Be Heard Tomorrow
  11. Troops give back with life-saving donations
  12. Ready on the firing line
  13. 3rd Marine Logistics Group keeps cool in volcanic scenario
  14. Former Marine covered Iraq war from both sides
  15. Soldier testifies to Congress on body armor
  16. New test measures cognitive changes in deployed troops
  17. Report: Half of absentee ballots got to overseas voters too late
  18. Student faces expulsion for fake drill team guns
  19. Marine recruiter visits high school
  20. Few details released in Secret Service investigation of Lejeune Marine
  21. DoD walks fine line between news, propaganda
  22. Plan for hiring vets tacked on stimulus bill
  23. Pledges pour in to help Marines rename bridge
  24. Retired Marine paves way for Leathernecks everywhere
  25. Easing families' minds: Marine Corps prohibits sex offenders from occupying, accessin
  26. Montford Point Marines remember a segregated Corps
  27. Two U.S. Marines Jailed in Tijuana
  28. U.S.: Let's farm, not fight, in Afghanistan
  29. Leathernecks motorcycle club giving donations to veterans
  30. Heavy burden of conflict falls not only on those in uniform, but also on their famili
  31. America's Last Draftee: "I'm a Relic"
  32. Broken Arrow Marine Awarded Purple Heart
  33. Educator workshops a longstanding tradition
  34. Marine's family agonizes over rape conviction
  35. Camp Lejeune Marines Train with French Navy
  36. Marines give recruits early welcome to Parris Island
  37. Endletoncup Rifleandpistolchallenge
  38. MILITARY: Hamdania figure up before parole board
  39. Economic crisis could affect defense budget
  40. Another “Tradition” broken by the President
  41. American whoop Ass!
  42. Charges Dropped Against USS Cole Bombing Suspect
  43. Tanks Alot!
  44. Daughter gets surprise: Daddy home from Iraq
  45. Serving with distinction brings respect, recognition
  46. WWII veteran survived 3 horrific battles
  47. Suicide prevention program a success for MCLB
  48. Join the Navy, see the world - and decorate its cakes
  49. Purple Heart hunt to help wounded servicemen
  50. More on Yemen
  51. Riders Give Marines Headed For Boot Camp A Special Send-Off
  52. OpEd: F-22A Raptors for the Marine Corps
  53. Barbershop singing has him hooked
  54. Marine Forces Europe instructors sharpen incoming Kosovo Forces soldier's non-lethal
  55. Send R.O.T.C. Back to School
  56. Obama's NSC Will Get New Power
  57. Cool under fire
  58. Ex-guard, prisoner speak out against Gitmo
  59. Cold Marine Officer Candidates
  60. Turning Sailors into SEALs
  61. The Dissenter Who Changed the War
  62. Yuma pilots to train other Marines on futuristic fighter jets
  63. Families get a glimpse of marine life before kids head to boot camp
  64. In Grenada, Leaving the Past Behind
  65. Crestron Honors U.S. Marines with Home Theater
  66. HBO Film Honors Marine's Aid to Family
  67. Handing Over the Fight - Marine General on the Transition
  68. Investigation continues into man accused of making threats against Obama
  69. Corps seeks input on Joint Strike Fighter proposal
  70. Marines train with French navy
  71. College testing center opens at Lejeune
  72. MEU CBRN Marines “seal” themselves in training
  73. Raid training challenges in ways new and old
  74. In Anbar, Election Slogans Replaced By Language Of War
  75. James Brady struck warlike pose for peace
  76. Afghan dog finds new life in Britain
  77. Mullen: No more than 30K new troops in Afghanistan
  78. Bridgewater man says goodbye to Marine brother a day after finishing boot camp
  79. Marine modifies vehicle, helps environment
  80. ‘Expect new drones along border with Afghanistan’
  81. Pentagon reports U.S. troop obesity doubles since 2003
  82. Student Facing Expulsion For Bringing Replica Rifles To School
  83. WWE offers free tickets to military personnel
  84. Serving with distinction brings respect, recognition
  85. Second MLG Takes Over Once Again
  86. Medical Watch: New treatments helping to cure brain injuries for soldiers
  87. Cobra Gold 2009: Building trust high on the agenda
  88. Safety issues lead to 45-day ban on nightclub
  89. AF colonel accused of imposing religion
  90. Navy changes ammo rules after dumping allegations
  91. Griffith recounts USMC trip
  92. Witness to history
  93. Reagan Remembered - U.S. Marine Corps Style
  94. Roggio, Kagan & Tate on Afghanistan- Reality Bites
  95. Ranger Up's Nick- If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'
  96. Local Marine Joins Vets for Storm the Hill Advocacy Week
  97. TCE-Related Toxic Waste in Irvine Much Worse Than Previously Revealed
  98. SC bill would lift ban on mixed martial arts
  99. Filipino court orders Marine into custody
  100. Sgt. Maj. Kasal speaks at H&HS mess night
  101. Camp Lejeune Marines take the helm in Al Anbar province
  102. NC-based Marines to practice new mortar system
  103. Kevin Bacon visits Quantico to promote HBO film
  104. A fighter – in the ring & out
  105. Naval Academy awaits St. Luke's classmates
  106. Obama to review coffin photo ban
  107. Commanding general visits MCLB-Albany
  108. More US Army recruits lack basic education
  109. NC Rep Helps Family of Fallen Marine Adopt His Bomb-Sniffing
  110. Gates: Obama near decision on troops to Afghanistan
  111. GI who deserted unit returns from Canada to turn self in
  112. Salmonella Tainted Treats Sent to Troops?
  113. Former Decorated U.S. Marine Files a $10 Million Claim Against ATF for Being Wrongful
  114. Marine advisor awarded Bronze Star for battlefield recovery efforts
  115. Transitioning From Ignorance to Stupidity....
  116. School suspends Marine drill team commander
  117. Army interrogator: Gitmo detainee cooperative
  118. U.S. struggling to track Afghan weapons
  119. Marines train with Expeditionary Fire Support System
  120. Corpsman death under investigation
  121. 2 fallen Lejeune Marines to receive Navy Cross
  122. Treading up Half Dome, lifting the warrior spirit
  123. Protective gear safeguards Yuma Marine from harm in motorcycle crash
  124. Pontiac Marine remembered
  125. Every Little Bit
  126. 74-year-old Prepares to Go to War Zone
  127. U.S. faces major challenge in Afghanistan
  128. Scouts give thanks to veterans with valentines
  129. Official helps family of fallen Marine adopt his dog
  130. 'Don't Ask' hits home for NROTC
  131. Pennies Just Don’t Get Any Respect
  132. The Realities of War Mean Detaining Our Enemies
  133. NSA Jones Remarks
  134. Canadian Genius: Deserters Discriminated Against in U.S.
  135. MILITARY: Roadside bombs remain key challenge
  136. Enduring legacy of Montford Point
  137. Marines get first shot at new fighter jet
  138. Philippines court orders Marine into local custody
  139. Air Force brings back Good Conduct Medal
  140. Marines resume live-fire training at Hansen
  141. Pilot can’t wait to get his hands on Air Force’s new F-35A fighter, teach others how
  142. Colby lacrosse team run to benefit Marines
  143. Attorney For Marine Accused Of Killing Girlfriend Speaks Out
  144. Former Marine given five years in Pender child sex case
  145. Webb Honored for Work for Soldiers
  146. Top Military Tech for Unconventional Warfare: Robots, ATVs and Gun Upgrades from the
  147. UPDATE: Has The Time Come To See The Fallen?
  148. Military uses social networking to reach public
  149. Warfighters receive special ‘express’ service
  150. Heavy Equipment Platoon handles their haul with ease
  151. 26th MEU Marine earns Copernicus Award
  152. More than a name change, Part 1
  153. Local Marines called up
  154. Base hosts premiere to honor fallen Marine, escort
  155. Spring training begins ... in Iraq
  156. FBI Considering Taking Away Counterterrorism Resources
  157. Failure to Launch
  158. Marines Corps jet a landmark at Alameda's Encinal High
  159. Fighting country's battles in air, land, sea
  160. Urban Legend
  161. GAO says Taliban may have U.S. weapons
  162. Charges dropped against soldier in Iraq shootings
  163. Shipboard college exams resume with new rules
  164. The Emancipation Proclamation will be on display at the National Archives through Feb
  165. AmerAsian School receives donation from Marine shop
  166. Marine charged in hit-and-run accident
  167. Many U.S. heroes honored in February
  168. United States Mint Launches First Redesigned Lincoln One-Cent Coin in 50 Years at Abr
  169. Face of Defense: Lieutenant Drops Bomb on Guinness World Record
  170. Wanted Marine commits suicide in Canada
  171. Tenn. VA clinic warns of infection risk
  172. Obama seen likely to hedge on missile defense
  173. Blackwater dumps tarnished brand name
  174. Pentagon tightening budget belt
  175. Marines to receive Navy Cross medals in ceremony at NMMC
  176. Volunteers Work to Build New Playground in 3 Days
  177. Man charged with rape four days before scheduled Marine deployment
  178. Riverside man dies in Buffalo air crash
  179. Terrorists Quit Over Pay Dispute
  180. The Lessons Of Anbar
  181. A valentine surprise from Iraq
  182. MILITARY: Strategy shift awaits Afghanistan-bound troops
  183. UA Marine shoots himself at family home
  184. MILITARY: Marine accused in detainee killing set for trial
  185. Camp Pendleton generates jobs for San Diego building industry
  186. Marine Unit From Gray Re-Activated
  187. Chargers Cheerleaders Visit Sailors and Marines
  188. Summit Cove boy meets Marine pen-pal on 'Today' show
  189. NC wrestler set to march into Marines
  190. The Gamble: General Petraeus and the Untold Story of the American Surge in Iraq, 2006
  191. Concealed weapon debate
  192. A mile of American flags honor fallen Matagorda soldier
  193. Marine Wives Responsible For Helping Thousands of Disabled Veterans
  194. Is the U.S. repeating Soviet mistakes in Afghanistan?
  195. 'chance' Of A Lifetime
  196. U.S. to open military to temporary immigrants: report
  197. Change in Military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy Is Put on Hold
  198. Mohawk Marine sees ice palace from Fallujah
  199. Looking for a few more to proudly serve
  200. Twins were split up, sent off to battle
  201. Remembering a dark time
  203. Vets offered free rides to WWII memorial in D.C.
  204. Romer II Combines Ballistic Protection With Attractive Styling
  205. Officer returns from command duty in Middle East
  206. Volunteering for duty
  207. Marine Corps tries to boost image with teachers
  208. Camp Schwab Marine awarded Bronze Star for quick actions in Afghan firefight
  209. Kabul on the edge
  210. U.S., Thai forces practice landing in heat, rough seas
  211. Air Force changes deployment history standard
  212. Reporter's Notebook: Roughing it on the border
  213. Japan earmarks $10M to find WWII ordnance on Okinawa
  214. Credit unions angry over surprise 'bailout tax'
  215. Okinawa to host marine life symposium
  216. Insurgents, bureaucrats took life of soldier son
  217. Lenderman speaks to Marine Corps League
  218. Jones' work to unite dogs with soldier' families recognized
  219. Fast Rope to Thailand
  220. Watch out for Al Qeada
  221. Wars take moms away from home
  222. Reports: Supplies to soon flow through Russia
  223. Ky. group supports vets by attending funerals
  224. Rep. wants probe of VA psychologist firing
  225. Alumni fight to save school for kids of vets
  226. U.S. uses UAVs to hunt Somali pirates on shore
  227. Community remembers 'dedicated Marine'
  228. Marines mobilize to help wounded brother
  229. Three Marines, three paths
  230. Dania Beach service honors Four Chaplains of WWII
  231. Coming Home: 26th MEU conducts wash down
  232. Ag inspection ensures safety of US
  233. Return of the “Ungendered Military”
  234. Barbershop singing keeps retired Marine hooked
  235. Military reports 83 Malaria infections in ’08
  236. Wesley L. McDonald dies at 84; 4-star Navy admiral led 1983 U.S. invasion of Grenada
  237. Patriotic Song Lyrics
  238. Staying focused in new Iraq a challenge
  239. Analysis: Boredom now U.S. troops' enemy
  240. Small changes help promote education in Al Anbar
  241. Louise Greggs recognized for work with Montford Point museum
  242. US, Japan sign pact to move Marines to Guam
  243. Funeral home helps troops overseas
  244. He Gave His Life For His Comrades
  245. Uncle Sam sees more recruits
  246. Montana ranks low in Army recruits' diploma rate
  247. Smithfield native on defense for fellow Marine
  248. Significant stopover
  249. MILITARY: Marine commander readies for troops surge
  250. Fallen Marine honored at local school