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  1. National Museum of the Marine Corps Remains Top Virginia Destination
  2. Marine veteran Ron Chambers returns to Vietnam armed only with his golf clubs and mem
  3. Slain Marine Lance Cpl. Julian Brennan's wedding secret
  4. MILITARY: Stimulus bill would give military a boost
  5. U.S. Consulate Mistakenly Sells Secret Files in Jerusalem
  6. Unseen Wounds: Local woman says P.T.S.D. led to husband’s arrest
  7. Military Milestones from Indian-Fighting Marines to the Modern Ranger Battalion
  8. Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Would Be a Disaster
  9. LONG ISLAND: Prolific writer, publisher and Hamptons fixture James Brady
  10. Local educators arrive at Parris Island, prepare for boot camp
  11. Marines at Quantico Weigh in on Obama
  12. Group helps wounded Ahwatukee Marine recover
  13. Gates says longer dwell times are coming
  14. Navy: Stay ready, willing and flexible
  15. Commissary sales show growing appetite for bison
  16. DOD scouts Pendleton as site for Gitmo prisoners
  17. Navy cites civilian cameraman for bravery
  18. Marine Corps scholarships open to applicants
  19. Charlie vs. The Commandant
  20. Postmaster General: Mail days may need to be cut
  21. Lejeune wife voted Marine Spouse of the Year
  22. Blackwater no longer allowed to operate in Iraq
  23. Funding spat stalls military eye injury center
  24. Lejeune range cleanup prompts explosion warning
  25. APS Marines hone martial arts skills
  26. II MEF heads to Iraq
  27. Two Marines killed in Afghanistan
  28. Marines prepared to handle any redeployments in Afghanistan
  29. Manville mayor's son finishing six-year tour with Marines in Iraq
  30. Best friends from Rockaway salute
  31. Rescue workers labor hard to save two men from wreck
  32. Daddy's Home!
  33. FIRST LOOK: Bridge Company helping Tankers get where they need to go
  34. Obama may not ask allies for more combat troops in Afghanistan
  35. Report: GI suicides at record high
  36. Doubts emerge over U.S. troop boost for Afghanistan
  37. Brooklyn native became Marine because of grandfather's influence
  38. MILITARY: More troops coming home
  39. Flags at half-staff in honor of slain NY Marine
  40. U.S. Marine plays for new president
  41. Iraq Safer, But Is Democracy Catching?
  42. Commander tells Marines ailing Mexico 'off limits'
  43. Group from Mich., Ind. plans flagpole for WWI vet
  44. Army Issues Body Armor Recall
  45. Troops in Iraq, Afghanistan grateful for Lehigh resident’s boxes
  46. Initiative puts spotlight on Army’s NCOs
  47. Gates addresses medical care in Afghanistan
  48. In search of history
  49. Inside an Afghan battle gone wrong: What happened at Wanat?
  50. Winners help show strength of community
  51. The Forever War: Dispatches from the War on Terror
  52. A hero's homecoming
  53. "The Armed Forces Rose" Pays Tribute to Our Military and Their Families
  54. The Somali Piracy Records. XI – The Rise of the Islamic
  55. Honolulu lawmakers join fight for Peralta MoH
  56. 2nd Marine Division celebrates birthday
  57. Probe of Laurean rape investigation halted
  58. Relatives of 2 who died at Gitmo sue Pentagon
  59. Lockheed over budget on presidential chopper
  60. Judge rejects Obama bid to stall Gitmo trial
  61. 4-star sees difficulties in closing Gitmo
  62. Corps’ top leaders highlight readiness event
  63. US Marines model for amphibious force
  64. Local Marines Headed to the Super Bowl
  65. A big 'thank you' from Marines serving in Afghanistan
  66. Judge: Cosmo Entitled To Bail, Under Right Terms
  67. Marines honour T.O. hero
  68. Fort Sill Officers train despite frigid weather
  69. Air Force to train combat docs to use acupuncture
  70. U.S. attorney adds Mahony to his file
  71. Take a spin in a WWII war bird
  72. Bill Medley will revisit his righteous pop past at T.O. show
  73. Obama Could Have Mentioned Iraqi Elections on Al-Arabiya
  74. Two local Marines play for history as part of "The President's Own"
  75. Semper NoFi - One Marine’s Story
  76. Tyler Boudreau: Troubled minds and Purple Hearts
  77. Marines appreciate Army Community Service staff
  78. Duck, Duck, Goose, is that your favorite animal?
  79. Tax Center offers free service for eligible personnel
  80. New PT uniform arrives on Okinawa
  81. Father honors fallen son with military service
  82. Supply Marines get a taste of urban warfare training
  83. Learning motorcycle safety just got better
  84. New online course offers insight into MAGTF
  85. Wekiva Students Flying High After Flag Raising
  86. SERE torture techniques training facility
  87. New home built for paralyzed Marine
  88. Painkillers stolen from Iraq vet in hospital
  89. Marines celebrate birthday by blowing stuff up
  90. MIA Marine's Name Used in Email Scam
  91. Heroes -- drafted or volunteer -- are made, not born
  92. Wounded warriors recon for ducks
  93. Economic hardship breeds recruiting rush for military
  94. A Super Bowl thank you to injured servicemembers
  95. Troops overseas get in on Super Bowl action
  96. NH National Guard sergeant gets bronze star
  97. Event offers help to homeless S.J. veterans
  98. Navy to review El Toro cleanup
  99. Pen pals reunite and the friendship grows after 40 years
  100. Man with a mission
  101. MILITARY: Claims filed, counseling sought in aftermath of F/A-18 crash
  102. Marines Scheduled To Train On Guam This Week
  103. Still Life, with Scissors and Glue
  104. One Square Mile of Hell: Review
  105. 8,000 miles away
  106. Always a popular choice here, military career gets added luster from tarnished econom
  107. Tracking & Suspect Identification
  108. Army orders ‘stand-down’ in wake of suicide spike
  109. Fla. man pleads guilty faking medals
  110. Phrase ‘war on terror’ fading away
  111. Weight of Combat Gear Is Taking Toll
  112. 'Our last living link' to WWI
  113. Father accepts medal for son killed in Iraq
  114. At MIT, it's words and actions too
  115. Players sense hero's presence
  116. Texas troops combat Afghan insurgents with farming plan
  117. Fiscal crisis tops two wars on Mullen's worry list
  118. Acupuncture moving to war zones
  119. Wounded veteran returns to new house in Middleville
  120. Gallup soldier overcomes homesickness, multiple wounds during Iraq tour
  121. Marine knows what Browns did for him
  122. NH sailor among those at Kitty Hawk tribute
  123. 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit holds training on Guam
  124. Meeting offers insight on new F-35 fighter jets
  125. Squabble stalls start of combat eye center
  126. 'The Last Stand of Fox Company'
  127. Troops In Iraq Allowed Two Beers For Super Bowl
  128. Invasion of the Monster Machines
  129. Marines thank hockey players for caring
  130. Quantico Marines clear out tons of debris from range
  131. Sarnoff Awarded U.S. Marine Corps War Fighting Laboratory Contract To Demonstrate Adv
  132. Soldier begins journey home
  133. Insurance Expands For Combat Vets
  134. North Idaho military recruiters having more success
  135. Marine recalls life in line of fire
  136. Obama says most U.S. troops in Iraq home within a year
  137. Mansfield man saw action on Guam
  138. Ramblin': Pilot gives props for emergency landing
  139. Franklin Focus: Pen pals can make a soldier's day
  140. General gets acquainted in Cobb
  141. Late WWII veteran survived Tarawa battle
  142. Gunnery Sgt. Ernie O'Brien served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam
  143. Marines Hit Day Two Of Training On Guam
  144. Marines in 'Catch 22' with Government
  145. Parris Island, N.C.: Four days with the U.S. Marines
  146. ASVAB: Backdoor military recruitment in the guise of “career testing”
  147. Johnny Rockets to Join the Marines
  148. Marines welcomed home at Buckley
  149. Japanese minister sees no change to realignment plans
  150. DOD providing free anti-virus for home computers
  151. Proposed bill may encourage troops to get treatment for drug, alcohol abuse
  152. Super Bowl can’t undo AFN’s commercial ban
  153. Veteran recalls Nagasaki after the atomic blast
  154. Super Bowl Bound
  155. This Guy Has Driven A Real, Working Warthog
  156. Interview with veteran and peace activist Allen Nelson (pt. 1)
  157. 10 Companies Hiring for Work from Home
  158. Hawkeye Overhead
  159. Body Armor Recall - The DoD Inspector General VS. The Department of the Army
  160. Offer from You Served and Pro-Flowers
  161. NFL drops war metaphors
  162. Boy's wrapped b-day present is dad home from Iraq
  163. Authorities expand shower electrocution probe
  164. Returning Marines Say Iraq Deployment was Different
  165. Ex-Marines plead guilty to stealing from Corps
  166. Mo. bill would protect pay for those called up
  167. MCX stops thieves in their tracks
  168. 4th LAR brushes up on skills, tactics
  169. Train hard, fight hard, live hard: Marine trains for first MMA fight
  170. Marines' New Ride Rolls Out Years Late
  171. Track plans up in the air
  172. No Time To Cut Defense
  173. History on the Wing
  174. Treasure hunters claim historic warship found
  175. Once were warriors
  176. Korean group praises vets for service, sacrifice
  177. Military program aims to shore up military marriages before, after deployment
  178. MILITARY UPDATE: Official: Financial crisis a bigger security risk than wars
  179. Quiet Victory in Iraq
  180. Marine officials visit Beaufort
  181. Redmond Marine Receives Bronze Star
  182. Real 'Gladiators' and Their Scars
  183. Susanna White: From Jane Eyre to Generation Kill
  184. Football fans, beer lovers in Iraq crowd around for free brew
  185. Pacific troops show Super Bowl spirit
  186. Navy captain collapses, dies after PT test
  187. Bearing toys and war planes
  188. Soldier on 1st skydive leads dying instructor down
  189. Humvee vulnerabilities were long known
  190. Many against placing detainees in their towns
  191. Reports: N. Korea preparing for missile test
  192. SC bill enhances custody rights for parents
  193. Man charged with lying to police about shooting accident
  194. Salute To Slain Marine
  195. Valentine's Cards For The Troops
  196. Parents of Deceased Marine Are Left With a Puzzle of Forgiveness
  197. Air Force Galaxy ferries Marine Super Stallion
  198. Iraqi general presents award to U.S. troops
  199. CLB-3 sets bar in Afghanistan
  200. Museum Soars 'To The Moon' with Snoopy in Space Exhibit
  201. Chester woman recalls crash of hospital plane in Japan—she was on board as a nurse
  202. Wartime fallout at home
  203. Cameraman hesitant to call himself hero
  204. New gun deal for Colt
  205. Veterans Airlift Command Supports the Wounded Hand-in-hand with Soldiers' Angels
  206. A 'Chosin few'
  207. F-35B Coming to Beaufort
  208. MILITARY: Local attorney helped shape Guantanamo decision
  209. Military Milestones from Bonhomme Richard to the Space Shuttle Columbia
  210. Students follow Marines at Cherry Point base
  211. CAN counter-recruits Marine Corps at fair
  212. Marine Corps Battle Color Detachment to Perform at Rose Bowl
  213. El Toro Marines Ask Navy for Help
  214. Saline area marine's battle moves to hospital bed
  215. Sousley tribute is Feb. 22
  216. USMC lightens its load with Office of Naval Research Technology
  217. Witness to History - Marine in Anbar On the Iraqi Election
  218. All American boys
  219. Afghan Tunnel
  220. Military: Improved body armor is too heavy
  221. Marines Explore New UAS Designs
  222. MARFORCOM CG visits 22nd MEU aboard USS Bataan
  223. A behind-the-scenes look into naval dentistry
  224. A U.S. Embassy evacuation dress rehearsal
  225. Reservists help reconstruct a nation, one line at a time
  226. Marines find more than one way to open a door
  227. USMC Mud Operation
  228. Air show will feature U.S. Marines' Harrier
  229. Tewksbury native honored with Bronze Star medal
  230. Marines defend pricey new vehicle
  231. Better body armor means more weight for troops
  232. Activists take up war resister's case
  233. Marine thanks Temecula's Vail Ranch Middle School for care packages
  234. MILITARY: From here to the battlefield
  235. War isn’t history to Medal of Honor recipient
  236. 'Unsung heroes' connect: Nurses send soldiers gifts
  237. HBO premiere benefits Marine veterans in Poconos
  238. Been There, Done That in the Middle East
  239. Iwo Jima Reunion
  240. Parents of ex-Marine who killed himself sue VA
  241. Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society remains a SUBASE pillar
  242. Students receive flag flown in Iraq from Marines
  243. A tribute to American heroism in Afghanistan
  244. Soldier Returns from Iraq, Surprises Daughter
  245. Afghan Overwatch
  246. Over the Gulf
  247. U.S. Marines move to Guam from Okinawa seen delayed
  248. Fallen Marine honored upon return home
  249. Bone-chilling Temps Can’t Stop Heartwarming Homecoming at Cherry Point
  250. Army reports alarming spike in suicides last month