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  1. Aide: Obama, top officers to meet on first day
  2. Third arrest made in 1972 homicide
  3. Marines expect business as usual from new commander in chief
  4. W.Va. native strikes up the band for the Marines
  5. The nasty face of urban combat
  6. The Non-Royal Marine Commandos
  7. Board will decide the future of K-9 kennel's bid for property
  8. Firefinder radar tests successful at Toby Army Depot
  9. Kill Bin Laden: A Delta Force Commander's Account of the Hunt for World's Most Wanted
  10. Carl W. Knowlden: ‘I had to have my picture on that wall’
  11. Conflicts of Interest
  12. Poll on Gays in the Military Perturbs Palm Center
  13. Marines learn ways to make money grow
  14. Policy outlines requirements for promotion photographs
  15. Marine Corps Combat Instructor Course becomes official school
  16. Reservists enjoy time, food with loved ones
  17. Toxic Hangars: Veterans Told to 'Take a Hike'
  18. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: Two Military Men Tell Their Stories
  19. The Bush Years: A growth in communication, evolving politics and war on terror
  20. F22 slice of whooops ass.
  21. Edgar Allan Poe at 200
  22. Montford Point Marines celebrate Martin Luther King, Barack Obama
  23. Dwight D Eisenhower
  24. For the US military, worsening economic times mean less competition to sign up recrui
  25. Charged 9/11 conspirators praise attacks
  26. Mom of slain Marine Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak wants death penalty for his killers
  27. Inaugural history: Girls in white greet Lincoln
  28. More ACR troopers welcomed
  29. Man makes broken instruments sing
  30. Sad Sack LPD Sent After Pirates
  31. Day off turns on North Chicago youth
  32. Caring for our wounded warriors
  33. Bush's Real Sin Was Winning
  34. MILITARY: Report says Marine Corps jumped the gun on Osprey rocket system
  35. History, with musical accompaniment
  36. Recalling the history of blacks in uniform
  37. Where will military issues rank in the new administration?
  38. Hearing set for GI seeking political asylum
  39. Former Santa Rosa resident awarded Silver Star
  40. Afghan insurgents learn to avoid airstrikes
  41. Corps selects future F-35B instructors, four from Yuma
  42. Marines to train in Franklin tonight
  43. Black Sheep, Widows deploy with 13th MEU
  44. College Showcase: SL grad Johnson stars with Marines
  45. Brain food
  46. Logistics leathernecks train to evacuate U.S. citizens
  47. Marines compete for fastest in the Corps
  48. RCT-8 Communication Marines: keeping it connected during the fight
  49. Marines Corps ban on visible tattoos draws criticism
  50. Military Salute: Navy Chaplain Lt. Garry Thornton
  51. Where Have You Gone, Joe Dimaggio?
  52. A son's quest for his father's Purple Heart
  53. Wearing Out Men And Machines
  54. Military Milestones from Sons of Liberty to Devils in Baggy Pants
  55. Victims identified as marines in I-81 crash Tuesday morning
  56. County gives back to Marines’ Toys for Tots
  57. Combat Team 1 Completes Third Iraq Tour
  58. Bush family readies for life after presidency
  59. Bring peace to the desert
  60. Veterans Use Internet to Wage Battle
  61. Two Little (Huge) Things Obama Said
  62. New military hospital would be a great sign
  63. Couple deals with uncertain future together
  64. Commander In Chief's Inaugural Ball
  65. One Thing For Which I’d Like To Thank President Bush
  66. Obama vows not to waver in America’s defense
  67. Former Selma Middle student wants spot on 'president's' band
  68. Obama to sign order shutting Gitmo in a year
  69. Death penalty sought against 4 Marines
  70. Diplomats, generals join Obama in war meeting
  71. Canadian officials: No AWOL deportations
  72. Lawyers oppose extradition of DoD hacker
  73. Clint Eastwood to Get Award from CalEastwood to get "Japan New Vision Award" for rece
  74. Bush family readies for life after presidency
  75. Jamestown Marine receives award
  76. Tijuana off-limits to U.S. Marines
  77. Marines get shot at learning karate
  78. Combat injuries hobbling ability to deploy U.S. soldiers
  79. Some civilian MPs guard Quantico gates
  80. In Afghan South, Taliban Fills Gaps Left By Shorthanded Nato
  81. Scouts put face to military gift packs
  82. New Marine recruiter joins Huntington area
  83. Soldiers' Angels Announces Special Wheelchair Covers for Veterans
  84. At Quantico, Injured Vets Can Return to the Hunt
  85. Bringing Down The Pain
  86. Yankees begin first operational journey
  87. Jamestown Marine receives award
  88. Great Aloha Run Invites Service Members to Show Off Cadence, esprit de corps for Good
  89. IRAQ: Haditha, from the battlefield to Blockbuster
  90. Reporter's Notebook: Meal with a sheik seals friendship
  91. La Jolla artist honors Marines with painting
  92. Madera-native Marine dances with first lady
  93. JROTC gets low-down on boot camp
  94. Marine gets friendly reception
  95. Marines abroad send letters to Stanton children
  96. Reserve unit conducts urban training at Camp Lejeune
  97. Waiver may be needed for new Pentagon No. 2
  98. Army ends pay for WWII Alaska militia vets
  99. Gates: Military interrogation rules enough
  100. Reserve unit conducts urban training at Camp Lejeune
  101. Marines' surplus furniture diverted from landfill to those in need
  102. Farmington veteran honored with Silver Star
  103. Couple: a lot of love, and only a little time
  104. Hey Obama, what about North Korea?
  105. Third member of Sullivan family joins National Guard
  106. Wounded vets walk out during inaugural ball concert
  107. OGHS graduate proud to serve
  108. Faced with rising piracy problem, Navy is taking fight to Africa
  109. A Veteran's Wish: Vietnam Memorial pays a special visit
  110. Hero of the Day
  111. NFL: No Super Bowl Soup for You, Color Guard!
  112. MILITARY: Gates: Moving Guantanamo detainees doesn't threaten safety
  113. Clear and Present Danger
  114. Al-Qaeda and The Plague
  115. OFF SOMALIA: U.S. Navy, Marines patrol for pirates, like the old days
  116. Command change occurs at MCLB
  117. Post 9/11 GI Bill: new brief helps station Marines decide if it's best for them
  118. Tech. Sgt., retired Marine major reunite after 12 years
  119. Motor-T Marines train in HEAT to keep cool in humvee rollovers
  120. MASD's Touch of Home program benefits Marines serving in Persian Gulf
  121. Motor transport Marines supply defeat to insurgents
  122. MEU detachment conducts air support training
  123. Health needs a concern as Iwakuni grows
  124. New program expedites benefits for the wounded
  125. Probe: Leadership, stress linked to recruiter suicides
  126. Fiscal crisis snips GI Bill’s ‘Yellow Ribbon’
  127. 2009 Heroes Red, White & Blue Inaugural Gala
  128. The birth of a Leatherneck nation
  129. Gangs. Drugs. War. Rap?
  130. HALLOWED GROUND: Avengers' history reawakened
  131. Navy Commissions Amphibious Transport Dock Ship Green Bay
  132. The Hornet and the Sniper
  133. Missing WWII Soldiers are Identified
  134. Marines force of 20,000 seen for Afghanistan
  135. Governor Perdue on hand for opening of V-22 Osprey repair facility.
  136. Marines learn mountain survival, mobility in annual training
  137. Report: Ex-Gitmo detainee joins al-Qaida in Yemen
  138. Air Force spending $1B on surveillance planes
  139. California Dreamin' (2007)
  140. Marine unit ends training in Va.
  141. MOS monitors are on their way
  142. Layers of graffiti on walls tell history of Iraq war
  143. If Not Gitmo, Then Where Should Detainees Be Held?
  144. 60 Second World War bombs found under US embassy in Philippines
  145. Dundee High School teens learn about sacrifice in hands-on history lesson
  146. Parenting | The Home Front
  147. Atomic Bombshells
  148. RTAMS, contractors help double accessible ranges for Mojave Viper
  149. Leaders of Marines turn tassels together, inspire others
  150. Energy plans help bring in a ‘green’ New Year
  151. A new drama employs a method actor -- but the method is the Marines'
  152. Calif. lawmakers want Medal of Honor for Peralta
  153. Green Berets get Bronze Stars for Afghan battles
  154. Iraq death a suicide, Army says
  155. Army rebuts reports on 'negligent homicide'
  156. Sailor jailed for beating detainee who flung feces
  157. Midwives in the military
  158. Widow’s residency battle hits little snag
  159. Give 'Em Hill: Semper Fi and stay off the grass
  160. Former Marine improves lives from bicycle seat
  161. HBO to the rescue
  162. Eager eyes already focusing on Naval Hospital property
  163. Historic flights raise money to search for missing WWII soldiers
  164. Palmier faces a different fight
  165. Scout Snipers train right here in NC
  166. USMC Helos Breach Cost Overrun Law
  167. Broken Military Marriages: Another Casualty of War
  168. Sywanyk, Patton honored with Mack McKinney Awards
  169. While Lauterbach news dropped from headlines, case continued
  170. Wild horses join the Corps
  171. Navy dentist keeps reserve Marine warriors in the fight
  172. A Marine pilot's long journey home
  173. Marines' new F-35 fighter will be topic of Feb. 3 meeting
  174. Decorated Marine ends 25-year career
  175. Fort Dix juror: 'They were going to do it'
  176. MILITARY: Opium production fuels Afghan insecurity
  177. Ship to support 'mobility triad'
  178. California marines train on big island
  179. Our Neighbors: From Ivy League to the Marines
  180. Ducks and conversation
  181. Keeping the peace in the White House
  182. Rolling Stone writer's TV take on Iraq war
  183. Steinmetz pursues her love of flying
  184. Marines, sailors return from Iraq to Pendleton
  185. Home of accused Marine up for auction today
  186. Early battle looms for Obama on Guantanamo
  187. University brings classes to soldiers in Iraq
  188. Afghan roadside bombs hit record in 2008
  189. 4 killed when helicopters crash in Iraq
  190. Reserve motor transportation Marines keep the mission rolling
  191. Marines want to take over Amboy Road
  192. Families have soldiers' backs when it comes time for leave
  193. Iraq War veteran talks with local youth
  194. The Couple That Deploys Together, Stays TogetherMarine couple deployed together to Ir
  195. Prayers answered as hundreds of local troops come home
  196. Counting the Walking Wounded
  197. Troubled Minds and Purple Hearts
  198. Logistics of a faster Iraq exit
  199. Area teachers attend Marine workshop at Parris Island, S.C.
  200. IRAQ: Colonel: U.S. is winning but has not yet won
  201. Historical election brings back memories of segregation
  202. Suicide prevention training program gives everyday people skills to intervene
  203. HBO’s Taking Chance: the only review that matters
  204. Fr. Vincent Capodanno
  205. Damian Brooks in Afghanistan
  206. Laser system could aid troops in war zones
  207. The lives behind the banners
  208. Huskies help Marines lead the way in Afghanistan
  209. Logistics battalion supplies success during Operation Gateway III
  210. Have a Dell? You may be eligible for a refund
  211. Marine is killed in combat in Afghanistan
  212. Pentagon: Gitmo prisoner releases not fail safe
  213. Gates faces Congress eager for Obama war plans
  214. Marines Painting Exhibit Ending
  215. Marines to prove Mother Nature is not an obstacle
  216. Heavy artillery: Cal defensive end served three years in Marines
  217. French ships to arrive Tuesday to train with sailors, Marines
  218. Amanda, Ohio Marine Killed in Iraq
  219. 200 from Camp Lejeune to deploy
  220. Obama and Iraq
  221. Army adding lawyers to prosecute sex crimes
  222. Marine sentenced to 6 years in prison for rape
  223. Assembly panel OKs license-plate bill
  224. Watching Out For Kids With Guns
  225. Local group carves honors for wounded vets
  226. Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong
  227. iSpy; or, The Only Thing More Embarrassing Is All Those Kelly Clarkson Songs
  228. Wounded Warriors Pin New Rank on Marine
  229. Marines in Japan try out new running gear
  230. Soldiers get chance to try out the newest Army gear
  231. Bringing home the wounds of war
  232. A Marine's view of embedded reporters
  233. U.S. Marines Provide Protection for Counterpiracy Boarding Teams
  234. Re-enlistments on the rise
  235. County native releases 1st novel
  236. Retracing an Ambush in Tikrit
  237. Closing Gitmo - How many have returned to the battlefield?
  238. Civilian Journalist Chris Jackson - Someone You Should Know
  239. Alaska: Reconsider pay for WWII militia
  240. Senators: Contractor should be punished
  241. VA to settle for $20M for data theft
  242. 11th MEU hikes 11 miles
  243. Military club gets union makeover
  244. Marine killed in Iraq in '04 will be honored
  245. Marine Company To Practice Deploying Bridge
  246. ‘Coop’ returns from Iraq
  247. Obama to make first Pentagon visit
  248. National Museum of the Marine Corps Remains Top Virginia Destination
  249. Marine veteran Ron Chambers returns to Vietnam armed only with his golf clubs and mem
  250. Slain Marine Lance Cpl. Julian Brennan's wedding secret