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  1. Chaplain helps Marines stay Semper Fidelis
  2. Landings: News: Aviation News by Pacific Flyer
  3. Military honor received after 43-year wait
  4. Historical Presence
  5. GUPTA SKILLS EVIDENCED BY MAN HE SAVED: In Iraq, surgeon general nominee removed bull
  6. Point Man Jim Jones
  7. Stretched too thin: Tough questions for U.S. troops as they move forward in the Globa
  8. Navy To Name Sub After John Warner
  9. Marines visit letter-writing students
  10. Full Moon Names for 2009
  11. Marines to Hold Shooting Competition
  12. Civilians take on MP duties at crossroads, nationwide
  13. MP first to receive leadership award for civilian police academy in 17 years
  14. Give a shot, move, communicate
  15. Marine mom turns ankle cast into Corps tribute
  16. Troops in Iraq allowed beer for Super Bowl
  17. Lejeune Marines training in Virginia
  18. Group wants to bring home remains of 300 missing WW II Marines, sailors
  19. Gifts from Weston headed to Marines overseas
  20. These Trucks Died For Our Sins
  21. Camp Lejeune Marine Death Investigation
  22. Fallen Turpin grad buried with full honors at Arlington
  23. Amity man builds knee for amputee athletes
  24. 3/4 has special visit from MOH recipient and 3/4 Association
  25. Watchdogs return just in time for Christmas
  26. Training for brigade precedes duty in Iraq
  27. TCA '09: Bacon Reflects on HBO’s Emotional ‘Taking Chances’
  28. MILITARY: Fallujah suspect given Feb. 16 trial date
  29. General Petraeus on the Way forward in Afghanistan
  30. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again..."
  31. Bush I tours namesake aircraft carrier
  32. Report: KBR officials knew of toxins months before soldiers in Iraq
  33. CrossFit workouts are rarely routine
  34. ‘Zero limit’ on alcohol for drivers under 21
  35. Tank Marines work hard, stay on track
  36. Marines showed cards but were denied alcohol
  37. In the company of greatness
  38. Florence man finds his calling with tuba
  39. Marine gets 2 years for shooting friend
  40. New Combat Mission Shock Force Demo, Now with Marines
  41. War Back Home: Some Still Fighting
  42. More Isle troops likely to see duty in Afghanistan
  43. Vets made, preserved history in 2008
  44. Dad of Marine fighting in Iraq waxes poetic
  45. Our debt to men like Jessie Cassada can’t be measured
  46. Quantico Pushes for Land Preservation
  47. Kevin Bacon: I could never have made it as a Marine
  48. COP Haditha
  49. Casper man earns achievement medal
  50. An invisible epidemic
  51. Okinawa Governor calls for US crackdown on military
  52. Against all odds
  53. A general battles post-combat stress
  54. Bush praises troops in radio address
  55. Report: Bush rejected Israeli plea to raid Iran
  56. U.S. Marines find Iraq tactics don't work in Afghanistan
  57. Cherry Point Marines and Sailors deploy, return
  58. Kaneohe Marines adopt green outlook
  59. Service members rehearse inauguration
  60. Top Army recruiter weighs fat camp for recruits
  61. USS Green Bay crew gets it into shipshape
  62. Fort Collins veteran to utilize immersion program
  63. Calif. eyeing military IDs for alcohol use
  64. 'Heavy lifting in Iraq, Afghanistan' Flexible Navy adjusts course in War on Terror
  65. Lakewood Marine Meets The President
  66. Brazoria County adding to military tributes
  67. Marines, sailors training in Va
  68. Injured Marine, parents headed to D.C.
  69. MLK celebration a dream fulfilled
  70. New units face evolving fight in Afghanistan
  71. Space A flights require flexibility in passengers' plans
  72. Lt. Gen. Harry Kinnard, RIP
  73. Fort Collins veteran to utilize immersion program
  74. Tim Kennedy: “There are some things in life worth risking your life over”
  75. Marine gets trial date for Iraqi killing
  76. USS Nashville to make final deployment
  77. Obama preparing order to close Gitmo
  78. Military museums limited with Iraq war exhibits
  79. Lejeune Marines ready for the fight
  80. Marines honored for service in line of duty
  81. Beaufort Marines deploy to Japan
  82. American Legion post says ‘thanks’ to troops
  83. Marine Aircraft Highlight Community Day at VMI
  84. Joint Chiefs chairman makes case for non-military solutions
  85. Be all — minus pounds, inches — you can be
  86. Basketball prodigy's tall tale is no myth
  87. Highway to named for soldier killed in Iraq
  88. Students paint 'war wagon' for Sheriff's Department
  89. Bill proposes to rename bridge for fallen Navy Seal Daniel Healy
  90. Think you're in shape? Try this
  91. Just Another PCS* (Bateman's Back...)
  92. Retired Marine thanks military for his education
  93. Area native’s memoir recounts life among stars as model, caricaturist
  94. MILITARY: ID may become proof enough to buy alcohol
  95. Keep Our Best and Brightest in Uniform
  96. Marine Death Investigation: Father Speaks Out
  97. Local Marines respond to Camp Lejeune story
  98. Soldier Missing in Action From Korean War is Identified
  99. Obama, Biden stand-ins shiver through D.C. dawn to rehearse inauguration
  100. Hero's birthday remembered
  101. All Military Services Meet or Exceed December Recruiting Goals
  102. C Company of the 2nd Battalion, 4th Aviation Regiment, 4th Infantry Division
  103. The ups and downs of energy drinks
  104. Report: Army mulls change to counseling policy
  105. A Semi-short Intro. OK, A Fairly Long One ...
  106. See the war through our camera......Photographer Part 1
  107. JTACs teach ETT Call for Fire techniques
  108. Osprey Exit
  109. Iraq vet loses free home offer after drug plea
  110. Lawyers want detainee confession reinstated
  111. IRAQ: More Marines commit suicide.
  112. Marines, alumni respond to student letters in person
  113. Marines Charged in Horse Shooting Case
  114. AAV sinks during training off Hawaii
  115. Pace offers regret for Iraq War mistakes
  116. Pentagon: Ex-Gitmo detainees now fighting U.S.
  117. Marine death in Afghanistan under investigation
  118. Amphibious ship Nashville off for final deployment
  119. Great Aloha Run invites service members to show off cadence, esprit de corps for good
  120. Teen collects packages for Marines serving tours in Iraq
  121. Two Yuma Marines trying out for All-Marine Soccer team
  122. Hunter: No Gitmo Detainees to Pendleton
  123. Large numbers of vets need assistance
  124. Teachers attending Marine Corps workshop
  125. Marine Amputee Acquitted On Gun Possession Charges
  126. Ship will come to life in Long Beach
  127. Air Force museum honors local 'Warrior Airman'
  128. Letter perfect
  129. In The Kitchen With: Tim Shea
  130. Area sharpshooter aims at 2012 Olympics
  131. N.M. first in vets disability, compensation
  132. Ask and tell
  133. Marine who accidentally shot Hondo soldier receives 40 months
  134. Oxygen Provides New Hope for Brain Injured Soldiers
  135. Operation Valentine packs appreciation for Marines
  136. Marines keep working on food drive
  137. Deadly Toxic Chemicals from El Toro Marine Base Affect Woodbridge in Irvine
  138. Marine guilty of adultery with widow of 3 weeks
  139. Illinois county starts new court for veterans
  140. To the Okinawan widow of a fallen Marine, a son is born
  141. Sergeant to face court-martial in deaths of Iraqis
  142. New Navy effort will reassign some NCOs
  143. 3 new lawmakers have experience in Iraq
  144. Japanese man held in alleged attack on sailor
  145. F-16s replace departing Apache helo unit
  146. Marine POW honored with statue
  147. Upstate Young Marines recruiting girls, boys
  148. Marine tells of horrors and hardships
  149. Operation for deployed swells from a song
  150. Sorting out what matters with Joe
  151. Slain 1st sgt. gives fatherly advice in book
  152. County lowers flags to honor fallen Marine
  153. The road to Baghdad
  154. Everyday heroes deserve our praise
  155. When duty calls, Koth boys answer
  156. The Last Stand Of Fox Company
  157. "Don't forget about them"
  158. Disney World offers troops free tickets
  159. Henderson clinic closing due to antiterrorism standards
  160. Biden tells Obama Afghanistan will get worse
  161. U.N. group charts new course against piracy
  162. Marines stress safety for long MLK holiday weekend
  163. Warning to Marines: Stay Out of Mexico!
  164. Marines thank Okinawa, Okinawa thanks Marines
  165. Marines arrive
  166. U.S. finds Iraq tactics don't work in Afghan war
  167. When Circumstance Demands Pomp
  168. War's not over, so Rockland group still sends care packages
  169. Good Morning, Mr. Bin Laden
  170. Israelis Employing Combat Camera Teams
  171. Camp Pendleton adds a new spin to its training arsenal
  172. Edgeworth couple has one son, two grandsons serving in military
  173. U.S. Army Creates Gaming Center to Attract Recruits
  174. Heroes make us all want to be better
  175. Scout recognized for letter-writing project
  176. To slain Marine's parents, Iraq still matters
  177. Replacement Marine unit to go right into ship-based training
  178. Casey signs 7,000 letters of apology to families of fallen
  179. Committee praises VA nominee
  180. Suspected WWII bomb explodes, injuring 1
  181. Plaistow Marine returns home after second tour of duty in Iraq
  182. Salvaging an Assault Amphibian Vehicle
  183. U.S. Marines still seek better body armor
  184. Navy Versus NHL
  185. Marine accused of beating wife to see judge
  186. Second victim of helo crash at A&M dies
  187. Littlestown teen was anxious to be a Marine
  188. Contiguous Marine base would be good
  189. U.S. to pay $350,000 to family of Belchertown veteran who killed himself
  190. Griswold high graduate to pilot presidential helicopter
  191. Autopsy: Gunshot wound killed Bragg nurse
  192. School committee provides gift boxes to Marines
  193. Woman attacked with hammer upgraded to stable condition
  194. Outgoing commander gets Bronze Star
  195. Intense test for war
  196. Text of Bush's farewell address Thursday
  197. Troops to train at base's mock Iraqi village
  198. Friends of Navy chaplain offer an alibi at hearing
  199. Inauguration to host Penn State musician
  200. Will Obama Follow Through In Afghanistan?
  201. Australian SAS soldier Mark Donaldson awarded Victoria Cross
  202. Hundreds turn out to honor fallen Marine
  203. Gentlemen's clubs aid Marines' toy drive
  204. From his wheelchair, man stresses safety to Marines
  205. USAFE bans 'Spice' drug; violators face steep penalties
  206. Active-duty retirees die sooner than reservists, actuaries say
  207. Navy awaiting OK to capture pirates
  208. Two charges added in Camp Foster theft case
  209. Marines Eye LCS for Future Missions
  210. His spirit rolls
  211. Marine Forces Korea welcomes its first sergeant major
  212. When every second counts...
  213. Watch out below
  214. Last academy graduation of '08 memorable
  215. Government Findings on El Toro Wells Not Unexpected
  216. Who were those unfamiliar audience faces at Bush's farewell address?
  217. Assault Splash
  218. Lejeune Marine dies in collision
  219. Man arrested for using gun to threaten road workers
  220. Marines from 2nd MLG headed to Iraq
  221. Training at Fort Pickett provides Marines an intense test for war
  222. Obama to Confront Limits of America's Overstretched Military
  223. Combat Center Marines get a kick at making All-Marine Soccer Team roster
  224. Martial arts instructors needed
  225. Marine veterans go Outward Bound
  226. Marines in Iraq fall for heehaw honey of a mascot
  227. Seabees diverted from Kuwait to Afghanistan
  228. Tuskegee Airmen excited about Obama's inauguration
  229. Army reflects on King’s dream as U.S. prepares to swear in Obama
  230. Hands-on training at Camp Kinser
  231. Angel book helps kids who are left behind
  232. DOD helping its troops and employees make sense out of tax code
  233. Taliban’s use of roadside bombs doubled in 2008
  234. In Memory of a Fallen Friend, Navy S.E.A.L. Founds Armored Vehicle Company
  235. Dunkirk alum ‘coaching them up’ in California
  236. SC man finds calling in instrument repair
  237. Page Hilltop School teaches --
  238. LOOKING BACK: Inauguration Day
  239. Marines get educated on dangers of avalanches
  240. Friendly-fire inquiry after marines from Scots base die in Afghanistan
  241. Secret List of U.S. Military Bases to Replace Gitmo
  242. WWII Marine finally to be laid to rest
  243. Gaza battles show `nasty' face of urban combat
  244. Marine Sgt. from Boston dies in Iraq
  245. Should Marine Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak and his slain wife Quiana' killers face death p
  246. General Envisions Camp for Overweight Recruits
  247. NEW YORK Manhattan hails its Hudson miracle For a city not easily impressed and fam
  248. Boyhood skill led to military mission
  249. Funeral Set for WWII Vet Years After Disappearance
  250. Pilot's dream takes flight