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  1. Former Marine sentenced for sex with minor
  2. Deserters face deportation from Canada
  3. Couple gets 5 years for bilking Pentagon
  4. Feds: Dubious packages sent to Guard, Reserve
  5. Judge rejects bid to force faster VA payments
  6. Petraeus gives outlook on Iraq, Afghanistan
  7. To The Shores Of Tripoli, or Somalia
  8. Two guilty of murder in stabbing death of bouncer
  9. New Navy Transport Ship Arrives in San Diego
  10. Bringing Holiday Cheer to the Hospital
  11. Big Lots Celebrates 14th Year as National Toys for Tots Sponsor
  12. 'A strange Christmas Eve'
  13. MILITARY: AWOL Marine headed to summary court-martial
  14. Ungrateful Sallie Mae
  15. Marines forecast: 30 tons of snow for party
  16. Murray Runs Marine Corps Marathon
  17. The Torture Report
  18. "I Gotcha Covered"
  19. Supply Drop Into Helmand
  20. Former ‘Idol’ serenades Marines
  21. Toys for Tots Marines come to aid of car crash victim
  22. Top US general in Iraq gives first view of pullout
  23. Marine hero honored with street renaming
  24. IRAQ: Marine sergeant acquitted in Fallouja killings wants to rejoin Riverside police
  25. Office Christmas tree sends goodwill overseas
  26. Pro-Troop Group Brings Holiday Cheer to Gitmo Troops
  27. Radio logs: Blackwater took incoming fire
  28. Nothing to snarl at
  29. Marines activating new NC-based unit
  30. Caring for Marines, and other troops
  31. Army eats 28-inch Politio's pizza to raise more than $300 for St. Judes Children’s Re
  32. AWOL Marine faces court-martial
  33. St. Louis high school students poised to be part of history
  34. Troop withdrawal plan diverges with Obama's
  35. Veteran Returns to Bloody Tarawa
  36. Students perform live for soldiers in Iraq
  37. A lifetime later, Purple Heart winner finally gets his 'dress blues'
  38. Keel authentication ceremony held for ship named in honor of Sept. 11 victims
  39. Helo Dunker Prepares Marines for Helicopter Crashes
  40. A Marine returns home...
  41. Community helps Army; woes ahead
  42. 2/7 remembers its fallen
  43. Marines and their canines build lasting bonds
  44. VMFA-242 pilots escape, evade enemies during pilot down training
  45. ETTs return from Afghanistan tour
  46. Gas, Gas, Gas!!!
  47. 'Under the influence' in more than one way
  48. Hundreds watch as Globetrotters put on a show
  49. A Web-based labor of love
  50. Simulator helps prepare
  51. Marine Corps icon to visit base For Toys For Tots
  52. Obama's Hawk
  53. Report: Gay man backed for Navy secretary post
  54. Marines focus on water safety
  55. Vets Group to Fly Flag Upside Down
  56. Former deputy's home broken into
  57. The gay life of a U.S. Marine
  58. ESG 2 prepares for yearlong deployment
  59. 21st Signal Brigade upgrades to Combatives Level II
  60. Christmas In Iraq
  61. Top 5 MNF Helo attacks
  62. E-mail from Afghanistan
  63. A message from Iraq: Fraser family receives video greeting from Marine son
  64. 'The meaning of Christmas': Santa asked to keep boy's brother safe
  65. President Bush gives veterans, service members right to render hand
  66. Help NORAD Track and Protect Santa
  67. Remains of WWII Marine from S.C. identified
  68. Navy League contributes to Toys for Tots campaign
  69. USO show ‘Rocks’ Al Asad
  70. MCAGCC, Seabees seek energy in earth
  71. Force Recon Company activated
  72. 2nd Marine Division Band spreads holiday cheer
  73. Marines take on obstacle course
  74. Marines with Toys for Tots Help Out El Cajon Family
  75. Cpl. Philip Marconi back home after five years in marines
  76. Car dealer Jim Click donates $50,000 to toy drives
  77. It was a human traffic jam at Lambert Airport's U.S.O today.
  78. Hired Guns
  79. Marine home to Rutland for the holidays
  80. Faith Under Pressure: A Marine's Story of Miraculous Survival
  81. After drills are done, they sing
  82. Belated Honors: 60 Years Later, Preslar Receives Medals
  83. WW II vet works to document others’ war experiences
  84. Ex-student claims transgender bias by HACC
  85. Late Marine’s college loan debt forgiven
  86. Marines keep rifle skills in sight
  87. Navajo code talker visits with Young Marines
  88. US general says troops will replace Brits in Iraq
  89. Guard volunteer paid high price for valor
  90. Experts brace for suicide spike
  91. Face to face with the Taliban
  92. Depot Swimming Facility Named For Wwii Hero
  93. Corps’ newest embassy guards take their posts
  94. Corporals course builds confidence and unit cohesion
  95. Marine Shooting Team travels across the Corps
  96. Parents honor military children
  97. Marine hero honored with street renaming
  98. F-16 jets fly away
  99. Camp Lejeune Marine charged with attempted first degree murder
  100. A Lubbock Marine's Inspirational Story
  101. 31st MEU Reflects on '08
  102. Extra U.S. troops aim for Afghan "tipping point"
  103. After six-month trial, Army pulls the plug on electric vehicles in Europe
  104. Some troops in Iraq get OK for beer during Super Bowl
  105. Deserter faces first formal meeting in asylum bid soon
  106. Troops, athletes hook up over video games
  107. PACAF fitness testing getting shake-up
  108. Therapeutic Waters
  109. Belleau Wood Garth Brooks
  110. Food chain joins USO in hosting free wing event
  111. Questions linger in deadly F/A-18 crash
  112. 2.5 tons of marijuana found in Afghan school
  113. On base or off, Camp Fuji Marines stay busy
  114. Marine siblings defy the odds with assignment to Camp Fuji
  115. Beloved Camp Fuji mascot has bark and bite
  116. Screening hot line, Web site can help with holiday blues
  117. U.S. troops, Iraqis fail to nab al-Qaida suspect in raid on farm
  118. Combat skills training readies troops for tours in war zones
  119. 'God bless all of you . . . on the good Earth'
  120. Disney World joins Marines in Toys for Tots
  121. Re-enactors mark Battle of Princeton as turning point in history
  122. Fallen Marine's father finds friend in unlikely place
  123. Loudonville native reflects on 26-year Marine career
  124. Santa's come to town
  125. Soldier, grandson, a mission of reconciliation
  126. A visit home from war in time for Christmas
  127. Math and Magic
  128. US Marines bring cheer to Kuwaiti children
  129. Mullen Views Life on Sharp End of Spear in Afghanistan
  130. 'A brighter Christmas'
  131. Man's Lego legacy will live on as gifts for kids in need
  132. Marine Home From Duty Honored By Church
  133. Marine from McHenry County named NCO of the Year
  134. Future USS Arlington (LPD 24) Keel Laid
  135. General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war lead
  136. Family member says Gould is "stable
  137. 2 Mich. marines among 4 killed in Indiana crash
  138. U.S. military buildup in Afghanistan taking form
  139. Paterson trip to Iraq not on state dime
  140. Obama thanks troops after workout at Hawaii gym
  141. Build-A-Bear donates 20,000 toys to Toys for Tots
  142. Remembering those at war
  143. Marine killed in combat in Anbar province
  144. SAIC to assist Marines with anti-IED training
  145. M&Ms provide taste of home for N.C. Marines
  146. Some thoughts on our Marines
  147. Brown confirms victim is in first trimester of pregnancy
  148. Malaria Drug May Soon Be Set for U.S. Debut
  149. Blue Angels to return to Beaufort after crash
  150. Force Reconnaissance Company activates
  151. 1st Tanks blows away Steel Knight
  152. Marines give unsuspecting Norman students toys
  153. 'Lost' star aids Toys for Tots drive
  154. Winter visits with a vengeance from East to West
  155. Generous giving helps to erase a toy deficit
  156. 'I was still holding my grandson's hand - the rest was gone'
  157. Crash reports won't yield many answers for public
  158. Ex-Marine gets probation for accidentally shooting, killing friend
  159. The President Comforts a Marine Mom
  160. Marine Special Ops in Dominican Republic
  161. Chairman of Joint Chiefs Visits Marines, Sailors in Afghanistan
  162. Second stray bullet found in community near Camp Hansen
  163. Home for the holidays: local Marine completes service to country
  164. Family Readiness a Combat Multiplier
  165. A Conversation With Taylor Cole of 'Heroes: The Recruit'
  166. Makin Islandlhd-8 Shipshape
  167. Sharing Christmas with Our Wounded Vets
  168. Pardon Sgt. Evan Vela, Mr. President
  169. Marines to the rescue: Missing toys replaced
  170. Colt Defense lands $14 million order from Marines Corps for automatic rifles
  171. Swartz Creek man gets waiver from the military to continue new career as state troope
  172. Belated Honors: 60 Years Later, Preslar Receives Medals
  173. Weapons Shakedown
  174. Engineers provide quarters
  175. III MEF commanding general visits Afghanistan Marines
  176. Gifts of thanks sent to Marines
  177. Cal's Davis is tough to the corps
  178. The vital role of the military chaplain
  179. A Christmas Surprise In Littlefield
  180. Cheers, All Around
  181. Obstacle in Bid to Curb Afghan Trade in Narcotics
  182. Frederick Smith Makes Sure FedEx Delivers
  183. On Hallowed Ground
  184. Have a Creepy Christmas
  185. The Christmas Wish
  186. Soldiers find ways to mark holidays far from home
  187. Marines may request more troops in Taliban country
  188. Marines' thanks for job well done
  189. Marines turn Iraqi digs into Christmas vacation
  190. Souther KY Marine killed in Iraq
  191. Three Nights a Week in Our Own Back Yard, the Reality of War Comes Home
  192. Bush calls troops
  193. Devoted patriot and son spends 3rd Christmas at war
  194. Man who served in four branches of military dies
  195. Band of Four Brothers With Values of Service Come Home From War for Holidays
  196. Soldiers' bond is strong
  197. Ronald Reagan's Christmas Address 1981 (Video)
  198. Sending a little bit of 'home' to Marines in Iraq
  199. Jacksonville USO Hosts Marines for Christmas
  200. Marine Cpl. Brandon Bardos is Home for Christmas
  201. IRAQ: It's Christmas and they're away from home, again
  202. A bigger team — Ex-Bulldogs now in military, and enjoy it
  203. A soldier’s happy holiday homecoming
  204. Christmas spirit only as strong as the human heart
  205. Jingle All the Way
  206. Merry Christmas U.S. Military
  207. Marines battle, get toys to tots
  208. Beaufort Marines hold decorating contest in Iraq
  209. Troops Escape Financial Trends, Enjoy Money Management Benefits
  210. As number of deployments rises, military families turn to more resources to cope
  211. Christmas for troops in Afghanistan: turkey patties, grape juice and calls home
  212. Obama visits military base on Christmas
  213. Troops in Iraq mark time, holiday
  214. Iraq militants escape jail, at least 14 dead
  215. Promoting peace in Afghanistan – with a lighter touch
  216. Force alone not way to win
  217. Flagstaff native Alex Williamson is home for the holidays after Marine duty in Iraq a
  218. Christmas around the globe has special meaning for many
  219. Marines closer to choosing new rifle
  220. Christmas spirit at the ‘Dusty Spoon’
  221. Christmas ‘like any other day’ for U.S. troops downrange
  222. Emphasis on ‘main effort’
  223. Marine sentenced in taxi joyride
  224. Pilot ID'd in WWII Corsair wreck
  225. Airman Designs White House Christmas Tree Ornament
  226. Troops in Iraq find Christmas in memories
  227. Statue planned for legendary general
  228. Military resources available to ease stress of everyday life
  229. Former Marine Corps track star of Danville to be honored
  230. Could saber-rattling lead to war between India and Pakistan?
  231. Marine held after going AWOL is freed in Boulder
  232. Obamas visit aquatic park, eat shave ice on outing
  233. Parkite hunted insurgents near Baghdad
  234. Battalion takes root in new area of operations
  235. Military resources available to ease stress of everyday life
  236. Marines train in mock Iraqi village at Twentynine Palms combat center
  237. Ornaments by local artists Steve Frykholm, Paul Collins hang on White House Christmas
  238. Holidays can test deceased Oklahoma troops’ families
  239. Haysville Marines Get Special Welcome Home
  240. Vilseck tank confirmed as ‘Cobra King’
  241. Jauregui: Teenager from Santa Paula fought in 2 major WW II battles
  242. Gift-giver, adopted troops boost each other’s spirits
  243. US Marine Special Operations train Dominican Forces, Enhance Relationships
  244. Lance Cpl. Robb Fitch home for Christmas
  245. No day off from killing, dying
  246. Army halts use of new first aid item to study more
  247. 4 recruiter suicides lead to Army probe
  248. Treating Iwo Jima wounded
  249. U.S. Navy Cuts Energy Consumption 12%
  250. Season is about what you give