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  1. Final honors: 57 years later, black GI buried at Arlington
  2. Kids tune in to ‘code talker’
  3. Crackdown begins on 'personality disorder' separations
  4. Marine Thrift gives $4K to holiday food program
  5. Soldiers take on NFLers in virtual Veterans Day battles
  6. World War II Vet recounts key battle
  7. Recruiting for Mitten Duty
  8. Marine inspires audience to follow goals in life
  9. A veteran's story of love and valor
  10. Marines honor Hoosier hero
  11. Paintings of fallen Marines come to Cincinnati
  12. Saluting a female general
  13. The Audacity of Victory: How To End a War
  14. Familiar Refrain on Afghan Surge
  15. Debate: Is COIN Focus Costing Army Future Wars?
  16. 24th MEU transfers authority to 3rd Marine Regiment in Afghanistan
  17. Marines Receive Awaited Citizenship
  18. Afghanistan 'horrible,' says Marine
  19. ‘once A Marine, Always A Marine'
  20. Special operations enablers ready for combat
  21. Holiday fire safety tips
  22. Free Toys for Tots Holiday Concert
  23. San Jacinto man marks milestones in Iraq
  24. 'Fly Girls' Exhibit Honors First Military Women Aviators
  25. Heading home? Be careful what you pack
  26. Former Marine pleads to stealing car
  27. TroopTube video site for military use is launched
  28. Called to duty in a time of war
  29. Rule Allows More Time Off For Families of Injured Troops
  30. Potential witness in 1972 slaying upset suspect is out of jail
  31. Cullman family's 3 sons join Marines
  32. Marines proudly gather for Corps' 233rd birthday
  33. Donations in 2007 enough to send wounded warriors home again this year
  34. Contemporary Life in Afghanistan Placed in Stark Focus at The New York Public Library
  35. Bridge named for hero N.Y. Marine Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter
  36. Every public school classroom needs a decorated Marine tank commander
  37. Marine Lance Cpl. San Sim, 23, Santa Ana; killed while on patrol in Afghanistan
  38. Training offers lessons in culture
  39. Former Marine transformed by service
  40. Witness to history
  41. Marine will be awarded the Silver Star
  42. City pays tribute to U.S. Marine Corps
  43. Marines preparing to leave west Iraq
  44. Interview with Interpreter Based with Marines in Iraq (VIDEO)
  45. Will County marine faces long recovery
  46. Marine: Iraq less dangerous today than 2 years ago
  47. Taking care of our own
  48. Marine amputee rejoins battalion, returns to combat after near death experience
  49. Therapist helps Marines get back in the fight
  50. ‘Big dog’ making its presence known
  51. The Brave Lieutenant
  52. Oswald co-worker no longer silent about JFK assassination role
  53. Marine arrested for faking own disappearance
  54. Dog tag returned to vet after 40 years
  55. Hearing set in military absentee ballot suit
  56. Pa. veterans cemetery dedicated
  57. Bill would include military in hate crimes law
  58. Pride of the Marines
  59. Yuma Marines practice with UAVs in Nevada
  60. From the heart, through the feet
  61. Preschool teacher and students send care packages to Methuen Marine in Iraq
  62. Navy carrier makes maiden voyage in Pacific
  63. Vets get a hot meal for a job well done
  64. Called to protect
  65. Remember the heroes of Guadalcanal
  66. Once a Marine: Holliston veteran ready to settle down after seeing the world
  67. Ex-generals, admirals: Repeal policy on gays
  68. Region faces big demands to accommodate military growth, report says
  69. NFL Salutes Military Members, Veterans
  70. CL Marine welcomed home
  71. Parris Island to be a bit more crowded this winter
  72. Veterans from Iraq sought to participate in health survey
  73. Chinese Bullets Found With Enemies In Afghanistan and Iraq
  74. After Iraq, Marines to Get Back to Basics
  75. Okinawa Marines to put hands-on nature training to the test
  76. Pirates seize supertanker off Kenya coast
  77. Iraq’s Diyala province known for female suicide bombers
  78. New Marine unit adds to AFRICOM
  79. ID theft cases surging among Americans in U.K.
  80. How ‘Doonesbury’ serves the troops
  81. Hiroshima historian returns fragments of shot-down bomber to loved ones in U.S.
  82. Publisher seeks cartoons about life as a military dad
  83. Artist's vision leads him to sobriety
  84. Yuma Marine chefs sizzle at cookoff
  85. Patriot Guard Riders Host Wreaths Across America in Bloomfield MO
  86. Surfing Veterans
  87. General (R) McCaffrey's latest AAR from in-theater.
  88. Appreciation dinner goes on despite fire
  89. Federal judges to hear Murtha defamation case
  90. Banned firms got new U.S. contracts in Iraq
  91. Marines contribute to air show success
  92. Google adds iconic Life photos to index
  93. Injured at Iwo Jima, Marine remained in foxhole
  94. Toms River Marines Honor 233rd Birthday
  95. Marine Returns to Help Others on Road to Recovery
  96. LHS grad takes pride in being a Marine
  97. Stuck in Bahrain, Marines able to keep busy
  98. Mullen: War stresses may be growing
  99. Marine killed by bomb in Iraq
  100. As Iraq improves, so do recruiting numbers
  101. Marines honor Hoosier hero
  102. Shoppers create ‘beary’ special friends for Toys for Tots
  103. Dennys, First Nationwide Restaurant Chain to Partner with Marines Toys for Tots Found
  104. Naval hospital gives nod to those who care for troops
  105. Organization creates pen-pal system to support troops
  106. Vets Welcome Better GI Bill, Officials Worry VA Can't Handle Claims
  107. Marine, Santa Rosa native drowns off Okinawa
  108. Camp Grafton holds deer hunt for disabled vets
  109. Olson injured in Iraq
  110. Wounded Warrior Diaries: Marine Celebrates "My Life' Day of Recovery
  111. The Men and Woman of the Marines Corps
  112. Man's Best Friend Comes to Aid of Marines
  113. Congressional accountability
  114. Community Celebrates Life of Fallen Marine
  115. Afghan-theater vet eyeing national title for Kutztown
  116. Joint Chiefs head says war stresses may be growing
  117. A man for all faiths
  118. Get packing: Mailing holiday gifts starts now
  119. Officials: No foul play in soldier's 40-foot fall
  120. Baghdad's Bayaa Market
  121. MarForEur strategic mobility office lends coalition nations a logistical helping hand
  122. Send In The Marines
  123. Marines commemorate anniversary of Tarawa battle
  124. Marines invite region to do business
  125. 1/8 Marines train for any environment
  126. The Forever War
  127. Continuing a tradition
  128. 'Nothing won yet' in Afghanistan
  129. McNerney collects cards for troops
  130. Los Osos High School gets Iwo Jima sand
  131. Honor Flight takes 80 vets to World War II Memorial
  132. Mark Walker's travel notes from Afghanistan
  133. Personnel-Stressed Aussie Navy Takes Christmas Break
  134. Happy birthday, Marines!
  135. Into and out of the chamber
  136. No man’s land
  137. Officer programs focus of briefing
  138. America's Best Leaders: U.S. Junior Officers
  139. Marines Take a Chomp Out of Multiple Radars
  140. Baking goods for service members
  141. Local colleges reach out to Pendleton
  142. Mmmboppin' with Scott Hansen: Not the few, but the proud
  143. Return To Anbar: Day 2
  144. Iraqi who planned attack on Marines killed
  145. 4 Marines plead not guilty in murders
  146. Ala. publishes booklet for vets’ stress
  147. Marines conduct first MARSOC HRST Masters course
  148. 1/8 trains to stay ready, on top
  149. Iraq-bound Marines feel the HEAT
  150. Veterans mark 65th anniversary of Tarawa
  151. Two Marines posthumously awarded Navy Cross
  152. Eight Marines honored as heroes for actions in motel fire
  153. Call center helps Wounded Marines
  154. Send In The Marines
  155. Iraq raid kills suspect in kidnap-slaying of GI
  156. Next-generation Marine uplink
  157. Anniversary of WWII battle noted
  158. Medical records allegedly altered, faked
  159. Marines invade Toys 'R' Us
  160. Marines' Swimming Tank: Adapt or Die
  161. More U.S. soldiers seek substance abuse help
  162. Warm welcome for single Marines
  163. DOD bans the use of removable, flash-type drives on all government computers
  164. Vice chairman: ‘Exquisite’ weapons are too expensive
  165. Two soldiers face charges in deaths of Iraqi detainees
  166. Progress finally takes shape in Rutbah
  167. Soldier gets five months for selling scopes online
  168. Military has troops’ backs during Smokeout
  169. 1st sergeant recalled as first among men
  170. Military spouses offer advice on finding a career
  171. Meet The Marines
  172. Marines, sailors sweat miles to raise money for NMCRS
  173. Information Operations Center seeks Marines
  174. Marine accused of desertion posts $5,000 bail
  175. Mountain Warfare Training prepares Marines for upcoming deployment
  176. Marines use Army base to prepare for deployment
  177. Former Marine brings new take to family readiness
  178. 3/9 Marines train with role-players
  179. Brazilian Marines visit Camp Lejeune
  180. Billboard proposal lands a yes
  181. Marines got more than they bargained for in Afghanistan
  182. Marines beef up bicycle brigade to help fight poverty
  183. Young veterans learn to adjust on the home front
  184. Sewing circle puts knitting needles to work for military troops, families
  185. Honoring Military Medical Personnel
  186. US: Financial woes no excuse in funding Afghan war
  187. Video Game Technology Gives Veterans New Lease on Life
  188. Cemetery ceremony will honor veterans
  189. Marine saves life three weeks after getting out of boot camp
  190. Marine Corps band to perform at holiday event
  191. Two Navy chaplains have very different missions
  192. Camp Pendleton Marine dies in Iraq
  193. American Heroes: The Marines of Tarawa
  194. Wives, children see deployed Marines through satellite
  195. Fallen Marine Honored in Augusta County
  196. Foster Marines laugh at safety briefing
  197. Contractors will lose immunity in deal
  198. Defense contractor charged with murder
  199. Paternity leave policy in effect
  200. Army sets execution date for Gray
  201. Plaque in Iraq
  202. Local Marine returns home after long tour
  203. Staying Power: Wounded Marines Ordered to do Their Part to Recover
  204. CMC visits San Diego, discusses military presence
  205. Happy Ending
  206. Iraqi Translator Welcomes North Carolina As New Home
  207. Roy ships out with 26th MEU
  208. Jones Would Bring Broad Experience To Security Post
  209. Improving the quality of life for Marine Corps and Navy families
  210. United Through Reading helps children cope with deployments
  211. Semper Fit hosts the Great American Smokeout
  212. Fightertown’s night crew burns the midnight oil
  213. EOD explodes the unexploded
  214. Marines visit schoolchildren who sent care packages
  215. Marines talk the high-tech talk
  216. A Seabee relives duty in the Pacific
  217. Ordnance found in cleanup
  218. Rich East graduate joins Marines, sees action fighting in Iraq
  219. Haditha looks to the future
  220. Memorial groups raise money, awareness
  221. A World at War: Fairview Park couple both served during WWII
  222. Returning soldiers fine fame on the gridiron
  223. Navy Chief Charlie’s revenge on the Marines
  224. Travelers, prepare to fly the unfriendly, infuriating skies
  225. Army, Marines roll out big trucks on O'ahu highways
  226. Fallujah Kentucky Fried Chicken
  227. Paganella: Christmas in Iraq
  228. Not playing around: Army to invest $50M in combat training games
  229. Man With Molino Relatives Hailed As A Hero In Iraq
  230. A gift of quality time
  231. High-tech legwork IDs lost Marines
  232. Marines drafting plan to send more troops to Afghanistan
  233. Outskirts Press Announces the Publication of the Best of the Best the Fighting 5th Ma
  234. USO Palm Springs center seeks residents to invite Marines to holiday meal
  235. Chattanooga: Iraq pullout feasible, local Marines say
  236. VISTA: Two killed in crash believed to be Marines
  237. Taking on summer heat
  238. Yellow ribbons will welcome home Granite Bay veterans
  239. World War II hero visits base, shares his story
  240. Marine couple teaming up since WWII
  241. Transporting alcohol, weapons the right way is the smart way
  242. Wounded Warriors Barracks Gets Student Design Team
  243. For couple, lifetime separates prom date, marriage
  244. Answer call of troops with phone card plan
  245. U.S. Army Spending $50M on Videogames
  246. AFGHANISTAN: Marines ready to 'crush the enemies of Afghanistan'
  247. Utility Marines Light Up Rutbah TCPs
  248. Catt. Co. Girls To Join Marines
  249. "A good day for the Marine Corps"
  250. Rich East graduate joins Marines, sees action fighting in Iraq