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  1. For U.S. Marines Catching Electricity Thieves in Iraq, It's Groundhog Day
  2. 22 cyclists ride from Scottsdale to CA for injured Marines
  3. Marines transition into civilian life
  4. Marines promote drug-free living
  5. U.S. Marine Band Toledo show sold out
  6. Marines to celebrate 233rd birthday
  7. AWOL Marine jailed after bar fight
  8. From Beirut to 9/11
  9. Get with the program
  10. Iraq veteran returns home to rousing welcome in Vernon Hills
  11. Better systems should mean end to friendly fire deaths
  12. Stark woman in Marines dies in Iraq
  13. Lighter MRAPs slated for Afghanistan
  14. Military post offices offer expedited ballot delivery, tracking
  15. Enemy engagements decrease for Marines in Afghanistan
  16. U.S. general optimistic on troop cuts in west Iraq
  17. Medal of Honor recipient criticizes war planning
  18. 200 military absentee votes in jeopardy
  19. Pentagon reviews vets’ claims program
  20. Marines Corps' plans to acquire land raise residents' concerns
  21. U.S. Troops See Little Combat in Anbar Province, Once Iraq's Most Dangerous Area
  22. Command of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing changes
  23. Gender equality in military debated
  24. Army-Navy game is a week later next year
  25. DoD reviews claims for retroactive benefits
  26. Messiah Deficit Disorder
  27. Spiritual Warfare Needed - Marine LtCol Ty Edwards
  28. Marine's top commando: Corps good at small wars
  29. Boxer Expeditionary Strike Group completes first stage of work ups
  30. Disability Employment Awareness Month Month focuses on talent, strength of disabled e
  31. CMC gives Corps adverse marks on FitRep tardiness
  32. Marine Corps pilot program looks at critical infrastructure
  33. Combat Center remembers those who have fallen
  34. 22nd MEU conducts Osprey raid training
  35. N.D. Reserve Marines to return
  36. Marines tell civilians base needs more land
  37. Attention! Get ready for the Marines' birthday
  38. The Newest Unit at Cherry Point is up and Running
  39. Camp Pendleton-based Marine killed in Afghanistan
  40. Albany native promoted to general
  41. N.J. Marine earns Bronze Star
  42. Scottsbluff Marine dies in Afghanistan
  43. Glory days: Harland 'Hop' Conner sees to it that the flag waves over the Warriors
  44. A Puzzle Over Prisoners as Iraqis Take Control
  45. DOE Awards Navy, Marines for Project
  46. Navy to check Boeing-built jets
  47. Marine vehicle caused fatal crash in Hauula, police say
  48. Marine Corps legacy passed down to Seymour senior football player
  49. Silverthorne sailor first in war, first in peace
  50. Group donates Segway to wounded Marine
  51. Marine officer ready to turn over dam to Iraqi control
  52. MCCS on Okinawa earns 11 awards to lead Corps
  53. Iwakuni ‘Gladiators’ compete for prestige, cash
  54. Sears suspends military registry after ethics note
  55. Next year will be different in Iraq
  56. Navy corpsman enshrined on spec ops wall
  57. Marines from Wahpeton returning from Iraq
  58. For Some in the Military, Danger Is Seen Off Duty, Too
  59. US Marines in TT
  60. Wounded Marines to be honored
  61. A site for resting in peace
  62. Veteran urges return of POW-MIA flag
  63. Orange County Turns Blind Eye to Toxicity of Former Marine Base
  64. Students relive Battle of Bunker Hill
  65. The battle for Afghanistan
  66. Vandals damage veterans center
  67. Osprey may be shaking off its troubles in Iraq war duty
  68. Surgeon Takes the Reins on Economic Development in Rural Iraq
  69. Marines to showcase combat fitness at Camp Lejeune
  70. Sandusky High School graduate returns after second tour in Iraq with Marines
  71. U.S. copter shot down in Afghanistan
  72. Gen.: Bad press from Afghanistan overblown
  73. Next year will be different for troops in Iraq
  74. $100-million Iraq sewer project a failure, report says
  75. Marine returns to Post Falls
  76. Maritime Patrol Aircraft Come Ashore
  77. Army says stop-loss policy likely to continue
  78. Mount Gilead pastor recalls marrying the McCains
  79. Straight from the masters
  80. Marine enlisted after letter
  81. Marines come home
  82. IRAQ: Commando raid on Syria raises question of timing
  83. Leave it to the Marines
  84. Wounded Marines to be honored
  85. A site for resting in peace
  86. U.S. Marines Put Together Winning Team
  87. Ready to go to war, he died near home
  88. Reservist earns Silver Star for Afghanistan firefight
  89. Marine matriarchs meet to support soldiers, selves
  90. Marine Corps League Plans Anniversary Gala
  91. Army general thanks Marines for contributions in Afghanistan
  92. Marine found dead, wife hurt in Calif. home
  93. MILITARY: Miramar unit gets Afghanistan assignment
  94. ‘SNL’ spoofs Murtha in opening skit
  95. USS Peleliu strike group winding up stay in Isles
  96. AM General competes to produce next Humvee
  97. Police say motorist deserted naval duty
  98. Auburn native participates in Marine Corps Marathon
  99. Military and civilian specialists work to improve storm forecasts
  100. Marine on trial in death of 2-month-old
  101. Light on weight, not taste, in Iraq
  102. Marines, Army Get Ready to Wield Stun Guns
  103. U.S. Marines in Iraq's Sunni Heartland Prepare to Pull Back From Once-Violent Cities
  104. Military Searching for Camp Lejeune Marines Due to Health Risk
  105. Chronicling an officer's grim duty
  106. Ex-Marine Arrested for Criminal Impersonation, Theft
  107. More on the NH Dem Loser
  108. Pendleton Marines could get more access to legal help at Chapman University
  109. Insurgent to hang for killing U.S. soldiers
  110. Marine fights for ‘stable and prosperous Iraq’
  111. Wounded Marines and soldiers honored with special hunt
  112. Marines Run Through New Combat Fitness Test at Camp Lejeune
  113. Embedded with The Marines
  114. US: Iraq security pact is 'best offer'
  115. Donate candy to help soldiers
  116. Too Few People For Too Many Jobs
  117. Marines Save Woman's Life
  118. Edwards Marines shows MCMAP techniques to medics
  119. U.S. troops in Iraq are heavy smokers
  120. Marine teaches martial arts to troops stationed in Iraq
  121. Marines to mark 233rd anniversary
  122. Somthing to think about-Afghanistan
  123. Wounded troops’ pay overhauled
  124. 3rd recruit dies during basic at Fort Jackson basic training
  125. Camp Foster Marine indicted for stealing taxi
  126. Okinawa Marine Corps Broadcasting Dept. wins 5 awards
  127. Marines experience arctic survival, help local community
  128. Marines’ cars broken into at Jackson facility
  129. Trained for War, a Marine Company in Iraq's Once Dangerous Anbar Tries to Adapt to Sh
  130. Who killed this Iraq war veteran?
  131. Marines returning to Cherry Point from Afghanistan
  132. Pendleton-based officer killed in Afghanistan
  133. N.J. Marine receives Bronze Star
  134. Marine gets Bronze Star today
  135. Two Marines apprehended for fleeing taxi driver on base
  136. Once a Marine, always a Marine
  137. McCain hits rival's ability as leader
  138. AM General team moves to next round
  139. Remains of ND native killed in Iraq recovered
  140. Veterans of historic ship U.S.S. Rankin will reunite in Martin County
  141. Retired Marine Challenges Anti-War Vet for House Seat
  142. Recession Proof: Servicemembers are buying and charging more – defying the U.S. econo
  143. Sears’ Heroes gift registry returns after ethics complaints are resolved
  144. Marine’s mom struggles to reach Japan after accident
  145. Defense witness: Shaking didn’t kill baby
  146. Sign the Vets for Freedom petition demanding an apology from Murtha
  147. A tale of 10,000 golf balls leads to Iraq
  148. U.S. Military Veteran Opens Store Under Little Caesars Veterans Program
  149. Two area Marines charged in Internet predator sting
  150. HMM-365 due home this weekend
  151. No combat deaths in Baghdad this month
  152. 6 Marines face jail time for selling stolen gear
  153. U.S. Marines to celebrate 233 birthday
  154. In Iraq, U.S. Marines Rely on Allies Like a Hatchet-Wielding Colonel to Keep the Peac
  155. Marines to demonstrate combat fitness test
  156. The Cabbage Patch candidate dolls
  157. Kaneohe Marine unit heading for Afghanistan
  158. Whistle-blowers get little help if punished
  159. Flags to fly at half-staff for Pleasant Valley Marine
  160. Heavy lifting
  161. Museum receives relics
  162. How many Marines does it take to lift President Bush?
  163. Marines Return Home Safely from Iraq
  164. Service members raise funds for Special Olympics
  165. Off-limits liberty policies in place for protection
  166. Marines treated to South Georgia deer hunt
  167. Marines save pogs for Okinawa dogs
  168. 'Special pays' reform to begin with health professions
  169. Carlson: Combat reporter's book a gripping tale
  170. Back in Iraq, and liking what I see
  171. Iraqi Freedom Vet Video Hitting the Airwaves
  172. Set clocks back Saturday night
  173. Oklahoma Soldier saves Marines, receives Soldier’s Medal
  174. Assistant commandant visits Pendleton Marines
  175. Author shines light on ghostly Saratoga
  176. 9th Annual Jarhead Jamboree Set
  177. Honor Flight delivers memories for vets
  178. Marines have their eye on presidential election
  179. Marines Carve Pumpkins With Barcroft Students
  180. Veteran's Day Story: On 65th Anniversary of Bloody Tarawa Battle, Concerned WWII Vete
  181. Field Mess Marines Keep Morale High
  182. 26th MEU gasses up FARP
  183. Gates: Afghan conflict must not be seen as 'America's war'
  184. My Marine
  185. Medal of Honor recipient praises young Americans
  186. Appeals court sides with Westboro Baptist
  187. Philippine-U.S. Marines integrate for century’s old martial art
  188. Snake-bite death reminds Marines of natural dangers that lurk on Parris Island
  189. Re-enlisting is just an Iraqi police station away for Dover native
  190. Marines have their eye on presidential election
  191. Those who fight, but can't vote
  192. Primetime
  193. Continuing an Education
  194. Marine sees improvement in Iraq on 2nd tour
  195. Shippensburg soldier visits family during break from Afghanistan
  196. Murtha surprised by unhappy voters in 12th Congressional District
  197. Retired Marine rebuilds his life after brush with death in Iraq
  198. RANCHO SANTA FE: DAR chapters support Wounded Warrior program
  199. Awards day for former Marine who helped Sgt. Eddie Ryan
  200. Family keeps Marine in its heart
  201. The hell of war
  202. Marine aims to add WEC title to Silver Star
  203. Care packages help remind Marines of home
  204. Another tour in Iraq, another tearful goodbye for Marines
  205. Marines coming home
  206. SB County supervisor wants Marines to expand into wilderness areas, not off-roading s
  207. Schuyler Town Talk: Discharge from Marines honorable, complicated
  208. Bomber boys of VMB-423 fall in for stories, laughs
  209. MILITARY: 369th Attack Helicopter Squadron leaves for Anbar province
  210. Remembering War's Fury
  211. US Marines master the art of war
  212. Spoken like a champ
  213. Living at Full Speed on Land, at Sea, in the Air
  214. Exercise-induced asthma linked to body moisture
  215. Marine Risks Life to Save Crash Victims
  216. Actor, martial arts expert and former airman is now Author Chuck Norris
  217. After 15 months in Iraq, servicemembers face an arduous process of returning to ‘norm
  218. Troops take a deep breath: RAF Lakenheath airmen dealing with on-duty tobacco ban
  219. 4 Marines arrested in killing of sergeant, wife
  220. Troops follow voting in Iraq
  221. McCain sues Va. over military ballots
  222. Study: Deployments make kids more aggressive
  223. Welcome home, 24th MEU
  224. Driver charged in passenger's death
  225. FMF guides sailors to new horizons
  226. Sex crime suspect court-martialed while in Marines
  227. 1,500 on the Bataan heading to New York for Veterans Day
  228. Bin Laden aide is guilty of war crimes, jury finds
  229. Push on to complete World War II memorial
  230. Veterans take battle in run for Congress
  231. Strangers on a train
  232. Freedom matters, delivered intact
  233. 'The one who saved all our lives'
  234. An Electrifying Innovation
  235. Bison are Camp Pendleton's royal grunts
  236. Comparing candidates’ plans for military
  237. Marines offering $4,000 retention bonus for captains
  238. Marine guilty of involuntary manslaughter in baby’s death
  239. Petraeus arrives in Afghanistan
  240. Bikes for Tykes kicks off Toys for Tots
  241. Marine Recalls "Fabulous" Service Experience
  242. Students sample service academies, ROTC
  243. WWII veteran takes Honor Flight to see memorials in D.C.
  244. Live Christmas Trees for Deployed Troops
  245. Honored for his service
  246. The Commandant, the Colonel, and “Making Marines”
  247. Sickening Stories of the Day
  248. Attacking those who serve
  249. 2008 Joint Daytime Ceremony to be held on Friday
  250. Remembering The Armistice, Through The Eyes Of A Harwich Marine