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  1. After disbanding scandal-plagued Special Operations Section, Chicago police to start
  2. Marines use samurai techniques to deal with post-traumatic stress
  3. Iran fighters force US aircraft down
  4. College helps veterans navigate life after combat
  5. Heroes on horseback
  6. Military improves education on electrocution
  7. FCC examining TV networks, military analysts
  8. Marines crack code for effective civilian medical engagements
  9. Tannersville racer Kalch organizes three fundraisers
  10. Local Marine Has Bond With War Hero
  11. Marine colonel from Md. serving in Iraq dies
  12. Last days of a Marine: Ill man's spirit went airborne on Honor Flight
  13. Veterans recount stories at World War II reunion
  14. Engineers vie to make best battery for Marines
  15. 500 Marines returning to N.C. today
  16. Marines Gain Ground On Camp Pendleton Wildfire
  17. Marines train for the real thing
  18. For battle-tested U.S. Marines, a job well done
  19. U.S. tries tough love to reduce Iraq's dependence
  20. USS Oklahoma Memorial painting unveiled
  21. Anti-drug efforts yield success in Afghanistan
  22. Military officers turn service to community
  23. Dillow in Iraq: Iraq troop morale high, despite media
  24. Posse Sends its 10,000th Fabric Postcard
  25. Geronimo, Colonel Murphy
  26. Highway Named for Emery
  27. US marines and navy invade Sydney
  28. Effort provides Marines with gifts
  29. Anniversary of Marine Corps LAVs
  30. Marines arrested on assault suspicions, police say
  31. Iraq and Afghanistan as painted by the invader
  32. Another airlift into history for WWII vets
  33. From Okinawa, With Love
  34. Review: 'The Forever War' is a graphic, kinetic, clear-eyed account of combat in Iraq
  35. Man bicycling for Beirut peacekeepers
  36. New liberty card program promotes responsibility
  37. Extension of ‘Halo’ series makes Xbox the talk of the Tokyo Game Show
  38. Scott Stapp goes solo after breaking ties with former band, Creed
  39. Report says fire on USS George Washington was ‘entirely preventable’
  40. Pilot Missing in Action From The Vietnam War is Identified
  41. Armorers keep Highlanders’ instruments of war finely tuned
  42. Marines welcomed home from Horn of Africa
  43. Financial crisis could aid military recruitment
  44. Military hobby turning deadly: Sport bike fatalities rise
  45. Intelligence report: Afghanistan facing downward spiral
  46. Wounded vets get help at Idaho university
  47. Vet receives new home thanks to HelpingAHero.org
  48. Veterans to mark US Navy's birthday
  49. Vietnam Wall stirs memories
  50. Actor Louis Gossett Jr. to visit area vets Monday
  51. 2nd MLG takes major step in deployment prep
  52. Every Marine is a Radio Operator
  53. Singer visits wounded warriors, spars with leathernecks
  54. Deadwalkers in Ramadi
  55. Military confronts critical language-skill needs
  56. Skull in luggage causes stir at Arizona airport
  57. Expert cautions soldiers on use of nutritional supplements
  58. Marines test combat fitness
  59. Save time while training
  60. Cmdrspost081010
  61. Searching for fallen Marines
  62. Marine uses WPI know-how to devise bomb detection tool
  63. Dobermans popular in war, in peace
  64. Attorney: Marine fighting extradition from Mexico
  65. New film features WW II search
  66. U.S. military cooks gear up for World Culinary Olympics
  67. 'Goldstar' gives voice to survivors of Ohio Marines
  68. Police investigate alleged assaults involving visiting Marines
  69. Awesome F-35B Video Shows US Marines Already Have Transformers
  70. Tattoo-clad marines a thing of the past
  71. Alaskan killed in Afghanistan
  72. Indirect approach is favored in the war on terror
  73. Re-enactors ready for Battle of the Hook
  74. 'Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery'
  75. Groups support return of ROTC to Ivy League
  76. Marine Military Police Beat at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq
  77. Another Bethune making a difference
  78. Melvin Laird: Witness to history
  79. Camp Pendleton’s Red Beach Serves As The Only Ship-to-shore Vertrep Operations Facili
  80. Marine Corps Authorizes Use Of Aiming Devices For Rifle Qual
  81. 31st MEU certified for Fall
  82. 2,000 evacuate as fire ravages Pendleton
  83. All American Beef Battalion honors troops
  84. Company makes welcome homes more special
  85. Marine surprises children with visit to Tulare school
  86. Murtha-inspired Haditha case on appeal
  87. Navy Weapon Embraced By The Infantry
  88. Getting man's best friend home
  89. Woman collects goods for troops
  90. An Iraq War Veterans' Welcome Home to Remember (SLIDESHOW)
  91. The Battle of Guadalcanal
  92. Kadena warhead removal prompts evacuation
  93. Iraq gets a taste of beer
  94. Fans eager to see Marines
  95. Former Marine arrested in road-rage shooting
  96. Reaction force that rockets into space examined
  97. New Beaufort runway mimics lighted carrier
  98. Marines to rehearse military rescue and recovery this week.
  99. Marines help two victims in Deep Run vehicle accident
  100. Backing Away From MRAPs
  101. Call of Duty PC beta still coming
  102. Former Thousand Oaks star Mazza gives up much to join military
  103. Dangerous Ride—Training Afghanistan’s Police
  104. On Afghan-Pakistan Border, Security Worsens
  105. Red Wings get star treatment at White House
  106. ‘Greatest-generation’ veterans share military experiences with The Villages Elementar
  107. Kewanee Marine’s name, hometown accompany jet on missions over Iraq
  108. The joy and pain of Marines
  109. Marines Gain Essential Skills at Sea
  110. Marines return home
  111. Defense bills hold a hefty pay raise
  112. 'Red Museum' tells of Iraq's tortured past
  113. 400 Marines returning to Camp Lejeune Thursday
  114. See you at the finish line
  115. Ed Harris - Harris To Narrate Stirring Documentary About Neglected War Beach
  116. Marine Attack Squadron 311 returning home from Iraq
  117. Widow says husband's slaying not Army's fault
  118. Vets taken fishing
  119. He spreads the word on veterans' right to benefits
  120. The Real Time Video Revolution
  121. Veteran: 'It was about the camaraderie'
  122. Iraq War Deaths Honored
  123. Marine Harrier squadron prepares to deploy
  124. New soldiering exhibit moves to Lake County Discovery Museum
  125. Marines run for comrades lost in conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan
  126. Iraq Marine gets a glimpse of home
  127. Recent NATO commander tells Rotary Club what it's really like in Afghanistan
  128. New probe sought in servicemembers’ deaths
  129. Drug use lands airman 14 months in prison
  130. Holiday flight costs soar
  131. 2009 COLA increase is biggest since 1982
  132. Marines to host martial arts event barred in SC
  133. Wrestling tourney on station Marines' lunch menu
  134. Marine called to 2nd tour
  135. First Wounded Warrior to receive service dog trained by fellow Marines
  136. Dispute erupts over name on plaque at USS Indianapolis memorial
  137. The wait is finally over
  138. Cotton earns Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal
  139. Marine mattresses going green
  140. 3rd ID Soldiers Honored at Warrior's Walk
  141. Kamerer returns from tours in Afghanistan, Iraq
  142. Veterans write Bush to support marine monument
  143. The Unsinkable USS NEVADA BB-36 -- New Book Tells the Heroic Exploits of a Legendary
  144. IRAQ: American Gladiators visit Marines in Anbar
  145. III MEF, MCBJ order clarifies liquor restrictions for junior Marines, sailors
  146. Soldiering forward, culturally aware
  147. Making radio waves: MAWTS-1 innovates comm breakthrough
  148. Secure Ship
  149. Breakfast with heroes
  150. Former Thousand Oaks star Mazza gives up much to join military
  151. Airport hall named for WWII hero
  152. Soldiers in war zones to be given new bandages
  153. Military officials clarifying Gen. Odierno’s claim about Iran
  154. Military ‘thrift savers’ stung like most investors
  155. Boots on the ground, Canadian style
  156. Marine vet charged in attack on family
  157. Wounded warrior gets a service dog
  158. Annual Toys for Tots Campaign Kicks Off
  159. Last One Turn Out the Lights: Marines Quietly Begin Leaving Bases in Iraqi Cities
  160. Making the ranks
  161. Quantico Marine Corps Band Rocks FedEx
  162. Missing ingredients for combat prep
  163. Urban Terrain Field Exercise; One of the Final Obstacles
  164. G.I. Joes take on Packers pros, 'Madden' style
  165. Marine, his wife found shot to death in Winchester
  166. Bored on a lunch break, Connelly decided to enlist
  167. A grieving mother brings this war home
  168. Son Of Blue Force Tracker
  169. Ceremony on Sunday marks 25th anniversary of Beirut barracks bombing
  170. Injured Iraq war veteran forced to pay back compensation
  171. 'I was there'
  172. Americans vote in Afghanistan
  173. Leaders Perform Under Pressure
  174. Comrades memorialize fallen soldier
  175. Cherry Point bomb squad blows up package, finds hoax
  176. Generation Kill (mini-series) - 'Blu' Kill Coming from HBO Video Day-and-Date with th
  177. Different lives don't part old pals
  178. Drowning Pool - Soldiers
  179. Choctaw code talkers finally recognized
  180. Troops could face Iraqi-led court
  181. From Iraq to Afghanistan
  182. Pentagon plans ‘spaceplane’ to reach hotspots fast
  183. N.D. Marines return as more to be activated
  184. Province peaceful, but not happy
  185. Civil War vet grave gets overdue rites
  186. Warrior training toughens minds
  187. An 'indestructible' spirit
  188. Fueling the military
  189. AFN knows they can’t please everybody, but they try
  190. At homecoming, families talk about time apart
  191. Maintenance crew gets combat training
  192. A meal, some chitchat, then some give-and-take
  193. Al-Qaida Web sites still down
  194. Marine dies in non-combat incident in Iraq
  195. Races for Congress pit vet against vet
  196. Civil Affairs Marines refresh MOS skills
  197. Marines running to remember
  198. ‘This one was the hardest’
  199. 5 Years of Reflection, Salutes For Sacrifices 'in Harm's Way'
  200. Bill Of Rights For American Veterans: Breaking Down The Petition's Calls To Action
  201. Program Title: Jaws of the Enemy : The History Channel on TrueVisions (A23) and (D48)
  202. Real-world training behind the wheel
  203. Retired bomber pilot still longs for life in the sky
  204. Major shares his experiences serving in Afghanistan
  205. Helicopter-plane Osprey faring well in Iraq
  206. Military recruiting rises as the economy drops
  207. Marine returns home after tour in Iraq
  208. Refueling squadron returns from Afghan duty
  209. New Hanover County Commissioners against ending private bar membership
  210. Mosque area remains hot spot in Hit
  211. A last resort to avoid the boot
  212. Defense Department Launches New Advertising Campaign
  213. Obama: Powell will have role in administration
  214. Defense Media Activity activates
  215. Former-Marines to fete Corps' birthday
  216. Second new Marine helicopter squadron starting
  217. In the Former Cradle of Iraq's Insurgency, a U.S. Military Base Prepares to Close
  218. Homeless vets get weekend off streets
  219. Court hears appeal over Haditha firefight
  220. Military switches to fluorescent lights
  221. Daytona native hopes to leave Iraq a better place
  222. Families of fallen servicemen meet with president
  223. MARSOC Begins First Individual Training Course
  224. IRAQ: Insurgency in Anbar may be down but not yet out
  225. No real debate in quest for victory
  226. USS Theodore Roosevelt takes over Afghan mission
  227. World War II ordnance removed at Kadena
  228. Hulk Hogan's son out of Fla. jail after crash term
  229. Masters of the Iron Horse conduct gunnery range
  230. Exploiting Opportunities
  231. L.I.N.K.S. expands to Marines and children
  232. New hospital for military dogs opened
  233. Increase in painkillers for troops raises fears
  234. First-grader's project winds up joining Marines
  235. Marine Special Operations begins course
  236. Despite injuries suffered in Iraq, Borden says he's no hero
  237. Former POW, ND grad Moe on tour to promote McCain
  238. raq veteran, writer Fick ‘99 celebrated in HBO series
  239. NAS Fallon welcomes Osprey training squadron
  240. A Night for Vets: An MTV Concert for the BRAVE
  241. Group sending gifts to soldiers overseas
  242. Marines open office in Woodbury
  243. Cherry Point officers get briefing on vision for Marine Corps
  244. Local Run To Support Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
  245. Residents keep rallying for Operation Sunscreen
  246. Residents making a difference
  247. 'Spider-Man' shocker: Is Flash Thompson about to come home from Iraq in a body bag?
  248. Airman Missing In Action From WWII Is Identified
  249. Some Run for Personal Best - Some Run for the Children of Marines
  250. For U.S. Marines Catching Electricity Thieves in Iraq, It's Groundhog Day