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  1. Marine brothers play tag team
  2. Intro to Marines: flood
  3. An honor, overdue
  4. Ex-Marine jailed 15 days
  5. US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,125
  6. 3 Marines facing firearms charges
  7. Marines plan antiterrorism exercise
  8. MILITARY: Monthly troop deaths lowest since Iraq invasion
  9. Texas Air National Guard Boots Sick Soldier
  10. Teens collect video games for overseas troops
  11. A hero among heroes
  12. Canine Companions reaches out to disabled vets
  13. IRAQ: A baseball field, TV show and now a cross.
  14. Patriotism part of past wars
  15. Focus in Diyala shifts to community building
  16. 20 Marines go into the Okinawa jungle to learn how to stay alive
  17. DOD: 15th MEU unlikely to be sent to Afghanistan
  18. ‘Sole survivors’ bill goes to Bush
  19. Marines didn't take daughter's rape claims seriously, Vandalia mom says
  20. Marines Learn '4th Generation' Tactics For Iraq, Afghanistan
  21. Iraq: insurgents linked to US Marine deaths caught
  22. Responders stay vigilant
  23. In honor of World War II veterans
  24. Local vets oppose war
  25. Navy relieves two officers of duty in wake of USS George Washington fire
  26. Panel backs bonus for stop-lossed troops
  27. Musician-lawmaker Hall pens first 'hit' for vets
  28. iPod device translates military commands
  29. Military issues warning about Facebook virus
  30. Interagency military cooperation just the first step
  31. Memorandum Ensures Redeploying Troops Get Access to Airports
  32. Marine's body to arrive Aug. 14
  33. Dual Marine spouses overcome numerous deployments
  34. Camp Lejeune Marines slated for 2009 deployment to Iraq
  35. General says victory 'all but won' in Anbar
  36. The trick is to keep breathing
  37. Marine’s assault charge dismissed
  38. Special ops require jacks-of-all trades
  39. Number of Marines dying in motorcycle crashes sets record
  40. Welcome to Iraq, and a long separation
  41. Mom fought to have military-bound grads noted
  42. Wamack served two tours in Vietnam with Seabees
  43. 'The sacrifice was worth it'
  44. Navy captain points to study drawing link between nicotine dependence,
  45. MiTT units present Marines with unique opportunities
  46. Troops, families recall 22-month Iraq tour
  47. Hospital corpsman missing in Vietnam ID’d
  48. Marines ordered to stay longer in Afghanistan
  49. 'Haircuts for Heroes'
  50. Actors thunder onto Marine base for movie screening
  51. For veterans home from Iraq, sleep is now the enemy
  52. Petraeus: More than 80,000 buildings under review
  53. For Injured Corpsman 'Doc,' A Dose Of Naval Honor
  54. To Heal the Wounded
  55. Marine reservist pleads guilty to identity theft
  56. MILITARY: Marine Corps seeks to reinstate Haditha charges
  57. ASVs To Iraq
  58. Jump Platoon explores roads less traveled
  59. Marines' Swimming Tank Next on Chopping Block?
  60. Marines bound for Iraq meet a rattler
  61. IRAQ: Without combat, Marines are bored
  62. Marine recruit seeks home for pets
  63. Letters Home: The 'month of the mustache'
  64. They Were Expendable
  65. Marine delivers a message of strength, courage to fairgoers
  66. Area Marine earns Bronze Star
  67. Review calls for change to overseas COLA
  68. Marine aids collapsed Japanese woman
  69. Marine’s court-martial set in marijuana case
  70. British commanders wanted to storm Basra but the Iraqi leader sent for US Marines
  71. Amputee Marine returns to combat duty
  72. Conflict over 'campground' emerges
  73. Local contractor survived vehicle explosion in Afghanistan
  74. Heat Halts Training At Camp Lejeune
  75. Navy vet tells story of rape, its scars
  76. Hiroshima marks bomb anniversary with hope for US change on nukes
  77. Dad follows son to Iraq
  78. Corps leaders re-emphasize road safety
  79. Part II: Welcome to Iraq, and long separation
  80. A Marine hero
  81. Reservists get high threat convoy training
  82. Stepping into the Millenium Gap
  83. Run to honor Marine makes it to Iraq
  84. Teen gets 90 days in jail; will join Marines
  85. Shadow Marines
  86. Marines Hit the Road to Learn How to Survive Vehicle Ambushes
  87. Hard-core driver’s ed
  88. A real lifesaver: Marine who came to aid of Sgt. Eddie Ryan is honored
  89. Marine recruits try to beat the heat
  90. Nine forgotten veterans laid to rest at Riverside National Cemetery
  91. Tribute honors military dogs
  92. Growing hesitancy over a military test
  93. Citibank to takeover government travel charge cards
  94. Part III: A funeral and a birth
  95. IED attacks plummet in Iraq; on rise in Afghanistan
  96. A lesson without the history book
  97. Dunmore native recalls U.S. Embassy blast in Kenya
  98. Part IV: For 2 soldiers, families, lives change
  99. WWI Marines pave way for combined arms
  100. Marines make teen's wish come true by putting him through the paces
  101. Marine Special Operations graduates last class
  102. Ex-Marine aims to finish race
  103. Marine family gets free trip to Cabo
  104. 2 'gay' corporals walk into a bar …
  105. In the line of fire
  106. Marine returns to refurbished ride
  107. Report From a Forgotten War
  108. Iraqis: Deal close on plan for US troops to leave
  109. USS Houston’s radiation leak called ‘minuscule’
  110. Marines see progress helping Anbar rebuild
  111. Official: Marines’ museum a major attraction
  112. U.S. military: 2 Marines die in non-combat incident
  113. Diesel-Sipping Motorcycle for the Marines
  114. Marine to be tried in detainee's killing
  115. Injured veterans get chance to fish
  116. Peleliu, 15th MEU repel pirates
  117. Army refining policy on media coverage of Arlington burials
  118. Marine suspected of stealing car, ditching Humvee
  119. U.S. beefing up presence in southern Afghanistan
  120. Greeley Marines meet — 7,000 miles from home
  121. Body found at Camp Pendleton, creating mystery
  122. Rochester war vet's gesture meant to put enemy's soul at rest
  123. Acupuncture: A Useful Tool for Health Care in an Operational Medicine Environment
  124. Just Three Stops -- but a World Away
  125. The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War
  126. Runners pay tribute to Marine killed in Iraq
  127. Savannah Marine Honored
  128. Muslim-American Marine Helps Break Down Cultural, Language Barriers
  129. Sleep the latest enemy for Iraq War veterans
  130. Missile defense likely to rise in importance
  131. 'Something's left unfinished'
  132. Navy families to get help dealing with deployment
  133. Fishing derby honors fallen Marine
  134. USMC Silent Drill in Jacksonville
  135. Memory loss haunts injured Iraq War veteran
  136. Many service plates drive Colorado roads
  137. Fallen soldier set to get headstone
  138. Afghan police depend heavily on U.S. support
  139. A taste of life at sea: USS Essex hosts tiger cruise
  140. A plane blanket
  141. IRAQ: Once closed, soccer fields now reopening.
  142. Afghanistan report: 'We're beating the Taliban'
  143. In Final Salute,' Jim Sheeler gives an account of the cost of the Iraq war
  144. U.S. troops achieve success in Iraq
  145. Pacific Spotlight: Sgt. Gabriel Nunez
  146. Brothers in arms
  147. Family remembers death of a Marine some 36 years ago
  148. Lejeune water contamination bill could force EPA to establish public standard
  149. Drug bust cuts off distro in southwest Anbar
  150. 1st MAW receives new mobile radar system
  151. Coney Island Mob Beats Ex-marines Rescuing Girl
  152. Marines could be 1st out of Iraq
  153. More troops serve on combat tours
  154. Wilmington bar owners, leaders to meet about Marines' concerns
  155. Utah scarves destined for Leathernecks
  156. Ready for demobilization
  157. Marine from Clarence saves an officer in Iraq twice
  158. Veteran puts life on canvas
  159. Ranger cadets tour England
  160. Relating to teens in the military
  161. V Corps investigates commander’s online posts
  162. Stars and Stripes' interview with Sen. Barack Obama
  163. Stars and Stripes' interview with Sen. John McCain
  164. Next-Generation Vehicle Suspension Developed and Tested for Northrop Grumman, Oshkosh
  165. The best place to watch the big game in Beijing
  166. Marines borrow hunting skills in combat training
  167. For Tucson family, attending Olympics is tradition
  168. Stress Management Important Throughout Military Careers
  169. Military says special cash fund buys a lot of goodwill in Iraq
  170. Local Marine relishes year at home
  171. Marines show a tender side
  172. Marines killed in Aug. 7 accident identified
  173. Alcohol abuse rises among combat veterans: study
  174. When the war comes home
  175. Post office building to be named for Ohio marine
  176. Marine commanders told to remove stress stigma
  177. Fighting bombs with bombs
  178. Captain accused of premeditated murder awaits decision on trial
  179. Okinawa-based Marine reportedly killed in Iraq
  180. Soldier takes gold in Beijing, breaks record
  181. Anti-war Army mom qualifies for Congress run
  182. Marine family has attended 14 Olympics
  183. SDG&E Denies Blame In 2004 Marine Chopper Crash
  184. New Night-Eyes for Old Marine Choppers
  185. 1,215 Troops Re-enlist In Iraq
  186. Military recruiters highlight future goals
  187. Why Soldiers Rape
  188. Marines compete to make mess
  189. Families sue utility over Marines' deaths
  190. Top officer says Marines' future in Afghanistan unclear
  191. Meeting on Marines' access to Wilmington bars called a success
  192. Allies Feel Strain of Afghan War
  193. V-J Day remembered
  194. WWII vet fears many have forgotten Victory Over Japan Day
  195. State says thanks to 6 Vietnam veterans
  196. Purple Heart monument unveiled at Parris Island
  197. RI governor lowers flags after Marine death
  198. MRI finds no further damage for Navy QB
  199. Ancient Greek plays resonate with Marines
  200. Beaufort native killed in Afghanistan remembered as hero
  201. Improper contracting allegations probed
  202. Beyond the classroom
  203. Iwo Jima veteran remembers horror of battle, joy of victory
  204. Homage paid to World War II heroes of Guadalcanal
  205. Arrest made in vet's shooting
  206. Corps receives new enlisted PME deputy from 29 Palms
  207. Witnessing the making of Marines
  208. A prescription for trouble
  209. Sheriff: Intern tried to sell case files
  210. Northwest waives bag fees for troops on orders
  211. Twentynine Palms shooting investigated
  212. Marines, veterans hail new GI Bill
  213. Marines give $25K to fallen trooper's child
  214. 20-SOMETHING: Making the Marines a career
  215. Local Marines compete in military version of 'Top Chef'
  216. Museum resurrects legendary WWII boat
  217. 2 wars. 2 days. 2 dead. 1 town.
  218. WWII memento tugs at vet's heartstrings
  219. Forrestal veterans recall hero's wartime actions
  220. IRAQ: Anbar's desert is better but still dangerous
  221. Area residents talk about their time in the war zone
  222. Hillsboro native served two tours of duty in Iraq
  223. The mystery of Flight 4422
  224. A Son Goes Off To War
  225. Father and son both to deploy to Iraq
  226. Former Marine decries trial in civilian court
  227. In Iraq, inching toward a new Anbar with help of Marines
  228. US Marines stretched for training of Afghan troops: commander
  229. Marines learn how to spot the bad guys
  230. S.C. Marines helping secure ‘desert of death’
  231. Iwo Jima veteran remembers horror of battle, joy of victory
  232. A Few Bad Men
  233. A final, tearful salute
  234. Former Marine to face trial as civilian
  235. Remains from 1948 plane crash ID'd
  236. Marine decorated for rescue attempt
  237. POW stint shaped views
  238. Yuma Marine earns American citizenship
  239. Marble for Unknowns tomb just sits
  240. Soldier Wins Gold Medal, Sets Olympic Record
  241. McCain’s Former Hanoi Cell Mate Describes Character in Deplorable Conditions
  242. Iraq War Vet Sought for Soap Opera
  243. Hearing on Iraq detainee death case postponed
  244. Military blocking access to Olympic sites
  245. Baghdad statues being pieced together again
  246. College helps veterans navigate life after combat
  247. Years of war records in one man's hands
  248. Exhibit focuses on military conflict
  249. Kicking a path to freedom
  250. Stash of advanced RPGs found in Afghanistan