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  1. Marine heads to trial on obstruction charges
  2. Dispute threatens toxic tap water study
  3. Wartime PTSD cases jumped roughly 50 pct. in 2007
  4. Smaller-caliber bullets come under fire
  5. Legacy of female major killed in Iraq grows
  6. Marine vet killed in Colorado tornado
  7. More Iraq war vets run for Congress
  8. Marines bringing combat training to Indy
  9. FINE ART AND ANTIQUES: Marine Corps celebrates new museum
  10. Marine nightmare came to artist in a dream
  11. Framingham father and son to be deployed to Iraq
  12. Marine briefs Brady on Iraq War progress
  13. The Proud, the Few
  14. Laurean documents unsealed
  15. U.s. Marines And Truth
  16. Troops offer inspiration, motivation for coaches
  17. Camp Pendleton Marine Wanted For Murder Still At Large
  18. MCCC ready to tee off for 5th year
  19. Marines' contributions praised Memorial honors sacrifices of two Osprey test crews BA
  20. Prosecutors call Marine general to testify in Haditha case
  21. US marines in hot water over Christian coins in Iraq
  22. Army meets Marines
  23. Bush mulls making Pearl Harbor a national monument
  24. Duncan Hunter prepares to pass the torch
  25. Northwest veterans share the horrors of Iraq.
  26. Iraq baggage comes home with troops, ex-Marine says
  27. Home from Iraq, wary Marine fatally wounded
  28. Marine faces discharge in war trophy case
  29. City launches treatment court for vets
  30. Go Daddy’s Bob Parsons is Now Doctor!
  31. His life in the balance, a soldier survives with help from his family
  32. Webb's Vision for National Defense
  33. Marine's photo inspires painting
  34. New barracks to be constructed at MCLB Albany
  35. MCCS keeping tabs on quality of deployment
  36. A grim job takes its toll
  37. Reactions split on awarding medal for PTSD
  38. Italian history buff visits grave of U.S. soldier killed in WWII
  39. Notorious photo dogs Marine who was wounded in Iraq
  40. Semper Fi
  41. Message across the water
  42. 'Dream come true': Teens awarded $150K
  43. A Battle Over, A Life Well Lived
  44. Marines modify deals for MRAP support
  45. Stone dedicated to Search and Rescue members who died in helicopter crash
  46. Walter Reed: Data breach at military hospitals
  47. Marine takes plea deal in Iraq war trophy case
  48. Returning to greetings and first-time meetings
  49. Navy sees future with drones for spying but not fighting
  50. Judge wants reporter to reveal sources in spy case
  51. War vet pleads guilty to attempted child abuse
  52. Quotes from military analyst program
  53. Study on Camp Lejeune toxic water continues with Navy money
  54. Medal of Honor Is Awarded to Soldier Who Saved Others
  55. Korea vets oppose moving memorial
  56. Marine charged in colleague's killing ordered held on bail
  57. Convicted US Marine’s tour of duty extended
  58. War an influence for high school class of '08
  59. Patriot Guard stands tall for fallen veteran
  60. U.S. General Takes Over NATO Command in Afghanistan
  61. No Greater Honor
  62. Michigan lawyers help departing troops prepare wills
  63. $1M Bail Set For Marine Accused In Fellow Marine's Slaying
  64. Delahunt calls Marine convicted of killing Iraqi man a casualty of the war
  65. A taste of life as a Marine
  66. Senators: Marines bungled video system
  67. Mock combat begins today for 26th MEU
  68. Marine to be arraigned today in Fallujah death
  69. Navy ships ordered to leave Myanmar
  70. Obstruction charge dismissed in Hadithah case
  71. Democrats look to ban DoD propaganda
  72. Retired Marine set to testify about risks of toxic base water
  73. Marine heads to court in death of unarmed detainee
  74. Loved Ones Greet Thousands Of Sailors, Marines
  75. Pentagon weapons procurement broken, auditor warns
  76. SHS grad joins bomb disposal unit
  77. Presidio's convoy trainer simulates Iraq combat
  78. A somber day, 40 years later
  79. Ex-Marine faces jail for finger pointing
  80. ‘Petting zoo’ trains troops to spot IEDs
  81. Kitty Hawk last relic of Navy’s steam power era
  82. Nonhostile death of Okinawa-based Marine in Iraq being investigated
  83. Marine gets discharge, time in brig in drug case
  84. Troops find lively livestock in Iraq
  85. Americans, French gather to recognize historic contribution of Belleau Wood Marines
  86. 2008 New York City Mess Night and Wounded Warrior Tribute NYC MARINE CORPS COUNCIL
  87. Coon Rapids Marine recovering from injuries
  88. Marine acquitted in Hadithah cover-up case
  89. War causing shortage of night-vision goggles
  90. 2 Marines sentenced for Okinawa taxi robbery
  91. Golf tourney for wounded Marines tees off
  92. Wife freed as stabbing ruled self-defense
  93. Marine Corps League dedicates new memorial
  94. Man Blames Marine Base For Breast Cancer
  95. America's Medicated Army
  96. Bearing Witness to the Fallen and the Grieving
  97. Report: Letter slams Marines for camera system in Iraq
  98. DOD Web site offers language, culture assistance for military
  99. Youngest Marine to get MoH dies
  100. Marine acquitted in Hadithah cover-up case
  101. VA, Congress assist veterans in mortgage mess
  102. Center’s focus: Mental health issues, severe brain injuries
  103. Report faults computer in Guam B-2 crash
  104. Futenma Marines receive prison for robbing cab driver
  105. Online registration for U.S. travel begins in ’09
  106. Veteran frogman was among first to hit Normandy beaches
  107. ‘Gentlemen, today’s the day’
  108. Not all in Indy welcome Marine war games exercise
  109. A different type of recruiting for veterans
  110. Marine memories: Book chronicles life on Parris Island
  111. Marine Corps striking out in Haditha prosecutions
  112. Marine's father and widow raise questions about his death
  113. Fired four-star officers
  114. The Conquering Bureaucrat
  115. Spike Lee gets in Clint Eastwood's line of fire
  116. The Fighting Cappellettis
  117. Video Saves 'moment You Can't Get Back'
  118. Marine sniper facing manslaughter charges
  119. Vietnam memorial on its way to Lansing
  120. Commander Confident on Post-'Surge' Troop Levels
  121. Cherry Point air show kicks off today
  122. VA e-mail on PTSD catches court attention
  123. Haditha: No Massacre, No Cover-Up
  124. Two Carson City Marines return to the scene of battle in Vietnam
  125. Southeast Texan Barred From Marines for Tattoo's
  126. Gunner Yancey
  127. War Story: Lt Col John Renouard
  128. The Irish grunt in Iraq
  129. Corps' senior gunner retires
  130. Questionnaire for Security Clearances Revised
  131. Photo exhibit captures faces of war
  132. Are Air Force firings about more than nuclear weapons?
  133. Navy family returns overdue books to Guam library after 38 years
  134. Been drinking? Need a ride? Call Kadena's AADD for help
  135. Taxi robbery nets prison time for Marines
  136. Freep.com's national Emmy-winning video: Band of Brothers
  137. After 2 tours of duty, a hero's welcome
  138. Heed Combat Veterans, Graduates Are Told
  139. Joint Chiefs chairman wants refocus on major-combat skills
  140. Displays at air show illustrate how military deals with emergencies
  141. Man's direction, discipline is from Marine Corps
  142. War news is better, but obstacles remain in Iraq
  143. Marine carried war home inside of him
  144. Marines smash through recruiting goals
  145. Man builds tributes to fallen Marines
  146. Making the grade in the U.S. Marines
  147. Mother of U.S. Marines Assaulted by Chinese Communist Spies
  148. Older veterans now helping vets of Iraq and Afghanistan
  149. Activists seek to counter military recruiters on L.A. campuses
  150. Senators: Marines bungled video system
  151. 'We're not on a plantation, Clint.'
  152. Rambunctious child grew up to be Marine hero
  153. Group wants to save WWII history from demolition
  154. Veteran's Story: Crestline native saw war, again, as Tappan executive
  155. Injured as a Marine, former T.F. track star flourishing
  156. FSU hosts bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities
  157. Obtaining U.S. citizenship is now easier for servicemembers' foreign-born spouses
  158. Navy officials pleased with Japanese response to USS George Washington comic book
  159. National Guard, Marines team up with state, locals to fight flood waters near Elnora
  160. It's small price to pay to prepare for the worst
  161. Lives: Marine proved there was life after death
  162. Well-decorated Marine to lead parade
  163. Americans, French gather to recognize historic contribution of Belleau Wood Marines
  164. Marines blitz recruiting goals, even nontraditional targets
  165. Lejeune training input sought
  166. Gates recommends Schwartz as next Air Force chief
  167. Were African-Americans at Iwo Jima?
  168. US Military’s Middle East Crusade for Christ
  169. Navy halts helicopter flights to hospital ship after taking fire
  170. USS Kitty Hawk will join Rimpac
  171. How Prime Minister Maliki Pacified Iraq
  172. Think tank: Pakistan gave info on U.S. troops
  173. Theft worry plagues sale of NVGs to Iraq
  174. Major Iraq decisions left to next president
  175. Dismissal of gay vets’ suit upheld
  176. Marine shot several times, possibly lured away from base
  177. 'We were on Iwo Jima 2 weeks, but it seemed like forever'
  178. Defend Our Marines
  179. Marine gets 15 months in gang-rape case
  180. Gates: Military must accept outside criticism
  181. St. Ansgar student wins prestigious military scholarship
  182. Report: Antidepressants being used more among U.S. troops on front lines
  183. 3rd Marine sentenced in sex case
  184. Recruits prepare to learn more about the Marines
  185. Major: I don’t recall actions during assaults
  186. Pentagon plans to sell goggles to Iraq
  187. Memories of marines wanted
  188. Pa. Veteran Receives 'Forgotten Honor'
  189. Marine Week: ideal college summer vacation
  190. Marine Offers Global Perspective
  191. Son's sleep restive
  192. Veterans visit the National World War II Memorial
  193. Master sergeant found guilty of inappropriate relationships in ranks
  194. Road near fallen Marine's high school renamed after him
  195. Children give veterans heartwarming welcome
  196. 2 Marines disciplined over puppy-tossing video
  197. Kirk Dooley: Former Highland Park teammates reunite on Iraq battlefield
  198. Trip to Kuwait, Iraq helps Leitao see the big picture
  199. Vets testify today on 1960s chemical tests
  200. A Marine's inspiration
  201. Monroe mother defends son kicked out of Marines
  202. Strategy over politics for ‘hero’
  203. Marine posts bond in shooting case, jailed again
  204. Fallujah Marine jailed for refusing to testify
  205. Marines show off gear on community day
  206. Number of military discharges under 'don't ask, don't tell'
  207. IRAQ: Haditha prosecutions under fire
  208. Cape's 'Band of Brothers'
  209. Desert Talon Preview
  210. New law allows military dependents to hold onto in-state tuition at state colleges
  211. New clotting agent gets DOD’s OK
  212. Officials opt to keep curfew on Okinawa
  213. Is Friday the 13th spooky? Maybe not
  214. 31st MEU, USS Essex plan homeward trek
  215. GI Bill helps Marine graduate from WWU
  216. All stripes of uniforms, flags at Allen Flag Day
  217. Destroyer Gonzalez carries the name of a war hero
  218. NATO seeks to replace U.S. Marine Afghan mission
  219. Patriotic immigrant celebrates Flag Day with red, white and blue spirit
  220. Pride and passion for the U.S. flag still thrives
  221. Korean War vet returns to country 50 years later
  222. New Atlantic City firefighters have military, maternal flavor
  223. Ex-Marines make call for a few good men
  224. Navy pilot dies in jet collision over Nevada
  225. N.Y. flags will fly half-staff to honor fallen
  226. Afghan blast kills 4 Marines
  227. A place to see, touch, feel Marines history
  228. 'Dad' to many who served
  229. Birth shared thousands of miles away
  230. Father and son: 'He's my posse,' in sky and in life
  231. Destroyer Gonzalez carries the name of a war hero
  232. Father, son find more quality time in Iraq
  233. Marines 'HEAT' things up with Humvee training
  234. FATHER'S DAY: Celebrating from the field
  235. Suicide numbers raise alarm
  236. Police captain leaving for base post
  237. New laser-guided bomb unveiled to Yuma Marines
  238. For 2 local grads, dream of becoming a Marine starts today
  239. Brutality toward detainees started at U.S. bases in Afghanistan
  240. GM Gives the Military a New Deal
  241. Bearing Bad News
  242. Key ruling expected in war crime case
  243. The Consequences of Poor Judgment
  244. Marines leave their box, get into their ‘lanes’
  245. All clear: Route Clearance Platoon on duty
  246. Osprey Night
  247. Local Marines Overseas Receive Phone Calls From Loved Ones
  248. Marines 'HEAT' things up with Humvee training
  249. Will They Ever Apologize?
  250. Making His Pitch To Script A Career