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  1. Plebes tested at Sea Trials
  2. Photo Exhibit Captures Soldiers' Camaraderie, Sacrifice
  3. Vet hopes to bring wounded soldiers to Naples for R&R
  4. Marine's slaying inspires protections
  5. Anbar handover looms
  6. 3-year-old dies after Lejeune dog attack
  7. Sgt., brother dead after police chase
  8. Illegal exports of night-vision gear on rise
  9. Marine Corps calling up more IRR troops
  10. Not Your Typical Training Op
  11. Hadnott faces rape charge in military court
  12. Foster MP cleared of molestation charges
  13. Marine Corps seeks return to its role as a naval force
  14. Air Traffic Controller of the Year announced
  15. Woman Uses Art To Honor Lima Company
  16. Jefferson Award Winner: Marva Lyons
  17. Honor and Remember
  18. Man gets life in jail for shooting cpl. dead
  19. Marine gets suspended jail term in forgery
  20. Marines Given Jail For Japan Sex Assaults
  21. Military preps for possible island hurricane
  22. Marine found shot to death in San Clemente
  23. Marines graduate first civilian police officers
  24. Marines get flags from patriots
  25. Drug-testing worked for Marines
  26. Military dog dies inside vehicle
  27. Iowa Marine shot in head while serving in Afghanistan
  28. New raid on al-Qaeda in Iraq
  29. Twentynine Palms Marine turns anger into words, music; Internet does rest
  30. Carrier' on PBS Profiles Life Aboard the USS Nimitz
  31. MILITARY: Holding onto the dream
  32. Soldiers follow instincts as ‘weird vibe’ cuts short patrol near Sadr City area
  33. Congress approves military raise for 2009
  34. Marine given a suspended sentence for counterfeit bills
  35. Free legal assistance for D.C.-area veterans
  36. More than a number
  37. Community Helps Spread Aloha to Wounded Warriors
  38. Marine academy graduates police
  39. Marines scheduled to return from Iraq
  40. Prosecutors indict two Marines for 2006 taxi robbery
  41. Marines mentor Afghan police
  42. Marines identify troop found shot in a ditch
  43. Once A Marine, Again and Again
  44. Students thanking veterans with bus trip to D.C.
  45. A Tribute to U.S. Veterans & Military
  46. Iraq Veterans Describe Atrocities to Lawmakers
  47. Alfred State student will graduate and deploy
  48. Prosecutors indict two Marines for 2006 taxi robbery
  49. Local Marine selected as astronaut candidate
  50. SwissBike foldable Mountain Bike
  51. Local memorial symbolizes blood shed by recipients of Purple Heart
  52. Remembering his comrades
  53. Veterans' welcome was long time coming
  54. Firefighting aircraft won't be ready in '08
  55. In Iraq, a Marine realizes his dream
  56. Sacrifices never stop
  57. Medals of honor
  58. Post office named for fallen Marine
  59. National Museum of the Marine Corps Celebrates Memorial Day with Family Activities
  60. Driving while intoxicated endangers lives, careers
  61. MWR holds superman competition
  62. MWCS-28 receives Lt. Col. Kevin M. Shea award
  63. IA fires it up
  64. Anbar insurgency still active, colonel says
  65. Kan. reservist returns for birth of 8th child
  66. Marines identify troop found shot in a ditch
  67. Frank Buckles, 107, old-school survivor
  68. Military IDs to list only last four digits of SSNs
  69. Shedding some light on vision at night
  70. Sinise's Lt. Dan Band rocks the Pentagon
  71. Marines and scavengers clash over scrap metal
  72. City gives Vietnam vets overdue welcome home
  73. Determined to get on her feet again
  74. Healing visions
  75. Chattanooga: Group supports military families
  76. Ira Hayes Immortalized In Time
  77. Sen. Webb Writes His Own Story
  78. Third Annual Wounded Warrior Run in Jacksonville
  79. Marines search for unexploded ordnance at Fort Anderson trail site
  80. EADS North America-Sponsored Photographic Tribute to Soldiers and Marines
  81. Best friend Marines return home same day
  82. Iraq Sends Troops Into Sadr City
  83. Striking 3/9 reactivated
  84. Underage drinking case gets attention of Marine officials
  85. Long wait ends for 2/8, families
  86. Monument honors Alpha Company's fallen Marines
  87. Marines search for unexploded ordnance at Fort Anderson trail site
  88. State media: Myanmar shuns aid from US warships
  89. Billboard honors Brevard Marine - critics wonder if it's a recruiting tool
  90. US Military Jails Marine For Sexual Misconduct In Japan
  91. Where al Qaeda and the Taliban Hide Out
  92. Making The Most of the Present
  93. Let military families sue doctors and government, Hinchey says
  94. The long road home
  95. Back from Iraq
  96. 26th MEU integrates with Iwo Jima ESG
  97. From “Ambush Alley” to Peaceful Ally
  98. Heroic last stand, Marines thwart enemy attack
  99. Sadr City, a Mosque and a Weapons Cache
  100. Marine hurt after Mexican soldiers shoot car
  101. Marine vet hit by javelin at track meet
  102. Marine dies 4 months after being shot on leave
  103. Veterans peace group blocked from D.C. parade
  104. Our brave sailors and Marines are ready to paint the town white
  105. Program Offers Wounded Marines A New Career Path
  106. Wounded U.S. Soldiers, Marines Participate in Ice Hockey Clinic
  107. Marines set guidelines for running suit
  108. After Marine son is wounded, woman lobbies to expand family leave act
  109. Army divers search river for Korean War remains
  110. Camp Hansen honors life, service of ‘proud’ Marine
  111. Sailor goes the distance to aid wounded veterans
  112. Walter Reed cyclists hit the road for Coca-Cola 600
  113. Marine arrested at Okinawa airport after sword found in baggage
  114. Best friend Marines return home same day
  115. House approves financial relief for military personnel
  116. Graduate Marches Off to Marines
  117. Letters Home: Focusing on the individual Marine
  118. Life shattered in Iraq pieced back together
  119. Honor Guard salutes flag raiser
  120. Major Setback for Prosecutors in Chessani Court Martial
  121. Company shows off what it does to help Marines
  122. Marines, law enforcement officers carry torch for Special Olympics
  123. Leonard Shelton fought in the Marines for 20 years. Now he fights for sleep
  124. Guitar Heroes Rock Boat
  125. 'Unlawful command influence' taints Murtha case
  126. From the military to med school
  127. Is sex over? Badly hurt vets and sexual intimacy
  128. Petraeus: Troops in Iraq help blunt Iran threat
  129. CLB-26 to honor two heroes
  130. Marine's devotion above and beyond
  131. Ocalan recalls life on the seas
  132. It's A Plane! No, It's A Helicopter!
  133. Records detail security failure in base file theft
  134. fallen military members recalled in paintings
  135. Witnesses to War Speak Out on Rules of Engagement
  136. 12th Marine Regiment building on Okinawa named for captain who died in Iraq
  137. Apprenticeship program makes military job skills more marketable
  138. Optic sights temporarily approved for annual rifle qualification, not for score
  139. Taming a Tiger: How a lieutenant became a sergeant major
  140. Recession or war: Time to re-enlist
  141. Court: Gays cannot be automatically discharged
  142. Lee: Eastwood omitted blacks in WWII films
  143. Monument to Marines dedicated at development
  144. Soldiers test for hard-to-earn badge
  145. Remembering the fallen
  146. Barracks named for heroes
  147. Osprey marks 20th birthday
  148. Marines honored for heroism
  149. Remember those who sacrificed
  150. 2 Marines get award for pulling driver from burning vehicle
  151. New Camp Pendleton barracks make Marines at home
  152. In Iraq, a Marine's best friend is a dog with 42 teeth
  153. Marines trade 4 wheels for 2
  154. Marines step up patrols at off-limits Camp Lejeune beach
  155. Helping A Colleague He Has Never Met
  156. Helping Families Who've Lost a Soldier
  157. Friends, comrades live on in hearts of Iraq veterans
  158. House aims at Pentagon 'propaganda' on Iraq war
  159. Finding love at flight school
  160. Naval Academy exercises take a more military focus
  161. Marine officers won’t face charges
  162. Pendleton Marine arrested in shooting death
  163. School bans uniform at graduation
  164. 2 Marines lauded in rescue from burning SUV
  165. Roadside bomb in Iraq injures 7 Marines
  166. 19-year-old who died protecting others will be awarded Medal of Honor
  167. After decommissioning, carrier’s eventual fate unknown
  168. Wounded veterans hit jackpot with free trip to Las Vegas
  169. Young Marines at Foster collect DVDs for troops downrange
  170. Beaufort Marines to hurricane season: Bring it on!
  171. 'Marines have landed'
  172. Non-combat Marine deaths mount in Calif.
  173. New Camp Pendleton barracks make Marines at home
  174. May 28 court-martial for Haditha officer
  175. Tears for Lima Company
  176. The Navy's big show in NYC
  177. Company M recruits tackle circuit course, build their bodies the Marine Corps way
  178. Outlaws back SEALS
  179. CLB-26 honors two heroes
  180. Quantico remembers beloved drum major
  181. Marine opts for active duty before becoming a teacher
  182. MILITARY: Trauma treatment
  183. To Live with Honor
  184. The Ultimate Sacrifice
  185. High school in wartime sets soldiers' kids apart
  186. Top U.S. officer warns not to mix military, politics
  187. Always faithful to his 'boys': Parade marshal embodies Marine Corps ideals
  188. He recruited a Marine and a wife at the same time
  189. Galloway: Here's how we can really honor veterans on Memorial Day
  190. He gave his gun, then gave his life: Tallahassee veteran remembers fellow Marine
  191. Platoon of 400 Leathernecks jogs to Ground Zero, leaves a wreath
  192. Ex-Marine donates kidney to fellow Vietnam veteran
  193. Billboards to feature two Chicago Marines
  194. Search continues for man
  195. Casualty assistance calls officer
  196. IHSA, Quinn to honor state champ, Iraq War casuality
  197. Civilians start MP training for MCAS Yuma jobs
  198. Weekend Pass: Fleet Week in NYC
  199. BUSINESS: Longmont co. finds niche with military, law
  200. Canine warriors fight beside Marines
  201. Local athlete stands by decision to join Marines
  202. Cup of GI Joe: Coffee helps military families
  203. Mother of sergeant fatally beaten in gang initiation takes aim at son’s killer, milit
  204. Groups ask Pentagon to review new AAFES card
  205. Camp Buehring to hold Memorial Day service
  206. GOP senators sweeten their plan for GI Bill
  207. Lives remembered: California's war dead profiled
  208. On Shore, a Week to Release Stress but Also a Chance to Address It
  209. Run-walk honors fallen East Northport Marine
  210. Our War: Belleville Marine served at Guadalcanal
  211. Fallen stay young in our memories
  212. A day for remembrance
  213. ‘One team, one fight’
  214. Rolling Thunder asks Bush to become a member
  215. Burials of vets nonstop at national cemeteries
  216. As WWII vets pass, memories preserved
  217. General Sanchez speaks
  218. Marines enjoy Memorial Day weekend at home
  219. From Maroons to Marines
  220. Group looks after graves of GIs found in foreign cemeteries
  221. Watsonville Fly-In and Air Show makes final pass for the year
  222. Vegas vet’s death spurs VA reform legislation
  223. Crowd honors fallen heroes
  224. Captain's bars travel across 3 generations
  225. Memorial Day in Iraq
  226. War Stories: Lance Corporal Scotty Bailey
  227. Driving rules aim to reduce deaths
  228. Cedar Knolls ex-Marine not yet done with battles
  229. Resident survived 2 legendary battles
  230. Firefighters pay moving tribute to departing Marines
  231. Local Marines Say Goodbye
  232. Marines learn the meaning of pain in martial arts instructor courses
  233. Marines say they're 'ready to go' to Iraq
  234. Marines Move On, Never Forget
  235. Miscreant turns mentor
  236. Marine is more than meets the eye
  237. Marines become big brothers to local kids
  238. Memorial Day 2008
  239. Wall built in Kuwait to honor 4,500 fallen troops
  240. Vet returns wallet from WWII
  241. Firefighters cheer Garden City Marines heading to Iraq
  242. America's citizen-soldiers: My interview with a Marine colonel in Iraq
  243. Thank you, 1st Lt. Shaun Blue
  244. Marine told to trade in dress blues for cap, gown
  245. WWII Vet Fighting One More Battle
  246. Veteran Tries to Get Back to Who He Was
  247. Nephew honors uncle's sacrifice
  248. Marine heads to trial on obstruction charges
  249. Dispute threatens toxic tap water study
  250. Wartime PTSD cases jumped roughly 50 pct. in 2007