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  1. Fighting a war - in real life and on film
  2. Die Panzerwaffe
  3. Heroic Marines return home from violence
  4. Recent order changes allow Marines to save more leave
  5. Deployed Marines' pet dog stolen
  6. CLR-3 combat fitness tests evaluated
  7. Thomasson: Start another war? With what?
  8. Winter Soldier: Jon Michael Turner
  9. Westboro members must post cash bond during appeal
  10. MRAPs working so far, generals tell Congress
  11. Former Marine admits looting Iraq troop funds
  12. Police Believe Missing Marines Are AWOL
  13. He Displayed Guts To The Corps
  14. Military plot informant tells of videos
  15. Marines’ mission: Save our marriages
  16. Teen is off to a good start on Eagle badge
  17. Terror suspect on tape: ’Killing Americans in Iraq is OK’
  18. “letters home”
  19. 'Shining' In Iraq
  20. Veterans Advocate Urges Iraq War Awareness
  21. Major discusses life in Green Zone
  22. Iraq veteran Joshua Hoffman suffers setback
  23. Recruiter dismissed from suit in death of boy
  24. Museum's exercise in uniformity
  25. Doolittle Raiders reunion set for Dallas area
  26. Camp Pendleton Marines return from tour in Djibouti
  27. Some Marines From Lima Company Ordered To Iraq
  28. Once a Marine, always a Marine
  29. McCain Is Vocal on War, but Silent on Son’s Service
  30. Why Marines? Man offers honorable, amusing list
  31. Hmong homecoming embraces Marine
  32. He Displayed Guts To The Corps
  33. Home invader gets 14 years
  34. Grassroots aid growing for Iraq war vets
  35. A Flag, a Busing Fight, and a Famous Photograph
  36. The heart of a Marine
  37. Family honors fallen Marine
  38. Marine, 19, Dies After Crash At Camp Pendleton
  39. MCLB takes maintenance show on road
  40. Winter Soldiers
  41. Career training helping injured veterans
  42. Journey of Rediscovery
  43. Oh doctor! Padres' Coleman lays out his life in the Marines, baseball in new book
  44. Adopting retired working dogs can be challenging
  45. Web site aims to make absentee voting easier
  46. Soldiers in Iraq recall Medal of Honor recipient’s valor
  47. Naval base opens 'Mud Run' to the public
  48. Mother of slain Marine: 'I want women to be better protected'
  49. The war at home: part one
  50. Northern Notes: Serviceman picks up tab
  51. Iwo Jima author to speak at Bethany
  52. Iraq violence up as troop levels drop
  53. Vermont Air Guard proud of nation's longest flying F-16
  54. U.S. armed forces filled with 'such men'
  55. F-35 Joint Strike Fighter costs could hit home
  56. Gracin trying to prove himself post-‘Idol'
  57. POW Camp Survivor: 'We Never Gave Up'
  58. Indians saluted for patriotism
  59. Veterans Face Memories, Fears In Search For Marine
  60. Jeanerette Hero
  61. Veteran fought aboard gunship in World War II
  62. The Iraqis Step Up
  63. The Press Botches Basra
  64. Death of Iowa Marine under investigation
  65. Widow fights in-law for soldier’s sperm
  66. Westboro must post cash bond during appeal
  67. Spring in Iraq feels like summer
  68. Chaplain accused of sex crimes resigns
  69. Veterans' Mental Health by the Numbers
  70. Herrin veteran returns to Iwo Jima
  71. Bravery under fire:
  72. Soldiers Missing From the Korean War are Identified
  73. Marines face last insurgent stronghold in Iraq's Anbar Province
  74. Car ad starring 'military' frustrates some female vets
  75. Marine's family questions dropping of police probe
  76. More than a year, still no check
  77. Dramatic photographs recall unforgettable moments of long war
  78. Amputee says leg loss a small sacrifice
  79. Houston attorney involved in case that triggered international outrage
  80. Well-educated military key to victory
  81. Iraq Vet: 'We Need to Be There'
  82. The Iraqis Step Up
  83. Marine To Return To Iraq, Remembers Fallen Comrades
  84. CodePink hoax backfires on them
  85. Troops forgotten as we watch presidential race faux pas
  86. Regional: Vietnam vets help today's warriors
  87. Report: Conduct waiver use in Army doubled since 2004
  88. Petraeus recommends troop pause
  89. MRAPs Deliver
  90. Deadly fighting in Baghdad as Iraq marks Saddam's fall
  91. Iraq questions go unanswered
  92. Persistence finally pays off for new Marine recruit
  93. Missing Marine reportedly an area native
  94. Marine returns home
  95. We did it 'because it was right,' vet says
  96. Marine awarded $3.5 million in damages from military insurer
  97. Bringing hope home: Sparta lieutenant colonel says Iraq violence is down
  98. Guard proud of longest-flying F-16
  99. Military says it's investigating death of Hampton Marine
  100. Marines supported by arts
  101. Marines train at Fort Harrison for Iraq duty
  102. Annual Marine training course begins Friday
  103. Web Registry helps with Military Outreach Efforts
  104. New Cape Coral Marine receives World War I ring
  105. Khalil regrets toppling statue of Saddam
  106. Funeral set for former Marine, contractor
  107. Sentencing waiting on the Marines
  108. Iraq panel frees AP photographer
  109. Marine brings a taste of Iraq to local children
  110. Military Thrift Savings Plan is 'benefit for life'
  111. $21M to aid Marines growth
  112. Marines put Lauterbach at risk
  113. Veterans remember their lives on the line
  114. Cape siblings brothers in arms
  115. Army under stress from long wars
  116. Returning vets move from one force to next
  117. Mastic Street is named for 9/11 firefighter
  118. Hayden Marine looks forward to returning to Iraq
  119. V-22 Orders Cut
  120. What a difference 31 years make
  121. Real-life role players
  122. Executing the Mission Statement
  123. Marine who lost leg returns to combat
  124. In defense of America's defense
  125. Two deployed students share their views on life, war, and what made them who they are
  126. Passed over for Iraq during active duty, soldier signs up for deployment
  127. Blogs of war
  128. With al-Sadr’s march canceled, calm remains in Shiite stronghold of Shula
  129. MySpace site offers insight into life of sailor accused in killing of taxi driver
  130. New rules for military on running for office
  131. Valley Marines Return Home
  132. Cesar Laurean captured
  133. Learning lab opens at New River Air Station
  134. US marines say they have begun operations in Afghanistan
  135. Missing Newlywed Marine Calls Home
  136. Matt Maupin's Brother Re-Enlists In Marines
  137. Marine Recruits Get a Taste of Boot Camp
  138. U.S. military expands role in West Africa
  139. Experience enlisted to show war's reality
  140. WWI vet allowed burial at Arlington
  141. Back Channels: Lessons of humanitarian troops in Vietnam
  142. From one vet to another
  143. 'Idol' alumnus nervously awaits release of CD No. 2
  144. Dog tag returned to Salem man after 40 years
  145. Stolen military equipment found on Internet
  146. Marines, sailors return from a 9-month Afghanistan tour
  147. Marines tighten liberty card policy in Okinawa
  148. Soldier takes on tough task in Iraq to bring history home
  149. How America Really Treats Combat Vets: A Marine's Story Part 1
  150. Wounded vets experience Keys’ underwater wonders
  151. No more free medals for Navy families
  152. Learning About Family Through History
  153. 'Ex-Marine' living a lie, sheriff says
  154. As pilot for president, local grad gets around
  155. Hurt vets golf with Hootie and the Blowfish
  156. 2 Marines detained in Okinawa taxi holdup
  157. Alcohol limits end Monday for some in Japan
  158. John Paxson's son enlists in Marines
  159. Remembering fallen heroes
  160. Corps gets new Osprey squadron
  161. Man Admits To Stealing Fellow Marines' Identities
  162. Marines issue may cost Berkeley
  163. Strains to Remain Despite Shorter Tours, Say Gates, Mullen
  164. Mother's mission clear in aftermath of Marine's death
  165. CAMP PENDLETON: Haditha battalion commander in court next week
  166. A strong canine connection
  167. Marine charged with manslaughter in SoCal barracks shooting
  168. Pendleton 8 Exposed - The Real Story, Part 1
  169. Three Marines being investigated in Peru-to-Stafford heroin transaction
  170. Ship Dedicated For Honored Scio Marine
  171. Heroes come in multiple forms
  172. These moral men honor 'living spirit' of Marines
  173. Marines and their families reunite
  174. Marines to help dogs
  175. Marines' Hymn - History and Lyrics
  176. Yuma Marines march in honor of Bataan vets
  177. U.S. general says crimes should not hurt Japan ties
  178. THE FAMILY THAT SERVES TOGETHER...Siblings make Marines a family tradition
  179. Second V-22 Squadron Sent In
  180. The Fall of Baghdad
  181. Police chief, stepson get Iraq orders
  182. Rascal Flatts is fine, but opener sparkles
  183. Parents of Iraq hero attend keel laying for new destroyer
  184. Marine turns focus to working for government
  185. The healing powers of home
  186. 3.3% rate of divorce holds, Pentagon says
  187. Veterans intrigued by new online Vietnam memorial
  188. Wounded Vet To Get Help With New Home
  189. 20-Year-Old Fights For Dream Of Serving In Army
  190. Afghan fighting poised to escalate
  191. Friend remembers a fallen comrade in letter
  192. Marines Incorporate Defenshield Into Upgraded Traffic Control Points
  193. Marines learn enhanced IED procedures
  194. New Marine aircraft makes refueling easier
  195. Heroes on the Homefront: Friends in Service
  196. IRAQ: Not as violent but much more complicated
  197. A special day at site of famed battle
  198. Full Circle - Lance Corporal Evan Eskharia - Someone You Should Know
  199. County: dad has too many dogs by caring for deployed son's two
  200. Excerpt from 'Franklin & Lucy'
  201. Republicans Propose $3 Million Penalty For Berkeley Over Marine Flap
  202. 5-year-old Iraqi boy's surgery delayed
  203. Commander in Chief’s Trophy presented at White House
  204. Missing Marine couple turn themselves in
  205. States aim to ease transfers for military kids
  206. U.S. to release photographer held for 2 years
  207. Rumsfeld writing memoir
  208. Official: Coalition helo drop supplied Taliban
  209. Air Force gives honorary doctorate to Rice
  210. Military role models wanted for documentary
  211. Class welcomes soldier, pen pal home from Iraq
  212. Sending a Piece of Home Overseas
  213. Lima Company To Be Honored
  214. General urges longer tours
  215. Marines to cut forces in stable Anbar province
  216. Army fights STDs with free condoms
  217. Commander of Regimental Combat Team 5
  218. Weapons stockpile discovered in Anbar
  219. Planning the Needs of the Corps
  220. Top Officials Demanded in Unlawful Command Influence Motion
  221. Kaneohe Marine Won't Fight ID Theft Charges, Tells KHNL He's Sorry
  222. MILITARY: Pendleton commander affirms Anbar successes
  223. Letters help bond with brother
  224. Hometown hero: "If I had the opportunity, I would serve again."
  225. Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center aids Marine after bad accident while home
  226. Keeping Marines and their Families Informed
  227. Hitting the links for the heroes
  228. Iraq bomb kills 2 Marines
  229. Eastover Marines to deploy to Horn of Africa
  230. Marines raising money for charities
  231. Judge gives Murtha pass on Haditha testimony
  232. Iraq navy tests sea legs, but trainers predict shaky times
  233. Thank you, 1st Lt. Shaun Blue, for a life of integrity and service
  234. Busy in Iraq, U.S. also faces surging violence in Afghanistan
  235. Oak Lawn native who had two tours in Iraq dies in car crash
  236. REGION: Charges against Haditha commander upheld
  237. MCCS best kept secret receives accolades
  238. In the crosshairs: New weapons system more efficient for 2nd LAR Marines
  239. Marine Corps Marathon
  240. Teen sons of 2 Marines suspected in shoplift
  241. Marine coming home meets his youngest son for the first time
  242. Stream of Wikileaks and other leak websites slippery for banks, churches, even Guanta
  243. Navy Wants to Give Sailors 3 Years Off
  244. Wounded Marines Running Their Way to Recovery at Fourth Annual Pat's Run
  245. Camp Lejeune Marines Injured In Accident
  246. When R&R means rod and reel
  247. Army to use portable polygraphs with suspects, base visitors
  248. Pentagon records detail 2003 prisoner abuse
  249. Missing Marine couple turn themselves in
  250. Start of O-5’s Hadithah trial delayed