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  1. Veteran's Story: War memories filled with horrific scenes
  2. Air Force Academy to shut down inpatient hospital and emergency room
  3. China concerned about US military plans to shoot down damaged spy satellite
  4. Remembering Those Benchmarks?
  5. Senators call for probe on MRAP report's claims
  6. NY Times, Tell it to the Marines
  7. Once again, Finkbeiner does the right thing but does it badly
  8. Marine reservists bring maturity to latest deployment
  9. Wartime retreat with the wounded
  10. IRAQ: Crusade for ice
  11. IRAQ: Warily we roll along
  12. Trussville man wanted to be remembered as Marine
  13. The Dungeon of Fallujah
  14. Mommy Deployment
  15. Paratroopers capture Hasnawi lieutenant (Baghdad)
  16. Part of the suspect Oswald-Ruby transcript
  17. Former Marine pleads guilty to second-degree murder
  18. Loveland adventurer opens shooting range
  19. Veteran recalls the horror - and honor - of Iwo Jima
  20. Families rejoin ties forged fighting on Iwo Jima
  21. Documentary examines Haditha case
  22. Navy veteran 'forever changed' by Iwo Jima
  23. Status as a Marine with PTSD shaped way crime was handled
  24. Panel frustrated in Marine shooting case
  25. Top Marine sees hopeful signs in Anbar province
  26. Promises to Iraqi widows go unmet
  27. Dogs of War: The pay gap myth
  28. BACK TO IRAQ: Violence gives way to calm
  29. Serviceman with grenades arrested at airport
  30. IRAQ: A house divided...
  31. Redacted is fiction based on fact
  32. Letter of the day: Remembering sacrifice, 63 years later
  33. "Letters Home" Marine Returns Home to Talk to Students
  34. The Few. The Proud. The Glossary. Please.
  35. Iwo Jima
  36. Pensacola + Aviation Officer Candidate School = No More
  37. AQI In Final Meltdown
  38. Hunting homecoming
  39. Quilts made by Villages residents warm bodies, souls of wounded soldiers
  40. A Few Good Cooks: Marines learn how to make meals really ready to eat
  41. Mullen: Marines could have greater role in Afghanistan
  42. Fellow Marines Come to Aid of Vet Who Passed Away
  43. Marines Train on Big Island
  44. US Marines Warned of Japan's Anger
  45. Veterans Draw on WWII Bonds After Hit and Run
  46. A Costly Island
  47. Operation Gratitude in Iraq
  48. Group seeks deposition of Congressman Murtha in Haditha case
  49. New Howitzer shooting made easier
  50. Soldier held in alleged sexual assault
  51. Attacks increase as Iraq cease-fire in doubt
  52. High-tech cloth may help limit friendly fire
  53. League proves the motto, 'Always a Marine'
  54. Marines take a few good dogs
  55. IRAQ: Goat Grab
  56. Widows win right to sue for denied survivor pay
  57. Michigan Marines Invited Back
  58. Marines 'MudOps' Help Hawaii's Endangered Water Birds
  59. Monument honoring fallen Marine from Rockland to be dedicated in May
  60. Hawkins returns to Vietnam for second time
  61. Saying 'later,' not goodbye
  62. Veterans Draw on WWII Bonds After Hit and Run
  63. Etheridge see progress in Iraq
  64. Crash victim a Kaneohe Marine, police say
  65. Hawaii troops grill Mullen
  66. Enforcers look to make gridiron bust
  67. Pentagon says debris from destroyed satellite being monitored, unlikely to cause harm
  68. Prejudice & pride
  69. Airman dies as 2 fighter jets collide during training over Gulf of Mexico
  70. Why Wasn't WWII Hero Guy Gabaldon Given the Medal of Honor?
  71. Marine Corps Appreciation Day at Wright Museum
  72. County seeks ideas for helping military, families
  73. On Coming Home...
  74. Iraqi Terps Given Shot At USA Citizenship
  75. Marine officials seek to keep traffic light at housing area
  76. Parris Island to absorb Corps swell
  77. The Marines Step Up Training for the Complexities of Iraq
  78. How the War In Iraq Is Changing the American Soldier
  79. Indian Wells City Council to issue proclamation thanking Marines
  80. Murtha wrong, video at Haditha hearing shows
  81. From Combat To The Classroom
  82. “First of the First” return from 7 month deployment
  83. Japan losing patience
  84. Storming of embassy in Serbia sparks U.S. outrage
  85. NATO Chief Warns of Threats to Afghan Mission
  86. U.S. 'micro-loan' effort yields big results in Iraqi province
  87. NATO: Suicide bombs used as propaganda
  88. Private Lum Reports for Duty!
  89. Family waiting for military justice
  90. Desert dog to be waiting when devil dog returns
  91. Marines get some hang time with MH-60 Pave Hawk
  92. Rumored end of base restrictions on Okinawa denied by Marine officials
  93. Soldier gets 6-month sentence for refusing to deploy to Iraq
  94. Soldier to serve 6 months in jail for child porn
  95. Navy Compass Editorial
  96. War Paint: A Review of “Testimony to War - Art from the Battlegrounds of Iraq”
  97. I would like my apology now....
  98. Dog Saved by Marine Coming to Calif.
  99. Green Zone attacked after cease-fire renewed
  100. MARSOC breaks new ground
  101. Brig program helps the wounded
  102. Marine deployment: 'A very trying day'
  103. Marines commemorate Iwo Jima
  104. Tears Are Shed As Marines Say Goodbye
  105. Topsy-Turvy Training Prepares Marines to Handle Humvee Rollovers
  106. Marines Train Dogs
  107. Diesel-Sipping Motorcycle for the Marines
  108. Two arrested protesting Marines office
  109. Iwo Jima vet one of the few -- the proud
  110. The Air Force Reaches for the Sky
  111. Documentary recounts efforts to rename airport for 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' hero
  112. Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 262 dedicates plaque to fallen Marine
  113. Stalder: Security improved in Iraq
  114. Hungry for action, US Marines relish Afghan mission
  115. Iwo Jima Veterans Watch Flag-Raising Re-Enactment
  116. Fast track to citizenship fails service members
  117. High Profile, High Risk For Mcsons
  118. US military investigates stealth bomber crash
  119. U.S. sailors in Iraq aim to stem flow of insurgents
  120. A Doctor's Life in Baghdad
  121. Veterans denied health care over discharge errors
  122. Mother establishing moving memorial for Marine son, others
  123. Nubs, the Iraq war dog, arrives at his new home
  124. Navy officer arraigned on charges she had affair
  125. NY court spurns bid for damages by Viet victims of Agent Orange
  126. I Continue To Wonder Why Have We Become The Leading Warrior Nation In The World
  127. Twentynine Palms man hopes to bring counseling for veterans to High Desert
  128. Corps' fancy new mess hall first of its kind
  129. Soldier’s lies unravel after he kills himself
  130. Prosecutor: Accused Marine is ‘cooperative’
  131. Troops at Okinawa, Japan bases react to restrictions
  132. USFJ community pauses for ethics training
  133. Mullen listens to Marines feeling stuck with ‘left over’ weapons
  134. Marines at embassy in Belgrade hunker down, wait out chaos
  135. The Montford Point Marines
  136. Semper Fuzzball
  137. The sailor's pitch: Join the Navy and assist the world
  138. Marine hip-hop group balances military, musical careers
  139. AP Quotes Opinion as "Military Study" in Lack of MRAPs for Marine Corps
  140. Former Marine sentenced for killing intruder
  141. Teaching the art of combat
  142. Marines march for fallen vets
  143. Hotline helps war-weary troops, families
  144. Responds to Berkeley Marines Incident
  145. Media & 'nam: Lessons For Iraq
  146. Marine back from Iraq
  147. Marine fights to salvage career
  148. Trial opening for terror case against ex-Navy sailor in federal courtroom in Connecti
  149. 'Black Lagoon' monster Chapman dies
  150. Troops in Iraq say a bit of home always welcome
  151. Arming the V-22
  152. Dog finds something to bark about after rescue by Marine
  153. Iraq soldiers helped by Vietnam veterans
  154. Japan curfew to run at least through March 3
  155. Larry the Cable Guy helps out WWII vets
  156. A Breach In Security
  157. "Not Forgotten:" Shelby County Servicemen Who Gave All for Their Country
  158. Vietnam War photos on display in Hull trigger emotions
  159. Book depicts Chamorros going above and beyond
  160. Two in local family serve nation
  161. WorldWater ships solar water units to Iraq
  162. Post-surge troops levels: 140,000
  163. No word yet on Afghan shooting inquiry
  164. China to open records relating to U.S. MIAs
  165. Hawaii Marines Return from Iraq
  166. State May Pull Berkeley Funding Over Marines Furor
  167. The House Is Looking for a Few Good Men and Women
  168. Wounded warriors hit the slopes
  169. Marines Test Drive Motorcycle Safety Course
  170. Marines seek probe into MRAPs delay
  171. Retreats help vets, spouses reconnect
  172. Wuterich trial start delayed
  173. New Technology Improves Care for Wounded Troops
  174. Lessons on the Long War
  175. Marine suspected of trespassing freed
  176. Former Marine sentenced for killing intruder
  177. Chairman Calls Connecting With Troops Highlight of Trip
  178. Frontline Responds to Haditha Criticisms
  179. Events spur AF base to call in ‘Ghost Hunters’
  180. They call him the Crusher
  181. Will Our Veterans Get Absolute Justice?
  182. First Sioux to Receive Medal of Honor
  183. Marine Investigated for Counterfeiting
  184. Vets Suffer as DD214 Errors Increase
  185. Grill sergeants
  186. Five friends gearing up to go to Marine Corps boot camp
  187. Veterans plan Honor Flight to D.C.
  188. Outside View: Suicide bombing a crime
  189. Army vet opposed to Murtha tossed off ballot
  190. New US Submarines Trade Nukes for SEALs
  191. Welcome home banners come with rules
  192. Families rejoice as 250 Marines and sailors return from duty in Iraq
  193. Marines halt study critical of MRAP program
  194. Marines take care of their own in 2007 CFC
  195. Group helps link reuniting Marines
  196. Group addresses women's issues in Iraq
  197. Marines suspend order for 24K flak jackets over complaints by troops
  198. Master Sgt. Tobie Matherne: An Unsung Hero
  199. Concerns widen on waits for Iraq gear
  200. Woman thanks saviors for quick care
  201. Chaplains: serving since 1776
  202. Oceanside’s Flagman: 74 years of dedication
  203. What it takes to be an All-Marine wrestler
  204. Meningitis meddles in trial of former Marine
  205. 15 troops slightly hurt in Kuwait accident
  206. Trial postponed for Hadithah staff sergeant
  207. Simpson, Mencia perform for troops March 10
  208. When in danger, call for the US Marines. That’s what CodePink’s Medea Benjamin did
  209. Marines honored
  210. American Indians honor, heal their warriors
  211. Commemorating sacrifice
  212. IRAQ: Privileges, plus responsibilities
  213. Special delivery from 1500 feet
  214. Lummus shines at supply
  215. Marine’s indictment sent back to prosecutors
  216. Iraq War Marine With Amputated Leg Back in Active Duty
  217. Okinawa restrictions frustrate dependents
  218. Navy-Marine Corps Society offices begin annual worldwide fund drives
  219. Author of MRAP report ordered to stop work
  220. Corps says it is working to address procurement issues
  221. ‘You can’t win this war with bullets’
  222. Bias, Bias Everywhere...
  223. ...And Now For An Important Message From Your Friendly Neighborhood I.R.S
  224. Interest in election high among military voters
  225. Marines Learning New Techniques to Sniff Out Insurgents
  226. Burr bill would alter vet disability ratings
  227. Making a more cunning Marine
  228. 'Chemical Ali' Execution OK'd in Iraq
  229. Navy Sends Show Of Force To Mediterranean
  230. Betrayed By State
  231. Marines ID corporal found dead in Miramar barracks
  232. Marine arrested in alleged rape released; girl, 14, drops claim
  233. Governor may pardon Marine burglar chaser
  234. Judge rules military can require anthrax shot
  235. Iraq vet wins $1 million in scratch lottery
  236. Angelina Jolie Says Troop Surge Creating Opportunity to Help Iraqi Refugees
  237. Teaching Marines to be like hunters
  238. China agrees to share military records with U.S. on servicemen missing since Korean W
  239. Major, master hunter, seeks and destroys unwanted wild pigs at Georgia's Fort Benning
  240. Haditha Marines Still Need Your Help
  241. CLB 6 ready to defend freedom
  242. Three Marines awarded Bronze Stars
  243. Iraqi Puppies To Find Homes With Marines
  244. Marines lift ban on Ron's Place
  245. Knitters, crocheters help bring warmth into deployed Marines’ lives
  246. Marines Museum gets artifacts from Battle of Peleliu
  247. Medal of Honor recipients participating in fundraiser
  248. Japan, US vow crackdown on crimes by US military
  249. U.S. soldier's remains flown to USA for ID
  250. A Fighting 9/11 Tribute