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  1. Blackwater tried to take aircraft out of Iraq
  2. Marines Corps honors Lee grad for bravery in Iraq
  3. A matter of death and life
  4. Memorial for soldiers dedicated
  5. Military lags on suicide prevention, report says -
  6. Corps to seek new individual service rifle
  7. Marine dies in Iraq
  8. Six-year stint comes with a bonus
  9. Small items, great utility
  10. The gear of tomorrow, today
  11. Arm control
  12. More Marines get lifesaver training
  13. Born without legs, I’m ‘doing my part’
  14. Superheroes respond to assist with toy drive in Boston
  15. Not enough doctors
  16. Too real?
  17. Reality check
  18. Best bachelor?
  19. Troops unite to save soldier knifed in head
  20. Another survivor’s story: “No way I’m going to let this guy die”
  21. Selfless Valor: Navy LT Michael P. Murphy
  22. Marine unit recruiting 'warrior poets'
  23. Higher-altitude training requires adjustments
  24. Uncommon valor
  25. Boot camp was rude awakening
  26. Small move for troops
  27. Students reflect on service in Iraq
  28. 2/6 back home after 7 months
  29. Parents accept Medal of Honor for SEAL
  30. Tribunal to investigate 2 spec ops officers
  31. Marine astronaut set to pilot shuttle today
  32. Sailors, Marines get taste of tea ceremony on Okinawa
  33. ‘Wounded Warriors’ see history first-hand
  34. To Teach, Lead:
  35. Wilmington Marine Reserve Base Closing
  36. Pekin brothers tend to their jobs in Iraq
  37. Police receive evidence from U.S. marines in gang-rape case
  38. Just doing his job with valor
  39. U.S. Army LTC Allen West Returns Home
  40. Marines Going Back to Sea
  41. Three Marines Try to Build Trust with Iraqi Province
  42. Marines speak out against military's gay ban
  43. Feedback for the Chairman of Joint Chiefs
  44. Iwo Jima hero lauded
  45. This time military choppers will aid fire effort
  46. New Marine running suits tested in UO laboratories
  47. Reminiscing about her service in WWII
  48. Local GI sent to jail
  49. Fires start on Pendleton; larger fire looms nearby
  50. Parents: SEAL’s whole life led up to MoH
  51. Alleged academy sex assault investigated
  52. Former Marine pleads no contest in slaying
  53. Cal Thomas: News media, Democrats treat no news out of Iraq as bad news
  54. Retired Marine receives honors
  55. Marine Remembered Years After Terrorist Attack
  56. Not So Basic Training
  57. Testimony begins in case against protesting church
  58. Marines march in to train
  59. New Marines Get Schooled In Art Of War
  60. Code talker's words still resonate
  61. Sacrifice, service rife in energized war years
  62. Commandant downplays a shift of Marine mission from Iraq to Afghanistan
  63. Flights thrill crowds, help train pilots
  64. Osprey sees first action in search and rescue
  65. Officer killed in Quantico car crash
  66. DoD fights Congress on ex-military employees
  67. Ex-body armor execs indicted in fraud
  68. Just your friendly neighborhood Navy
  69. Three weeks with the Marines in Iraq? Priceless!
  70. Marine Black Recruits Up 40 Percent
  71. My son, the U.S. Marine
  72. Bush lands at Miramar en route to fires
  73. Laura Bush to troops: Never mind the newspapers
  74. A survivor's tragic tale
  75. Japan won't arrest US Marines over rape allegation: reports
  76. Camp Pendleton Marines aid in California wildfire relief
  77. Marines declare war on garbage
  78. No fast delivery of ray gun to Iraq
  79. 'I knew I had to walk in their footsteps'
  80. Soldier demoted for lying, but gets to stay in Army
  81. Blackwater contractor: 'Not a good shoot'
  82. Getting the job done
  83. Targeting Iraqis as ‘Big Game’
  84. Words spoken in funeral flag-folding draw flap
  85. Beyond the Call of Duty
  86. The 3-minute interview: Gen. Robert Magnus
  87. Preventive Warfare
  88. Doubt, despair circle above family as marine serves tour of duty in Iraq
  89. Camp Foster Marine guilty of lies, theft
  90. Tattoos Tell a Moving Tale in The Soldiers Skin Exhibition
  91. Looking Back on Oroville's Heroes
  92. Lt Michael P Murphy USN
  93. Oregon recruiter dead in apparent suicide
  94. Lejeune sailor PT death under investigation
  95. Senators want data on war vets’ mental health
  96. Camp Foster Marine gets six months on variety of charges
  97. No court-martial for fired Constitution CO
  98. Fort Bliss family needs help in tragedy
  99. San Diego's Fires — As Seen From Iraq
  100. Navy to build ties with Marines and Coast Guard
  101. History bonds vets, students
  102. Iraq war marine speaks at school
  103. Phased-out unmanned aircraft makes final flight at Whiting Field
  104. Honoring the Fallen Sacrifices etched in stone
  105. Marine Fights To Get Out Of Deployment To Iraq
  106. Sexy salute
  107. Navy Crew MIA From Vietnam War is Identified
  108. Marine bikers ride against drug abuse
  109. Rascal Flatts at Sprint Center
  110. Fingerpointing over grounded helicopters
  111. "Why Marines Fight":
  112. Unit named after Marine
  113. Marine's death was avoidable
  114. The Trick or Treat Murder
  115. Wounded warriorsget special attention
  116. Volunteers make stockings for soldiers in Iraq
  117. Sniper Swagger with a sword? C'mon
  118. Neighborhood greets Marine from Evesham after Iraq tour
  119. 41 Vietnam vets receive medallions
  120. War took soldier's legs but brought him closer to his brother
  121. Military announces successful missile-defense test off Hawaii
  122. Desert Diaries
  123. Fires claim hundreds of acres on Camp Pendleton
  124. Fresh from Fallujah
  125. Local vets inducted into hall of fame
  126. The long road home
  127. Color guard preps for NFL contest at Wembley
  128. An old wound: Review reopens Aviano tragedy
  129. Petraeus: Al-Qaida reeling, but still lethal
  130. ‘Operation Dumbo Drop’— the sequel?
  131. ‘The stuff they make movies out of’
  132. On the cutting edge
  133. DoD personnel chief predicts rough seas for recruiting
  134. New Osprey transition slots limited to fixed-wing pilots
  135. Tight-lipped Conway refutes force-shift reports
  136. ‘The War I Always Wanted:
  137. Marines get new rules for ‘spit and polish’
  138. How to Resurrect Fallujah
  139. A complex matter of duty
  140. Ramadi war zone now rare bright spot
  141. Fighting a new battle
  142. Sending Sons To War
  143. The few, proud and persistent
  144. Year-round commitment builds leaders
  145. Vet blasts military racism
  146. Retired general and area native to be honored
  147. Wounded officer highest-ranking to be injured in Iraq
  148. Ennis, Texas, native leads his Marines through new Fallujah
  149. Military.net Announces a Military Job Board Exclusively
  150. Marines in Iraq look to pastor for answers to tough questions
  151. His gift: Mending wounded Marines
  152. No costume? No time? No problem.
  153. Panel: Military firefighters a priority
  154. Vet's brother serves as guardian of memorial
  155. Life improving in one Iraqi city
  156. War vs. ‘War’
  157. Spec-ops court of inquiry pushed back
  158. Pentagon resists tighter base access rules
  159. More details released about death at Lejeune
  160. Cutout entertained family while Marine away
  161. Iraq sniper attacks overestimated
  162. Bagging trophies on Iraqi safari
  163. Marine fights new battle
  164. Not anger, not seeking war - but desire to remember the fallen
  165. Lt. Col William Russell To Challenge Bin Laden Stooge, Jack "Cold Blood" Murtha In Up
  166. Help Wounded Warriors Enjoy a Christmas Cruise
  167. Dr. Phil: Let’s set the record straight
  168. States work to make absentee voting easier
  169. Family gives stand-in doll honorable discharge
  170. Editorial: Marines in Iraq need nonlethal ray weapon
  171. Tattoo Bans
  172. Officer visit to class pays surprise
  173. Gen. Petraeus' Spokesman Denies Sending Angry Email -- Plot Thickens
  174. 'No End in Sight' offers exhausting look at mistakes made in Iraq
  175. U.S., Japan question four Marines accused in alleged gang-rape
  176. Respected Marine Lawyer Alleges Military Injustices
  177. Calif. Firefighters Want Marines' Help
  178. Another chapter in Montford Point history
  179. Marines roar over the area
  180. U.S. Military Will Supervise Security Firms in Iraq
  181. Commandant visits Marines, fire evacuees
  182. Caring for the troops
  183. Ohio bill would end tax on military pensions
  184. CU aims to recruit veterans to campus
  185. Aviation and Military Museum celebrates grand opening Nov. 10
  186. Another S.A. soldier charged with murdering an Iraqi
  187. PTO, children collect Beanies for Iraq
  188. Restaurant runs holiday troop drive
  189. VA clarifies rules at flag-folding ceremonies
  190. Suit against funeral protesters goes to jury
  191. Senior Anglers host Marines
  192. Recent CVHS Grad Returns to U.S. After Deployment in Iraq
  193. Retired NJ marine to receive award
  194. Wanted: 10 new coordinators to help wounded
  195. Fighting spirit a Phillips family trait
  196. Marine dad wins funeral protesters lawsuit
  197. Marines mum on details surrounding girl’s death on Okinawa
  198. Wartime hero cat Simon remembered
  199. A concert for a cause
  200. The few and proud party
  201. Defense Focus: Villain to hero -- Part 1
  202. Marines are boosting black recruit numbers
  203. The right man for the job
  204. U.S. ‘Bwana' Goes ‘Big Game' Hunting for Iraqis
  205. Montford Point documentary set to air
  206. Lessons from surviving Korea stay with veteran
  207. The beachhead
  208. Will Hunt Hackers For Food
  209. Flags, bricks honor war veterans in Camden
  210. Marine recruiters punished for cheating
  211. Retired general sees 50-year Mideast mission
  212. Codetalkers: How to win friends & influence people in Iraq....
  213. Pfc. arrested in Colorado on desertion charge
  214. MoH faker gets 34 months in prison
  215. Help Marines Help Iraqi School Kids
  216. Lawyers: Marine was being treated
  217. Pilot of Hiroshima A-bomb plane dies
  218. Conway: Proposal to move Marines not a power grab
  219. State firefighters reach deal to train with Marines
  220. Local recruiters meet military goals
  221. Marines will prepare to fight another foe
  222. These Marines will get your attention
  223. 6 men sue airline in racial profiling case
  224. City Clubs Will Host Wounded Marathoners
  225. Portraits of War from Hometown Marine
  226. Awards Ceremony At Camp Lejeune
  227. Exchanges OK gift cards from other services
  228. ‘War Stories’ returns to Fox News
  229. Military pressure to recruit is strong
  230. Helping to heal 'wounded warriors'
  231. Museum's design an award winner
  232. U.S. General says number of bombs in Iraq declines, but doesn't give reason
  233. A fitting way to offer a year-round memorial
  234. A Gossip Columnist in Iraq
  235. Exploring one photo of an explosion in An-My Le's 'Small Wars'
  236. Repair shop offers free oil changes for donations
  237. The Battle of Palmdale
  238. Iraq war stays under the skin of Marines
  239. U.S. Marines capture Challenge Cup from Royal Marine runners
  240. Authorities investigating captain’s disappearance
  241. Marine likes duty at Army post
  242. Marines present armor upgrade plan for fighting vehicle
  243. Sunday return for 300 Marines
  244. Marines run to honor Marine Corps’ 232nd birthday
  245. Hollywood helps Marines prepare for war
  246. Quantico Marines deploy to Iraq
  247. Camp Lejeune Marines Receive Purple Hearts
  248. Marine general bids farewell
  249. Marking 40 years of military service
  250. Special recognition is given to Marines