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  1. Photos: Old World celebrates Oktoberfest parade
  2. Marines may get stress exams
  3. Prospect of more Marines prompts coalition
  4. Scholarship named for U.S. Marines
  5. Marines Make Way For Christmas
  6. Osprey finally arrives in a combat zone, after more repairs
  7. The Lonely War
  8. Making a pitch for our warriors
  9. In West Virginia, a humble bid to thank troops
  10. 200 Marines who extended their Iraqi tour return safely
  11. At war in Iraq, Marine honors victims of tragedy at home
  12. Prattville Marine relishes trip home
  13. Memorial for USS Oklahoma on track
  14. El Pasoans proud of Marine son in Iraq
  15. Home-front connection: A blessing or a burden?
  16. Wounded soldiers wrap up restful weekend
  17. Cold War secret: U.S. envisioned radiological weapon to covertly kill leaders
  18. A gun for Osprey?
  19. Clothing allowances go up for Marines
  20. Families can call wounded Marines toll-free
  21. Blue Angels arrive in Hawaii for show
  22. Socom General Criticized
  23. Your pay raise
  24. Marines train corporals to address stress
  25. Marine from Liberty killed in Iraq
  26. Woman's killer sentenced to prison
  27. V-22 Osprey deploys to Iraq
  28. Post office renamed for 1st Hoosier killed in Iraq
  29. Bench to honor fallen Marine
  30. Heroes Weekend honorsservice and offers support
  31. Code Talkers to be immortalized
  32. Robotic vehicles set to roll
  33. Military Salute--Sgt. Keith Lagasse
  34. Marine Sues Local Studio Over Injury
  35. Six Young Heroes Receive ''Grateful Nation'' Award
  36. Lack of taping remains an issue in Marine prosecutions
  37. EOD to get Bronze Star for disarming 65 IEDs
  38. Microphone Marines
  39. Marines Land at UO, Leave with Plans to Wear Oregon-made Training Suits
  40. Hawaii Marine base rehearsing for event
  41. Marine homecoming an opportunity to say thanks
  42. County not pumped up about push-up deal
  43. Probe sought for U.S. Special Ops leader
  44. Navy returns 1871 battle flag to S. Korea
  45. Fallen Marines, Navy corpsman honored
  46. SNCO allegedly snatches UA Marine at gunpoint
  47. Turkey launches airstrikes near Iraq border
  48. Quick action on checks for disabled vets urged
  49. Lejeune rifle range death under investigation
  50. Trainers help communities help military kids
  51. U.S. releases prisoners for Ramadan
  52. Marines press to move units from Iraq: report
  53. 3 charged in Wilson grad's death are Marines
  54. Mother Says Marine Recruiter Went Overboard With Her Son
  55. Gates describes Army of future
  56. Army defends recruitment standards
  57. Marine Gen. Wants Troops Out Of Iraq
  58. Veterans fight for college benefits
  59. General acted to resolve conflict
  60. Local Marine surprises family
  61. A wanderer of the woods
  62. Navy gives new urgency to retaining pregnant sailors
  63. Former Marine faces charges of identity theft
  64. Bakersfield Marine's death may be homicide
  65. A tale of 2 'massacres'
  66. Who Birthed Blackwater?
  67. Yongsan Marine awarded Bronze Star
  68. Missing weapons recovered near Iraqi home
  69. Marines to look at Afghanistan shooting
  70. Marines' Afghanistan Plan Sparks Debate
  71. Pendleton Marines Arrested for Long Beach Murder
  72. 31st MEU Marines climb on board for Talon Vision exercises
  73. Who Will Be Punished for Haditha?
  74. $100 million in bonuses keeps experienced commandos from leaving the military
  75. Corps looks to boost post-tour screenings
  76. Wilderness Challenge(Video)
  77. Remains of 9 WWII airmen identified, will be returned for burial
  78. General acted to resolve conflict
  79. Mike Farrell: M*A*S*H Star Takes on Cause to Stop the Death Penalty
  80. Parris Island to kick off intramural firing competition
  81. Remembering Wake Island
  82. Rules of Engagement in Counter-Insurgency
  83. Police dog given in memory of fallen soldier
  84. Bill would give wounded vets full re-up cash
  85. Tuition bill lets troops pay in-state rate
  86. Marines to add 11,500 troops in eastern N.C.
  87. USS Cole Anniversary Today: Media Silent
  88. 2/3 Marine wins Leftwich Trophy
  89. Marine Corps Association honors Marines of the Year
  90. Beaufort Marine Honored with Bronze Star
  91. Squadron of Marines lands at Beverly Airport on way to Maine
  92. New River Marines tidy up the waterfront
  93. Brothers in Arms Twin brothers Ricorda and Marcorda Randall of Camilla answer the cal
  94. Marine Comedians Still Supporting the Troops
  95. The U.S. Marines say General Dynamics' armoured vehicle will save U.S. lives.
  96. Ex-General: 'No End in Sight' in Iraq
  97. Sailor found dead after training accident in Virginia
  98. $100 million in bonuses keeps experienced commandos from leaving the military
  99. First Navy MoH since Vietnam to go to SEAL
  100. Teams sent to units to boost post-tour health screenings
  101. Report: Marine gave secret files to police
  102. Navy corpsman becomes a Marine
  103. Young Marines rally around Iraq veteran
  104. Marines honor fallen friends with memorial
  105. Meet the Real-Life 'Band of Brothers'
  106. Haditha Revisited....Congressman Murtha is Toast
  107. Medals of Honor, Wars of No Honor
  108. Top Marine sticks by Afghanistan proposal
  109. Twilight show wows Miramar crowd
  110. The marine who would be mayor
  111. What Happened to the Marines
  112. As Marines withdraw, Fallujah emerges as model for rest of Iraq
  113. $4.5 million for a boat that nobody wanted
  114. From the war — a wordsmith
  115. If they said it, then it's true
  116. Time 'to give a damn' about vets' mental health - ex-gen.
  117. Stick to the military
  118. Mud? Rain? A perfect day for this race
  119. Letter: Where's the stars and stripes?
  120. Ex-US commander at Iraq jail faces trial
  121. Time for the U.S. to get comfortable with ideology
  122. Leaders, experts slam Time article on Osprey
  123. Secret DoD letters demanding records faulted
  124. Progress on Haifa Street
  125. Silent Drill Platoon takes on recruiting ad mission
  126. Corps to offer extra help to special-needs families
  127. 2008 clothing allowances
  128. Chicago Military Schools
  129. Ontario twins faced war at sea side by side
  130. Marine suing producer of training film
  131. Hispanic-American soldiers key in war
  132. 'Ready to Fight' battalion enables transition in Anbar
  133. Secretary of the Navy's birthday message
  134. Building onto the memories
  135. Blue Angels crash led spate of deaths
  136. Marines, start your engines!
  137. Japanese martial arts highlighted at Camp Fuji expo
  138. Marine chief worries force growing heavy
  139. America's own unlawful combatants?
  140. With added equipment, Marines may be getting too heavy to respond
  141. Six Marines helicopters create a stir with 'pit stop' at Beverly Airport
  142. Silly String Finally on its Way to Troops
  143. Three Marines awarded Bronze Stars at Camp Kinser ceremony
  144. Court Of Inquiry To Focus On Marines
  145. In Iraq, a veteran Marine gunner sees a war to be won
  146. On Bonuses and Leaving Iraq
  147. The Real Iraq We Knew
  148. Patriot Guard surprises Palatine Marine
  149. Marine commandant says he is concerned Iraq is turning quick-response force into anot
  150. Defense says Army reservist only seeking 'hearts and minds' of detained Iraqis
  151. AF acquisitions official apparently kills self
  152. PTSD vet ‘chooses’ homelessness
  153. Hope Yet for Iraq?
  154. Military Memoirs Offer Unfiltered View of Iraq War
  155. Program Gives Hope To Wounded Warriors
  156. Eye witness report: Marines drop acid in western Iraq!
  157. More Marines receive basic medical training
  158. 22nd MEU leaves Kuwait with Kearsarge ESG
  159. Disability pay can depend on where you live
  160. Patriot missile fired accidentally in Qatar
  161. Marines stretched thin, officer says
  162. ‘Squared away' MHS graduate finds his calling in the Marines
  163. Officials say Marine’s drowning emphasizes need for water safety
  164. Veterans to be honored
  165. Choppers have area folks buzzing
  166. Anti-IED drills improve, but not every soldier goes through them
  167. Advice to U.S. troops in Iraq ages well
  168. Veterans take their war views to the trail
  169. Marine gets noisy welcome home
  170. Nonprofit fixes cars for strapped military families
  171. Special Tombstone for Soldier
  172. New bridge to honor soldier killed in Iraq
  173. The Baghdad follies
  174. Recommendation in Haditha killings challenged
  175. N.Y. cemetery has one veteran too many -- and a big mystery
  176. New Maritime Strategy Released
  177. Cherry Point growth to impact city
  178. War vet proud to be in Gophers uniform
  179. NBC First to Praise Medal of Honor Recipient Lt. Michael Murphy
  180. Fallujah: Security payoff in former insurgent stronghold
  181. Retiree COLA to increase 2.3% in 2008
  182. Generals endorse plan to end grunt shortage
  183. More Marines to go on ships, strategy says
  184. Fragging attacks rare in Iraq, Afghanistan
  185. TBI care still has many problems, spouse says
  186. Marines recall 1979 fire at Camp Fuji that claimed 13 lives
  187. Texas Marine awarded Silver Star
  188. Marines return to Hawaii from Iraq
  189. Marine Angel teams up with Jewel-Osco for Halloween
  190. New Maritime Strategy to Focus on 'Soft Power'
  191. ‘My son, the Navy Captain’
  192. Marine seeks toys for Iraqi children
  193. Looking for a little fun? It’s Bingo time
  194. Midshipmen struggle to adapt to policies that cut free time
  195. Vets scorn false claim of Medal of Honor
  196. His spirit lives on in scholarship
  197. Pentagon to alert eight National Guard units for Iraq, Afghanistan duty
  198. Clubs Give Marines a Crack at Greatness
  199. Marines get realistic training in Yuma's roads, skies
  200. North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones Calls for Inquiry of Army General Involved in Soldie
  201. Sensor helps prosthetic arm move on thought
  202. Brothers keep football, military traditions soaring at academy
  203. Five to be fired for Minot nuclear mistake
  204. Tricare covers MRIs for women at cancer risk
  205. Town OKs tag tax break for active-duty troops
  206. Battle-ready with nowhere to go
  207. US Marines in Japan Accused of Rape
  208. Navy, Marines to receive clothing allowance boost
  209. Camp Hansen Marines practice mobile medicine
  210. MLG Marines receive prestigious awards for actions in Iraq
  211. Camp Lejeune provides key training to deploying Marines
  212. III MEF general: ‘You went to war and came back’
  213. Gavel to Gavel: Trial concerning Marine training accident begins
  214. Marine adds toughness to Panthers' 'D'
  215. For soldiers, it's their journey to recover
  216. Army says it must keep forcing some troops to stay in service longer than they expect
  217. Mullen says military action against Iran is last resort, but could be done if ordered
  218. Auction of Limbaugh letter to help Marine kids
  219. Last to let you down: ALSS Marines, last hope for ejecting pilots
  220. Yesterday's warriors of service to today's
  221. 'The Willing Few'
  222. East Hartford woman sings praises of her Marines
  223. Military promotion well worth fighting for
  224. Ceremony for slain troops
  225. Ex-US Commander in Iraq Gets 2-Year Term
  226. Marine's flag, in ashes
  227. Marine dress code changes communities
  228. Motorcycle crash kills Camp Pendleton Marine
  229. Wing decertified after nuclear mistake
  230. Survey to seek opinions on SNCO dress uniform
  231. Conway: no gap in dress blue collars
  232. Bill would make military murder federal crime
  233. 2/6 Marines to return to Lejeune on Monday
  234. Lawmakers want review of minority promotions
  235. Coast Guard puts Eagle Eye UAV on hold
  236. Marines, soldiers end Camp Foster training session in friendly tussle
  237. Military Vehicle Rollovers
  238. Looking for the few, the proud:
  239. Park to Be Dedicated in Honor of Marine Corporal Kevin T. Kolm
  240. Cuss like a sailor? Sure, unless wrong person is listening
  241. Blackwater and Haditha A Tale of Two Atrocities
  242. Army to extend basic training program by 1 week, to 10 weeks, to reinforce instructio
  243. Air Force punishes 70 in nuclear weapons error; finds crews ignored rules for some pr
  244. Marines rolling with punches
  245. Marines' pets are looking for good homes at Pendelton shelter
  246. Always His Brother's Keeper
  247. Marines contemplate move from Anbar to Afghanistan
  248. Ex-POWs struggle with debate over U.S. treatment of detainees
  249. Uniforms allowed at toy collection sites
  250. Mattis orders Hadithah Marines to trial