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  1. Report: Blackwater skimped on security before Fallujah ambush
  2. Veterans face tough transition to college
  3. My boys could be back home in months
  4. Military looks to next frontier
  5. PEORIA: Injured Marine returns home
  6. Military vehicles converge on museum for open house
  7. Moss Point native's book tells of Gulf War service
  8. US Army Sniper Not Guilty of Murder
  9. Officials to decide regs for running suits
  10. GIs find Sept. 11 propaganda during search
  11. Hood soldiers punished in training death
  12. Karmah sheik confides in Marines
  13. Marine Wing Communication Squadron 18 celebrates milestone
  14. Marine is Fire Officer of the Year
  15. First U.S. troops in drawdown plan now out of Iraq
  16. Senate approves Mattis for JFCom job
  17. Recalled play yards were sold by exchanges
  18. Support builds for military awards database
  19. Marine Corps League official faces charges
  20. 22nd MEU rescues troops stranded in Iraq
  21. Marines: "First to fight," and happier when doing so
  22. Alcon:
  23. Marines rescue boaters near base rifle range
  24. 13th MEU becomes first ‘surge’ unit to leave Iraq
  25. Tulsa man arrested in connection with alleged molestation at youth camp-out
  26. Heroic World War II rescue focus of reunion
  27. Golf tourney doles out cash
  28. In Harm’s Way
  29. Grandmother to embed in Iraq with U.S. Marines
  30. Why Are We In Iraq?
  31. Once more, unto the breach
  32. Halberstam Broods on Korea, Cooked Intelligence in Final Book
  33. Injured Marine To Receive Reconstructive Surgeries
  34. Veterans Take To Honorair
  35. Brave young Resistance fighter who helped Cockleshells escape Gestapo
  36. Triton grad’s find averts disaster in Iraq
  37. War hero has idea to thank mothers, parents
  38. Ammo techs keep magazines full
  39. Military panel in Iraq aquits U.S. sniper of murder, convicts him of planting evidenc
  40. Military: U.S. forces took down one of top leaders of al-Qaida in Iraq
  41. SOI adds 7 days, weapons skill to training
  42. Senate OKs vets’ suicide prevention bill
  43. Corps expands Reserve enlistment bonuses
  44. Love and war: From Baghdad to Nebraska
  45. Indiana creek cleanup yields WWII munitions
  46. Marines' trucks get customized
  47. Tattoo artists miss Marine customers who don't come home
  48. Accused deserter arrested in fugitive roundup
  49. Changing military attitudes
  50. The Real Stories from Iraq
  51. A “Thank You” From the CNO
  52. War' is Chaos'
  53. Soldier sees Iraqi residents doing ‘really good things’
  54. Marines probed in alleged captive deaths
  55. Marines investigated in alleged killing of prisoners in Fallujah
  56. Wounded Marines not forgotten
  57. Former Marine shapes up USO in state
  58. Navy to issue water warning
  59. 'A real change of pace'
  60. War evidence lost in rubble
  61. Priorities and common sense lacking in society
  62. Mullen takes helm with his focus on Iraq
  63. Town’s ball fields dedicated to Marine
  64. A living ‘casualty’
  65. Marines define simulation objectives through 2017
  66. Lack of funding, room jeopardize Guam buildup
  67. For deployed brothers, a family reunion
  68. Immersive experience
  69. Leaders as mentors
  70. Pendleton-based Marines killed in crash
  71. Local Marines glad to be home
  72. Legal fallout follows several Marines three years after the battle of Falluja
  73. Marine from Pasadena killed in Iraq during nighttime patrol
  74. Bibb interchange dedicated in honor of Marine killed in Iraq
  75. Marine from Milford says 'progress is very tangible' in Iraq
  76. Vietnam veterans paddle-out honors fallen troops
  77. Father & Son Deploy In Same National Guard Unit
  78. 'The IED problem is getting out of control. We've got to stop the bleeding.'
  79. Outdoor activities
  80. Marine: 'I wanted a big challenge. I got it'
  81. Unsung servants of the Iraqi war
  82. Bayshore grad proud to be Marine, dad
  83. A visit with some World War II veterans sheds light on how times have changed
  84. True price of war
  85. Pace's exit leaves us with one less good man
  86. Memorial pow-wow set for former Southeastern student
  87. Small World: Pinckneyville Marine Meets Bush in Iraq
  88. Soldiers' dismissal addressed
  89. Marines show their moves
  90. Airmen keep Soldiers, Marines in the fight
  91. Sailors and Marines welcomed home with open arms
  92. Gearing up -
  93. The cost of returning to war
  94. New payday loan rate cap takes effect
  95. Learning to deal with chaos
  96. Marines given belated unit citation for Iraq work
  97. U.S. takes Anbar model to Iraqi Shiites
  98. USS Whidbey Island deploys
  99. Plan calls for more armor on new combat vehicles
  100. Corps approves fewer conscientious objectors
  101. Mystery shrouds drowning: Victim remembered as supportive friend
  102. Highest-ranking soldier convicted of Abu Ghraib detainee abuse is paroled
  103. Former Marine freed, says arrest for desertion was a mistake
  104. Local marines deploying in new year
  105. Chaparral Elementary School collects books for Marines overseas
  106. Pace Calls for Reasoned Discourse to Advance U.S. Democracy
  107. Marine's Pearl Harbor memories live on
  108. Marine Hero: The 5 Things I Saw that Make Me Support the War
  109. Wounded in service, neglected at home …
  110. A Ticking Bomb
  111. A casualty of mental care
  112. PGA pro offers round of golf to wounded
  113. Marines enlist InSport for new running suit
  114. Mechanics Keep Fellow Marines Safe
  115. Marine drill instructor faces January court-martial in abuse case
  116. U.S. Marines concert free Thurs. at UNK
  117. Iraq war vet hurt when car crashes into pole
  118. Panel to call for 25% hike in disability pay
  119. Caucus calls for more minority four-stars
  120. Fisher House chief: Smash the bureaucracy
  121. Gay Porn OK'd in Navy Sex Case
  122. Mandate would check Marines for stress, injury
  123. Oakland airport keeps Marines out of terminal in Oakland stopover
  124. Luxury Automaker Alfred DiMora to Host Benefit for Injured Marines
  125. Rare passenger flight from Iwakuni sparks talk of sharing runway
  126. VetFriends.com - Reuniting U.S. Military Veterans, Family & Friends Nationwide
  127. Spy technology caught in military turf battle
  128. Retired general, Iraq critic at Queens
  129. Final, fatal Iraq tour is seared in mom's heart
  130. Women in Combat: On the Ground in Iraq
  131. For a soldier, gear now costs 100 times more than in World War II
  132. Truck that drives itself lurches from lab to streets; intended for military use
  133. Film inspires PBS, kids to collect war stories
  134. Marine vet’s falling death puzzles police
  135. Servicemen Missing From Vietnam War Are Identified
  136. Staff sgt. board to see big rise in picks
  137. Commentary: An Open Letter to Code Pink
  138. Even the Marines have to sign in at schools
  139. LaVale Marine home on leave from Iraq
  140. Mom's mail route to begin with loving glance at plaque
  141. Healing Wounds and Bringing Hope
  142. Tongan Marines Train For Iraq Duty
  143. Marine Corps brothers home on leave honored by Blackfeet Tribe
  144. Reward Offered for Stolen Marines Truck
  145. Watchdog group to sue government for dumping bullets
  146. Berkeley Marine Center Draws Anti-War Ire
  147. For One Family, Answering Three Calls to Duty
  148. House focusing on eye injuries in combat bill
  149. Hawaii-based commander says military strained
  150. Marine's deployment makes love 'even stronger'
  151. The Band of Brothers is back
  152. El Pasoans proud of Marine son in Iraq
  153. Divers at Camp Schwab practice with new device
  154. Clergy, counselors learn to how to help returning vets
  155. World War II veteran donates flag to Salem Friendship
  156. Pentagon review recommends more U.S. military control over contractors in Iraq, Gates
  157. “We want to fight Al Qaeda!”
  158. Lawmaker: Investigate general who booted MSOC
  159. Marines rake in loot at expo
  160. McCain: Call to service was needed after 9/11
  161. MARSOC Marine awarded Reservist of the Year
  162. Eval sought 4 times before Marine killed Iraqi
  163. Web site raises profile of Atsugi health woes
  164. Married sailors guilty of $49K BAH fraud
  165. Allen: 2 other nooses found in past year
  166. Marines can get both extra pay, bonus
  167. In calmer Fallujah, Marines remain on guard but focused on new set of tasks
  168. Army, Marines say they made recruiting goals
  169. Okinawa Marines reach out to Afghan children
  170. Airport miscues sparked delay for Marines
  171. Building named for 31st MEU Marine who gave life to save others
  172. Sniper team tells of pressure from above
  173. Conn. Refuge For Vet's Pal
  174. Blue Angels in S.F. to perform for Fleet Week
  175. Sesame Street special will focus on injured Iraq veterans with kids
  176. Lieutenant who refused to deploy to Iraq asks federal court to bar his second court m
  177. 2 colonels accused in paternity test switch
  178. New runway lights visible only with NVGs
  179. Marines ship new howitzer to Iraq
  180. Marine veteran recalls Iwo Jima
  181. Two Marines Killed In Crash Identified
  182. Medal Database Sought to Catch Frauds
  183. Temecula corn-field maze salutes former guide's path
  184. Custom motorcycle honors wounded
  185. Former Eastwood Gymnast On Road To Recovery
  186. The Erosion of a Murder Case Against Marines in the Killing of 24 Iraqi Civilians
  187. Billy Ray Cyrus Salutes Marines, Toys for Tots
  188. Toll-free number to contact wounded Marines established
  189. III MEF returns $1 million to fund Marines in Iraq
  190. Monarch hits field with war stories
  191. Marine Corps surpasses manpower goal for fiscal '07
  192. Cartoonist uses life, reality to create ‘Jenny’ characters
  193. Okinawa-based battalion's commander shares his Afghanistan experiences
  194. Vet provides flags for troops
  195. Vietnam vets receive a training update
  196. MCCS Offers a Chance to Attend Super Bowl XLII
  197. After return home, a respite
  198. Iraq safer now, Marine says
  199. John Boyd's Book
  200. Iraqi who survived combat and threats wants a home in the U.S.
  201. Marines appeal for Iraqi children
  202. Manteca Marine ponders re-enlistment
  203. War veterans doubt Koreas will find peace
  204. One man's plain, rich story
  205. Bribing Troops To Quit
  206. Lack of care killed Iraq soldier, mother says
  207. Man rebuilds tank forerunner from World War I
  208. Medal of Honor helo to be dedicated Oct. 20
  209. EOD staff sgt. to receive Bronze Star with V
  210. Real Stars
  211. Marines deliver special gift to Delran firehouse
  212. Marine took files as part of spy ring
  213. Recon Marines destroy terrorist cell
  214. Taking on the life of a Marine
  215. Scouts learn leadership skills from local Marines
  216. Plans underway to expand Marine Corps’ eastern N.C. presence by 11,500
  217. Taking Flight Despite the Turbulence
  218. TONKA & Toys for Tots 60th Anniversary Drive for Toys Kicks off Sunday, 10/7
  219. Thanks a million: When the ships come in, spirits soar -- and so do the Blue Angels
  220. Code Talkers star at Hawaii Pow Wow
  221. Dave Bakke: Iwo Jima survivors tour Civil War history
  222. Some war wounds aren't visible
  223. Traumatic brain injury is the signature war ill
  224. Pack takes hydration a step further
  225. Filter system aims for safety
  226. Blinded vets ask for research
  227. New gear gives troops high-tech advantage
  228. Precision mortar has fans, but it lacks funds
  229. Promotion boards weigh atypical assignments
  230. Area Marines and families prepare for next tour of duty
  231. Marine team wins Wilderness Challenge
  232. USAF Coup Thwarted
  233. Transitioning from warrior to work force made easier
  234. Wayne man recalls South Pacific battles
  235. World War II Navy vet from Ontario saw heavy action
  236. A moving tribute comes to Inwood
  237. BCS superintendent included in USMC publication
  238. Warren man hurt in Okinawa, lost friend to war
  239. Protesters gather at site of proposed Blackwater training camp
  240. Signs that the terrorists are losing in Iraq.
  241. In former insurgent havens in Iraq, knowing the enemy is sometimes difficult
  242. American Legion honors local Marines recently returned from Iraq
  243. Villages resident sews quilt for Wounded Warriors Battalions
  244. Blackwater's Challenge
  245. Billy Ray Cyrus performs at Quantico
  246. Is American military 'the Christian Taliban'?
  247. U.S. wants Japan to pony up for base utilities
  248. Marines keep death at bay
  249. Marines take care of their own
  250. Coming back changed