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  1. Training Ensures Marines Ready for Combat
  2. Marines wounded in Iraq heal together
  3. Marine general makes visiting wounded a personal mission
  4. Riverines, ready for return, to be trained in N.C.
  5. Wounded Warriors tell story
  6. Patriotism on holiday agenda
  7. After crucible of war, a friendship sustains them
  8. Embattled in the desert:
  9. ANGLICO Marines Based At Camp Pendleton
  10. A former Marine's favorite books on the military.
  11. Families of fallen troops divided on admission of mistakes in Iraq
  12. Looking Back at Iraq
  13. Lance corporal gets Bronze Star
  14. Remembering their service
  15. Purple Heart Postage Stamp Honors Sacrifices of Those Who Served
  16. Memorial Day - The Last Letter
  17. The faces of freedom: America's first African American Marines
  18. Hypnotist teaches dangers about driving drunk
  19. Don't the Fallen Deserve at Least a Moment?
  20. Marines Held in Brig During Investigation
  21. Analysis: Alleged killing of civilians by Marines could enrage Iraqis
  22. Wounded Marines make general's A list
  23. The Shame of Haditha
  24. Purple Heart recipient 'loves, lives the Marines'
  25. Fresh evidence of 'executions' by rogue US marines in Iraq
  26. Forsaken Honor, Forgotten Shame
  27. Wife Of Marine Killed In Iraq Says Life Is Not Perfect
  28. Colo. Marine in eye of storm
  29. From senior high to Semper Fi
  30. 'A consummate Marine'
  31. Murtha: Marines covered up Iraq atrocity
  32. Gen. Pace: Wait for probe of Iraq deaths
  33. Marines' mom shores up homefront
  34. Iraqi deaths traumatized Marines, parents say
  35. Marines Bring Supplies for Quake Victims
  36. Kilted Marines, sailors compete with Scottish flair
  37. On a Marine Base, Disbelief Over Charges
  38. Marines in Iraq: ‘There’re no holidays here’
  39. Bodies of 2 Marines recovered in Iraq
  40. Play by rules of war, law expert advises
  41. Strengthening the Stallions
  42. N.C. tries to help vets at risk of identity theft
  43. Marines: Allegations undercut us
  44. Marines' claims that bomb killed Iraqi civilians unravel
  45. Man to stand trial in Marines' deaths
  46. A deadly day, and a grim future
  47. Arab world's reaction to alleged killing is muted
  48. Wounded Marines fight for healing, normalcy
  49. Let's Be Honest About the Marines in Hadithah
  50. Camp Pendleton colonel is Marines' greatest griller
  51. Viper Gunships Escort Marines
  52. What Haditha Portends
  53. Documents Shed Light on C.I.A.'s Use of Ex-Nazis
  54. Haditha case puts "strained" Marines in spotlight
  55. Counterinsurgency strategy: staying put
  56. US military personnel do more good than harm
  57. Camp Pendleton Criticized Over Marines' Treatment
  58. The Haditha Stratagem
  59. Medal no surprise to mom
  60. Probing a Bloodbath
  61. The wrong target
  62. D-Day Remembered
  63. 24th MEU begins deployment
  64. Iraqi shot by Marines exhumed
  65. Photographer confronted Marines with Haditha dead images
  66. No Retreat, No Retraction, No Comment From Marines
  67. Prosecutor weighs charges for two Camp Foster Marines
  68. Witness in Haditha cites small group of Marines
  69. A look at two Marines held in case of civilian death
  70. Marines dedicate Islamic Prayer Center at Quantico
  71. My time with the Marines in Haditha
  72. Marines deal with unknowns
  73. Ex-candidate Paul Hackett still primed for spotlight
  74. The Price of Human and Gorilla Life
  75. Even mild injuries to brain add up
  76. Raising road awareness
  77. Marines joining Reserve after active-duty to get war reprieve
  78. Still not charged with crime, sailor wears shackles
  79. LT requests duty in Leavenworth
  80. Jail time sought for two Okinawa Marines in attack on taxi driver
  81. Family Day brings Marines, families together
  82. Activist blames Marines
  83. Iowa Marines Sound Off
  84. My Lai Again?
  85. Pace Cautions Against Pre-Judging Marines
  86. Put self in Marines’ shoes before judging
  87. Ministers embedded with Marines in Haditha say they saw no hint of distress
  88. Score one for the Marines
  89. Battle of Midway Sailors and Marines Honored Aboard Namesake Ship
  90. Marines Aren't Out To Offend
  91. Marines teaching ‘brown water’ skills
  92. Haditha: Is McGirk the New Mary Mapes?
  93. Brother to Dragons
  94. Spinning Their Way to Defeat
  95. Haditha: Marines Involved Speak Out
  96. Stress, rage, lack of sleep may have set off Marines
  97. Sergeant: Marines in Haditha followed rules
  98. Marines nab DM purse thief
  99. Marines ride for Tyler
  100. Marine Custody Protest
  101. A good way to relax
  102. Family Unsettled by Inquiry
  103. Parents Fear Marine's Case Tainted by Haditha Killings
  104. Wounded: Soldiers staying in Iraq when wounds threaten to send them home
  105. Father of dead marine finds himself in middle of fight between village board, church
  106. Coalition Forces Destroy Insurgent Vehicle; Marines Aid Wounded Iraqi Children
  107. Marine With 3/25 Gets Homecoming 1 Year After Injury
  108. Retrain Rumsfeld and Bush
  109. In a war, innocents often die
  110. America, the corroded?
  111. Gitmo's Suicide Cell
  112. No regrets for former lieutenant
  113. U.S. commander in Iraq predicts gradual withdrawal of troops in coming months
  114. Report: Heavy armor causing military Humvees to roll over
  115. Haditha- This is gonna get ugly
  116. Atrocity
  117. A Time and a Place
  118. Getting Used to War as Hell
  119. Marines Enlist Cadence to Coach Triathlon and Running Teams
  120. The Ghosts Of Haditha
  121. Father supports Marine being investigated in Haditha incident
  122. John Kline Carried the Football for Carter and Reagan, Now Carrying Water for Bush
  123. Not yet charged, eight under suspicion wait in solitary
  124. Marines, murder and morality
  125. Marines Provide Medical Assistance To Two Iraqi Children Wounded By Ied
  126. Marines Search Beach for Washed-Up Syringes
  127. At war with Iraqi law
  128. Retired Marines meet ‘kids' at Calif. base
  129. In Defense Of A Son
  130. Top Marine at Camp Pendleton today
  131. Nightmare Scenario
  132. Return to civilian life no picnic
  133. Agents: Sailor killed Marine because he thought he raped friend
  134. U.S. Marines Build Shrine To Islam
  135. Marines deserve the benefit of the doubt
  136. Marines test two Ospreys at Miramar
  137. Haditha: When a Picture Cannot Tell the Whole Story
  138. The Unluckiest General in the Marine Corps
  139. Bush drops in on new Iraqi PM in Baghdad
  140. Marine News breaks
  141. Military a big boon for Guam
  142. Amphibs could be ‘mother ships’ for near-shore forces
  143. Flexibility is key as 24th MEU deploys
  144. Accountability is utmost, Hagee says
  145. Blood Stripes
  146. Workout among Marines leaves Chargers overawed
  147. Marines prepare for disaster
  148. Marine had ‘consensual sex’ with Filipina--Navy investigator
  149. Fitness is fun for instructor, former Marine
  150. Andover family will soon have four Marine children
  151. Cher Storms Capitol Hill to Battle for Better Army Helmets
  152. Marines serve country and steaks
  153. Athlete looks to serious goals: Marines
  154. Chargers Drilled By Pendleton Marines
  155. New Marine Corps Commandant Got It Wrong on Iraq, Right on Patriotism
  156. Bush's Baghdad Trip Awakens Ghosts of Vietnam
  157. 2 Marines from N.J. rescued from cliffs in Northern Ireland
  158. Retired S. Korean general gives U.S. sailors, Marines eyewitness view of history
  159. Military Spices Up Meals Ready to Eat
  160. A Plan for Victory in Iraq
  161. Marines' families knocking heads with Corps brass for helmet pads
  162. Ex-Army captain foots bill for new Marines ceremonial gear
  163. Former Marine hangar being turned into 'camera' to take world's largest photo
  164. Hadithah Marine pleads not guilty
  165. Haditha defense questions key videotape
  166. Following Cowboys, Marines Lead
  167. Marines deserve the benefit of the doubt
  168. Excerpts From the Debate in Congress About the War in Iraq
  169. Fighting Griffins learning to fly with new wings
  170. Betting on Defeat?
  171. 39 Marines are 'on the deck'
  172. Military loosens conditions on Marines in brig
  173. Lawyers: Threats used against Marines
  174. Area Marines return from summer adventure
  175. NFL top pick Williams visits wounded Marines at Camp Lejeune
  176. General completes probe into Haditha deaths
  177. A quick hello, one sweet surprise
  178. MLG's new CG awards four Purple Heart Medals
  179. Marine rescues local man from burning car
  180. 75-year-old is leaving for military service
  181. Floyd finds strength from dad
  182. Lejeune grads savor milestone
  183. Marines Like Eric Freeman
  184. First female commanding officer takes charge of Naval Hospital
  185. Contradictions Cloud Inquiry Into 24 Iraqi Deaths
  186. Reaction to Marines' arrival mixed
  187. Rules of engagement in Iraq will be tested
  188. Lance Cpl. James Tessneer: A broken Marine
  189. Congressmen blast Marines over helmet padding
  190. Agony of war memories is shared
  191. Inquiry leader tells it like it is
  192. "We've Become the Enemy"
  193. A Gruesome Past, An Explosive Future
  194. Dad, 3 sons soldier on
  195. Marines in Iraq undergo refresher in 'warrior values'
  196. Rare light sets on merchant marines
  197. Iraqi city is focus of military move
  198. Soldiers' Angels Requesting the Nations Help in Filling the Needs of Our Deployed Mil
  199. Iraqi interpreters looking to settle scores with Saddam
  200. U.S. steps up hunt for soldiers
  201. U.S. Army medics must restrict care for wounded Iraqis. For battlefield medicine, an
  202. Unleashing the robots of war
  203. Congress Spends $37 Million For Project The Military Couldn't Use
  204. American flag makes long journey from Iraq to Greenwood business
  205. Deployed Marine sees daughter’s birth via video linkup
  206. Parris Island Marine dies during hiking trip
  207. Marines feeling the heat
  208. Marines Treated To New Superman Film On Father's Day
  209. Lack of autopsies in Haditha case presents challenges
  210. Digging Hard for Facts
  211. Marines, sailors complete training in Hansen gas chamber
  212. Three US soldiers charged with murder of Iraqi detainees
  213. 4 GIs in rape case learn ‘Filipino 101’
  214. The real heroes
  215. Vietnam memorial travels to Arlington for weekend
  216. Faces of war
  217. A day of pride and unprecedented glory
  218. In their own words': Book offers inside looks at Marine drill instructors
  219. 13 Iraqis killed in alleged US fire on poultry farm
  220. Perfect Vision, via Surgery, Is Helping and Hurting Navy
  221. Marine in Hamdania case requests speedy trial
  222. Reaction To Haditha Massacre Probe
  223. SysCom chief defends Marine helmets’ padding
  224. 2nd MarDiv gets new commander
  225. Owen Wilson: From movies to the marines
  226. Marines Missed 'Red Flags,' Study Finds
  227. Heavyweight Cougars Protect Marines in Iraq
  228. Wasilla Marine earns Silver Star
  229. US braced for Haditha effect
  230. Wounded service members learn to water ski, scuba, sail in New York
  231. Military recruiters use NASCAR as key venue
  232. A hero’s welcome home
  233. 3/5 Marines, corpsman charged with Iraqi civilian’s murder
  234. 4 Marines killed in Iraq's insurgent-heavy Anbar province
  235. Local Marines, residents say charges too harsh
  236. Former judge advocate: 'Lawfulness' of alleged killing could be key if court-martial
  237. A mother awaits answers on GI murders
  238. Marines' 'thrill kill' adds to the agony
  239. Accused troops' supporters busy fundraising
  240. Families of 2 local Marines react to charge
  241. Troubling accusations about Marines in Iraq
  242. A commitment to honor
  243. The Road From My Lai
  244. Hearing appears imminent for eight charged in Iraqi’s murder
  245. Lance corporal awarded medal for life-saving response
  246. Soldier’s death linked to smallpox vaccine
  247. Poor communications put Marines at higher risk of IEDs
  248. Mom: Support Growing For Marines Accused Of Murder
  249. Good Training and Good Health:
  250. Pickets support accused Marines