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  1. Run/walk to mark sacrifice of soldiers killed serving in Iraq
  2. Decorated father and son to share patriotism award
  3. Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix bikers 'still serving'
  4. Young Marine struggles in the fight of his life
  5. The punch and counterpunch of Iraq: US could lose but only Iraqis can win
  6. Japan defense chief says U.S. dropping of atomic bomb 'couldn't be helped'
  7. For woman HIV, Navy meds, care dwindle
  8. Former Negro Leagues umpire shares stories in his book
  9. Centenary a modern sci-fi giant
  10. Window for documenting tattoos closes today
  11. Iraq troops to see Vietnam POW film for free
  12. Fated to Be Friends
  13. Marching Back in Time
  14. Wounded warriors recover together in Hawaii
  15. Ethics on the battlefield
  16. Courtesy patrols keeping Okinawa bar district safe
  17. Marines Woo Desert Tribes to Fight Al-Qaeda in Iraq's Wild West
  18. War trauma on Marines can erupt back in U.S.
  19. About The Young Marines
  20. Details surface in Haditha killings
  21. Like an earplug in a pill
  22. TV critic's picks for Monday: 'Living St. Louis'
  23. Troops will get influx of armored vehicles
  24. A change in design helps amputees
  25. A few good stories sought
  26. Illegal immigrant wife of missing soldier awarded green card to stay in U.S.
  27. Iraqi civilian death toll down 36 percent, lowest since start of Baghdad security ope
  28. Marine, 4 soldiers killed in Iraq attacks
  29. Senator vows to add 1-to-1 rotation to defense budget
  30. Survivors may be in dark on death investigations
  31. Navy wife, widow push for military spouse memorial
  32. Corps, other services may buy Army FCS technology
  33. Beefing up the Humvee’s replacement
  34. Ground troops to have greater access to jamming
  35. Healing close to home
  36. Keeping our promise
  37. Area restaurants kick in to help Marines
  38. MNF-I spokesman details secret cell involvement in Iraq
  39. Jets Shredded, Kept Away From 'Bad Guys'
  40. Beaufort F/A-18 squadrons set to deploy
  41. Where ScanEagle drones dare
  42. Third soldier charged in deaths of 3 Iraqis
  43. 'War On Terror' Is Every American's War - Not Just Our Troops in the Field
  44. Semper Chai: General Robert Magnus
  45. TUMS Won’t Help.
  46. Wounded Soldier Returns Home
  47. Mother of accused local Marine is optimistic
  48. Navy investigates Marines in 2004 Fallujah actions
  49. Racing to Defeat the Roadside Bomb
  50. ‘One story among thousands’
  51. Wounded Marine takes national anthem to heart
  52. Brig guard gets six months in jail, discharge
  53. Sgt. Major demoted to specialist, jailed
  54. Injured Marine listens to baby's birth in Redlands
  55. Former Marine thwarts Subway robbery, kills 1
  56. Scholarships available to OIF, OEF vets
  57. While troops swoop away on holiday 96
  58. Wounded warrior takes life in stride
  59. Spirit honors go to Marines with toys
  60. U.S. Chopper Shot Down In Baghdad, 2 Rescued
  61. A holiday tribute to those who saved lives
  62. Divers search for missing Marine
  63. Curtain falls on Iraq's 'MASH' as new hospital opens, ready for years more wounded
  64. 2 Marines die in nonhostile accident in Anbar
  65. Black day in Haditha
  66. Model Marine: Pilots' aide exuded leadership at young age
  67. Vets 'running out of time'
  68. Brothers in arms
  69. Waukesha native awarded Bronze Star for heroism in Iraq
  70. Involuntary extension nets $1,000 extra per month
  71. Vets fighting over Vietnam memorial replicas
  72. Pentagon approves purchase of 20,000 MRAPs
  73. Roles are reversed at some schools
  74. WW II vet learned his dog's fate from a book
  75. Brundidge Marine recounts wounds received in war
  76. Local military wife lending helping hand
  77. Local man readying himself for first overseas deployment
  78. From maritime to Marine recruits
  79. President Bush Visits with Wounded Military Personnel at Walter Reed Army Medical Cen
  80. Disabled Iraq vets still trying for U.S.
  81. Hunt for MIAs: 'Until They are Home'
  82. Hollywood monument dedicated to fallen warriors
  83. A somber milestone
  84. 'The backbone of our nation'
  85. Buscher proud to have served
  86. Freedom held in hearts, minds
  87. Serving in life and in death: Iraq war veteran killed in Bonsall crash donated organs
  88. Lance corporal killed in Iraq
  89. New commander to lead spec ops in Pacific
  90. Pendleton Marines targets of new probe
  91. Donated goods help couple help Marines
  92. Marines in Iraq get shirts of thanks from students
  93. Patriots stand tall today
  94. York soldier helps prepare Iraqi meal
  95. From battlefield to Lawrence home, injured soldier knows freedom’s cost
  96. Heimlich award to be presented despite protests by doctor’s son
  97. Soldier talks about war, love and politics
  98. Today, we cherish home, and they dream about it
  99. Support for our troops goes beyond lip service
  100. North Dakota Medal of Honor Memorial dedicated
  101. W.Va. vet among last 3 known WWI survivors
  102. U.S.: Helicopters block attack on Green Zone
  103. Iwo Jima search latest to account for all MIAs
  104. Hundreds re-enlist, become citizens on July 4
  105. ‘Army Wives’ likely to stay in S.C.
  106. Dad of wounded helps families at Walter Reed
  107. Mideast has an old Cold War look
  108. Marines face scrutiny in Iraqi deaths
  109. Marines face inquiry in 8 POW deaths
  110. Marines, local women take top Spirit honors
  111. Anniston Marines Pay Tribute On July 4th
  112. U.S. troops naturalized in Iraq
  113. For The Troops
  114. On leave from Iraq,
  115. Americans celebrate July 4 with Afghan twist
  116. Man Gets Missing Wallet Back 40 Years Later
  117. Fourth reminds some war veterans of personal battles that linger
  118. Bob Mermuys salutes Marines Racing series
  119. Active duty over, Marine happily moves on
  120. A word from the Thundering Third
  121. Commanding Officer, Charlie Company
  122. Marine reserves command to change Friday
  123. Tylerite Was Friends With Flag-Raiser
  124. Grad given special ceremony
  125. Iraq veteran: 'I remember everything'
  126. Vang Pao Case / High-profile lawyer to lead coup defense
  127. 5 who served for love of country
  128. 2 Lejeune Marines die in Iraq boat accident
  129. Lawmakers consider credit protection for troops
  130. Army dad follows Marine son to war in Iraq
  131. Ex-Academy doc gets GCM in mids sex tape case
  132. Scottsdale teen's effort to aid Marines may earn him Eagle Scout rank
  133. Marine Corps Investigating Deaths
  134. 10-foot-deep trench will protect Iraqi city of Karbala
  135. One Very Courageous Marine
  136. Va. Marine and Soldier Killed In Separate Incidents in Iraq
  137. Schoolkids keep GIs in touch with home
  138. Overexposed by TV crews, mosque framed as target
  139. Author: Fallujah investigation is flawed
  140. Lt. who robbed ship fell for e-mail scam
  141. Unmanned aircraft use soars in Iraq
  142. New Marine One helo closer to taking off
  143. Cyber terrorists targeted Mayport, paper says
  144. Guam War Memorial Brass Panels Stolen
  145. Native son learns commitment to friends, family, U.S. Marines
  146. Families Say Goodbye to Deploying Marines and Sailors
  147. Transcript: 'Special Report with Brit Hume,' July 4, 2007
  148. Annual race will have military feel
  149. Marine re-enlists to spare a husband, father Iraq tour of duty
  150. Recruiting center loses memories in crash
  151. Tapping into Americans' drinking problem
  152. Silent Drill Platoon
  153. Heimlich removed from Spirit of America
  154. Marine still missing after apparent drowning
  155. Book tells of women who served by men in Iraq
  156. Reservists tackle shooter in Las Vegas casino
  157. Possible cell phone fee waiver pleases vet
  158. AK47s designer remembers 60 years of rifle
  159. Troops overseas to get more free phone cards
  160. Former Steeler Joins The Marines
  161. Largest Marine deployment since Desert Storm leaving OKC next week
  162. Local marine gets break from Iraq
  163. Defiance fetes Marine injured by Iraqi bomb
  164. Mother says violent incident at beach highlights need for action
  165. Patriotism, giving back comes naturally to Marine
  166. Troubled Soldier Gets Demoted, Not Treated
  167. Lawyer calls ex-Marine a combat hero
  168. Coffman’s Commandos
  169. G.I.’s Forge Sunni Tie in Bid to Squeeze Militants
  170. Area Marine linked to Iraq killings
  171. Alleged Slayings In Fallujah Spur Military Inquiry
  172. Teen's effort to aid Marines may bring him Eagle Scout honor
  173. Suicide blast kills 105, levels section of village
  174. General warns of Iraqi 'Tet'
  175. Hackett defends soldier in Iraqi killings
  176. General says early drawdown would leave Iraq 'a mess'; GOP senator latest to defect o
  177. Of Senators and Soldiers
  178. 23,000 Marines tapped for Iraq this fall
  179. Bands, speakers gather to support troops
  180. U.S. troops fight al-Qaida alone in marshlands
  181. 9 more U.S. troops reported killed in Iraq
  182. DoD appeals dismissal of Gitmo murder case
  183. Bonds of battle remain the strongest
  184. Casualty officers bear heavy burden one door at a time
  185. Local Marine unit's command changes hands
  186. 'A Taste of douglas county'
  187. Marine from Collier injured in Iraq is recovering in Texas hospital
  188. Eagle, globe & anchor: 'Good-luck' pin passed down
  189. Sniper could not cut spirit of soldier
  190. A Marine's faith lives on
  191. Showcase and Chimera in the Desert
  192. First Hamdaniya shooting trial starts Monday
  193. Board: Agent Orange likely was used in Okinawa
  194. War scars, scatters family that aided U.S.
  195. Gates cancels trip; Iraq report deadline looms
  196. Going to war:
  197. Amputee zips into clothing design
  198. India Company’s Weapons Platoon: More Than Just Grunts
  199. Combat veteran frustrated over lack of immediate help
  200. War Story: SGT. Tom Mortenson
  201. Navy reasserting control of shipbuilding
  202. Cold War in the Middle East?
  203. Revved up for a cause
  204. Marine's e-mails tell service story
  205. U.S. forces still combing Iwo Jima for fallen
  206. Advocates do the math and get different answers
  207. China’s buildup ‘troubling’
  208. ‘A whole different life’
  209. Reservists needed for quick-deploying HQs
  210. Corps gives up to $1,000 a month for combat extensions
  211. 26th MEU back from deployment
  212. Books: ‘My Men Are My Heroes: The Brad Kasal Story’
  213. Volunteers Offer Free Car Rides To Marines
  214. Within the Sound of Sirens
  215. Ground Troops To Get More Access To Jamming
  216. Making friends in Senegal as a vital tactic in war on terror
  217. African American Marines Celebrate Community Leaders in Detroit
  218. They're revved, white and blue
  219. Report: 'The Next Food Network Star 3' finalist lied about his past
  220. Shelby native recalls flying unfriendly skies
  221. 10 Tips For Visiting a Recruiter
  222. Tough times leads to Corps
  223. MSOS activates; MARSOC steps toward future
  224. Flashier POGs on their way overseas
  225. Test Drive BoostsU.S. Marines’ Interest In Cheetah Vehicle
  226. Marine killed in Anbar
  227. Fattening menus for troops in Iraq
  228. Marines up requirements for 2nd MRAP batch
  229. Marines' killing of Iraqi was 'old-fashioned' murder: prosecutor
  230. Jason L. Dunham
  231. Returned Troops Warmly Received
  232. Ahern to lead team in fitness competition
  233. War Is Hell, in a Handbasket
  234. One motivated Marine
  235. Officers donating uniforms
  236. Bring them home
  237. Vet recalls Sicilian invasion
  238. 'lifting The Pall'
  239. Wars costing $12B a month, analysts say
  240. Report: Iraq government has not met goals
  241. Abusing Iraqi Civilians
  242. Amid 'Pullout' Talk: Remember the Wounded Troops
  243. Marine says brother's spirit protected him
  244. Conway: Corps sticking to 7-month tours
  245. Martyn has one last chance with pigskin before going to Marines
  246. Peace Activist's Son Discovers Pain of War
  247. Gates taps Army 4-star to be AfriCom chief
  248. 13th MEU destroys 19 tons of explosives
  249. Osprey makes first landing on foreign ship
  250. Senate unveils 2 major pay proposals