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  1. Novelty toy saved D-Day paratroopers
  2. Peleliu - a battle overshadowed
  3. D.C. Event Guides Hundreds Through a World of Benefits
  4. Army in retreat over 'stop loss'
  5. Reliving Battle of Midway
  6. Iraq Amputees Beat the Odds -- and the Competition
  7. A Marine's courage saved flag at Guadalcanal
  8. Honor Their Sacrifice, Courage
  9. Corps Celebrity Classic is more than just a sport
  10. Powerful Iraq-style bomb found in Afghanistan for first time, alarming military offic
  11. Reservist may be punished after war protest
  12. Army rules on blogs, e-mail not being enforced
  13. Anti-Terrorism Battalion to be deactivated
  14. Marines Maul The Brass Via the Net
  15. Marine recruiter faces court martial
  16. The tragic ballad of Ira Hayes
  17. Big Bear Lake run carries fallen Marine's name
  18. Serving his Community & Country
  19. Should recruiters have access to students?
  20. The War On Christianity
  21. Blood Bank Blues
  22. Ex-Marine misses brotherhood
  23. Group ensures veterans get proper burials
  24. Same issue, disparate rulings in Hamdania cases
  25. Charity unites troops in Iraq with family for milestones by video
  26. Report: One-third of Baghdad under U.S. control
  27. Family meets school that adopted fallen Marine
  28. Death by bureaucracy
  29. Modernizing the Army
  30. Missing soldier part of Hispanic wave in military
  31. Sometimes it’s hard to know who enemy is
  32. Marine remembers comrade who didn't duck duty
  33. 'My boy's home'
  34. Reservist faces hearing today over protest, profanity
  35. Fire damages adapted home of hurt Marine
  36. Moment of truth
  37. The future of training’
  38. Training for transition
  39. Futenma Marines get new air refueler
  40. Marines receive send-off
  41. Cape man accused of deserting Marines
  42. Marines Reduce Penalty For Reservist-Protester
  43. Cross award
  44. Clifton Marine awaits court-martial verdict
  45. Brother stands in for proud Marine
  46. Answering the Call...
  47. Baxley home from Iraq; says IED threat lessening
  48. Veterans commemorate Battle of Midway
  49. Families, soldiers weigh video's message
  50. Hard work, dedication keys to success for Hitchens, Ky., Marine
  51. My day in the dunker
  52. 'We Are Unstoppable:
  53. Keeping history on Pearl Harbor
  54. Museum shows exhibit about raising Galveston
  55. Former Marine gives TV rivals food for thought
  56. Retracing a path in history
  57. Female Suicide Bomber Stopped in Baghdad
  58. Army adds combat lifesaver course in boot camp
  59. Toby Keith shares country lovin’ with troops in Iraq
  60. Lt. col.’s death in Afghanistan probed
  61. Firms offer free legal help for injured troops
  62. Giambastiani to step down in August
  63. Charlie Company blocks Euphrates River to insurgents in Al Rafta
  64. Operation Cuts Down Insurgent Activity
  65. U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Andres Burgos completes recruiting duty, says farewell
  66. Marching Toward Your Career Goals
  67. Airpower bombing in Iraq twice as much in 2006
  68. Dozens of Taliban reported dead in clashes
  69. Afghanistan needs more support, general says
  70. Conway adds book to reading list for Marines
  71. Guard, reserve health info on new Web site
  72. Phoenix promoter treats Iraq-bound Marines
  73. U.S., Iraqi Troops Transform 'Purple Heart Boulevard'
  74. Military life in Iraq gets real for local youths
  75. 'We're saving lives,' say armored-vehicle makers
  76. Terror rulings challenge Pentagon
  77. Bessemer-based unit to deploy
  78. Modest Heroes Say It Was Just Their Job
  79. Marine father found guilty of disobeying orders
  80. 'Pop-up' targets keep soldiers on toes
  81. Body Armor Test Favors Current Army Gear
  82. Plans for museum unveiled
  83. The D-day invasion from 2,000 feet
  84. Massacre for a Fallen Comrade?
  85. HumaneTreatment of Prisoners in Iraq
  86. Osprey Readies For Iraq Duty
  87. Memory still sharp of a brother lost
  88. U.S. Strykers take beating in Iraq
  89. Graying duo keep passenger in check
  90. Marine demoted for leaving post to be with son
  91. Seminar: Media, technology change battlefield
  92. Private arrested on desertion warrant
  93. Army agrees to test Dragon Skin body armor
  94. Navy Doctor Charged With Taping Sex
  95. D-Day Soldier's Dog Tag Found in Sand
  96. Give Military Death Benefits to Those Who Need It, When They Need It
  97. Three Marines Unhurt in High Speed Car Crash
  98. Witness: General Congratulated Marines After Haditha Killings
  99. Haditha probe called political
  100. W&L student carrying leadership to Marines
  101. Iraq war veteran loses protest appeal
  102. Good-bye...Again
  103. Sanctuary for soldiers
  104. Blog prompts Coffman reply
  105. Body-armor firm's claims draw scrutiny
  106. A Growth Spurt for the SEALs
  107. No jail time for Marine who quit Jersey post
  108. Once a Marine, always a Marine
  109. Pendleton Marine awarded posthumous Navy Cross
  110. He’s ready to come home
  111. Senate locks in 3.5 percent military raise
  112. Veterans group recruiting lawyers to help injured soldiers
  113. Mother of fallen Marine sues anti-war group
  114. Troops to be honored with country club fete
  115. USMC retreats on bad discharge
  116. Rising country singer gets break at CMA Music Fest
  117. Purple Heart winner: 'We are in awe of him'
  118. Troops give up more than their time and their safety.
  119. Featured Report from Iraq: COIN, Sheikhs and Eatin' Goat
  120. 3 days in jail and she is out
  121. War adviser nominee was skeptical of surge
  122. Troop buildup nearly complete
  123. Marine rescues man from drowning in ocean
  124. Lacrosse team to donate ticket sales to vets
  125. EFV program cost rises 27 percent
  126. Iraq war vet’s home burned; arson suspected
  127. N.H. House approves state military medal
  128. 'War czar' duties may signal policy shift
  129. Sergeant was ordered to destroy photos
  130. Vacation pay in question for marine
  131. At Haditha Hearing, Dueling Views of a Battalion Commander
  132. Marine Corps settles rape lawsuit
  133. Marine Accepts Diploma In Hospital
  134. Local World War II veterans honored on D-Day anniversary
  135. Marine's treatment angers Jerseyans
  136. Local Marine gets to walk at Graduation
  137. Casualty officers' duty is difficult but admirable
  138. Housing, other upgrades due at Camp Pendleton
  139. Vet fights to secure medal for lifesaver
  140. Wounded Warriors receive donations from 'Good Guys'
  141. Katrina victim shows thanks, joins Corps after being saved by
  142. Marines play along in Red Flag
  143. Body armor donated by Legion sits unused in Iraq
  144. Outside View: Iraq Surge Toll -- Part 1
  145. A Patriotic Pair
  146. Asheville High graduates are ready to move on
  147. Nothing speeds recovery time like an Xbox 360
  148. Former Navy lieutenant indicted on illegal gun charges
  149. Spokesman: Cobra was accidentally bombed
  150. Division NCO of the year leads Teufelhunden in Iraq
  151. Marines changing bonus program in hopes of increasing re-enlistment
  152. Despite anti-war sentiment at home, Marines' morale high
  153. Sgt. Maj. Bly steps down at New River
  154. Heavy losses put Stryker under fire
  155. Pace out as Joint Chiefs chairman
  156. Paralyzed man sees son graduate at special Northview commencement ceremony
  157. Battalion chief awaits Haditha hearing results
  158. Border Patrol takes search for recruits around racetrack
  159. Murder hearing starts Monday for Marine from state
  160. Wounded soldier celebrates his luck: Despite losing his legs in a bombing in Iraq, Ha
  161. NMCI user satisfaction down
  162. Keepers of the airfield
  163. Veteran fighting to secure buddy's medal
  164. Rock legend Aerosmith tours Nimitz
  165. Stennis Practices Against Attacks
  166. Baathists working hand in hand with US troops
  167. Naval Academy Gets New Leader
  168. ABV to protect combat engineers
  169. 7-year-old launches group to support troops
  170. Battleship, sub to share more than a name
  171. Secretary: Guam should benefit from build-up
  172. Marines' homecoming honors fallen friend
  173. Military personnel, families treated to day at Playland
  174. Remembering Minnesota heroes
  175. In Iraq, Marines' morale unshaken
  176. Reality of war arrives home for Guard
  177. Simple bombs knotty issue
  178. Circus life's highs and lows kept mom fun and flexible
  179. Vietnam veteran restores chopper
  180. Take great care with Stars and Stripes
  181. The great escape:
  182. Accused Marine cases to continue this summer
  183. Combat vet never shied away from realities of war
  184. Marine injured in Iraq happy to be back on the Harbor
  185. Still on high alert
  186. Desert Lioness on bomb hunt
  187. 'Mom, if I die, I've made my peace with God'
  188. Marine jumped at chance to serve
  189. Sgt. Maj. Sean L. Metaxas: We soldiers are just like you
  190. Military Envisions Longer Stay in Iraq
  191. Military tests new armored vehicle
  192. FdL veteran to receive replacement Purple Heart
  193. Aiding friends ends in tragedy
  194. U.S. making impact in Iraqi city, Navy corpsman says
  195. Fantasy wedding a dream come true for military couple
  196. Marines Help Vietnam Vet Who Lost Everything
  197. Commencement Speeches
  198. Band of Brothers
  199. Hearing includes bad wells
  200. General Retreat
  201. GIs Trapped After Iraq Bridge Bombing
  202. For longtime soldier, a `mistake' changes everything, and sentence looms
  203. Soldiers struggle to find therapists to take their insurance
  204. Watchdog: Sic Congress on acquisition program
  205. Donations help build home for disabled Marine
  206. Marines show resolve to finish the job
  207. Marines expected to bring 'great benefits' to Guam
  208. Requiem for a fighter
  209. Delbert Sankey's mission: Keep kids off drugs
  210. Combat vet never shied away from realities of war
  211. For USMC, a Safer Way To Breach Minefields
  212. The Sole Survivor
  213. Pride but no pleasure in funeral detail
  214. Kuwait won’t allow U.S. attack on Iran
  215. Hawaiian quilts donated to Wounded Warrior Marines
  216. Marines experience ‘scene out of a bad horror movie’
  217. HBO Sends Trio to 'Pacific'
  218. Salem Marine given special task - guarding the president
  219. Marines based in Utah on their way back to Iraq
  220. Injured Marines blanketed with Aloha
  221. Corps asks Marines to rate their helmets’ comfort and safety
  222. Hearing for Marine in Haditha Battle
  223. Defense Firms Show Off Latest in Troop Protection
  224. Close and deadly contact
  225. Eye of Iraqi storm
  226. Veterens calendar planned: Days of week next to images of strong
  227. Clarkstown, not thieves, took down flags placed by Congers man
  228. Lawyers call Marine accused of Haditha murder a hero
  229. Reliving the war - as therapy
  230. Fewer Army generals hold top U.S. military jobs - sea services on the rise
  231. Underwear for all weather in development
  232. Avoiding the Iraq Hangover
  233. Marines recall...
  234. Grandmother raises money for Marines
  235. United States Medal of Honor Citations
  236. Ban considered on Dragon Skin maker
  237. Senators seek cameras at recruiting stations
  238. New armored vehicle bullish in Pentagon test
  239. Soldiers accused of smuggling in immigrants
  240. Marines surveyed on lightweight helmet pads
  241. Forces raid lollipop factory, find explosives
  242. Gardner renominated as three-star
  243. Army requests tactical vehicle with more power
  244. Accused Haditha Marine passed polygraph exam
  245. Mother wants apology from Marines in death
  246. Utah Marines return to Iraq for another tour of duty - and a very different war
  247. Assault victim's brothers serve in Iraq
  248. Brandon Green says detective is to blame for his discharge from the Marines
  249. Why the Korean model won't work in Iraq
  250. Sleep deprivation is common among members of the US Marine Corps