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  1. Ultimate sacrifice
  2. Parenthood instills vital traits in 1st CEB Marine
  3. Buffalo Jills take show on the road
  4. Perry Marine hurt in Iraq
  5. "Never again"
  6. Lava's long journey from Iraq to U.S.
  7. Lejeune care called top notch
  8. Kerry's Swift Retribution
  9. Maryland man pleads guilty in Walter Reed kickback scheme
  10. U.S. captures 3 suspected bomb makers in Iraq
  11. Wash. investigates $7 military haircuts
  12. Former capt. gets 10 years for attempted murder
  13. Words from war front: Suicides and a battle for hearts and minds
  14. Denied medal, Marine feels Purple Heart-sick
  15. Back from Iraq, forever changed
  16. Chaplain carries on mission of hope
  17. Preserving Training Grounds
  18. Some Guantanamo detainees allowed to garden
  19. Marines Engage In 'Serious Child's Play' To Ward Off Hypoxia
  20. Marines, family go through two years of consecutive deployments
  21. Keeping Marines in gear
  22. South Bend Company B's Marines Will Be Home Soon
  23. Marine friends, moms form a bond in New Hampshire
  24. For war's gravely injured, challenge to find care in U.S.
  25. Parents blame VA in fatal overdose
  26. Hero from Palm Beach uncomfortable in spotlight
  27. Where's the support for troops?
  28. O'ahu a target for B-52 practice
  29. Pocket-size thanks
  30. Veterans angry over failed scholarship program
  31. ‘He was my best friend’
  32. 9th ESB counting the hours until time to come home
  33. Jersey City Marine still in hospital
  34. Chely Wright reaches out to service members deployed to Al Asad
  35. Marine awarded Bronze Star
  36. Revised report has more money on Okinawa
  37. Anti-terrorism standards aim to stay step ahead
  38. Another road, another closing
  39. Soldier composes sonata for fallen comrades
  40. A lethal mix of drugs, deployment
  41. Making sense of the mad kingdom of George
  42. Cheney: Anti-war efforts undermine troops
  43. The Army is ordering injured troops to go to Iraq
  44. Brian Williams, Anchoring and Hunkering in Iraq
  45. Organizers want Veterans' Day dedication
  46. Understanding Marine Corps customs and courtesies
  47. Captain gets 30 months in child-porn case
  48. Open road to promotion
  49. Leathernecks' disability pay topped by other services
  50. Officer disability ratings outpace those of enlisted
  51. Blackwater standoff
  52. Squad authority
  53. Call goes out for the few, the proud, the seasoned
  54. Army Medical Chief Forced Out in Walter Reed Scandal
  55. Taser Rebounding From Rough Patch
  56. Local activists plan war protest for Saturday
  57. Air & Sea Show to feature Air Force Thunderbirds
  58. Military trains on non-lethal weapons at Fort Leonard Wood
  59. Chamber’s Annual Dinner Is Biggest Ever in 85 Years, Five Marines Honored
  60. The Lessons of Grenada
  61. Ex-Marine's road to NCAA tournament went through Iraq
  62. Navy to hold Equal Opportunity conference
  63. New data: Few soldiers get lifetime disability
  64. 14,000 gas grills recalled
  65. Budget ideas would be bitter pills for troops
  66. Winchester establishment draws Marines, veterans, visitors
  67. Marine friends, moms form a bond
  68. 'Fighting for Freedom'
  69. Operation Green Light
  70. Shrine Bombing as War's Turning Point Debated
  71. A club of grief, back in action
  72. San Diego military hospital gives an inside look at outpatient care
  73. Every day is veteran's day for Padres pitcher
  74. Tracking post-traumatic stress in vets difficult
  75. Hero's Farewell
  76. Cathedral City track to test fitness of young, old
  77. VA chief drops by McGuire
  78. Gains in stability slow but tangible in Haditha
  79. Delta Marine injured in Iraq makes progress
  80. Paintballers in the crosshairs of Army recruiters
  81. Naval hospital conducts reviews in wake of Walter Reed scandal
  82. Invention May Help Troops Make a Rapid Ascent
  83. Veterans get to speak out to fill gaps in care
  84. Betrayal Of The Wounded
  85. Genovesi Getting Team's Attention
  86. Hollywood Shuns Iraq, Afghanistan
  87. An Honest Investigation Would Have Cleared Pantano in Iraq
  88. Purple Heart bittersweet for four Marines
  89. Call For Support
  90. Only military officer charged in Abu Ghraib abuse scandal wants statements tossed
  91. St. Lucie County Marines home from Iraq readjust to life far from war
  92. Retiring toy drive coordinator has no plans to 'sit still'
  93. Canada Post searching for missing WWII medals
  94. Reservist acknowledges gay porn past
  95. Vetís commission plans inclusive Webcast
  96. Optics Marines keep eyes on target
  97. At Camp Taqaddum, modifications save lives and money
  98. He can deal
  99. Hawaii unit deploys to Iraq as another returns
  100. Iraqi Family Rescued From Accident By Marines
  101. Family Goes Through 2 Deployments
  102. Conway wants medals awarded faster
  103. Corps trains to deal with flu pandemic
  104. Keep the ban in place
  105. U.S. general feeds sweet tooth in Iraq
  106. Brothers see end of mission coming
  107. Lenovo Donates Computers to The Freedom Calls Foundation
  108. 'Warlords' keep gun teams prepared
  109. A fighter for families
  110. Slidell recruit station routed by mold
  111. USS New Orleans remains docked in namesake city
  112. Union Grove squad on way to nationals
  113. Military to open combat hospital in Anbar
  114. Army's interim surgeon general headed hospital at Fort Benning
  115. Marine pursues a Purple Heart for injuries in Iraq
  116. Walking the Streets of Iraq
  117. Calvert sees progress in Iraq
  118. Getting the big picture
  119. ĎNo one wants to deal with usí
  120. Last training stop on the road to Iraq
  121. Charity founder steps down after DUI arrest
  122. VFW chief calls for peaceful anti-war protests
  123. The View from Parris Island
  124. Pace Seems to Outpace the Rank and File
  125. Getting game on with March Madness, stocks
  126. Marine riot police get a taste of their own medicine
  127. Marine: Proper troop buildup takes time
  128. Herbert Looks For Win At Gatornationals, Welcomes Special Guests
  129. Senate agrees to begin Iraq war debate
  130. Sailors, Marines Honor Iwo Jima Veterans in Visit, Commemoration
  131. Marines expand network training options
  132. March Madness ain't nothing compared to Ambush Alley
  133. Carlos' Way: Turning Grief Into Action
  134. US judge declares Sudan partly responsible for attack on USS Cole
  135. Unit decommissioned here
  136. Move to Guam could cost Marine Corps extra $465M a year
  137. Md. Naval Hospital Staff Reports 'Fatigue'
  138. U.S. pays kin in deaths of Afghan boys
  139. Soldiers Detail Walter Reed Problems
  140. A Marine Who Faced The Fire
  141. Corps will stand up regiment for wounded
  142. Local Marine Reservists headed home from Iraq
  143. Ammo-box altars and bottled-water baptisms
  144. Nowadays, recruits can be as old as 42
  145. Two reservists welcomed home
  146. EFV delivery delayed to 2015; costs double
  147. Alleged 9/11 mastermind confesses 30 plots
  148. Attack sub feared lost, then found
  149. WWII veteran has marched in their shoes
  150. 'Hope' accompanies North Kingstown Marine to Iraq
  151. Death of Marine in Iraq under investigation
  152. Braving the Fear
  153. Acquisition czar discusses tanker, MRAP
  154. CID warns of identity theft by keylogging
  155. Students, Marines read across America
  156. Physical Training raises funds for local elementary school
  157. Service members of the year recognized by Fallbrook Rotary Club
  158. Commanding General Inspection Program reinforces fundamentals
  159. Seals training to be the best
  160. Museum volunteer recalls childhood in WWII Germany
  161. Marines set to come home
  162. US Marines Honor Black Colleges
  163. Web site helps families maintain contact
  164. Iraqi soldiers learn to be sharpshooters
  165. Marine's talk offers vivid glimpse of Iraq
  166. Iraqi heroes pay high price
  167. Mobile-based Marines welcomed home
  168. Serving His Country, Then Serving His Team
  169. WWII veteran of Tarawa invasion targets beach again
  170. Marines reject St. Patrick's parade deal
  171. Marines are welcome at the Marines Memorial
  172. Marine Defends Haditha Decisions
  173. South Plains Marines Return Home From Iraq
  174. Homecoming: Hugs for a Marine
  175. WWII Veteran Reflects on Iwo Jima
  176. Beefing up the troops
  177. The Iraq War: Year Four
  178. Shock Anatomy Of A Slaughter
  179. Emotions ran high during Iwo Jima visit
  180. Lejeune Marines oust insurgents in Iraq
  181. Battle Color Ceremony
  182. Lawmakers call for readiness investigations
  183. Some Navy, Marine bases get cheap electricity
  184. Search for a career brings Chris home
  185. Coffman's Mission: Protect The Right To Vote
  186. Campaign for injured Marines gaining momentum
  187. Gates: U.S. ready to defend for decades
  188. Wounded warrior bill likely to pass in House
  189. Early deployment pushes surge to 30,000
  190. NCIS investigating 2 Marine deaths in Iraq
  191. Visitors answer call to Marines museum
  192. 48 Months in Iraq
  193. Local Korean War MIA’s family sought
  194. Congressional Fellowship Program expands
  195. Sailors, Marines eyeing free Lasik
  196. Marines shoot from the 3-point line at 2007 CIAA Tournament
  197. Students send Marines off with food, gifts
  198. SECNAV says safety is critically important
  199. Group Remains 'Always Faithful' to Injured Warriors
  200. SOUTHCOM Marine lifts his way to victory
  201. 3rd airman jailed in frog-toss case
  202. Blue Grass resident served in U.S. Marines at Iwo Jima
  203. Thrift savings earn a bundle for retirement
  204. 2 Marines, 40 Iraqis stabilize Hamadiyah
  205. Marines, sailors aid Filipinos who had never seen a doctor
  206. N.Y. man set to plead guilty
  207. War Hero Earns Credit Long Overdue
  208. Lubbock Marine Meets His Daughter For The First Time
  209. Vets: It's time for troops in Iraq to come home
  210. Courtney Says Warriors Act Would Help Out Local Veterans
  211. Soldier finds counseling helps with lingering effects of war
  212. Medals for service come after 37 years
  213. Eye on Iraq: Surge successes and setbacks
  214. Army copter pilot takes to the sky for show
  215. Despite scandal, troops heal at Walter Reed
  216. New Mexico Marine died in non-combat incident
  217. In Kansas Army town, anguish of war is felt deeply
  218. Military Matters: Powerpoint vs thought
  219. Vision already serves wounded
  220. GI Guilty in Iraqi Detainees' Deaths
  221. Camp Pendleton nurses say they get paid less than counterparts in San Diego
  222. Pizzeria sends Conn. soldier a slice of home
  223. Conway warns Congress of substandard housing
  224. Marines home from Iraq after a 'long, long' tour
  225. Marines lead military services on February recruitment
  226. Coalition operations receive YouTube treatment
  227. Evangelical Bioethics and the Web
  228. 5 military families share deployment stories
  229. Local coffee shop and its patrons receive flag, plaque after giving to Marines in Ira
  230. Military reservists and their families face jarring change
  231. Parents were proud long before N.M. Marine was awarded the Navy Cross
  232. Marines deliver fuel to Iraqi hospital
  233. Marines have drive to attend funeral
  234. Marines land: ‘Double trouble' return home to heroes' welcome
  235. Our sons, our Marines, our heroes
  236. Marines Return From Africa
  237. Protesters mark war anniversary
  238. Colo. man apologizes for role in expensive wild goose chase in '06
  239. Can a Marine teach an Angel?
  240. War too real for primetime
  241. Armed forces face challenge filling ranks in time of war:
  242. Markswoman drew bead on life
  243. When does a prank turn into a crime?
  244. Ex-soldier charged with child abuse discusses life before, after acquittal
  245. Stepping into the unknown
  246. Soldiers' wartime letters collected
  247. Remembering area's loved ones lost to war
  248. Doctor finds hell, heroism in battle
  249. Corps reviewing Japan tour policy
  250. Video shows bomb being put under Bradley