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  1. The World's Strongest Dad
  2. A new breed of Marines rises
  3. Doctors struggle to save wounded Marine
  4. Giants' Bochy knows the drill
  5. Sailor medics earn high respect
  6. The Disappeared
  7. Burying Private Ryan
  8. Local soldier wounded in Iraq
  9. Hundreds march against war in Hollywood, snarl traffic
  10. Marines ending sponsorship of NASCAR Busch Series car
  11. Marines working to build effective force
  12. War wiped out her memory
  13. New mission for Marines
  14. When troops bring the war in Iraq home
  15. Inouye still has hopes for carrier in Hawai'i
  16. Audit finds many missing U.S. weapons in Iraq
  17. Only choice on war is to win or lose it
  18. Anthrax vaccine opponents
  19. A combat illustrator captures the view from the ground in Iraq
  20. "Battle born"
  21. Reserve captain finishes in 16th place in marathon
  22. Surgical team’s focused efforts can’t save Marine’s life
  23. Under Fire, Soldiers Kill Blogs
  24. The lost art of big screen stoicism
  25. Health screening no longer required for sailors who stayed on ships in CENTCOM areas
  26. Life insurance company settles, compensates Marines
  27. Granholm orders flags lowered for 2 Marines killed in Iraq
  28. After three tours with the Marines, corporal returns home
  29. Marines in LI-based unit who experienced Iraq's turmoil now face challenge of returni
  30. Proud to be a family of joiners
  31. A bittersweet celebration
  32. War wears on small town's spirit
  33. Cyclists going military miles
  34. Deputy honored with Purple Heart
  35. Nine Words
  36. Army Finds 7 Incorrect War Death Reports
  37. Report: missing Army translator married Iraqi, was kidnapped
  38. Vietnam vets granted high school diplomas
  39. War veteran seeks peace in Iraq, Kibera
  40. Article 32 this week for midshipman accused of rapes
  41. Purple Heart museum awaits debut on Nov. 10
  42. Superman Syndrome
  43. Generals get frank
  44. Indirect action vital, DoD official affirms
  45. Troops' petition: Time to come home from Iraq
  46. New Army tape test gives some women slim chance
  47. Recruits maintain high quality, new study says
  48. 2 could face death in Marines’ slaying
  49. School getting Marines program
  50. A violent month hits home
  51. Lawyer to file separate memo for 'Nicole'
  52. Marine martial arts course alive, kicking at Camp Courtney
  53. Quick-win conflict a quagmire for U.S.
  54. Marine from Avon Lake critically injured in Iraq
  55. Comic Keeps Troops Laughing
  56. Two top-10 finishers disqualified for cheating
  57. Marine dies during training exercise at Pendleton
  58. Soldier who fled to Canada rather than return to Iraq heads to Fort Knox to surrender
  59. Fund has generated more than $6 million for wounded Marines
  60. Iraqi Demands Pullback; U.S. Lifts Baghdad Cordon
  61. Chuck Norris visits Marines in Iraq
  62. Wounded warriors recuperate together
  63. Marine jailed for buying, distributing cough syrup
  64. Quietly protecting the secrets
  65. Lost in Translation
  66. Army leads sniper competition
  67. Police Still Have No Sign Of Missing Marine
  68. Community celebrates Marine cousins’ safe return
  69. Speaker pays tribute to Marines
  70. Funerals, flags close month
  71. Troubled troops in no-win plight
  72. Medic Aids Fallen Marine With Skill and a Prayer
  73. WWII vet worked on federal building as cement mason
  74. Marine training death under investigation, no foul play suspected
  75. U.S. officer says Iraqi soldiers are undisciplined, flee from danger
  76. Marines, Navy suffer highest combat casualties in two years
  77. Vet designs cards to memorialize Marines killed in Iraq
  78. Marines kick off annual Toys for Tots program
  79. When Irony Bites you in the Ass/Foot
  80. Marines welcome boy from Make-A-Wish Foundation
  81. Citizenship sought for Marine killed in car crash
  82. US marines in Subic rape case coping ....
  83. Two Marines from Metro Detroit are killed in Iraq's Anbar province
  84. Army forced to admit clinically obese because of recruiting crisis
  85. Sailor home for a little R&R
  86. Hawaii Marines March Through Kaneohe
  87. Marines offer $5,000 bonus for joining Select Reserve
  88. Two Ridgefield Marines recall life in Iraq
  89. A clash of wills at 'Firecracker'
  90. Better than barracks
  91. Service, ring helps pair cope with loss
  92. Schools gather packages for Marines
  93. Wounded Vets Tapped For New VA Program
  94. Life not easy for returning warriors head Now home,
  95. Disabled Military Veterans to Get Memorial of Their Own
  96. Onslow readies to honor veterans
  97. Marine says fellow midshipman drugged, raped her
  98. Judge denies chaplain’s request to block potential discharge
  99. Marine sergeant a pageant winner
  100. Marines yearn for Pierce's sauce
  101. Thrice-wounded Marine shows his teammates what luck really is
  102. 1/25th Devens Marines get tumultuous welcome home
  103. Winging wounded warriors home
  104. Game draws an international audience: Marines in Iraq
  105. Waiting for the ghost's next move
  106. Final roll call for 11 of the fallen
  107. Fallen warriors -- we honor their sacrifice, grieve the price
  108. Students send Christmas to troops
  109. Rain, shine or dust storm: Ontonagon Marine delivers in Iraq
  110. Iraq braces for verdict in Hussein trial
  111. Marines' widows to participate in 10K in honor of husbands
  112. For these Marines, closeness created 60 years ago still exists at reunions
  113. Command Mistake:
  114. Tough Marines melted in the presence of a pup named Lava
  115. Marines Get More Gyrocams
  116. Riflemen use Iraqi civilians as spotters and shields
  117. New York Times.....whatever!
  118. Vietnam hero McClary shoots from hip in visit to Okinawa
  119. Military’s death probes leave some families feeling betrayed
  120. Gainesville Marines Return From Iraq
  121. For Marines, 'MTV' Means Something New
  122. Rallies continue after Saddam verdict
  123. A clash of wills in Iraq
  124. Sixth feeling
  125. Honoring veterans
  126. Reflections On The Return Of Charlie Company
  127. Young Marine joins birthday ball tradition
  128. Service to country isn't forgotten
  129. Remember Heroes of Fallujah
  130. Mess Night 2006 honors Marines
  131. Losses of fellow Marines haunt decorated veteran
  132. Service is a duty
  133. Helicopter Crashes North of Baghdad
  134. Home Depot, Lowe's giving Vets Day military discounts
  135. Marines in Fallujah confiscate toy guns
  136. Marines Want Another Infantry Regiment
  137. Marines celebrating their 231st birthday
  138. City man recalls Iwo Jima
  139. Honoring a family man who became a U.S. Navy hero
  140. Waynesboro runner joins Marines
  141. Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que sauce on the way to Iraq
  142. Unlocking A Legacy
  143. Awe
  144. Another Kerry Purple Heart? (a poem)
  145. Challenger: Murtha is "dead wrong" about Iraq
  146. Trial of 4 US Marines for rape done well -- US
  147. Support the troops: See the mission through
  148. Parris Island to reinstate holiday gift tradition
  149. National parks, forests free on Veterans Day
  150. The BAH bounce
  151. New Army video a ‘humbling’ experience
  152. Captains eligible to receive ACP bonus
  153. Mortarman killed in mix-up
  154. Replace Rumsfeld
  155. First Coast Marines Facing Misconduct Probe
  156. Navy corpsmen on Okinawa test battle skills
  157. Navy orders 8th LPD ship
  158. Deputy commandant Huly retires
  159. Marines help Iraqis take back their street
  160. Another Goulet stars at Plymouth before entering the Marines
  161. Their children are soldiers, but they're fighting the war
  162. `They hit us, and then they are gone,' one Marine says
  163. The ultimate sacrifice
  164. Veterans honored in song and words; Escondido program a reminder of military service
  165. 'What Was Asked of Us': Troops' words tell Iraq war from ground level
  166. My Life So Far: Marv Goodman, Iwo Jima veteran: 'That island changed my life'
  167. N. Carolinian charged with gun possession
  168. Standup comics bring laughs to the sandbox
  169. New leadership in store for key House committees
  170. Marines ordered to wear seat belts
  171. Getting amputees back on their feet
  172. Female soldiers will face NJP for nude photos
  173. Marine's service recalls 2 others
  174. Military prepared Marine veteran for work in Pima
  175. From the outfield to the battlefield
  176. Veterans Await a Resting Place That Is Truly Final
  177. Back for a year, returning is still the hardest part
  178. Startling findings in Tillman probe
  179. Changing Course
  180. Keeping the president safe
  181. ‘Brooklyn Style Pizza’ Meets the Real Deal
  182. Support the Troops: Treatment instead of Jail for Returning Vets
  183. Officer dies in fall from roof in Iraq
  184. Official e-mails to include digital signatures
  185. Reservists cleared to return home after Lejeune inquiry
  186. Troops offer mixed reactions on Gates nomination, Rumsfeld resignation
  187. Army Strong Launches Tonight
  188. The Thousand Fathers
  189. Huly: Warfighting IT tops Marines’ agenda
  190. Marines visit Ladera Ranch Middle School
  191. Marines Get the News From an Iraqi Host: Rumsfeld’s Out. ‘Who’s Rumsfeld?’
  192. Corbin risked life saving Marines
  193. Wounded sergeant pressed on in Afghanistan
  194. Marine Finds Peace, Purpose
  195. Videos for Victory
  196. Veterans Day celebrations to take place around the valley
  197. Hub’s bravest doing double duty overseas
  198. The new veterans among us: women
  199. Trio face enemy fire in battle for Baghdad
  200. Gates inherits challenges at Pentagon
  201. Kids come to attention
  202. With 2 tours and Purple Heart, Iraq vet recruits for his country
  203. Young take time to honor vets
  204. Flags of Our Fathers
  205. Army lieutentant charged with refusing to deploy to Iraq to face court-martial
  206. A Veterans Day Tribute To Members of the Armed Forces Past and Present
  207. She’s 16, a drag racer and dedicated to the Marines
  208. Marine to receive Medal of Honor for Iraq heroism
  209. Veterans Day and the U.S. Marine Corps
  210. At Dusty Outpost in Iraq, Cake Is Cut for Marines Young and Not So Young
  211. For marines, Rumsfeld's just another casualty
  212. One very 'resolute Marine'
  213. Walton Farmer - Marines
  214. Despite his own pain, Uy gave buddies first aid
  215. Fort soldiers, Marines honor fellow veterans in annual celebration
  216. Marines, Navy corpsmen honored
  217. A Veterans Day Birthday: Marines celebrate, tell vets: ‘We’re still carrying the flag
  218. ‘Close-knit comradeship’
  219. `Semper Fi' to the corps
  220. Wall helps Vietnam vet stand tall
  221. Marines family gives uniform to school
  222. Marines charged in death of another
  223. Marines mark the Corps' birthday
  224. Marines in Iraq pause to celebrate Corps' 231st birthday
  225. Pride of the Marines
  226. Kaneohe Marine named for top medal
  227. "War Widow Honors Her Fallen Hero"
  228. Muskegon's Medal of Honor winner 'just doing his job'
  229. Grim story of Iwo Jima brought alive through World War II veteran's writing
  230. In a darkened theater, two old Marines relive Iwo Jima
  231. Marines gather to mark Corps' 231st birthday
  232. Marines Held for Questioning Return Home
  233. Semper Fidelis Park has special name
  234. Hundreds Give Love, Support To Marine Severely Injured In Iraq
  235. Marines treat dead in Iraq with dignity, respect
  236. Jim Lehrer Reflects on Marines at Museum Dedication
  237. Mittens For Marines
  238. Rowe remembers how things really were on Iwo Jima
  239. The art of El Toro
  240. Marines gather in Minden
  241. USS Oklahoma memorial gains funds
  242. From Semper Fi to Santa Claus
  243. Marine paralyzed in Vietnam made the best out of life
  244. Parents of Jason Dunham say they can put him to rest now
  245. The Four, The Proud
  246. Marine Town, USA
  247. Historic cemetery may gain new life
  248. Valor medal process tarnished?
  249. Iraq Marines thank law firm in person
  250. Cafe in old depot appeals to commuters, residents and Marines