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  1. Military families rejoice when their loved ones return home
  2. Weighing the Options
  3. 50 Years Ago Today
  4. Aviation Marines forge newest warriors
  5. Marines meet to tackle equal opportunity issues
  6. “Follow Me” division celebrates 65th birthday …
  7. Retired Marine pilot chronicles air combat duty
  8. SPIEGEL Interview with US General James Jones
  9. His mission: make meals for Marines
  10. Former Marine indicted in cabbie robbery on Okinawa
  11. Super for NFL perhaps, but not so for fans
  12. To Armor or Not to Armor? That is the Question
  13. Marine News Briefs
  14. O-4 forced to retire while awaiting trial
  15. Lejeune corporal faces rape charges
  16. Probe looks into whether Marine’s Hill job presents conflict of interest
  17. VMMT-204 graduates first Osprey crew chiefs
  18. Embedded in Iraq With U.S. Forces
  19. 8th ESB, 2nd TSB team up to cross New River via floating bridge
  20. Soldiers find block of gold worth $110K
  21. Former NFL Players Join Troops in Iraq for Super Bowl XL
  22. Why Cartoons Matter
  23. The Day They Called Me Sgt. Grey Eagle
  24. Cheapening Coretta Scott King's Legacy
  25. Saddam's WMD's: The Syrian Connection
  26. The Government Junkets You Fund
  27. Overstrand anti-poaching unit to be disbanded
  28. Giving Away Secrets
  29. Army demanded $700 from city man who was wounded
  30. The wrong weapons for the Long War
  31. The Truth Will Out
  32. A Head on the Chapel Dome
  33. Quiet shattered in Iraq town
  34. Jones, Marines set to advance on South Boston Speedway in 2006
  35. Corps approves uniform alterations for wounded veterans
  36. Strange New Respect
  37. D-DACT empowers platoon leaders in Iraq
  38. HMM-161 flies 50,000th safe hour in Iraq
  39. Laura's Iraq Journal
  40. "Wants to be a Marine - Needs HELP!
  41. Phoenix Leathernecks strengthen team with Warrior Night
  42. Gunny to chief warrant officer -
  43. Marines Delay Fielding of Scout Vehicles
  44. Post-World War I diplomat to Iraq described obstacles similar to today's
  45. U.S. deserter bids to remain in Canada
  46. Calvin and Hobbes -- and Muhammad
  47. Theft From Marines’ Accounts Investigated
  48. Military families' needs rise with deployments
  49. Doing Battle for the Grunts
  50. At Busy Air Base, A Different Mission
  51. Grieving Mother Holds One Last Wish for Son
  52. Bomb Kills Marines In Iraq
  53. U.S. Marines to deploy hybrid aircraft in Okinawa in FY 2013
  54. Coretta Scott King Funeral: Reprobates And Cowards
  55. The "God Hates Fags" Left
  56. Playing Poker With Armageddon
  57. The Washington Post's Hate Cartoon
  58. What Will Make America Safer?
  59. U.S. government wants Iraq to try American suspected of aiding insurgency
  60. Sense of community moves colonel
  61. Marines may face charges in Mexico incident
  62. US Marines Convicted of Alien Smuggling to Be Sentenced
  63. Games molding military minds
  64. Moss Point, Miss., native keeps convoys safe
  65. Local band students develop new appreciation for music from Marine mentorship
  66. Dallas recruiter mows down her competition
  67. The Few. The Proud. The Marines.
  68. When Hatred Burns Unseen
  69. Eight Is Enough (Troy Aikman)
  70. Marines embrace the big game
  71. 3/8 strikes Mojave Viper
  72. Army Uses Experimental Training to Bulk Up Brain Power
  73. Fighting for a People's Future in Afghanistan
  74. Phrogs continue to soar above Iraq
  75. 1st Marine Division celebrates 65 years
  76. Guarding gates of MCLB Barstow
  77. Gear reimbursement approved
  78. Texas lawmaker to deploy
  79. Program helps single Marines learn how to pick a mate
  80. Major's the man who ensures two bases in Iraq run smoothly
  81. Japan paid for U.S. Marines to go on field trips
  82. Death Wish
  83. This Conflict Has Little To Do With Drawn Lines
  84. Terrorist Blamed His Failure on Bush
  85. The Gray Zone
  86. To the Shores of Tripoli
  87. Troops arrive home from Iraq
  88. Three ships, 2,100 Marines arriving
  89. 7th Comm Marines receive Copernicus Award
  90. Corps set to join Special Operations community
  91. Logistics tracking equipment valuable to operations
  92. A Marine's last letter
  93. Comm Company works out kinks before Korea training
  94. Odds of Survival Improve for the U.S. Military's Best Friends
  95. Lejeune Marine had just met dad
  96. Best Damn Sports Show honors Marines
  97. Xtreme Marines: Single Marines visit X-Games in Aspen
  98. Deploying infantry Marines raid MOUT town
  99. Proper protective equipment not optional at the Combat Center
  100. Marine recalls Silver Star actions
  101. Program helps MCI managment
  102. Wounded vets mingle with blind folks, seeing eye dogs
  103. No POV - No Problem!
  104. Wrestling team back in action, hungry for members
  105. Former POW's service saluted, given seven medals related to World War II
  106. Football and pizza point to US staying for long haul
  107. Return to the World!
  108. 24th MEU Marines kill time at sea
  109. 24th MEU Marines ride in beach rodeo
  110. Super Bowl: Good News and Bad News
  111. Get the Picture?
  112. Recon unit commander receives Silver Star
  113. Are we going to tolerate the downfall of Western ideals?
  114. Add hero to his résumé
  115. Infantry Marines prep for convoy ops
  116. Happy Birthday Rich Lundeen
  117. Marine from N.H. dies in Afghanistan
  118. Fun and games in Europe.
  119. Marine killed in Iraq given Bronze Star
  120. News photographer honored
  121. 'Until they are home'
  122. 'That's The Ticket'
  123. Children thank Marines for toy drive
  124. Five Sea Kings to become troop carriers
  125. They come to our Country? Then do this?
  126. Marines help students wrestle with future choices
  127. Wahpeton, N.D., native supports front lines
  128. Two Foster Marines charged in cab heist handed over to Japan
  129. Last promotion from last recruit
  130. Heroic actions make Oregon Guard soldier an action figure
  131. Command will give sailors a larger role on the ground
  132. The new mission:
  133. Healing, With New Limbs and Fragile Dreams
  134. Local Marines were the ‘angels’ who helped save a lady’s grandson
  135. Luck runs out for the 22nd
  136. Bomb destroyers stalled
  137. Iraq war symbol copes at home
  138. Ward tends to life-saving dogs
  139. While on Patrol in Baghdad
  140. US Military Commander says Terrorists Being Defeated
  141. In Iraq, these vets become military dogs' best friend
  142. Bush ignoring basic precepts of war
  143. Hero Back From Iraq
  144. ‘Here we are at dinner talking about an ambush’
  145. Dead Marine's mom can't stay here
  146. Prisoners at Guantánamo have a penchant for Pepsi
  147. Truth in a Restaurant
  148. Reviewing Movies I Haven't Seen
  149. The Cartoons War
  150. Video link allows Marines in Iraq to see loved ones
  151. Troops coming and going
  152. Celebrating the Art of Illustration
  153. The war you didn't see
  154. Dear Diary, Lynn Swann haunts me
  155. Son's choice to serve is impetus for a change in mom
  156. Cartoon quarrel deadly serious
  157. Iran is prepared to retaliate, experts warn
  158. The Day Lincoln Was Born
  159. Serving the Enemy on Film
  160. At Least Some are getting "Respect"
  161. Super Bowl Pics
  162. Gen.Order #5
  163. High honor
  164. Marine families briefed on worst to expect
  165. Iraq veteran battles injuries, depression
  166. Uncle Sam has become Cupid
  167. Cards help deployed troops bridge language gap
  168. Article denounced at hearing
  169. Academy Awards: No Laughing Matter
  170. Surrendering Freedom of Speech: Terrorism Works
  171. What Ancient History Tells Us About Iraq
  172. Wrong Again Ned: We Don't Get French Benefits
  173. The Atheist Foxhole
  174. Are Traditional Pensions Finished?
  175. U.S. envoy indicates flexibility over U.S. Marines relocation plan
  176. Marines come home
  177. U.S. Marines complain of low temperatures
  178. Marines take on new Iraq role
  179. Uncommon perseverance, common virtue
  180. Iraq-Bound Marine Leaders Cram on Civics and Economics
  181. Point Marines rap for righteousness
  182. Business students learn leadership from the Marines
  183. The Iraq War: Another View
  184. Washington monument for a "damned old fox"
  185. Don’t Attack the Messenger
  186. Special Operations to become three-star command
  187. Silver Star awarded to Desgrosseilliers
  188. Picking Up LCpl in 15 days!!
  189. Marine battalion with heavy losses returning to Lejeune
  190. The Politician's didn't let Marines do the right thing
  191. Demonstration
  192. Your favorite gun.....................
  193. Beaufort Marines return from Iraq
  194. 1STSGT Castle deserves M.O.H.
  195. CNO: Sailors may replace Marines in camp security jobs
  196. Somethings sentimental
  197. Marines drafted to invade GOP territory
  198. NFL players visit Calif.-based Marines in Iraq on Super Bowl
  199. Tracy, Calif. native remembered by fellow Marines
  200. Atwood, Tenn., native plays Santa year round for Marines
  201. Fallen Midlothian, Va., native remembered by his unit
  202. Hutchinson, Kan., native follows in family footsteps
  203. Operation Brand Iron leaves mark on remote Iraqi villages
  204. Military hybrid vehicles could boost safety, mobility
  205. Roadside bomb kills young Marine recently arrived in Iraq
  206. One brave Marine
  207. Hey Maureen Dowd, Men Aren't So Bad
  208. How much would you sacrifice for love?
  209. World's Thinnest Books
  210. Commandant makes trip to speak with Marines of 3/7
  211. Students reject honor to 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' hero
  212. Promise to serve 18-year-old Marines on leave get married
  213. Marines back from Iraq present two flags to mayor
  214. Marines in Iraq have new devices, goals
  215. Natural and Unnatural Man
  216. Marine News Briefs
  217. Ready for MarSOC
  218. Stateside drill helps cannon-cockers fire on all cylinders
  219. Officer earns Silver Star for Afghanistan valor
  220. Parents agree to burial plan for son’s remains
  221. EFV could roll out by end of decade
  222. Officials clarify uniform policy for amputees
  223. We are fighting the WRONG PEOPLE!
  224. Hunter Shot by Cheney Has Heart Attack AP - 13 minutes ago
  225. Cops: Teen Marine Strangled Man
  226. Incident Gun Barrell City Called Rumor by Shell
  227. Regretfully, Gun Barrell Incident, Bogus
  228. Gulfport Marines Recount Their Hurricane Heroism
  229. 2/6 Marine recognized for superior leadership
  230. New Jersy native translates for 6CAG in Iraq
  231. Thank You (thedrifter)
  232. Army MIA Soldiers from Vietnam War Identified
  233. Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa?
  234. Marines send 98-pounds of lead downrange
  235. Lance Cpl. David Parr honored for life, death
  236. For Teachers, This Trip Isn't the Usual Drill
  237. American Clown Journalism 101
  238. Can a polarized nation win a protracted war?
  239. Shaving Like a Man
  240. Groan and Bear It
  241. Four black Marines were among the first
  242. 5 Marines embark on new journey
  243. Semper fi
  244. Quick Rise for Purveyors of Propaganda in Iraq
  245. Leatherneck Ezine
  246. If You Want a Film to Fly, Make Americans the Heavies
  247. Learning Curves
  248. A few visionary Marines would take expeditionary warfare to new heights
  249. More players entered in Pacific war games
  250. Ignore the Useful Idiots: We are Winning in Iraq