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  1. Almost 20% of top medals awarded secretly since 9/11
  2. Marine Reserve aviators tapped to become one-stars
  3. Adam Carolla: Who NOT to Vote For
  4. Female recruits, Marines excel at Parris Island amid calls for integration
  5. New military hazing rules could be part of annual defense bill
  6. Marine Corps has major problems with its planes and helicopters
  7. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus' departure date not set yet
  8. A new general takes command of the endless war in Afghanistan
  9. Marines hit the arctic for largest winter exercise since the Cold War
  10. just for all you outdoorsmen/woman/// Handyman Tip
  11. 2,000 U.S. Marines arrive in S. Korea for drills as North threatens war
  12. Donald Trump gets interview request from Bergdahl defense attorney
  13. Commandant looks to 'disruptive thinkers' to fix Corps' problems
  14. Nancy Reagan, a Stylish and Influential First Lady, Dies at 94
  15. Marines ditch iron sights, consider new marksmanship training tables
  16. Global Billets USMCR
  17. Canada won’t bomb ISIS anymore. Here’s what it’s doing instead
  18. Germany says it has obtained files on ISIS members
  19. Embattled Marine wins temporary reprieve in fight to save his career
  20. US Navy's new $13 billion aircraft carrier will dominate the seas
  21. Chief Shipley
  22. Chief petty officer sasha bond usn
  23. Questions about the Marine Corps League ?
  24. Daylight Savings Time.
  25. Marine Corps of the future: Smaller deployed units, more high tech
  26. Women could enter Navy SEAL training by September
  27. Favorable gunny promotions could be good news for junior Marines
  28. New law will cut off unemployment pay for GI Bill users
  29. It's Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month: Have You Been Checked?
  30. Controversial Marine Corps unit recognizes a war hero
  31. Marine infantry officer: Blowing off orders has become a troubling norm
  32. Female Marine to attempt Infantry Officer Course
  33. To rejoin or not to rejoin
  34. Happy St. Patricks Day !!!
  35. The Marines can fight another war, but it won't be easy, generals say
  36. 2 Year Lat Move + Online College?
  37. Not Forgotten
  38. Marines investigating recruit's death at Parris Island boot camp
  39. Female Marine officers, staff NCOs to join grunt units
  40. Deciphering MARADMIN's (Admin bubba's please help)
  41. POG SGT looking to join RECON
  42. Best for Vets: Employers 2016 - Top 10
  43. Attacks on Brussels airport, metro kill 34 - public broadcaster
  44. After 95 years, a Navy ship lost at sea with all hands is finally discovered
  45. Silent Drill Platoon
  46. The U.S. Marines have a new plan to prevent another Benghazi
  47. Syrians charged with hacking U.S. Marine Corps website
  48. Marine Corps researching new ways to recruit women
  49. Happy Easter To All
  50. Blast in crowded Pakistan park kills at least 65
  51. The Marines are on the hunt for 400 more embassy guards
  52. 7 facts: GI Bill stipend can supplement on-the-job training
  53. Female admin Marine to attempt MARSOC training this summer
  54. MouthMobile brings free dental care to veterans
  55. Japan-based Marine found dead near Camp Schwab
  56. U.S. military dependents ordered to leave Turkey
  57. Marine Corps mulls changes to female dress, service uniforms
  58. Happy Birthday Sgt Jim
  59. The Navy just approved the military's best tattoo rules
  60. new hand gun for all Corpsmen...
  61. Fired Marine commander charged with sexual assault
  62. U.S. military suicides remain high for 7th year
  63. Marine female engagement team trains high-speed Kuwaiti force
  64. Here's where the Marines have stood up new embassy guard posts after Benghazi
  65. plt 1088. 11 27 13
  66. How are Reserve Marines able to do Military funerals?
  67. Marine Corps considers new fitness instructor primary MOS 0919
  68. Marines consider more lenient body fat rules, new tape test tools
  69. Merle Haggard, Country Music Legend, Dies at 79
  70. Generals propose huge changes to Marine Corps fitness tests
  71. 4-star admiral wants to confront China. White House says not so fast
  72. Marine Corps Character and the Warrior Ethos
  73. The Marines' new ad campaigns will feature more women
  74. Several shooting victims reported at Lackland air base in Texas
  75. Donors want Marine Gen. James Mattis to run for president against Trump, Clinton
  76. These 4,500 Marines and sailors will soon be in striking distance of ISIS
  77. ISIS, meet my friend Buff...
  78. A WWII vet’s body lay unclaimed at the morgue. Then neighbors did something beautiful
  79. Oops, your web browser is no longer supported.
  80. Navy officer charged with espionage
  81. Navy, Coast Guard searching for sailor missing off North Carolina coast
  82. Marines' new virtual marksmanship trainers are set to hit the fleet
  83. How Gen. James Mattis could become the unlikeliest U.S. president in history
  84. Why the SpaceX Rocket Ocean Landing is a Big Deal
  85. New report calls for ban on 'killer robots' amid U.N. meeting
  86. Marine Corps: Men and women must meet same standards for combat jobs
  87. Navy to require climate change reporting from vendors
  88. Mounting number of victims in VA hospital sex abuse scandal
  89. Hsst list and EOD
  90. Combat candy: As M&Ms turn 75, a look at sweets in service
  91. Getting Highlighter stain out of cammies
  92. Who runs the Gas Chamber?
  93. 4-star: Women will excel in the military's toughest jobs
  94. Leftwich Trophy winner motivated his Marines so much, they got matching unit tattoos
  95. DEA approves PTSD marijuana study
  96. 5 things Marines need to know about the new NCO promotion panels
  97. 2,300 California-based Marines just deployed to the Middle East
  98. After 62 years, these Korean War vets get the heroes' welcome they deserve
  99. 49 military- and veteran-focused job fairs coming in May
  100. Watch a B-52 bomb an ISIS weapon facility for the first time in Iraq
  101. Pentagon funding cuts may silence Stars and Stripes
  102. House panel votes to make women register for the draft
  103. Marine Corps Body Bearer
  104. It was a historic week for military women. So what happens next?
  105. Kentucky Confederate monument to be removed after 120 years
  106. The Supreme Court Just Gave FBI the Power to Hack Innocent People
  107. Arming military recruiters: Inside the Pentagon's agonizing policy review
  108. Taps. ( il Silenzio ) Amazing 11 year old Melissa Venema plays her trumpet.
  109. Marines investigating claim about men in Iwo Jima photo
  110. Congressman: I'll 'keep fighting like a bulldog' to rename the Navy Department for Ma
  111. The Marines Are Running Out of Airplanes
  112. Remains of Captain Cook's ship likely off Rhode Island coast
  113. Marine Corps fires second commander in aviation community this year
  114. Law named for fallen Marine allows troops to wear uniforms at graduation
  115. Marine recruit kicked out of boot camp after alleged attack on man in wheelchair
  116. 110-year-old WWII veteran from Louisiana dies
  117. What to expect with BAH and next duty station
  118. 109 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Start Doing Today
  119. Female Marine rifleman, machine gunner headed to the infantry
  120. Marine veteran sues Iran for being tortured as hostage
  121. Tomb of the Unknowns documentary aims to preserve honor
  122. Ignoring Racial Realities
  123. Military families applaud Marine Corps' decision to ditch vehicle decals
  124. Carter: Military can work out 'practical issues' to lift transgender ban
  125. US, Russia step up war of words over missile shield
  126. U.S. tells schools to give transgender students bathroom rights
  127. Activation opportunities for Reserve Marines?
  128. Exosuits, robot arms and mini subs: This is the military's future
  129. Marines' shot at making staff NCO drops this year
  130. Navy SEALs secret medals reveal heroism during past 15 years
  131. The Marines are testing new weapons on MV-22 Ospreys
  132. No need for more U.S. troops in Iraq, Pentagon says
  133. U.S. Senate backs Openly Gay Fanning as Army secretary
  134. There's a call to add thousands more Marines. Here's how it might work
  135. Bob Hope on Zombies and Democrats
  136. Armed Forces Day 5-21-2016 and 9 ways you can show appreciation
  137. Marines weigh stripping the word 'man' from all job titles
  138. 'Nickled and dimed': The military pay crunch is on a course to get considerably worse
  139. In historic move, U.S. lifts arms sales embargo to Vietnam
  140. Smiling Warbirds vid. what do you think..
  141. Marines rename boot camp Crucible event for fallen Silver Star recipient
  142. U.S. deepens military ties with former foe Vietnam
  143. Report: Military spouse unemployment could cost U.S. $1B
  144. Deja vu: Marine not allowed to march in graduation in dress blues
  145. SOFREP series on MARSOC
  146. Memorial Day Liberty Brief.......
  147. Congress is targeting military housing stipends, and it could cost troops thousands
  148. The military will need the Marines' electronic warfare squadrons beyond 2019
  149. Veterans sites in California, Kentucky, Virginia damaged
  150. ISIS fighters appear to be trying to sell their sex slaves on the Internet
  151. This serpent-like malware lies dormant until you access your bank account
  152. Why Memorial Day is different from Veterans Day
  153. Happy Birthday Tennessee Top
  154. U.S. Kicks Off 10,000-Strong Drill in Eastern Europe
  155. Trump: Those in U.S. illegally treated better than veterans
  156. Memorial day.....
  157. Let Us Rmember those who served and sacrificed
  158. Trump blames the media for confusion over his veterans donations
  159. Here's how 56 Marines took on the Chinese army during the Boxer Rebellion
  160. Marines can now wear fitness trackers in more military facilities
  161. Pacific military exercises to include 27 nations, a record
  162. 'Never Trump' movement turns to Iraq War veteran
  163. The Marine Corps has a new tattoo policy. Here's your exclusive first look
  164. The Voice of Disney's "BAMBI".....
  165. Air Force secretary supports draft registration for women
  166. Women in Grunt Units?
  167. Former Marine loses job for Lowering Flag Memorial Day....
  168. ITS 1979 and now?
  169. Marine Corps to select the next crop of unit commanders in July
  170. Miss USA, Army reservist to fight for veterans, tackle military suicide, PTSD
  171. Remembering D-Day: then and now
  172. A major Native American site is being looted. Will Obama risk armed conflict to save
  173. Marine commander fired after recruit's death at boot camp
  174. Marine aviator tapped to become next assistant commandant
  175. 2 Air National Guard pilots eject after midair collision
  176. Military dress at graduation? In most places, it's a no-no
  177. An Open Letter to our Membership!
  178. Sergeant Major at Parris Island fired in wake of recruit's boot camp death
  179. Officials: Pentagon to unveil plan to adjust promotion rules
  180. Russia: We will respond to entry of U.S. naval vessel into Black Sea
  181. After more than $1.6 billion in U.S. aid, Iraq’s army still struggles
  182. Court: No right to carry concealed weapons in public
  183. This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected
  184. How and Why Russia Is Moving to a War Footing
  185. Marines install infantry officer to lead Parris Island boot camp after a wave of scan
  186. 50 slain in gay nightclub, worst mass shooting in US history
  187. Man with weapons, explosives arrested, was going to LA gay pride parade, police say
  188. Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion
  189. Marine shooting team preps for competition against Army champions
  190. Up to date SOI/ITB information
  191. Happy Birthday Army
  192. Disney Donates $1 Million To Orlando Shooting Victims
  193. Reports: Orlando shooter's wife could be charged soon
  194. Marine vet's quick actions saved dozens of lives during Orlando nightclub shooting
  195. This photo of Gen. Neller drinking from the devil dog fountain will motivate you
  196. The Marine Corps' first-ever female artillery officers are headed to the fleet
  197. Family of AR-15 Inventor: He Didn't Intend It for Civilians
  198. All Marines to undergo 2-day training as women join combat units
  199. House plan would stop military bands' social gigs
  200. Fight over military sneakers could leave troops with fewer footwear choices
  201. Wounded Warrior Project gets new leader after troubles
  202. First Sharia Judge in USA
  203. young marines are such a pleasure to meet
  204. happy father's day to all of you father's
  205. Marine corps reserves
  206. Happy Birthday Navy CORPSMEN.......
  207. Today in History....
  208. for you christians who love god
  209. Army Generals for Gun Control...
  210. The Pentagon's controversial plan to hire military leaders off the street
  211. Marine Cobra pilots are hitting the field with the grunts they'll support in combat
  212. Honoring a military father
  213. Forum Posting Etiquette
  214. Quote Of The Day
  215. 10 commandments for all of us
  216. This Speech That Will Win Donald Trump The Presidency And Ruin Hillary Clinton | Part
  217. ongressman Says His Constituents ‘Shouldn’t Have to Carry a Gun’
  218. Fy17 enlisted retention campaign
  219. 3rd Bn. RTR MCRD-Fact or fiction?
  220. favorite cadence in boot camp?
  221. marine corps mountain warfare training
  222. about your drill instructor
  223. Capitalizing the "M" in Marine....
  224. This is just "Terrible"....!!!
  225. Reserves to Active Duty?
  226. Groups Criticize Secret Proposal to End VA Healthcare
  227. Marine Corps May Require Higher Test Scores to Get into Boot Camp
  228. UmGalla-Galla
  229. 15 Drill Instructors accused of "Hazing - Abuse"...
  230. Camp Lejuene Contaminated Water Tumors
  231. Computer "OS" question - Windows 10...
  232. Happy Independence Day
  233. 11 Things Marines need to know about PFT, CFT & Body Comp...
  234. Smoke the Donkey....
  235. Isn't this just peachy king!
  236. Social Media can effect "Security Clearance"....
  237. The "FIX" is in - Hitlery off the Hook...!!!
  238. Question about deployment
  239. Happy 60th To Gary W, one of Leatherneck Owners
  240. Diagnosed with ADHD while in the reserves
  241. CVA-41 USS Midway - 1965 Toilet Bomb....
  242. Passworg
  243. Print mcbul 7220. Fiscal year 2017 (fy17) selective retention bonus/(srb) program
  244. If RCT is dropped in Boot, do they lose their MOS selection?
  245. How flexible are career counselors?
  246. Ethnicity/Race in the Corps and in civilian life.
  247. A little knowledge can never go too far.
  248. Concerns of the Dark Side
  249. Getting out SOON - need help staying in or getting back in.
  250. USMC-Related Sites and Links