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  1. Question About Recieving the MOS I Desire
  2. question?
  3. Need help picking up PFC
  4. "Lat Movements"
  5. Becoming a Marine MPO
  6. Available MOS'
  7. OCS Prep, Camp Pendleton April 5-7th
  8. Jarhead?
  9. A marijuana question for honorably discharged U.S. Marine veterans or retired
  10. Prior service with GED
  11. A few questions
  12. High interst in the USMC
  13. Motor Transportation.. will you experience combat?
  14. Persuading Parents
  15. Headaches
  16. Got RE-3p and shouldn't have recieved it.
  17. A few questions
  18. Poolees quit DEP?
  19. help. new
  20. Medical DQ while in DEP
  21. Any sniper or avionics experience?
  22. future
  23. Reconnaissance Marine
  24. Need help! Got disqualified by a recruiter for a reason I think is insignificant..
  25. Decisions, Decisions
  26. Question about MEPS i need answered ASAP
  27. Lasik Surgery?
  28. Lasik Surgery?
  29. Need some help with colorblindness
  30. joining marines
  31. First MOS pulled... Looking for another
  32. Waiver and eventual ship date question!
  33. Scared of being disqualified
  34. 0231 or 0511
  35. Got a couple questions if some Marines wouldn't mind answering them
  36. extend tour ?
  37. Referral system
  38. Recon and Sniper
  39. Any Info About Civilian Careers in the Intelligence Field?
  40. Move from Reserves to Active Duty?
  41. Engineering Student join Marines?
  42. Re-Enlisting
  43. Curious
  44. Left handed?
  45. Denied my waver, still hope?
  46. Am I Eligible To Enlist In The Marine Corps?
  47. Need help losing last 65lbs
  48. Am I Screwed?
  49. Preparing to serve
  50. Enlisting in the Marines when I turn 17, how to prepare?
  51. How to Join The Marine Task Force
  52. USMC Intel and Cryptologic linguist
  53. Join as foreigner
  54. Join as foreigner
  55. Swimming
  56. Combat Engineer
  57. When do you go to MEPS?/ What I need to ask my Recruiter / What will DEP do for me?
  58. Advice-Shots at Boot Camp
  59. Trouble in the recruiting process?
  60. Logistics help please?
  61. Tattoo waiver?
  62. A few questions regarding DEP and MP recruitment
  63. Need hindsight on decision between USMC and apprenticeship
  64. A few questions regarding DEP and MP recruitment
  65. Questions regarding MOS's
  66. One Step Closer
  67. Stacking G.I. Bills?
  68. Congressional Inquries into waiver status
  69. Aviation Ordanance?
  70. Combat Support (CE) MOS
  71. Transfer Branches
  72. I need to knock time off of my IST
  73. Help !!! Regarding weight waivers!
  74. Is it possible to ship out 1 month after swearing in?
  75. Join Spouse Dual enlistment
  76. New to site, would appreciate some recruiting information.
  77. Seeking a manual or manuals
  78. Qualities of a Marine.
  79. Working out (DEP)
  80. Inhaler for Bronchi Idus: Is this a disqualifier?
  81. What is your MOS and what do you do/how much do you like it?
  82. Intelligence field question
  83. chances on getting a waiver
  84. Vision/waiver question
  85. 9/11 GI Bill ?
  86. Pull-ups for females
  87. Jobs in the Marine Corps when color blind
  88. Prospect looking for answers
  89. Prospect looking for answers
  90. Prospect looking for answers
  91. Logistics and Military Security Force MOS
  92. This wanna be Needs information on excercises that will help with pull ups
  93. Is it over for me?
  94. IFQT score of 92, interested in being an Intelligence Specialist
  95. Ways I can improve on my swimming for the Marines.
  96. Re-enlisting Questions/LAT Moving into 0211
  97. Help please i need to make weight for MEPs before i ship out
  98. The DEP and Bootcamp
  99. Curious about job placement.
  100. Am I old enough to talk to a Recruiter?
  101. How long is the wait for an infantry contract?
  102. Linguist 26 or 27 field?
  103. length of time until OCS
  104. Wannabee Marine / Navy Corpsman
  105. Will my waivers be accepted at this time?
  106. chances of 0311 when choosing the 03XX feild
  107. Marine Reserves right for me?
  108. Waivers.
  109. Chances of being admitted into OCS
  110. Infantry Vision Question
  111. What is a good training program for recon?
  112. What is a good training program for recon?
  113. Vision Requirements for a Rotary-wing Crew Chief 6172, 6173, 6174
  114. HELP! Changing my MOS before boot camp but after DEP contract is up!!!
  115. Information on MOS of Security Forces.
  116. Information on MOS Security Forces
  117. OCS Drop Waiver
  118. Finishing college while in the infantry
  119. ASVAB AFQT: 44 Should I retake? [In Process of Joining Marine Corps]
  120. Can I get some information about going active reservist?
  121. Any input on some interesting jobs?
  122. The Credit Score, Credit Card, and some Rumors ...
  123. So many questions(Asthma)
  124. Downsizing Questions
  125. re-enlist, medical fraud. enlistment
  126. Is there any chance for me to join??
  127. Mos 2841-
  128. Personal Experiences
  129. Enlisting before 29th birthday and other questions
  130. Want to join, few questions.
  131. Few questions
  132. A Few Questions..
  133. Help. Need to gain weight before Sunday.
  134. A question to those Marines who joined later in life with a family
  135. Nervous about Boot Camp due to family
  136. Enlisting with an adult school diploma? my recruiter says yes, but I'm not sure?
  137. Any info on Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting MOS?
  138. Just a few questions...
  139. USMC Reserves and College
  140. Am I doomed with this tattoo?
  141. Infantry.
  142. 01 Admin and Personnel Field questions
  143. 2111 MOS Questions
  144. Buddy System?
  145. Some Small Questions
  146. Update
  147. Bumed
  148. Lat movement
  149. Intelligence Compliment
  150. Looking for a recruiter. Need some answers.
  151. Using a GOPRO with the NVG Mount.
  152. Stolen valor, how do you report it?
  153. Few Questions About MOS's and more
  154. Marine musicians - what's their reputation?
  155. Personal Tattoo Question
  156. Qualified for OCS?
  157. Am I, Ineligible?
  158. I'm a Marine now
  159. Best duty stations?
  160. Enlisting into the Reserves to obtain a college degree vs Active Duty
  161. College Credits?
  162. Call from a recruiter
  163. Travel to South America, effect on TS Clearance...
  164. Infantry contracts few and far between?
  165. Looking for input, army national guard trying to get in.
  166. What obstacles did you Marines/Poolees overcome to join?
  167. BUMED Waiver
  168. Language leg up?
  169. Reserve Unit Interview: What to expect? How to prepare?
  170. Decisions.
  171. Age eligibility to go to boot camp?
  172. Check out this story
  173. Any ideas?
  174. Lied to MEPS issue
  175. Height restrictions for different MOS?
  176. Blood Pressure during OCS In-Processing
  177. How dental crown works?
  178. Enlisted Reservist to NROTC to Reserve Officer
  179. any answers appreciated
  180. Dependency waiver- any help?
  181. Trying to Enlist into the military
  182. Will being a 0231(intel) give more chance of getting federal jobs?
  183. Getting closer to my goal
  184. A Day For a "Typical" Infantryman?
  185. A question regarding becoming an officer
  186. MOS Selection
  187. A long road, with many questions.
  188. Am I Disqualified?
  189. Marine Corps Reserve Billet
  190. Should I stick with my MP contract?
  191. Combat Engineer
  192. Need some advise...
  193. Will I have time to lift weights in the Marines?
  194. Problems finding available MOS
  195. NROTC Essay Advice
  196. Disqualified, can i still enlist?
  197. Question on becoming a Recon Marine
  198. In Need of Some Advice
  199. A question on MOSs
  200. Security Clearance, Immigration and you!
  201. Vaccines
  202. Any last advice?
  203. Pre-Shipment IST question
  204. Can Non-infantry continue combat training?
  205. Infantry & Pilot
  206. MOS School?
  207. Just a Little Curious!?
  208. Reserve Unit Options
  209. SOI Squad Leading position?
  210. From ARNG to USMC
  211. 03xx and colorblind?
  212. MECEP for PS?
  213. question on colorblindness (red and green)
  214. IST Running Qustion
  215. Deployment Cycles
  216. Reserve to Active before boot camp
  217. Officer Related Question
  218. College While In Infantry?
  219. ITB or MCT?
  220. Are there extra standards in 8th and I duty for Security Forces beyond the clearance?
  221. A couple questions about enlistment and boot camp
  222. I want to be a Marine
  223. Cf - Ordnance Technician / Metal Works
  224. Marine Band Questions... Need help fast...
  225. Questions about my career path and MECEP/ ECP
  226. Reserve to active duty after a year?
  227. Chances of getting active through waivers??
  228. would joining the infantry have any chances for combat at this point?
  229. Thoughts on Linguists
  230. How to promote during boot camp
  231. Hurt knee 1 month before shipdate
  232. mail question
  233. Waivers
  234. NROTC Textbooks
  235. Questions regarding entering OCS after first enlisted tour
  236. fear of combat
  237. Perks of Marine Avaition
  238. I have a felony arrest, but never went to court. Is this an issue?
  239. Is Marine Security Force a good way to become a Scout/sniper later on?
  240. Felony Arrest.. NEVER charged and NEVER went to court. Is this an issue?
  241. Arrest? Or just Arrest that were actually Charged?
  242. Considering MOS 6042 or 02xx?
  243. PLEASE HELP!?! How did you tell your mom youw as joining the marines?
  244. PLEASE HELP!?! How did you tell your mom you was joining the marines?
  245. Medical question (yes another one)
  246. Life of a Reserve Field Radio Operator (0621) and Deployments
  247. Almost Reaching My Dream to be a Marine
  248. Want to become a Marine officer?
  249. RE: Almost Reaching My Dream to be a Marine
  250. Infantry vs any other mos