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  1. Battle ready: Residents join Marines, train for Iraq
  2. MP's
  3. Marines in the making
  4. Platoon Leader Class Question
  5. Just back from D.C.
  6. Bedford trainer puts some muscle on Marine recruits
  7. Corps tears young men down and builds them into Marines
  8. Boot camp: Rifles and running at Camp Pendleton
  9. Youth get tough workout
  10. Local recruits on way to becoming Marines
  11. Boot camp: Getting ready for graduation
  12. A boot camp education
  13. What does a Marine recruit endure during "The Crucible?"
  14. Marines endure tough training
  15. In League With The Stones...
  16. Hometown Marine Recruits
  17. Recruits learn how to kill from a distance
  18. Twins' next big step together: Heading to boot camp
  19. Young Marines get tough
  20. Marion Man Named Top Marine Recruit
  21. About to learn the drill at Marine boot camp
  22. Welcome to the brotherhood
  23. 1st step for teens in being Marines
  24. Reporter In USMC Boot Camp
  25. Four share a Corps belief
  26. Question about Dress Blues
  27. Bozeman educators have chance to see what it takes to become a Marine
  28. Boot camp blog: A week with Marines at Parris Island
  29. From boys to Marines
  30. What is the Difference in MCSF and MCSF PRP?
  31. Grueling march to become Marines for three friends
  32. Marine Recruits on Why They Join
  33. Drill Instructor School turns out leather-lunged Marines
  34. Four Westhill seniors joining the Marines
  35. Marine JAG - Post Commissioning
  36. Making Marines: Part 1
  37. Countdown To Boot Camp
  38. Marines Dish a Taste of Boot Camp
  39. Marine FAST Co. Question
  40. FAST Co.
  41. NEVER give up!!!
  42. How to Workout and lose the weight
  43. 1st time pre-deployment advice
  44. Marine recruits are in it together
  45. It wasn’t an average graduation
  46. Mini-Boot Camp puts Twin Cities poolees to test
  47. Awards pay dividends, but preparation is the key
  48. Rise to the challenge
  49. A final test for recruits who would be Marines
  50. A Taste Of Parris
  51. DEP Questions
  52. Psos Questions
  53. Earning the Eagle, Globe and Anchor: A look at what makes up recruit training aboard
  54. Devil Pups: A taste of life in the Marines
  55. 'Boot camp buddies' move on
  56. A young man joins the Marines
  57. Local Marine recruits prepare for boot camp
  58. Get your U.S. citizenship while in the Corps!!!
  59. Marine recruit graduates from boot camp, attains Eagle Scout in matter of days
  60. Platoon Leaders Class a lucrative opportunity
  61. Mos 0203
  62. The Yellow Footprints - To Hell & Back
  63. Got a minute? Brian Boushey
  64. From boys to Marines
  65. Marine camp teaches youth discipline, character
  66. Jr. ROTC members troop toward history
  67. Maine man sheds 140 pounds to join the Marines
  68. Overcoming every obstacle
  69. Recruits learn to duck, weave
  70. Young Marines tackle obstacles, learn way of Marines
  71. United States Marine Corps Boot Camp Journey
  72. Educators take tour as Marine recruits prep for Crucible (see PHOTO GALLERY)
  73. A Look at What it Takes to be a Marine
  74. Boot Camp and then USNA?
  75. Military growing option for high school graduates
  76. Marines In The Making - Part 1
  77. OCS / enlisting age limit
  78. Future Marines get taste of training at Family Night
  79. Boot camp no field trip for JROTC
  80. Tom Hammonds Race For Achievement Launches Program for High Schoolers with 8th Marine
  81. Becoming a Marine redefines ‘hard’ for senior track runner Cody Henning
  82. www.mapmyrun.com a great training site.
  83. From Young Men to Marines...
  84. Recruiting tool travels at cyberspeed
  85. Area Young Marine given top honor at national competition
  86. Local marines prepare for boot camp
  87. Recruits earn the eagle, globe and anchor pin of the United States Marines
  88. Bound to become Marines
  89. New Recon tryout guidelines
  90. How Parris Island makes Marines and changes lives
  91. Tough dreams: Devil Pups training camp
  92. Radio Operator MOS/Communications
  93. Marine Corps. Comissioning
  94. Food/diet charts to help weight loss
  95. What do you think is the hardest part about being a Marine?
  96. Height and Weight Questions (PFT/CFT) The new 2009 standards (MCO6100.13 w/ch1)
  97. A path for Worriors: Marine Corps and UFC Video
  98. Marine Corps Boot Camp Basics- A Must Read
  99. Any MOS's or SDA not allowed because of marriage
  100. Prior service/OCS/FLEP
  101. The Category P Program
  102. Bootcamp Experience for 21st Century?
  103. Address for MCRD SD
  104. MOS before MCT...what to bring?? And Silkies!
  105. =p
  106. Marine Corps MOS Codes Page 1.
  107. Marine Corps MOS Codes Page 2.
  108. OCS prospect
  109. 0481 Landing Support Student
  110. Wanna-bes and Poolees.... Written specifically for you.
  111. getting dirty in the dd/intel mos
  112. Getting 20 Pull Ups
  113. Command Philosophy
  114. So you want to be a Reconner? Another path to consider.
  115. Fitness Drill Instructor's Needed
  116. Wannabe with PT ?'s
  117. How to avoid getting ship date changed?
  118. A call for help.
  119. Possession of Marijuana Charge - OCS
  120. Charged, NEVER Convicted, Case dropped and expunged.
  121. Best Advice I Can Give Future Marines!. Read Impotant Information You need To Know.
  122. Heres Very Helpful Link For Your MOS. Good Luck
  123. Heres a Very Helpful Link For Your MOS. Good Luck
  124. Naval Academy
  125. Marine Corps Fitness
  126. Mos
  127. Arty
  128. Please help, medical enlistment problem.
  129. willing to help
  130. Chevrons for Promotion
  131. Loosing sleep over this waiver being aproved
  132. boot camp myths?
  133. I need advice.
  134. Weight Advice
  135. Meeting your drill instructors after boot camp
  136. Prior Service Marine, looking at Marine Corps reserve possibilities
  137. In need of serious advice.
  138. New with lots of questions about joining.
  139. potential
  140. Are you allowed to?
  141. Buy Real And Novelty Passports,es,tc...
  142. Recruiter is taking forever getting me to MEPS
  143. Weight limit to join Marines?
  144. Weight limit to join Marines?
  145. Airman to Marine
  146. mypay issue
  147. Corps reserve about joining
  148. MOS question: 2631 Electronic Intel
  149. I was ELS (Medically discharged) during boot camp at MCRD San Diego
  150. Marine Officers: Any advice for preparing for OCS
  151. Looking for a mentor for my son