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  1. NEW School Prayer.
  2. Contract PFC before boot, its worth it
  3. Untrainable Recruits?
  4. Local twins join Marines together: SHS grads Jeremy and Jeremiah Pimental teamed up a
  5. Special forces opportunites for army vs marines vs navy
  6. Young Marines recruit early
  7. Some things I learned as a Marine
  8. Marine Corps novelist, Major Gene Duncan, motivates recruits, Marines during tour
  9. Marines changing airport for Parris Island recruits
  10. One Marine’s mission to prepare recruits
  11. Another question- PLC vs Enlistment
  12. Deli worker heads for Marines
  13. Packers Season Is Over..
  14. Military recruiters find reluctance over combat hinders duty
  15. Recruits submerge themselves in water survival training
  16. Parris Island recruit diagnosed with meningitis
  17. End-strength boost a boon for Recruiting Command Corps adding about 275 recruiters to
  18. Call to duty: San Rafael wrestler graduates early to join the Marines
  19. Page Field Marines better prepare recruits for future war-zone deployments
  20. Parents cope with son´s decision to join military
  21. Echo Co. recruits negotiate hurdles, build self-confidence
  22. New Marine loses more than 150 pounds to achieve goal
  23. Marine leaders wanted
  24. Drill Instructor Teaches Poolees the Basics
  25. Fort Leonard Wood Marines add bite to Marine Corps Recruiting
  26. Boys to Marines: Parris Island trip reveals how warriors are made
  27. Recruit dies during water training
  28. Marines Must Survive The Crucible in Basic Training
  29. Marine earns scholarship to be kicker for junior college
  30. Marines Face Tougher Recruiting Questions
  31. Does anyone know about the Armed Forces Cycling team??
  32. Not all Parris Island recruits become Marines
  33. On the national news
  34. Harvard graduate answers call to duty
  35. Marine towers above recruit training challenges at age 30
  36. Drill Instructors
  37. Graduation is special day for all
  38. Eagle (globe and anchor) Scout: Grad discovers Marine leadership requires a bit more
  39. Young Marines begin second cycle
  40. Poolees hit slopes, gain camaraderie from experience
  41. help wanted
  42. Are US Marines the 21st century Samurai?
  43. Housing
  44. Weight waviers
  45. With 2 months of missed goals, nervous parents and skeptical youth, the Corps is navi
  46. Young Marines play firefighter for a day
  47. Recruiter-turned-peacenik hits nerve in N.C.
  48. Teachers get taste of life in the Corps
  49. A favor to ask of an older veteran
  50. Sharp Young Marines learn some core values
  51. Amphibious, Lav, and Tanks
  52. Vidalia High senior ready to serve in Marines
  53. A word of advise
  54. Military Houseing
  55. READY FOR BATTLE: Younger Marines Use Video Games to Prepare for Insurgents
  56. What are best friends for? Let's join the Corps!
  57. Marine Corps poolee arrested on drug charges
  58. Recruit Training Matrix
  59. OCS Help
  60. Recruits climb high obstacles for confidence before advancing to 2nd phase
  61. Kids get taste of Marine Corps at World Financial Center in NYC
  62. Homeless youth helped by Corps
  63. Our Most Precious Blood
  64. Mother wants answers for son's injuries at Parris Island
  65. Marines give prospects early taste of boot camp
  66. Like father, two brothers, he is newest to join Marine family
  67. Patriotism, job security draw recruits to service
  68. Fit and proud of it
  69. Seniors plan for future, reflect on four years as Wildcats
  70. A clean shot
  71. Some Useful Information
  72. What's our motivation?
  73. Joining Up to Dodge a Dead End
  74. Fears Amid the Dreams
  75. From 'incorrigible' pupil to Marine
  76. Brothers to the Corps
  77. 11 Wks in Rehab, Graduates as Honorman
  78. Marines investigating death of Camp Lejeune recruit
  79. Graduate to live dream of being a Marine
  80. One of the few, the proud, the Marines
  81. Young Men to Marines
  82. Russian chooses Corps over Russian Army
  83. Recruits Get a Sense of 'Semper Fi'
  84. Don’t discourage children from joining service, Pace urges
  85. Two York High grads join the Marines
  86. RS Albany Holds First Poolee Field Meet.
  87. Five Friends Prepare to Serve Their Country
  88. Young Marines Stay Committed, Graduate
  89. Help on care packages
  90. Sea Tales
  91. Children's poster, essay contest encourages crime prevention
  92. Brother, sister duo complete recruit training together
  93. Drill Instructors Aren't Scary Forever
  94. Young men begin their 12-week transformation into Marines
  95. Need help with Recruit in San Diego MRP
  96. Workout preps Navy, Marine recruits
  97. Motivation
  98. The Best Mentor On LeatherNeck
  99. Hard-corps decision
  100. L/Cpl Ambrose, Gerald D.
  101. Mentoring Program: Steel sharpens steel
  102. Recruiters search for 1,000 poolees missing since Katrina
  103. A Mom reflects on her son's graduation from boot camp
  104. Can't make up my mind!!!!
  105. Full house: All companies training
  106. Intel MOS
  107. just a question
  108. From the Halls of Montezuma...
  109. Headquarters & Service Battalion Marines swim, bike, climb and run their way through
  110. Volunteering For War
  111. Volpe finishes Marines basic training
  112. Recruits get up-close introduction to Marine training
  113. Good Marine Corps Novels For Poolee's
  114. Best tip
  115. Intuition propels twins through training
  116. Marines recognize Colgate junior for leadership potential
  117. joining??
  118. Students fly with Marines
  119. The few, the proud, and young
  120. Becoming warriors at Marine Corps' basic training
  121. Mentoring from Experience
  122. School and investing???
  123. Disqualification. Bullcrap.
  124. Before and After
  125. Teen receives congressional award
  126. Tr 2
  127. Three teens, three turnarounds
  128. High school seniors looking for scholarship money have options
  129. US Navy, Marines Strengthen Recruiting
  130. Young Marines endure training
  131. Bringing/Getting POV while in MOS school
  132. What can/should I bring to MOS school--29 Palms
  133. Walking in Marines' footsteps
  134. High school dropout to Rhodes scholar - mission possible
  135. Teens see military as highest calling
  136. Young Marine leader earns national salute
  137. Three friends, one future: Boot camp
  138. Graduates win military equality
  139. Military recruiters must overcome family disapproval
  140. Head up, eyes on future
  141. Military enlists 26 from Gaylord area
  142. Recruits get physical for graduation
  143. Young Marines open Clovis club
  144. New recruits receive intense welcome, lose hair in first night here
  145. Sense of duty to country drives Marine hopefuls
  146. Students learn the drill
  147. Enlisting the future of the Corps, one at a time
  148. Full Metal Morphosis
  149. Local young man earns honor for his dedication
  150. No damsels in distress here
  151. Evansville, Ind., delivers mailman to Parris Island
  152. Mini Marines
  153. More Honors for Two Midshipmen
  154. Velasquez chose Marines for the discipline
  155. Surprise, I just joined the Marines
  156. Marines, CIAA reward leadership
  157. Cl
  158. A Test of Heart
  159. For recruits, final test no trip to Disneyland
  160. NORTH DAKOTA: A taste of boot camp
  161. chance of joining usmc?
  162. Walk a mile in their boots
  163. Taps at Iwo Jima moves Young Marine
  164. 'Key Influencers' Get an Eyeful at Marine Boot Camp
  165. Just don't like the number
  166. Teens get weekend full of life as a Marine
  167. At 16, girl is Young Marine of the Year in a large division
  168. ?? for the ladies...
  169. Military-based program teaching mini Marines
  170. I want to become an officer...
  171. Local educators spend a week learning how Marines are made
  172. New Recruiting Poster
  173. Combat Engineering/Public Affairs as a Second Luitenant
  174. Young Marines taste Corps life
  175. Commissioner, educator visit Parris Island
  176. Recruit Knowlege
  177. Nuclear Weaponry!!
  178. felonies and the corps
  179. CAX Video
  180. School of Infantry East Video
  181. Training days: Braintree High graduate headed for the Marines Corps
  182. Hummer charges onto Parris Island
  183. Young Marines work for wounded soldier's promotion
  184. Marine recruit's test of endurance
  185. ‘I wanted more purpose in my life’
  186. Nrotc
  187. The rifleman's creed
  188. Ready to take on the world
  189. Operation: Boot Camp
  190. The trick is "Staying Alive"!!
  191. ‘I did it for the pride’
  192. 10 Presidents headed for Marines after graduation
  193. 8 local kids proud to wear uniforms of Young Marines
  194. From senior high to Semper Fi
  195. Sisters pack up for the summer -- at boot camp
  196. Graduate chooses Marines
  197. Wannabe Marines get a taste of training
  198. Support, love of music lead teen to Marines
  199. Campers invade Camp Pendleton
  200. my best advice
  201. Bound for glory
  202. Youth get a taste of military life at Camp Pendleton.
  203. Career will start in Marines
  204. CAUTION! Consult your doctor before engaging in the workouts shown in this book.
  205. Marines
  206. Dacula lineman committed to his Corps beliefs
  207. Mom with son in Marine Corp boot camp writes newspaper
  208. Once NJROTC cadets, now U.S. Marines
  209. Garden City Son Joins The Marines
  210. Rare Recruits: Twin Footballers Interrupt School to Join Marines
  211. Email from the Combat Zone
  212. Teacher says, 'always do your best'
  213. Tough Test
  214. To All Poolees!
  215. One kid to another: PCS moves have a bright side
  216. Proud families, friends cheer men becoming Marines
  217. Reasons for signing up range from pride to paying for college
  218. JROTC cadets learn to succeed in school and life
  219. Honor. Courage. Commitment.
  220. Want to Die for Your Country?
  221. Tough love ahead
  222. 'Do something different'
  223. Surviving the Crucible: Before recruits can call themselves Marines, they must pass a
  224. A chance to serve
  225. Arming Marines' minds
  226. Want to Be a Marine?
  227. Train like you fight'
  228. Bucking up for boot camp, students train early to become Marines
  229. Teen leaders emerge from Young Marines
  230. Young Marines seeking new recruits
  231. Drilling in discipline
  232. The Few, The Proud: With discipline and drills, Parris Island molds Marines.
  233. Area students taking trip to Parris Island
  234. GHS grad joins brother in 'the few and the proud'
  235. Boot camp is great experience for former Lanesboro man
  236. Week-long course equips Young Marines with leadership skills
  237. Semper fi(t)
  238. Marine recruit loses 100 pounds to join the Corps
  239. Feats of fitness
  240. Military recruiters take pride in tough job
  241. Marine Recruiting Program Takes Educators to School
  242. 'Yes, sir!'
  243. ‘Turning the heat up’ on the Crucible
  244. Northland Recruits Have What It Takes To Become Marines
  245. Marine recruits get taste of boot camp at Grissom
  246. Watertown senior misses graduation to attend Marine boot camp
  247. The place that makes Marines
  248. Marine
  249. Joining the few and the proud
  250. 18-year-old Silver State student returning to Marines after graduation