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  1. DI leaves troubled adolescence for straight and narrow path
  2. Leader of the pack - Pride, determination inspires Marine to excellence
  3. Schooled in the ways of combat - Recruits get a taste of blood, sweat and tears in Co
  4. Wisdom
  5. 'Perseverance is the key' - Injuries deter recruit's progress, can't smother desire t
  6. about becoming a Marine-needing advice
  7. Marines In The Blood
  8. Bulk Fuel gets down and dirty
  9. Marine Officer Programs
  10. Waters tested during All Hands training
  11. Knowledge
  12. Need Advice
  13. Sign linguist makes graduation special - Interpreter for hearing impaired helps recru
  14. Father of 03 Recruit requests advice
  15. Waianae youth experience life of Corps
  16. From the Shores of Parris Island
  17. HEads Up
  18. Beloved gather on Family Day to see New Marines for the first time
  19. New Marine thrives on Army roots - Military experience leads former soldier to top ho
  20. Marine goes from War on Terrorism to making Marines
  21. Parris Island
  22. Hoping for some intel on intel
  23. Recruiting District Commander's Son Joins the Marines
  24. Illegal Drugs Are Sure Career Stopper
  25. From dog house to Devil Dog - Marine leaves life on street for future in Corps
  26. Recruit in MPR, how long will he stay?
  27. Passion for mentoring leads Marine to drill field
  28. Educators attend Marine workshop
  29. Honor Bound
  30. Fort Lee Marines run for Chesty Puller
  31. Parris Island : Female Recruits
  32. A few questions
  33. A big 'Little General'
  34. Worcester Marines earn best RSS in 1st Marine Corps District
  35. Oneida poolee brings home honors
  36. Centurion credits God for success
  37. High standards reap high rewards
  38. High-interest lenders sink troops into debt
  39. A LEADER'S LEADER - Chief DI brings experience to drill field, mentors juniors
  40. L.A. native leaves hard knocks to join few, proud
  41. Marine Corps Recruiting Command hits 100-months mark
  42. A tradition of discipline - Son draws inspiration from father, keeps faith in self-di
  43. Above and Beyond Marine swims way to victory in Recruit Training
  44. Shed some light here?
  45. Pratice marksmanship?
  46. Warrant officer?
  47. 'It's a pride thing' - Marine Corps pride is chief's driving force on drill field
  48. Program gives inner-city kids taste of Marine Corps
  49. A Marine Corps Tug of War
  50. Marines or Airforce?
  51. Aviation Electronics Technician
  52. Physically challenged siblings inspire new Marine
  53. After 15 years ...Marine graduates after disabling injury sent him home
  54. Educators' Workshop: What all recruiters should know
  55. Leadership
  56. Career recruiter and son use wrestling to promote Corps
  57. Doogie Howser, USMC - 18-year-old college grad chooses Corps
  58. Recruiter uses life experience to succeed...
  59. Teen finds $88,904; gives it to police
  60. Earned The Title "marine!!!"
  61. Mos?
  62. Reaper??
  63. JROTC paves way for recruit-training success
  64. Mental Health Unit provides Marines relief from stress
  65. Cruz control - Lima Company's 8 cycle DI departs
  66. Marine finds strength from following Eagles
  67. Marines at college, question
  68. Young Marine keeps the family legacy alive
  69. CIA Officers Warn of Iraq Civil War.
  70. Recruit 'picks up' where left off, with same senior DI
  71. Nigerian seeks new life in Corps - Royal descendant finds pride, belonging, brotherho
  72. Artillery Patron Saint
  73. Marine Corps presence in Panama fosters teen to join
  74. Colts Neck ROTC puts teen on path to success
  75. On a mission - Mormon serves Corps with high distinction
  76. Marine's sense of team makes drill field work
  77. Do You Remember When?
  78. Letter from Mofak
  79. Marriage in the Marine Corps part 1 of 6
  80. Childern and Deployments
  81. Marines Awaiting Training Lesson Plans
  82. After serving 8 years in the Navy, Marine follows in father's yellow footprints
  83. New recruit shoes in test phase - Millipedes on feet could reduce injuries
  84. SoCal and Las Vegas high schoolers gathered for Recruiting Station San Diego's Crucib
  85. Running builds healthy mind and body
  86. FINDING HIS OWN WAY - Vietnamese eldest son introduces family to Corps
  87. Military recruiters use computer games, sports, pop culture to attract volunteers
  88. Young Marine Corps Welcomes hard chargers
  89. Questions on Enlisting / OCC.
  90. DoD toughens scoring on recruits’ entrance tests
  91. It's A Long Journey From Recruit To Marine
  92. The Crucible
  93. College smarts give new Marine promising start
  94. Spend the night - Hotel Company will leave the light on
  95. New Marine gained discipline, lost weight
  96. Mission, quality of life - the circle of life in recruiting
  97. Harvard Announces Free Education For Some
  98. DIs instill discipline, motivation with incentive training
  99. RS Chicago Marines take care of their own
  100. Kick those Morning Blues
  101. Eagle Scout ensures dogs get their due
  102. Making the Corps
  103. Marine awarded Bronze Star
  104. A little isolation is a good thing, for muscles
  105. Need some guidance
  106. Georgia: Payday lenders on notice
  107. Objector status in all-volunteer force.
  108. DoD officials to change grading scale for ASVAB
  109. Young Marines lend a hand in Okinawa beach cleanup
  110. MCJROTC senior shoots for excellence
  111. Reaching new heights ...6-foot-9-inch drill instructor towers over recruits, trains a
  112. Semper fi, for a day at least
  113. Marine programs for seamen,crewing companies
  114. 18-year-old college grad drops books, picks up rifle
  115. ROTC instructor named top teacher
  116. Mos
  117. What do you do in Marine Security Forces?
  118. Lessons in patriotism - His friends thought him crazy to forgo his career in educatio
  119. Foster’s Young Marines teach toddlers
  120. MCSF and Embassy duty? same thing?
  121. High school students show strength at Youth Physical Fitness Competition
  122. College hoops star and future Marine in spotlight
  123. Where does Marine Security Forces training take place?
  124. Getting on track - South Central L.A. native transcends hard life; becomes always fai
  125. Reserves
  126. What should i'm in alot of pain doing pt, and i feel like i can't go any longer?
  127. Recruiter and poolee reunite in Afghanistan
  128. Guide at Boot Camp?
  129. Have any of you Marines seen any racism in the Corps?
  130. Learning the drill: Youth military interest remains strong amid Iraq crises
  131. Intro
  132. u mass ass
  133. RS Springfield Hosts Annual Pool Meet
  134. Marion recruiter leaves trouble life behind gives, back to community
  135. Kentucky Recruiter
  136. Car Dealer Shady Tactics
  137. New York Female Poolees Are Taken To New Heights
  138. when i was a PooLee
  139. Florida recruiter uses life experiences to find America's finest
  140. Recruiter leaves troubled life to help those headed for trouble
  141. Marine trains despite losing sibling
  142. From the ground up
  143. Military recruits undeterred by bloody spring in Iraq
  144. Recruits lost 450 pounds to join Corps
  145. Does Infantry travel alot?
  146. Marine Corps Leadership Principles/Leadership Traits
  147. Connecticut Recruiters Team Up with DJs in Paintball Combat
  148. Father and son share same recruiter
  149. Almost an Angel, now a Marine
  150. WWII Memorial Dedication Tickets Available
  151. Marines to Get On the Good Foot
  152. How did you change after boot camp?
  153. Eastside group warns parents of military recruiting in schools
  154. D-Day is B-Day for Marine Slugger
  155. Marine Ranks Swell by More Than a Few
  156. RS NY poolees battle it out in Central Park
  157. Guide and Squad Leader Selections
  158. Tenn., brothers continue Marine Corps tradition
  159. Keystone youths - Pa. teens are national high school physical fitness champs
  160. Three Marines suspended over recruit training procedures
  161. Tragedy strikes aspiring Marine
  162. 'A bit of himself' - Infantryman drill instructor hopes to better prepare Marines by
  163. Parent speak, Max listens
  164. India Company DI makes difference one recruit at a time
  165. A NEW ROUTINE - Wisconsin businessman finds capital gain in Corps
  166. Do I want to be a Sniper 0341?
  167. Quick question...
  168. Article 32 Vs. Civilian Grand Jury
  169. Billy Mills
  170. High school students attend summer leadership training
  171. Checkin back in
  172. "The Littlest Marine"
  173. 4th of July site
  174. Senior DI uses martial arts disciplines to make newest Marines
  175. Recruiting Stations Combine Forces For Success
  176. Recruit determined to graduate with honors meets goal
  177. SDI breaks regimental drill record
  178. sleepwalking in boot camp
  179. The importance of discipline
  180. Raised from Navy roots, twins branch to different services
  181. Life's difficulties propel drill instructor
  182. PI Marine wrestles with Olympic dream
  183. Marine Celebrity Lends Talent To Recruiting
  184. DI duty is hard - Though it might be understated, one detaching drill instructor know
  185. From An Army of One, to One of the Few - Reboot - Uprooted Army Ranger restarts in Ma
  186. Young Marines hold heads high
  187. Recruiter enlists 11 in one month -- Q & A with Springfield's finest
  188. 'Hood to Battlefield'
  189. Former Marines to relive basic training in S.C.
  190. Marine beats pneumonia for chance at boot-camp comeback
  191. Valley youngsters among those helping branches meet goals.
  192. Alpha company DI keeps freedom in perspective
  193. The Few, the Proud, the Summer Campers
  194. Brainwased
  195. Welcome to Parris Island ... the journey to becoming a Marine starts here
  196. After 40 years, recruit makes contact with former drill instructor
  197. Dogging it? Never!
  198. Raised by a DI, new Marine says he was not shocked much by recruit training
  199. Golf Company SDI embraces any challenge, as long as it's tough
  200. Missing Recruits Found In Marsh
  201. Building upper body, abs:Pull your weight
  202. It's what you share, not what you know
  203. 48 years later, barbershop duo continues to keep Marines looking sharp
  204. Departing chief DI highly regards mentorship and welfare
  205. Recruiting, a family affair
  206. Pensive Pride
  207. Civil war and discrimination in Africa stained refugee's bleak past
  208. Blindness doesn't stop teen from seeing goals
  209. Charlie Co. Marine renounces lurid past
  210. A Tale of Ten Applicants
  211. LBHS hoop standout joins Marines
  212. 1st Young Marines class graduates 'boot camp'
  213. A Naperville teen uses last 3 months to tuck away more memories before heading off to
  214. Happy Birthday to greensideout [62]
  215. Third-generation Marine carries on family tradition
  216. Sweet Dreams:How M&M's helped a Panamanian boy become a Marine
  217. Sergeant is rare active reserve drill instructor
  218. The POW-MIA Flag; a History:
  219. Military cadets retrace Civil War path with an eye to their possible fight in Iraq
  220. Kids, Marines test their endurance
  221. DI dad keeps commitment
  222. Recruiter welcomes sister home from Boot Camp
  223. From a fractured Haitian home, he became a Marine by learning from scratch
  224. Gas chamber gives recruits smoke check
  225. Future Marines Act as Victims to Support Local Community
  226. Parris Island’s new rifle ranges offer improved targets, scoring
  227. If training was really this fun
  228. Senior DI exercises passion for lifting
  229. Marines face more intense swim training
  230. Family's influence led new Marine over obstacles
  231. Selling Marines tougher in wartime
  232. Twofoldhunden: Marines relied on twinship through boot camp
  233. A soldier's choice
  234. Marines teach middle school students to rappel
  235. Marine drill team wows Parris Island crowd
  236. Marines remind local youth of dangers of drugs, alcohol
  237. Boot Camp Turns Recruits Into Young Marines
  238. They'll Always Have Parris
  239. 'I want to support my country'
  240. Parris Island Drill Instructors Mold Recruits Into Marines
  241. Why you joined?
  242. 4th Btn HERE I COME
  243. Going Infantry but not sure where, Any Advice?
  244. Military Pay & Compensation
  245. joining the reserve
  246. Military academy admissions are down
  247. Help with parents' concerns about enlistment
  248. Recruit dies during last leg of Crucible
  249. The Shock Surviving It....
  250. Teen to join Marines, stay out of jail