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  1. Overcoming the odds: the decision, the change, the Marine
  2. MARSOC’s first commander hands over the reins
  3. Iwo Jima flag raiser posthumously receives citizenship certificate
  4. IED Victim Rebounds from Burns
  5. The Way of a Peaceful Warrior
  6. Cherry Point Cowboy - Station Marine Participates in Newport Rodeo
  7. Marine gives child the gift of mobility
  8. Brothers stick together through all
  9. A Debt Repaid, Marine Serves With Pride
  10. Staying fit for combat
  11. Marine takes duty to new level
  12. HMM-365 (REIN) aces Afghanistan test
  13. Admin to Grunt: Battalion Commander’s eyes and ears
  14. Combat artists paint Reserve battalion’s portrait
  15. Marine Corps’ top enlisted visits Marines on Camp Baharia
  16. Marines showcase Combat Fitness Test
  17. Marine by day; R&B singer by night
  18. Hanging by a Rope: HMM 262 Supports
  19. Division Marines, Brunei forces exchange survival skills, tactics
  20. Marine takes long road to MARSOC
  21. Mike Battery lights up the night
  22. Marines, LEP work together
  23. Real award lies within Winning the Bronze
  24. Marine relishes victory in hotdog eating contest
  25. Corpsman saves lives on the way home
  26. NCOs run regiment
  27. Top enlisted 'Devil Dog' visits Camp Lejeune
  28. 2nd MLG service members step into the ring
  29. Corpsman keeps history alive
  30. Marine honors his Iraqi family through Marine Corps service
  31. Marine snipers train to wage war on enemy minds
  32. Marines witnesses change
  33. Communication enables Marines to conduct successful Afghanistan operations
  34. 31st MEU puts communications skills and equipment to the test
  35. Corps makes change to tattoo policy
  36. BETWEEN heaven and earth Combat Assault Battalion Marines conquer the climb
  37. Combat Assault Company reviews CARAT 2008 lessons, experiences
  38. Combat Center Band knows how to party
  39. On watch: Marines continue to search the desert for insurgents
  40. Headquarters Marines train for security mission
  41. Reserve Marine Infantrymen Arrive in Iraq
  42. New guidance addresses heavily inked Marines
  43. Marine to receive Navy Cross posthumously
  44. New Submerged Vehicle Egress Trainer arrives on Okinawa
  45. Marine awarded Silver Star
  46. Chaplain Keeps On Keeping On
  47. Marine father, soldier son reunite in Iraq
  48. Company G recruits face their fears
  49. When no one hears "Corpsman up!"
  50. Marine keeps weapons ready to fire and Marines ready to fight
  51. Modern Day Marine golf tournament preludes Expo
  52. Leader embodies Corps values, influences young Marines
  53. On Target: Scout Snipers Zero In
  54. TF 2/7 fights with ‘ACE in the hole’
  55. Reserve MP Spices Up Life for Marines at Remote Outpost
  56. American Gladiators tour Iraq
  57. Flames devour nearly 6,000 acres
  58. 24th MEU returns from the forgotten battlefield; completes Afghanistan combat tour
  59. Harlem Cop Trades Plain Clothes for Marine Corps Cammies
  60. Wolf’s Marines Train the Desert Wolves
  61. National Shooting Record Set (Twice?)
  62. Navy Lieutenant serves abroad, leads Marines
  63. Years Brothers Reunite in Akashat
  64. Marching to the ‘sound of the guns’ – more Marines deploy to Afghanistan
  65. 'Keep your head on a swivel'
  66. Sgt. Correy S. Savage, ammunition chief, Logistics Support Division, Marine Corps Log
  67. Marine amputee rejoins battalion; returns to combat after near death experience
  68. All-Marine running team keeps Challenge Cup
  69. Richmond Marine claims victory in first steps towards MMA dream
  70. II MEF (Fwd) aide-de-camp nabs Marine Corps Engineer Association award
  71. From personal trainer to Marine; Marine passes on knowledge
  72. The mystery of the red patch: In-flight missile tech or landing support specialist?
  73. Marine Corps honors 27th commandant
  74. Marines adapt to keep morale high
  75. Solution Enabled
  76. Legend passes, Marines honor deceased war hero
  77. Combat Center remembers corpsman who risked it all for the Marines he loved
  78. ‘Fighting Fifth’ celebrates 233rd Marine Corps Birthday
  79. Fulfilling a vision of total fitness
  80. Marines’ heroic actions at Shewan leave more than 50 insurgents dead, several wounded
  81. ‘Two battalions of Marines’ celebrate Corps’ 233rd birthday in Afghanistan
  82. From Russia with love
  83. Non-lethal weapons fielded for familiarization
  84. Love for country music keeps Marine in spotlight
  85. Marines grapple with jiu-jitsu in deployed dojo
  86. Reserve Commander Adapts and Overcomes
  87. Corpsman earns "combat V"
  88. CBRN Marine motivates juniors to excel, passes on knowledge
  89. Jimmy Kimmel Show supports deployed Marines
  90. Hero honored at annex with Medal for Valor
  91. Small country, big mission; Azerbaijanis complete tour in Iraq
  92. Early Christmas present for 2/7 families
  93. STX prepares Marines to train foreign security forces
  94. Losing pounds to earn title of Marine
  95. Sergeant discovers payoff for hard work
  96. Ermey congratulates Elnora Marines
  97. Reserve Marines demonstrate Javelin proficiency
  98. Marines survive underwater vehicle simulator
  99. Recon Marines receive Bronze Stars with 'V' for valor
  100. Fitness test shows Marines a taste of combat
  101. Chaplain receives Honorary Marine title
  102. Sludge and swamps fail to stop Marines
  103. Training center 'last of its kind'
  104. A PME to remember
  105. Leadership course shapes 3/9 Marines for deployment
  106. Stockings for deployed Marines presented with care
  107. Scout snipers demonstrate proficiency, adapt to climate change
  108. Wisconsin-native receives Christmas call from President Bush
  109. WWII Marine Raider speaks to BLT 3/2
  110. 'Scars Are Not Forever'
  111. Lt. Gen. Victor Krulak passes away
  112. Marine infantrymen bring combat knowledge to logisticians
  113. Marines, sailor recognized for bravery
  114. Chaplain's 'guardian' remains ready to fight
  115. Service members rehearse 56th Presidential Inauguration
  116. Grunts assault mock city aboard Fort Pickett
  117. Marine advisor recovers five, awarded Bronze Star
  118. Pentagon unveils official portrait of former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
  119. Reconnaissance gunnery sergeant awarded nations third highest medal for actions in Al
  120. When Every Second Counts
  121. ‘Semper Fit’ more than motto to RCT-8 Marines
  122. SRT rehearses building takedown procedures, hones CQB skills
  123. Devil dog providing the Corps with some new threads
  124. Connecticut sailor gets Marines in combat mindset
  125. Brothers meet up during deployment to Iraq
  126. Marine reunites with wounded warriors for promotion
  127. Hallowed Ground: Yuma-based Avengers' history reawakened on trip to Wake Island
  128. Marine Corps upholds traditions
  129. Heroes visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps
  130. War hero: I’m going to the Super Bowl
  131. Recon Marines stay “a cut above the rest”
  132. Above and beyond the call
  133. Division Marines to receive Navy Cross medals
  134. Movie premiere hits close to home for service members
  135. New suits in the running
  136. Candidates compete for spot on Silent Drill Platoon
  137. Deploying Marines learn to operate MRAPs
  138. Uncovering the Past: Cherry Point Revitalizes Historical Program
  139. Fallen Marines awarded Navy Cross
  140. Flag still flying high after 64 years
  141. Documentary receives standing ovation
  142. Motivated training sets range ablaze
  143. 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit Snipers Dominate
  144. SOF Soldier remembers fallen MARSOC corpsman
  145. Marines', sailor's dedication pays off with ride of lifetime
  146. Still fighting the fight
  147. Station pays tribute to local fallen Marine
  148. Marines use resources to locate, properly honor first sergeant major of the Marine Co
  149. Tank Marines take responsibilities as quick reaction force
  150. 1st LAR mortarmen return to their true calling
  151. Marine finds love of shooting in Corps
  152. Close Quarters Battle Marines fine-tune marksmanship, reaction times
  153. Marine pockets life lessons
  154. Military Police honor comrade, Iraq war vet in memorial service
  155. CBRN Marines give a lesson in decontamination
  156. Navy corpsman on Okinawa shine among Marine counterparts
  157. Marines train to be first-responders on front lines
  158. Riding Dirty Marine Special Operations Command Train on All-terrain Vehicles
  159. Morale’s in full swing; Marines pair camaraderie with an American pastime
  160. Quick Reaction Force learns more about man’s best friend
  161. Combat Fitness Test no longer pass/fail
  162. Targeting Success
  163. One Man’s War
  164. 2/7 Marine awarded highest Navy honor
  165. Marine, Helicopters train to lift fallen from the battlefield
  166. It’s a small world after all
  167. Corporal on Okinawa earns Silver Star Medal for selfless heroism on front lines
  168. Valor in Afghanistan honored
  169. Marine’s achievements recognized with meritorious promotion
  170. Ground Sensor Platoon Radio operator builds bond with grunts
  171. Marine colonel on Okinawa not so average 25 years later
  172. Marines advance physically and mentally
  173. Soldiers of sea apply WWII lessons to survey beach for amphibious landing Consolidat
  174. Motivated sergeant major guides with unique philosophies
  175. Small-town America leads Marine to big-time success
  176. L.A. Marine keeps others off wayward path
  177. Cover me in peace and war
  178. Female Marine serves as gunner, Lioness in Iraq
  179. 2nd LAR remembers fallen brothers
  180. Marines ‘set sights’ on marksmanship skills
  181. Marine twins reunite in Kuwait
  182. Marine, soldier in Iraq more than ‘brothers-in-arms’
  183. 2nd Medical Battalion: “A well-oiled Machine”
  184. 7th ESB leaves a lasting impression at 1st Recon
  185. Marines train with designated marksman rifle
  186. 2nd Maintenance Battalion wins “Chesty” Puller Award
  187. Journey of Rwandan refugee to U.S. Marine
  188. Marines earn tab, gain leadership
  189. Turning the Page: Master Guns Closes 30-Year Career
  190. Father, son serve under same colors in Iraq
  191. Marine Officer website receives major upgrade
  192. ‘The bullets of morality fire more true than our lead’: Lone Marine honors veterans o
  193. Sgt. Watson kicks back into Corps
  194. Supply Marine puts her dreams on hold for her Marines
  195. Communications Marine leads the way to a brighter future
  196. 3/8 welcomed home from Afghanistan
  197. Deployed service members reflect on D-Day
  198. 'He stepped up to the occasion, and exhibited some incredible bravery that day'
  199. Belleau Wood Redux
  200. From country roots to combat boots, Marine sings his patriotism
  201. One helluva guy - Why the world is less without Jack Lewis
  202. Gunnery sergeant shares secrets to meritorious career
  203. Marines launch Operation Khanjar in southern Afghanistan
  204. Same time, same place: siblings dine together weekly in Iraq
  205. Joyner joins just before jets take off
  206. Flying Tigers Gunny promoted by former D.I.
  207. Marine becomes U.S. citizen while serving in Iraq
  208. Putting the pieces in their place; Cpl. Dunham’s legacy lives on
  209. Marine depicts ‘Art of War’
  210. First female Marine One pilot lifts off for the last time with first all female crew
  211. Two generations of Hollings serve together on Okinawa
  212. Picture perfect: 8th Comm Bn Marine draws her way to success
  213. Navy's newest destroyer USS Jason Dunham christened
  214. Devil Dog couple meritoriously promoted together
  215. Remembering Guadalcanal
  216. Engineer receives Bronze Star with V for heroic actions
  217. Motor Transport sergeant keeps his Marines on the road ... to success
  218. Platoon commander awarded for heroic achievement in Afghanistan
  219. Remembering a milestone from 40 years ago
  220. 100 Days in Helmand
  221. MP attempts wreck-less driving
  222. 54 Hours of Valor: female Marine awarded Combat V
  223. Fleet of foot; Pft’er leads by example after 50th consecutive 300
  224. Female Marine officer celebrates 5 decades of life and 3 decades of service to Corps
  225. 2/8 draws enemy out to fight
  226. Viper pilot earns Distinguished Flying Cross
  227. Six-year legacy of Marine Corps regiments in Iraq followed by an Army brigade
  228. H&HS NCO of the Quarter
  229. Marines light it up as sun sets on insurgents
  230. NFL cheerleaders pep up Marines in Afghanistan
  231. First Marine RCT in Afghanistan concludes historic deployment
  232. A Calling Answered
  233. Sailor finds unique way to improve Marine morale
  234. Marine engineers fortify observation posts in Afghanistan
  235. MACG-28 Marines Overcome Challenges, Provide Aerial Surveillance for MEB Commanders
  236. Commandant Touts Reserve Law Enforcement Unit
  237. New Dive mask lets Marines talk underwater
  238. Assistant Commandant: Marines will continue to be needed
  239. 31st MEU Airfield Seizure Excercise
  240. Marines in the Civil War...Photos from this months Leatherneck magazine
  241. 3/5...Welcome Home
  242. Marines plan for 4 Battalions of Lift on MPC, 8 on ACV
  243. Marines 'turn the tide' in the Fallujah of Afghanistan
  244. Actor’s Foundation Builds Homes for Wounded Warriors
  245. Stolen Valor Act