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  1. CSSD-23 renamed yet unchanged
  2. 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion memorializes fallen Marine
  3. Depot DIs supervise JROTC drill meet
  4. Marines work to improve living conditions, infrastructure in Iraq’s Haditha Triad reg
  5. Civil Affairs Marines provide aid to combat-torn Iraqi families
  6. HQBN receives new sergeant major
  7. Communications experts keep Marines connected in Iraq
  8. 1/6 Marines cover basics during Mojave Viper training
  9. Program offers enlisted Marines commissioning opportunity
  10. MAG-16 Sgt. Maj. bids farewell to the Corps, 30-year career
  11. Recon Marines brave the elements
  12. 2nd MLG Marine maintains momentum throughout enlistment
  13. Reserves add benefits
  14. Service members gone astray do hard time aboard Camp Lejeune
  15. Recruits pummel away in pugil sticks training
  16. Washburn, Ill., native joins 2/7 after protecting president
  17. 3/2 Marines become combat lifesavers
  18. 3/2 Marine awarded for combat actions during Operation Matador
  19. Marines race for Grace
  20. Combat veteran reenlistments still high despite war
  21. DI receives Navy Cross for extraordinary bravery in Iraq
  22. Alpha Company makes the long haul toward graduation
  23. Marines fight heat, insurgents and roadway explosives in Iraq
  24. From the jungles of Japan to the streets of Fallujah, Marine unit keeps the supplies
  25. III MEF top enlisted visit Essex during CG'06
  26. Marines survive large enemy attack, suicide bomber
  27. Marine Band plays classical works for local audience
  28. Long deployments cause emotional rollercoasters for service members
  29. Sea Stallions implement new ramp-mounted weapon system
  30. 8th Com Bn. tunes in to detachment frequency
  31. 12th Marines get feel for M-203 grenade launcher
  32. 'Moto' mail keeps Iraq-deployed Marine connected with family
  33. Pegasus' 40-year-old legacy of service continues in Iraq
  34. Salem, Ore., Marine injured in Iraq tells of IED aftermath
  35. Chaplain of Marine Corps visits Okinawa
  36. Range coaches keep combat spear-tip sharp
  37. Tankers pause to honor four fallen Marines
  38. Sheriffs take it on the chin, lose main event
  39. Marines toughen up, earn MCMAP instructor stripe
  40. Junior Marines host picnic, raise money for Ball
  41. Marines merge with Manhattan
  42. Darkhorse Marines repel attack, maintain vigilance
  43. 2nd Recon Battalion memorializes three fallen Marines
  44. Convoy operations a daily grind for Marines in Fallujah
  45. Commandant of the Marine Corps visits Marines and sailors in Iraq
  46. Commandant speaks to reporters after Iraq visit
  47. Marine brings welding skills to fight against insurgency
  48. Iraq-deployed Marines develop keen eyes for IEDs, suspected insurgents
  49. Renowned wartime writer visits division Marines
  50. Natives of Iraq help Marines survive
  51. Flag Day serves as symbol of pride for Marines
  52. Insurgent attacks no match for Marines’ resolve
  53. LAR patrols the streets of Habbaniyah
  54. Retired Motor-T Marine converts car to run on vegetable oil
  55. Marines taught basic skills for the urban environment
  56. Body Armor Saves Marines
  57. 'Rocket Man' rocks Ramadi
  58. Darkhorse Marines secure road to Ramadi
  59. Policy offers wounded Marines new retention, re-enlistment opportunities
  60. HMLA-169 bids farewell to fallen comrades
  61. Taking aim: Okinawa-based units hone combat skills
  62. Marines refresh vital skills on the range
  63. Mother wins fight for family recognition after 20 years
  64. Support Marines brave Iraq’s roads daily in western Al Anbar Province
  65. Junior leaders handle the needs of 1,000 Marine-strong battalion in Iraq
  66. Marines, Iraqis test 'push-button' 9-1-1 system for Iraqi convoys
  67. Security Marines rely on small-unit leadership to guard convoys on the roads of Fallu
  68. Marines receive Japan Good Conduct Award
  69. Commandant speaks to MARFORPAC Marines, reinforces Corps values
  70. CLS makes every logistics Marine a life saver
  71. VMA-513 Flying Nightmares connect with loved ones in U.S.
  72. Perimeter patrol teams scan desert to keep Al Asad secure
  73. Marines continue to combat insurgency after death of Al Qaeda leader
  74. Former ‘Magnificent Bastards’ react to sniper rifle recovery
  75. 3/2 Sailor gets respect from Marines, earns promotion
  76. 'Angels' descend on Al Asad, save lives
  77. Marines in war zone continue to train tomorrow's leaders
  78. Live-fire a must for infantry Marines
  79. Wisconsin native keeps Marines, Iraqi soldiers combat ready
  80. Marines learn to save lives
  81. Logistics det delivers kitchens to Iraqi soldiers
  82. Tattoos: How much is too much
  83. 24th MEU ACE celebrates squadron birthday
  84. Marines battle the elements while facing insurgents and improvised explosive devices
  85. 'Gunrunners' celebrate 35th birthday at Al Asad
  86. Recon Marines take aim at weapons proficiency
  87. U.S. Marines working round-the-clock to reinforce new police force
  88. California-based Marines reflect on recent combat operations in Fallujah
  89. Ammunition supply Marines raise morale with mess night
  90. Marines keep Iraq’s waterways safe
  91. ‘New England’s Own’ remembers fallen Marine
  92. Ramadi Marines provide logistics for increased operations
  93. BLT 2/2 Warlords battle obstacles for 26th MEU on Leadership Reaction Course
  94. Marines power Prowlers into Iraqi sky
  95. Jazz, coffee morale medicine for Marines in Iraq
  96. Marine's 40th year of service honored in Iraq
  97. Marines thwart insurgents’ attempt to destroy new Iraqi school for girls
  98. New Yorkers take over Wing one squadron at a time
  99. VMGR-252 plays pivotal position in Marine aviation
  100. The ‘comm’ before the storm: 24th MEU JTFE
  101. Marine predicts weather on Station, not royal flush in Iraq
  102. 2nd MAW Band embraces country boy, tuba player
  103. Upgrades, new equipment aid eyes for the skies
  104. Equal opportunity helps combat discrimination
  105. Elite training sharpens unit's lethal skills
  106. Ordnance Marines keep the bombs coming
  107. MACG-38 heats up softball rivalry between squadrons in Iraq
  108. Division Marines train on Chilean coastline
  109. Task Force MP proves change is no problem
  110. Security Marines man perimeter towers, keep base safe
  111. Ultimate fighters visit Camp Pendleton
  112. HQ Bn. Marines learn combat lifesaving skills
  113. 3/12 Marines deploy to Ojojihara
  114. 3rd Recon Marines prep for urban warfare
  115. Ramadi plus Marines equals progress
  116. EOD Marines in Ramadi eliminate IEDs and more
  117. Marine saves sister's life, twice
  118. Along Iraqi-Syrian border, Marines’ progress notable despite recent insurgent suicide
  119. Marine overcomes adversity with heart, determination
  120. Marine Executive Association helps transition Marines into civilian ranks
  121. Civil affairs Marines take aim
  122. Marines top matches
  123. Marines, supplies fall to earth during Operation Iron Thunder
  124. MGI Bill offers free education to Marines
  125. Syracuse, N.Y., native rehabilitates through water aerobics
  126. Marines in Haditha “Triad” continue work with Iraqi soldiers, quell insurgency
  127. Iraqi soldiers’ progress steady despite logistical challenges
  128. Reserve Marines train with LA first responders
  129. Building a city no problem for 26th MEU
  130. 24th MEU Marines return in peace
  131. Marines chow down at second largest building in Iraq
  132. EMP: knowledge is lifesaving power
  133. Battery brings array of firepower to 26th MEU
  134. Marines, families remember the brave
  135. Marines in Habbaniyah give frontline accounts to hometown media
  136. Marines give helping hand in search for Army Sgt. Keith M. Maupin
  137. Marines show corpsmen the ropes
  138. New X-ray system aids postal Marines in Iraq
  139. MECEP: From black to gold
  140. 2nd MLG intelligence analyst shares Corps experience
  141. ‘Risking his life for his Marines’
  142. Combat team receives rules of the road for thinking-man’s war
  143. MVID Marines keep MLG rolling
  144. Helmets, Flak Jackets don’t protect identity
  145. 'House of Hell' survivor awarded the Navy Cross
  146. Shoulders bears heavy load in assisted departure
  147. Young McCain enlists in Marines
  148. Marine unit cares for fallen in Anbar
  149. Marine photographer says Kevlar helmet saved him from enemy bullet in Iraq
  150. Uncle, nephew leave home island, graduate together
  151. Past teaches Marines about present
  152. Security in Haditha Triad city comes one step at a time for Marines, Iraqi soldiers
  153. Operation Iron Thunder simulates full-scale invasion of North Carolina coast
  154. Grunts train MLG Marines for combat
  155. Family, friends welcome home Death Jesters
  156. Marines, families take to field
  157. 1st CAB Marines target urbanized terrain tactics
  158. Marines assist local man found injured on road
  159. General changes: Maj. Gen. Paxton bids farewell to depot, Western Recruiting Region
  160. Sick Marine finds marrow match after yearlong wait
  161. Lifesaving team serves deserts of Arizona
  162. Marines take pride in their rides
  163. Combat zone ingenuity protects Marines, earns $5,000
  164. 31st MEU and SOTG begin TRUEX
  165. Ohio native keeps Marines mobile in Iraq’s Al Anbar Province
  166. 24th MEU ECC Marine keeps spirits high
  167. Visits from family members help healing process
  168. Darkhorse Marines Find, Capture Jill Carroll's Kidnappers
  169. CBIRF firefighting Marines test their skills in St. Louis
  170. II MEF initiates new, comfortable Light Weight Helmet
  171. Osprey unit makes history, cross ‘The Pond’
  172. Marine mechanics fix trucks while making life easier for operators
  173. Marines secure piece of own history
  174. Visits coordinator vital to base community relations
  175. MCCDC hands over colors to new CG
  176. Leathernecks beat the heat with Single Marine Pool Party
  177. 26th MEU Marines jump into TRAP to get pilots, equipment
  178. Marines build rapport with community
  179. 5th Anglico Marines tackle IED course, test new humvees
  180. Lima, Ohio, Wounded Warrior finds a cure in other Marines
  181. Marine Corps recruiting tactics move into 21st century with MySpace profile
  182. New drill instructor leads his first Marines into Corps
  183. Depot drill instructors volunteer time for Habitat for Humanity
  184. Rappel tower tests recruits’ will, guts
  185. Marine's roots run deep
  186. ‘On the line’ with a plane captain
  187. Combat artist immortalizes slain Fallujan leader
  188. 24th MEU NCOs pick up steam on leadership fast track
  189. Pace discusses military values, sectarian violence
  190. Female Marines train for Iraq border security
  191. Marine’s quick thinking saved lives, comrades say
  192. In a bid to win hearts and minds, Iraqi police hope to win new officers among insurge
  193. Marine steps up to the plate throughout 22-year career
  194. Tankers honor a fallen comrade
  195. Influx of Iraqi police in small Euphrates River town means more security, less insurg
  196. An Ocean apart, a birthday together
  197. Stay informed, avoid heat
  198. Recruits test Corps knowledge, practical application skills
  199. Weekend warrior no more, Reserve Marines drop stigma
  200. Marines place marker to honor ‘Son of Fallujah’
  201. Recruiter assists Marines after Corps
  202. II MEF dental health important to Marines
  203. 'Under the Hood' with a Roughneck
  204. 3/4 begins SASO basics at Range 215
  205. Red Lions prepare for deployment
  206. Off the boat, onto the field
  207. Successful Iraqi police recruiting means more security, stability in small Al Anbar c
  208. Marines open ‘House of Pain’ at Camp Habbaniyah
  209. Drill instructors teach advanced methods of self-defense, martial arts
  210. Moonlighters: Fighter/ Attack Squadron of the Year
  211. 'Voice of God' blesses the FM airwaves of Al Asad
  212. Flight surgeon looks to future while deployed to Al Asad
  213. Car searches bring safety to Iraqi villages
  214. 2 Station squadrons receive CNO awards
  215. Locked and Loaded: MCCIC gives Marines ammo for training warriors
  216. Logistics Marines take on healthy challenge, fight tedium
  217. Strong ethics, community involvement carry Chicago recruiter to 100-plus contracts
  218. 24th MEU trains for ‘high-noon showdown’
  219. Camp Pendleton Marines make final preparations for deployment
  220. Quantico Marines continue legacy of first black Marines
  221. Marines come together to share views, experiences
  222. ‘Gators’ prowl highways near Fallujah
  223. Amtrac commander redefines role of combat leader
  224. Marines in Iraq memorialize two Marines, sailor killed just weeks after deaths of fou
  225. Local girl who befriended Iraq-deployed Marines, sailors needs immediate surgery to l
  226. Care packages to Iraq put smiles on Marines’ faces
  227. 2nd Recon Battalion Marines stir the hornet’s nest in Operation Rubicon
  228. "America's Battalion" dedicates make-shift gym to fallen warrior in Iraq
  229. Generous first sergeant receives national recognition
  230. Gunny returns from Iraq to overhauled F-150
  231. Military police invest 6,500 rounds to enhance pistol proficiency
  232. Reenlistment incentives for first-term Marines help bolster Corps retention
  233. More to chaplains then just deck-plate ministry
  234. Recruits learn to lead at 12-Stall Crucible course
  235. Engineers clearing the roadway from threats
  236. Director and crew honor fallen hero
  237. 'Red Lions' hone lifesaving skills
  238. Crew Chief named Marine of the Quarter
  239. ‘America’s Battalion’ honors fallen Marine
  240. Retired CWO-4 continues to serve Corps
  241. MEU SOC .45 continues to provide stopping power for 31st MEU
  242. VMA-513 Marines master martial arts, train squadron
  243. Marine goes grunt for higher calling
  244. Defending the barracks 1/6 guard force uses residence for combat simulation
  245. Three Fightertown squadrons awarded Aviation Safety Award
  246. Marines pause to honor fallen leader
  247. Fallen Marine awarded for heroism
  248. ‘The Marine’ meets a few members of the Corps
  249. II MEF BEQ hurricane survival guide
  250. ‘America’s Battalion’ makes midnight run to aid seven-year-old Iraqi girl