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  1. Marine's mother left stunned by his death
  2. Slain soldier was "glue that kept his squad together"
  3. 1st Lt. Jason D. Mann
  4. Military was childhood dream of fallen Marine
  5. Marine 'died doing what he believed in'
  6. Slain Jefferson grad ‘was proud to be a Marine’
  7. Marine comes home
  8. Cpl. Gilo
  9. Semper Fidelis: Bothell Marine was always faithful to country
  10. Gone but not forgotten
  11. Marine Reached Beyond His Mission
  12. Family remembers Marine killed in Afghanistan
  13. Pfc. Chester Stacy Hughes
  14. Lance Cpl. Dryden buried with honors
  15. Scottsbluff family very proud of Marine who died in Afghanistan
  16. 'Incredible Marine' is laid to rest
  17. Former Marine Passes G. Larry James
  18. GySgt V. D. Mitchell
  19. SY Valley Marine laid to rest
  20. Full Military Honors
  21. One of the Chosin
  22. Friends, family mourn Marine
  23. Legendary 'First SEAL' passes away
  24. My Grand Unkle,,,,,
  25. Fallen Marine Laid To Rest
  26. Fallen Marine comes home
  27. A sense of duty ends in death
  28. Bx. Marine 1st ’09 Afghan casualty
  29. A Final Farewell
  30. Ranch kid who died in Afghanistan was resolute, driven, parents say
  31. Teachers reminisce about fallen Marine
  32. Fallen Island Marine honored with ceremony
  33. Cpl. Ruben Baca......
  34. ‘It is overwhelming’: Hundreds attend funeral for fallen Marine in Bridgewater
  35. Mourners gather to lay Montana soldier to rest at Arlington Cemetery
  36. Remembering Pohang, Korea helo crash 1989
  37. Remembering GySgt. Matthew David Garvey
  38. Sgt. Charles "Rennie" Matthewson
  39. Ocalan who died in Iraq long wanted to be a Marine
  40. Millard Kaufman, R.I.P.
  41. Honoring a fallen Marine
  42. Funeral of a fallen Marine
  43. Former Notre Dame, NFL star Cifelli dead at 84
  44. Tribute
  45. RIP James Whitmore: Versatile actor at home both as the tough guy and in comedy
  46. Sgt Vernon Adcock
  47. Il Silenzio...Memorial Day Tribute
  48. Map the fallen
  49. Nineteen Marine Raiders Who Finally Came Home
  50. April 7, 2003 - Diyala River, Iraq
  51. Marine from Downey 'believed in fighting the good fight'
  52. Hand Salute, Ready Two !!!
  53. Iwo Jima Corpsman, American hero senselessly slain by two robbers
  54. Veteran Will Get Military Funeral After All
  55. RIP Sgt Roy
  56. RIP PFC Andrew S. Wilson
  57. 'We have lost our son and brother too soon'
  58. Fallen Marine laid to rest
  59. Sacrifice hits home
  60. Col John Walter Ripley, USMC Eulogy
  61. A long, final salute
  62. Welcoming Home a Hero - Fallen Marine LCpl Brandon Lara
  63. SSGT Karl G. Taylor
  64. PFC John W. "Jake" Sullivan
  65. Marine Lance Cpl. Pedro Barboza Flores, 27, Glendale, killed by roadside bomb
  66. Proud to be a marine
  67. Major Everett P. Pope, MOH 1909-2009
  68. U.S. Marine Corps Memorial in Golden Co
  69. Before You Go
  70. Marine's father passes
  71. Semper Fidelis Joseph E. Mainville
  72. Guys I knew personally
  73. Lance Cpl Brian J. Adams
  74. James Anderson
  75. MSgt Myron A. Truesdell
  76. Another hero gone but not forgotten
  77. LCPL. Michael L. Freeman Jr.
  78. MajGen Leo J. LeBlanc, Jr.
  79. Afghan KIA's
  80. In Memorium Intruder
  81. GySgt Robert Gilbert 3/16/1982-3/16/2010
  82. The March of the Dead
  83. Semper Fi Command Sgt Maj
  84. To Honor our Fallen.....
  85. 1st Lt. Brandon A. Barrett
  86. CPL Kurt Shea
  87. Tell the young: "YOU were worth it!"
  88. Brainstorming for a tattoo in mrmory of a fallen Marine.
  89. (((GOD LINK)))) to Dave Blaylock
  90. Lima Company Memorial in Ohio
  91. WWI Marine's Remains Returned Home
  92. Recon paddle party for fallen hero
  93. Sgt. Joshua David Desforges buried in May 21st
  94. RIP - Lt. Col Carazo & Maj. Weis
  95. Tracy M Mosley Memorial Site
  96. LCPL Florez
  97. My thanks
  98. For our fallen brothers.
  99. A tribute to Lance Cpl. Raymon “Hurricane” L. A. Johnson
  100. General 'Hank" Hise Passes Away
  101. Hurricane RJ... Memorial link...
  102. A question about a fallen Marine's dog tag
  103. Vietnam Traveling Wall
  104. Sgt Wesley Rice, RIP
  105. Vietnam Memorial Wall
  106. Gary Thomas Atkins: 2nd Marine Recon Vietnam, 705th MP Battalion Army National Guard
  107. John Daniels Passed Away 2-17-11
  108. In Memorial GWOT SouthEast Asia (MInadanao)
  109. Tribute to Carlos Hathcock
  110. One of Original Navajo Code Talkers Dies
  111. Sgt. Thomas Foster McCarthy
  112. In Memory of Oscar E. Reece
  113. Memorial Day Reflections.....
  114. The Price Of Freedom
  115. Deputy/Marine KIA Oneida County, New York
  116. KIA Joshua McDaniels
  117. In Memory Of A Father
  118. SSgt Thomas Dudley RIP
  119. Seal Team 6
  120. Cpl. David S. "Bear" Stewart
  121. Donnie Ray Connors, RVN 1972
  122. my father
  123. To The Fallen
  124. Marine Memorial for my Father
  125. 6 die in helicopter crash Afghanistan
  126. Hue City
  127. Looking Back
  128. Leslie ( Lifer) Little S.Sgt USMC
  129. Gy Sgt Ronnie Keller USMC ret.
  130. cost of freedom
  131. Miss you Cedric Bruns.....
  132. RIP SokDoK
  133. RIP Master Chief Charette: Corpsman / MoH Recipient Dead at 79.
  134. Semper Fidelis John A. "Jack" McKee
  135. Semper Fidelis Donald LaDue
  136. Rest Well CPO Ray Diamond
  137. Sgt. Mitchell Votaw
  138. Fallen Marine Memorial Run
  139. My 2/5 brothers sister passed away
  140. Tribute To The Fallen
  141. Semper Fi, Grandpa
  142. LCpl Jordan Haerter and Cpl Nick Xiarhos
  143. Tracy M Mosley, USMC
  144. Marine Down
  145. Sad news for another one of our Brothers. vea Madison Rising
  146. A marine died today
  147. Makin island - a beautiful remembrance