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  1. War On Terrorism
  2. Onward thru the Fog
  3. Loading 4 Bin Laden
  4. marine corps brown thing drink
  5. War On Terrorism
  6. Weaker Al Qaeda Shifts To Smaller-Scale Attacks
  7. Korean expedition 1871
  8. Marine Corps B-day
  9. Link history and museum division
  10. Enlisted Rank insignia pre-1958
  11. Lt.Gen. Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller
  12. Marine Corps Seal History
  13. Warrant Of First Commandant Of The Marine Corps
  14. KA-BAR was there!
  15. USMC casualties 1775-1998
  16. NARA resources. Worth a look.
  17. The Johnson Rifle
  18. 1947 Freedom Train
  19. The Bizarre Conversation of Representatives
  20. "Escapes From Alcatraz"
  21. History of the Marines' Hymn
  22. First Marine Utility Uniform Issued In World War II
  23. The Marine Corps Officers' Mameluke Sword
  24. The Story of Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Wharton
  25. Origin Of The POW/MIA Flag
  26. "highly Honored"
  27. Medal of Honor Recipient - Martin, Harry Linn, 1st Lt. USMCR
  28. "Thanks for the Memories"
  29. "Rock of Gibraltar"
  30. February is Black History Month
  31. Medal of Honor Recipient - McGinty, John J. III, 2nd Lt. USMC
  32. Legendary Leatherneck celebrates 41st anniversary of being first in flight
  33. 7th Engr Battalion
  34. USMC history 'timeline' site
  35. Corporal Charles W. Lindberg, USMC
  36. Medal of Honor Recipient – Smedley, Larry E., Cpl. USMC
  37. The History Of The Corps
  38. Medal of Honor Recipient – Bush, Richard Earl, Cpl. USMCR
  39. American Veteran Search
  40. Backward Flags
  41. The Story Of "Taps"
  42. April17th in USMC History......
  43. April 18th in Marine Corps History........
  44. The Flag At Military Funerals
  45. April 19th in Marine Corps History...........
  46. April 20th in Marine Corps History.........
  47. Medal of Honor,double recipient(s)
  48. War Stories
  49. The History Of Flag Day
  50. Foley Fine-Tunes 'President's Own'
  51. Marine decals and patches
  52. "Blood Chit " carried by Marine aircrews in combat
  53. Celebrating Their Service to U.S.
  54. That Old Feeling: Hope-ful Memories
  55. Bob Hope Memorial Tributes Cartoon Style
  56. Depot Decade: A base is born in San Diego
  57. Leatherneck history takes flight
  58. Operation Iraqi Freedom
  59. Hero of the ‘Frozen Chosin’ – Gen. Raymond G. Davis
  60. Devil wings - Flying leathernecks history preserved at Miramar
  61. Rescuers of a Sunken Submarine Crew
  62. Local history buffs re-enact Iwo Jima for national celebration
  63. Museum brings History to Life
  64. "Old Corps Marines" gather to remember "Where it all began"
  65. Keep Old Glory glorious - These colors don't run; it's up to us not to let them fade
  66. 12th Annual South Carolina Archaeology Month, the Parris Island Museum
  67. Pilot Error
  68. Smedley Butler on Interventionism
  69. 1980s prove to be building block for Depot
  70. Birthday Ball Music
  71. Native Americans served 'beyond the call'
  72. The Boxer Rebellion: Coalition Expeditionary Operations in China
  73. Dominican Republic Crisis
  74. Speakers Bureau makes history come alive
  75. Symposium starts today on Kennedy assassination
  76. MoH Recipient: Paige, Mitchell, Platoon Sgt. USMC
  77. Marine’s best friend: Tough ‘Dog’ took hits but remained airworthy
  78. Sousa made contribution with music, not bullets
  79. The Mayaguez Incident: Marines tasked with a deadly, futile mission
  80. 3rd TBS carries Pacifics weight 61 years plus
  81. History Of USMC and Dept. of Navy
  82. Red Patches warrants questions
  83. Do Suspected Enemies Have Rights?
  84. Celebrating A Century of Flight
  85. History of Marine Corps Recruit Training
  86. MoH Recipient: Vandegrift, Alexander, A. Mag. Gen. USMC
  87. The History of the Mameluke Sword of the United States Marine Corps
  88. I Love Those Clowns
  89. Were Marines Paid in Gold?
  90. Hostage-rescue mission came to fiery end in Iran
  91. Raid on Sassan platform quashed Iranian mischief
  92. Lejeune and Denby: Forging a Marine Corps Doctrine
  93. Happy Birthday Women Marine Reserves
  94. Americans bagged British fleet in Lake Erie action
  95. Marine opens the book on Montford Point
  96. Bold NCO led charge in tough Haiti battle
  97. Pioneers of Equality - Montford Point Marines observe modern-day recruit training; re
  98. tony stein MOH Iwo Jima
  99. Earning the Blood Stripe...Marines remember a legacy of sacrifice
  100. Celebrating 62 years of faithful service
  101. One Year Later, Iraqi Invasion Remains a Question Mark
  102. Taking the shores of Tripoli required a long land march
  103. Eagle, Globe and Anchor History
  104. Saluting History, Honoring the Past
  105. The Final Escort
  106. The F4D Skyray set records but was ‘bizarre,’ pilots say
  107. Marine Corps recruiting/commercials
  108. A Dream...
  109. Marines Onboard The USS Constitution
  110. Dominican Republic 1965
  111. Lieutenant Tunney: The Pride of the Marines
  112. Bug smasher’ was a hit among Marine aviators
  113. When Professional Athletes went to War
  114. Marines, sailors remember Holocaust
  115. Court-martial used to prosecute many different crimes
  116. Cpl John Mackie, CMOH
  117. Col. Donald Conroy, USMC ("The Great Santini")
  118. Marines helped defend New Orleans against Brits
  119. FSD houses vintage prototype equipment
  120. Rebel Marine makes it big
  121. ‘Herc’ blazed aviation trail in Marine Corps
  122. R4D-8 aimed at civilians but served Corps instead
  123. History Of The U.S. Marines And Undeclared War...
  124. Edson fought for Corps in Pacific, Washington
  125. History of the Marine Corps Flag
  126. Kosovo Operations
  127. Western Pacific Deployment - 1996: letters home
  128. Nine Medal of Honor Recipients Attend Gala
  129. That Famous Presidential Marines Quotation
  130. Don't Tread on Me
  131. 2 wars, 2 dozen aircraft – an aviator’s varied career
  132. Executions in the Military
  133. The US Intervention in the Dominican Republic, 1965
  134. We're Talkin' DOG TAGS
  135. The Penobscot Expedition, July 1779
  136. -Not so silent-
  137. The Orderly Sergeant - USMC
  138. Corps helped win key Civil War fight
  139. Forged in the Crucible of Combat
  140. Occupation of Haiti (1915-1934)
  141. ‘Flying Jeep’ saw recon, medevac duty in two wars
  142. Skymaster hauled Marines in style
  143. Sandino Against The Marines:The Development of Air Power for Conducting Counterinsurg
  144. VMGR-252 Pays Tribute To 50 Year Main Stay
  145. A Marine's Role in the End of History
  146. 14-year campaign to restore warbird lacks vital pieces
  147. A bittersweet ending for the ‘Hell’s Angels’
  148. Retired Marines gather for Yemassee Train Depot Reunion
  149. 'Bloodline to be warriors'
  150. The United States Marines Corps 1798-1804
  151. Marine Gunships
  152. Marines took Nassau in amphibious assault
  153. Pilot was only Marine to be ace in two wars
  154. Little Known Facts about the American Revolutionary War
  155. National Cemetery holds history
  156. Military Rations: P38 Can Opener
  157. Buffalo Soldier Units Serve the West
  158. Nose Cone Art
  159. History of the challenge coin
  160. Marines left their ships for 1777 Princeton battle
  161. Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort turns 45
  162. Who's Got Appendicitis Now?
  163. Barbary Glory, Barbary Shame
  164. Brits overran Americans in invasion of Washington
  165. The Shores of Tripoli
  166. Failure of Iran mission forced spec-op changes
  167. Disbanding the Marine Corps
  168. M103 built to counter Soviets’ heavy tanks
  169. Say What ??
  170. Shotguns were versatile weapons for U.S. troops
  171. Ronald Reagan and the Opening Salvos in the War on Terror
  172. U.S. assault on Okinawa was lengthy, savage fight
  173. On this day in 1918...
  174. CH-53E pilot was first female Marine aviator
  175. Marines helped defend Baltimore from British
  176. Need help finding info on ggrandfather who was Marine.
  177. Versatile OE-1 Bird Dog had an Army pedigree
  178. U.S. troops ambushed British forces in 1814
  179. Seagoing Marines gather for final depot meeting
  180. DIs’ campaign cover symbolizes authority
  181. Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Gale, USMC
  182. U.S. forces defeated British at York in 1813
  183. The war at home
  184. On this birthday, remembering...
  185. What others say of the Marines...
  186. Searching for clues
  187. Marine Uniforms c1914 Veracruz
  188. Marine Corps Traditions and Customs
  189. Effort to re-take fort in War of 1812 failed
  190. Phased out in 1960s, M14 was ‘very reliable’
  191. Montford Pointers paved way for blacks
  192. Marine’s weaponry challenged standard
  193. Marines take historic Halls of Montezuma
  194. ‘Gone to fight the Indians’
  195. A 5-minute history lesson
  196. Medal lauds Marines' non-combat heroism
  197. Today in history
  198. Marshall Islands fight earned highest honor
  199. Famed machine gun dates back to WWII
  200. Cold War Wasn't That Cold
  201. Pirate attack brought Marines to Sumatra
  202. Sherman tank taught Marines to coordinate
  203. A 5-minute history lesson
  204. Ribbon Creek Marines returning 50 years later
  205. Flying
  206. Tortured, Guadalcanal scout finished mission
  207. Marine Corps History
  208. Solomon Islands hero helped preserve Corps
  209. Marines led attack on pirate stronghold
  210. Some flag history
  211. This month is history
  212. Reisings found to be unreliable in combat
  213. Devereux’s defense of Wake is legendary
  214. Japanese weapons were accurate, deadly
  215. Last Marines out of China, circa 1950
  216. China Service Medal has a unique history
  217. a 5-minute history lesson ‘Dinah Might’ was first bomber to land on Iwo
  218. WWII-era Marine pilots successful with Hellcat
  219. Marine sailed to safety after mutiny in Pacific
  220. Navy Cross recipient fought in three wars
  221. Those Amazing Marines and Their Flying Machines!
  222. Marine Mettle and Foxholes
  223. Nicaragua
  224. Saipan hero was killed while rescuing wounded
  225. Punching Above Your Weight
  226. Help with WW11 Medals
  227. President’s son earned accolades for bravery
  228. Code talkers
  229. "We're surrounded - that simplifies our problem!"
  230. Mare Island was first California boot camp
  231. Marines flew sturdy F9F Panther in Korea
  232. Promotion at Iwo Jima tested former teacher
  233. Combat ‘V’ instituted by Army during WWII
  234. Glenn Ford honored for his Vietnam service
  235. Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler -- the MOVIE
  236. Pacific war heroes rest at Punchbowl
  237. Hotel was envisioned as a ‘living memorial’
  238. two history questions...at least
  239. DC-5s made valuable cargo, troop carriers
  240. Marine Corps Drill history
  241. War puts fathers, sons on the same battlefield
  242. On This Day: October 22
  243. Medal of Honor recipient served in two world wars
  244. Helldiver became king of the skies for a time
  245. Medal commemorates Guadalcanal sacrifice
  246. Tour part of Corps history
  247. Helldiver became king of the skies for a time
  248. Legion of Merit created to recognize WWII Allies
  249. Air Transport Prior to The KC130
  250. Sen.-elect Webb earned Navy Cross in Vietnam