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  1. Classic Hits of the 60's to 70's
  2. What's yer favorite Christmas song?
  3. Meatloaf> I would do anything for love...
  4. Marine Lyrics
  5. Music Preference
  6. What song do you have on right now?
  7. CMA Music Awards
  8. What are your favourite Patriotic songs?
  9. Running and music...
  10. Hell's Jukebox
  11. Patriotic Songs
  12. Songs that make you think of....
  13. Motivational Music
  14. Fractured Christmas Songs.....
  15. Music
  16. What Radio Songs remind you of the Marines when heard
  17. ~Favorite Summertime Song~
  18. Good Morning Vietnam - A Soundtrack To The 60s
  19. Work Out Music.
  20. Favorite Color Songs~Tell us your favorite~Color in title or lyric.
  21. Name Your Favorite Christmas Songs?
  22. ~Favorite Hard Times Song~
  23. Why I Listen.
  24. I got a Song stuck in my head???
  25. Songs you Remember
  26. If you had a theme song
  27. The best song in the world
  28. Country Rock
  29. Taylor Swift
  30. Great War Music!!
  31. Poolees, what's your fav band/song?
  32. Motivating music?
  33. Some Moto Songs
  34. A Marine's "Playlist"
  35. The Warrior Song
  36. Songs I liked and mentioned in letters home 1943-'44
  37. Marine Band
  38. SO COOL! This Girl rocks Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses on a guzheng!
  39. Lady Gaga??
  40. Christmas Movies/Music Traditions
  41. How Elvis Helped Save the USS Arizona Memorial
  42. Writer of 50,000 Names, Jamie O'Hara