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  1. Colonel is major influence
  2. She gives so much, asks for so little
  3. This really isn't a behind-a-desk kind of job
  4. College alumna braves front lines in Iraq
  5. Salem, Oregon Ordnance Marine Reflects on Career, Looks Forward to Future
  6. From orphan to Marine: one woman's journey
  7. Female reservist to be promoted to 1-star
  8. 13th MEU Recognizes Marine of the Quarter
  9. The Title...
  10. Marine trades life of national championships to turning wrenches
  11. 2nd lt. with jump wings and dive
  12. A woman who fell in love with the Corps
  13. Training center dedicated to fallen hero
  14. War through the eyes of a female
  15. Mammograms
  16. First Black Female Combat Pilot Brings Message To Indy
  17. Marine Lance Cpl. Kamie May is one of 287 women to receive medal
  18. woman now a citizen of country she serves, she may go back to iraq as marine
  19. Women in Combat
  20. Oldest Living Female Marines
  21. World War II's women vets get their turn to share
  22. 'We did what they did'
  23. 2008 Women’s Seabag
  24. Lady Leathernecks Always Marines, Too
  25. Women Blazed The Trails For Marine Corps Careers
  26. Opinion by Bonnie Henry: A true patriot
  27. An inspirational book
  28. Alabama `Mama' fills in young Marines on Iraq
  29. One Of The Few, The Proud Among The First Women Marines
  30. WMA Announces Essay Contest
  31. Women Marines to gather Saturday
  32. New WMA Chapter in Central IL
  33. Women Marines Celebrate 65 years today.
  34. 90-Year-Old Proud to Be a Marine
  35. Marine doing her bit with 'the best' in Iraq
  36. A flying look into women's history
  37. Female Marine traveled U.S. in World War II
  38. Life in the Marine Corps full of reward, pain
  39. Any advice?
  40. Marksmanship for Women Marines!
  41. A Few More Good Women
  42. Ex-Marine wants to start area chapter of Women’s Marine group
  43. Females on the front: Author examines the life of female Marines in her new book
  44. fewer?
  45. Pics?
  46. Good Bye...
  47. Women In The Service
  48. VMAQ-2 Marine makes mark in Iraq
  49. Veteran recalls her service as Marine during World War II
  50. Serving part of female Marine's heritage
  51. Remarkable young lady shares Iraq war experiences
  52. Former Marine earns salute for her history projects
  53. MARINES: A Few Good Women
  54. WMA Convention
  55. Junk on the Bunk
  56. Women Marines - how is your attitude?
  57. IBC (Inflamatory Breast Cancer)
  58. Johnson receives significant honor
  59. The Gas Chamber at Parris Island
  60. Women of war
  61. I joined the USMC on 9-11-1959
  62. Counter, human intel MOS opens to female Marines
  63. Corporal's Course Newest Graduate
  64. Happy B'Day - That Ain't It ...
  65. Neil Diamond Concert with a Marine
  66. Women Marines in 1984
  67. Chevron
  68. Military role for women still evolving
  69. Pioneer for women in the Marine Corps dies....
  70. Battleground: Female Soldiers in the Line of Fire
  71. World War II vet still defying stereotypes
  72. Essayist Cat Pleska remembers woman veteran
  73. Seeking advice about DI School from a female
  74. Windsor soldier gets place of honor in chronicle of women at war
  75. Is this our spot?
  76. Steele made her mark in Women Marines
  77. Marine proves her strength in basic training
  78. Female Marines give up locks for love
  79. Marines arm logistics group for combat deployment
  80. UW grad Tracy Garrett earns her second USMC star
  81. Happy B'Day, Ms Arlene
  82. Retired Marine paves way for Leathernecks everywhere
  83. Reminiscences of a woman Marine
  84. Women Marines celebrate in Castle Rock
  85. Women Marines honored for years of service
  86. A Few Good Women: All-female Marine Team Conducts First Mission in Southern Afghanist
  87. Need help finding my platoon number
  88. Looking for a few good (wo)men
  89. Butler commander walked long road to equality in Marines
  90. Woman hears calling; now a Molly Marine
  91. Jauregui: Camarillo veteran joined Marines during World War II
  92. A Lady Steps Up
  93. A woman’s tale of WWII
  94. Woman values Marine memories
  95. Lionesses work to improve community in local Iraq city
  96. Corporal, Marine Corps Deployed to Iraq Winter 2006
  97. n World War II, Reed Taught Aerial Gunnery To Hardened Marines
  98. Medical retirement at 23…24.
  99. 1st female Marine One pilot marks last day
  100. Marines' first Latina general credits Dominican, hard work
  101. So, This is What it has come to...
  102. Woman To Woman: A New Strategy In Afghanistan
  103. Female Marines reach out to Afghan women
  104. Female Marine Awarded Combat V
  105. Advice for helping a former female marine re-enlist
  106. Woman Marine Jewelry ?
  107. Iron Woman
  108. Promotion!
  109. Women Marines want a chance outside the Afghan wire
  110. Taping & Photo's of WM's in Bootcamp 1988
  111. Nation's Oldest WM Passes At 101
  112. Women back from combat face cold reality
  113. Sisters to launch Web site that unites female Marines
  114. Active Duty, Pregnant, and EASing
  115. Vietnam Era Female DI's
  116. mos 2847
  117. Happy B'Day Ms Arlene ...
  118. Are there female powerlifters in the Marine Corps?
  119. Museum exhibit honors women's roles in the U.S. Marine Corps
  120. Women Marine Convention and Professional Developement Conference.
  121. Arizona VA Program Helps Out Pregnant Veterans
  122. 21 yr old graduating college considering joining Marines
  123. August 13, 1918
  124. I've always wondered
  125. Want to be an OCC candidate
  126. Your side of the coin
  127. YEARBOOK help
  128. A big OOHRAH for my Sisters
  129. duty stations
  130. Need advice to drop weight so I can enlist
  131. open contract
  132. Women in the Reserves
  133. Becoming part of a FET?
  134. The USMC Girlfriends' Creed
  135. Parris Island gets first female Commander
  136. Pull ups in the PFT
  137. Ww2 Bam
  138. WM Instructor
  139. looking for bootcamp/AIT buddies
  140. My Mother and I were both Marine Sergeants
  141. boot camp grads from 05/20/1984
  142. The Oldest meets the youngest !!!
  143. Wanting input from female marines on their experience!
  144. meritourius(fubar spelling?) cpl board
  145. Col. Leontone Meyer passes..
  146. PLC Applicant.
  147. Question
  148. Looking for some answers???
  149. Mother, Marine, more; one woman’s sacrifice while deployed
  150. Platoon Books for Women Marines
  151. The "Lady Marine" Rose..ISO information and/or photograph
  152. Commandant wishes female Marine vet a happy 100th birthday
  153. Need a little bit of help
  154. Want to be MP but stuck in Legal Admin
  155. Help scoring female IST
  156. Hair Regs
  157. Females in Artillery
  158. NROTC vs Enlistment; Artillery MOS; Guide Advice Needed
  159. ship date
  160. Dress blues question
  161. Shipping to PI in November! *ADVICE PLEASE
  162. Joining Corps as a mother with an Active Duty Spouse
  163. Should I quit everything else and train to get fit enough for boot camp?
  164. Cut it short or keep it medium?
  165. Clarification on MOS women cannot apply for
  166. Pregnancy
  167. I just received the first female boot drop into an infantry battalion.
  168. Female Combat Engineer
  169. Military Relationship Reversed
  170. Infantry or Combat Support?
  171. What will the infantry be like as a woman?
  172. Officer Experiences
  173. Any input for an actress playing a Marine??
  174. Magic Mike/Mikko-san/Soldier of Light