Picture 15 of 22 from Back in the day.....

Picture 15 of 22 from Back in the day.....

USS Schenectady LST 1185. In Sept 1977 we were on our way from Fuji to Subic Bay, and went 'around' super typhoon 'Babe'. I was on the Juneau which was rockin and rollin in the 30 to 40 foot swells, but I felt sorry for those Marines on the flat bottomed Schenectady. During the storm we were still allowed out on the flight deck, and I watched the entire bow of the Schenectady come out of the water as it climbed over a swell, and then dive under completely burying the bow up to the bridge.

From 'History of the Schenectady':

"While underway to Subic, SCHENECTADY (and the USS JUNEAU LPD 10 with which SCHENECTADY was in company) had to follow a storm evasion track to avoid super typhoon Babe. This resulted in an extremely rough transit, but no damage was incurred."


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Back in the day.....
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