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    1855 - Marines from the USS Powhaten captured 17 pirate junks near Hong Kong.

    1937 - Marine Corps League incorporated by Congress.
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    Marine Corps Birthday
  • •  Parris Island-1106

    So many memories of boot camp and 1106. One memory that really sticks out was spending several hours scuzz ragging the squad bay one Saturday morning becasue one of the recruits told the DI somebody * ...

    •  Vietnam I Corps Marines 1965-1975

    ooorraah! USMC I Corps. Vietnam. My Uncle was a sniper in I Corps. God Bless You Marines! ...

    •  Vietnam I Corps Marines 1965-1975

    3RDMARDIV Hue'-Phu-Bai 67-68 11th Marine Regiment wired the perimeter with ordnance and trip defenses. 1/69 FO Hill 55 South of Danang 1970 Qual PLC flight program 3 years NAS Pensacola ...

    •  Vietnam I Corps Marines 1965-1975

    some things in life we learn early: (like putting our feet in our mouth) somethings else in life take time and understanding.... 49 / 50 some years later, i can see it in my dreams like i just left ye ...

    •  Parris Island-1106

    Platoon 1106 Dec-81 to Mar 82 I couldn't remember the name of SSGT Pitts, he replaced SSGT Liu. Fisher,Wagner, and Bagwell I will never forget them. OOHRAH ...