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» POW/MIA Flag Under Attack
By Mary Ann Reitano | Published 06/16/2006 | POW/MIA | Rating:

POW/MIA Flag Under Attack


In recent weeks there have been more than a subtle number of op-ed pieces in some major newspapers like the Boston-Globe and even, believe it or not, in the Marine Corps Times (MCT) attacking the POW/MIA Flag.  It is painstakingly clear that these writers have no real understanding of the inner workings of this issue, have no personal reference when attempting to write their commentaries, nor have then made attempts to do so.   Each of these men, James Carroll at the Boston Globe and Robert Dorr the op-ed contributor in the MCT, made no attempt to ask their questions to those that still feel this flag means something and has a symbolism that will linger far into the next century.

» POW/MIA Corner, March 2006
By Mary Ann Reitano | Published 04/18/2006 | POW/MIA | Rating:

As promised, this edition of POW/MIA Corner will introduce you to the various family groups that have organized over the years in light of the POW/MIA issue.  Some believe that POW/MIAs are only related to the Vietnam War, yet, the concept of prisoners of war date back to all conflicts in modern warfare.  Once in awhile we see a news report tell of the identification and return of remains from WW I and we are very pleased for a family’s long ordeal to be over.  At the very heart of this issue is the families of these heroes who boldly fight our governmental entities for a truly full and accurate accounting of those left behind.

» The POW/MIA Corner
By Mary Ann Reitano | Published 02/13/2006 | POW/MIA | Rating:
Welcome to the first installment of the POW/MIA Corner here at Leatherneck EZine. To date, there are still approximately 78,800 unaccounted for from WW II; 8,100 from the Korean War and 1800 are still unaccounted for from the Vietnam War...