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» Marine and Navy Corpsmen Memorial
By Robert Adelhelm | Published 08/15/2006 | Marine Corps | Rating:

Marine and Navy Corpsmen Memorial
Dedicated November 10th 2004
Jacksonville, Florida

When the Marines associated with the Jacksonville Semper Fidelis Society wanted to establish a tribute to Marines from the community, it was understood that the special breed of sailor, the Corpsman, would equally share this tribute.† Marines without Navy Corpsmen are like kites without strings.† It has been the Navy Corpsmen who has kept Marines together in more ways than one.† They are beacons of strength and pillars of compassion, unselfish and courageous.† Corpsmen are and have always been held in the highest esteem amongst all Marines and we did not want this Marine emblem or the title Marine on this monument to be displayed without a reference to our brothers in blue.

» Patriot Guard Riders
By Angel Carter | Published 07/17/2006 | Marine Corps | Rating:

Valkyrie- Norse mythology, one of the shield maidens of Odin who flew to†heroes†slain in battle and conducted them safely to Valhalla.

It was November of 2005 when I first heard of people protesting funerals. Not just any funerals. They were specifically targeting funerals of men and women veterans who died in combat. It made me angry and I wanted to do something. Then I heard of a group called the Patriot Guard Riders. I understood from news reports that they were a counter protest group. A group of riders would form a human shield at the funeral. A shield that would protect the family, friends, and mourners from this protest group.
» Taking the MOUT to Mohammad
By Terry Bowersox | Published 04/18/2006 | Marine Corps | Rating:

The sun is all but forgotten in the western shadows. A few fire barrels offer a flickering glimpse across the litter strewn street. The night air begins to chill.


wup wup wup


Off in the treed distance a classic sound approaches.


wup wup wup

» Is There Any Quit In You?
By Michael Kannon | Published 04/18/2006 | Marine Corps | Rating:

Man has had weapons since we picked up our first crude spear. The Marine Corps demands that we have more than weapons proficiency. The defense of our Nation demands it. Our Beloved Corps trains the individual to be the weapon. Recruit Training smashes the soft shell away from you and reaches deep down inside to bring out the fierce Warrior.

Parris Island 1983. Once you are on the Yellow Footprints, you really canít tell what year it is. Generations of civilians have raised their right hand and taken their place to be ruthlessly hammered and tested. The chance to Earn the Title of Marine.

» Elite
By Ricardo Jacques | Published 04/18/2006 | Marine Corps | Unrated

I chosen this as the subject of this story because a Marine asked; "Are we that elite?"
From the Dictionary:
1. A group of people regarded as the best in a particular society or organization.
2. The richest, most powerful, best educated or most highly trained group in a society.
3. The best or most skilled members of a group.
4. The choice or best of anything considered collectively.
5. A choice or select body.
6. A relatively small dominant group within a larger society.
1. A group of (excellent) troops.

All of the above is the answer to "Are we that elite".

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