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» What is a SNCO?
By Roger Schultz | Published 06/16/2006 | Advice | Unrated

What's a Marine Staff NCO? Well aside from all the creeds and poster Marine stuff sometimes you're dad. Or gramps, you are the one everyone looks to when the chips are down.


You're an instructor, a task master, or "that no good S.O.B!". You're the guy YOU wanted to be when you grow up. You're bastard at times, but you know you need to be to maintain dicipline.


You are "comand presence". You are a good listener, a story teller, a joker, a killer, or a cop when you need to be. You're judge and joury, or a lifeguard.

» The Black Widow
By William Cunningham | Published 03/15/2006 | Advice | Rating:

"Run away before the Black Widow crushes your heart." - Elyce

But I am not going to run! I am a United State Marine. I will not run even if I am dead. Being dead is one of those Leadership Challenges that the Marine Corps is constantly preparing us to face. After surviving the murderous streets of Fallujah, I wasn't expecting to face it here at home.

» Marine Wife Shares Experience and Sage Advice
By L Thurman | Published 02/13/2006 | Advice | Rating:
My husband served as a section leader for a TOW Section 2nd Battalion 23rd Marine Corps Reserve Regiment. He is now a Staff Sergeant serving as a Platoon Commander with the 24th Marines...