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Angel Carter
USMC 1989-1993. 6531 Aviation Ordnance
 Banned from Site.
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» Patriot Guard Riders
By Angel Carter | Published 07/17/2006 | Marine Corps | Rating:  printer version

Valkyrie  - Norse mythology, one of the shield maidens of Odin who flew to heroes slain in battle and conducted them safely to Valhalla.

It was November of 2005 when I first heard of people protesting funerals. Not just any funerals. They were specifically targeting funerals of men and women veterans who died in combat. It made me angry and I wanted to do something. Then I heard of a group called the Patriot Guard Riders. I understood from news reports that they were a counter protest group. A group of riders would form a human shield at the funeral. A shield that would protect the family, friends, and mourners from this protest group.