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William Cunningham
Originally from Omaha, Nebraska moving to and graduating from Stapleton High School. Joined the US Marine Corps in May 1982, retired November 2002. Working in Iraq with US and Royal Marines as a DOD Contractor for 16 months. I have an associates in electronics, was a general construction contractor, love fishing but my real passion is writing. Future goal is to produce a movie based on one of my true stories. I am a Marine thru and thru and have dedicated a website to Royal and US Marines. Pic is me with SA80 RM-CTC range. (Royal Marine Commando Training Center)
Articles by this Author
» The Black Widow
By William Cunningham | Published 03/15/2006 | Advice | Rating:  printer version

"Run away before the Black Widow crushes your heart." - Elyce

But I am not going to run! I am a United State Marine. I will not run even if I am dead. Being dead is one of those Leadership Challenges that the Marine Corps is constantly preparing us to face. After surviving the murderous streets of Fallujah, I wasn't expecting to face it here at home.